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Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Legacy of the Force: A Star Wars Story [Closed]
« Last post by Bleu on June 11, 2020, 06:50:36 pm »
If there was any sign of incoming friction between Colwyn and his new master, the young padawan did not seem notice. Neither did he seem to consider the possibility that Adley might be of a different mind regarding the timing of finding a second