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Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
« Last post by Krystal Itzume on August 10, 2019, 11:18:07 pm »
Angelus looked over the information that was in front of him, and the way that Donovan had organized it all while he heard the rustling of movement from Devlin and Maya. He tuned them out, and ignored his thought to suggest that Donovan play a specific type of vampire that Maya wanted to devour. 

That was just cruel.

Kyle seemed just as confused by things, but agreed on Mekhet, “Yeah, you don’t really seem like a Gangrel,” Angelus consented.

He turned his seat towards Donovan a bit, “What did you like about Gangrel, anyway? There’s probably a Mekhet that has some of those traits, or vice-versa. Like I know the Empusae Gangrel have obfuscate and auspex, traditional Mekhet things.” His memory was impeccable even if he wasn’t playing. That, and Maya had been intrigued by anything with ‘auspex’. Her desire to wreck people’s minds was clear.

“Unless you’re just wanting to be a simple Mekhet and not get into all the bloodline nonsense. Then I just need to know what you think your playstyle is going to be. Or what you’re hoping to do. I made her,” he gestured to Maya, “start with a concept and we went from there.”

‘Corrupt Monarch’ had been what she settled on, with the addition of the demon. Of all the plays she’d ever done, she kept a soft spot for the time she got to play Mephistopheles to Devlin’s Faust. “When I know what you’re looking to do, I can tell you what to max. Maya didn’t think she needed to max strength, but….” Well, the way they played it, strength was better than dexterity. It was a character, after all. Not themselves.

Maya would never have that sort of unwieldy strength in life, but her dexterity was already good.

“You WHORE!” Devlin was cackling as he said it, and Angelus couldn’t help but look over to wonder what had caused it, even if they weren’t paying him much attention.

Angelus had missed Devlin taking out his sheet, “Okay, let’s see if you really don’t need resources,” he said, figuring it was a good idea to test this for both of them. He wanted to know how good Maya’s sheet was. He gave her a nod, “I have resources. Lots of them. Hypothetically…let’s say you need resources for an expensive car.”

“Are we, hypothetically, already acquainted?”

“You’re Ordo scum, so probably not,” he smirked, “But I wear my riches obviously.”

“Awe.” Maya rolled immediately, the dice landing on 8. “Three successes, against your composure.”

Devlin nodded. That was enough, and he slipped into his role. He knew Maya already had striking looks on her sheet, and adding in ‘Awe’ would make her impossible to ignore in any situation. “Well, well, you must be the new member of the Ordo Dracul. A shame, one such as yourself appears to belong in the First Estate. Ah, forgive me, I forgot to introduce myself – I am Kaelin Truse, and you are?”

Maya smiled sweetly, “Amara Calix,” she introduced, “A pleasure to meet you, Lord Truse. I’ve only just arrived, and I had no idea this town would be so…inept with public transporation at night.”

“Yes, it is one of its many flaws,” he gave a dramatic sigh, “one we are working on, I assure you.”

“Perhaps you would be willing to show me where I might acquire a car until then?” And then, Maya held up her fingers, crossed as she’d read was the norm to interrupt the IC with the OOC, “Dominate.”

“Are you fucking kidding me, on a Ventrue?”

“Roll it. Mesmerize.”

They both rolled, and that was what led to the, “You WHORE!” comment, that caused him to start laughing, “You dominated a Ventrue. Okay, Angelus, her character’s broken and this is bullshit, but I love it and please join the First Estate, Maya, please.”

“No way,” she grinned, shaking her head.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
« Last post by Bleu on August 09, 2019, 04:36:02 pm »
Ange’s words brought Donovan back to reality—his mind slipping back to his previous concerns. Instinct told him to offer a slight smile, and he obliged without question. Maybe he was just imagining it all? A feeling in his stomach blatantly disagreed.

“Thanks,” Donovan muttered, letting Devlin and Maya continue in their conversation before turning to his own myriad of scribbles. It might not have looked so, but there was definitely a system to his madness.

“I’m thinking about going either Gangrel or Mekhet,” he pointed down a list of related sample stats and attributes, each related to one of the two clans, “but I am thinking Mekhet might be more my style here.” Donovan furrowed his brow, moving the first page aside to reveal the next.

On his second page, there we calculations and probabilities outlining the benefits of all kinds of disciplines. There was a color-coded system in his work, both tying back to which clan it pertained to, and whether or not it would be beneficial over the others.

Another shift to reveal the third, which governed a chart that summarized an overall determination of whether he would be at an advantage or disadvantage over other character types.

Kyle craned his neck from behind Donovan, standing on his toes, in order to peer down at his companion’s notes. After a valiant effort to tower over Donovan, Kyle instead simply moved to the side in defeat.

“I can hardly make sense of any of this, mate,” he teased, narrowing his eyes to focus on the almost-obsessive work.

Donovan offered only another smile, turning to Angelus. There was something about Kyle’s presence that was calming, and Donovan made it a point to thank him for that later.

“I think the Mekhet suits you.”

“More so than the Gangrel anyway,” Donovan absentmindedly agreed. “I’m also thinking I might want to focus on Auspex, Obfuscate, and Obtenebration. I think I ought to max my Dexterity… What do you think, Angelus?”

Kyle’s gaze remained on Donovan’s notes, a smile eventually forming on his face.
Welcome Noobel Blewd! / Re: Not Exactly New
« Last post by Ara on July 23, 2019, 01:55:53 pm »
Awww! I'm so glad I was over here weeding spam because I got to see this! I miss you, Beau!!! You're a treasure!
Welcome Noobel Blewd! / Re: Not Exactly New
« Last post by Beau on July 18, 2019, 05:40:26 am »
I think i'm going to haunt this place one a year FOREVER.   I just spent the last 3 hours re-reading stuff.

Love you and miss you all.  *random hugs all around*
OOC Discussion / Re: Glass Shards
« Last post by MyDiorama on February 25, 2019, 12:33:22 pm »
this sounds so good!!!

OOC Discussion / Re: Glass Shards
« Last post by Ara on January 31, 2019, 01:48:16 pm »
Oooooh! Love it! So the bastard will be new to The Garden??

I'm thinking the "kids" in The Garden range in age from like 14 to 22? Pretty much sent there until their parents decide to bring them into their own circles and drama.

OOC Discussion / Re: Glass Shards
« Last post by Jill the Ripper on January 30, 2019, 10:35:13 am »
In! So in!  I'm thinking... the bastard daughter of one of the five who's now been claimed as a legitimate heir? 

And.... hmmmmmmmmm, I dunno!  But I'm excited to brain storm what we need!!!  :cake: :pinkteapot: :crown: :crown: :crown: :jill:

edit: I have a name for one of our families!!!  De Ste Croix.  Sounds fancy, right???
OOC Discussion / Glass Shards
« Last post by Ara on January 27, 2019, 12:38:08 am »

Glass Shards
A decadent, post-apocalyptic, neon-Victorian, dystopian, romance-murder mystery.

Five towers in a wasteland of sandstorms and lightning is all that remains of life in the world. Built before the end. Once owned, then governed—now ruled like kingdoms in the sky.

The floors are counted from the tops down, Floor One being the penthouse and often the last dozen or two buried under the sands. Each Tower drills straight down into a water line and has factories and gardens near the bottom, citizens stacked up a physical hierarchy all the way to the thrones at the top.

Miniature kingdoms. Most of the royals and aristo families have never even been below the twentieth floor. It’s been generations since the world outside was destroyed—history reduced to grim fairytales of monsters and moving darkness swallowing the world. Sandstorms, ash rain and neon lightning often sweep past their plexiglass windows.

Libraries, gardens, cafes and clubs are alive and well and keeping the Upper Five busy. The families owning and ruling each tower consider themselves royalty, their children princes and princesses, and hand out titles to those around them. It’s been a hundred years since the last tower war—a dark decade of bloody betrayal and distrust. Now the Upper Five are at peace, as much as they’ve ever been anyway, and in an effort to promote those connections and good will they send their children to be schooled together in The Garden.

The Garden was originally designed as a meeting place for the Upper Five—a ten story complex of suites, parlors, and ballrooms suspended between the five towers and bridged directly to each. It has been renovated to house the teens and young adults of the aristo families. Sent to live and study there for most of the year, some believe The Garden is just an excuse for the upper families to get rid of their heirs until they’re needed.

Along with royals, the children of the best social climbers have even been admitted, sent to make connections and ensure the elevated status of their families in years to come.



OOC chatter and character sheets to be added below! <3

OOC Discussion / Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
« Last post by HaywoodQ on December 17, 2018, 02:19:48 pm »
Did this sci-fi mystery initiative go anywhere? I love sci-fi and I'd love to jump in if something like that is going on.
Rules, Guidelines & Site Updates / Re: Site update (php)
« Last post by MyDiorama on November 30, 2018, 09:27:06 am »
Our site is now updated to the lateste version of the forum and to php 7.1.
Will update to 7.2 in the near future and hope it doesn't resolve in too many errors.
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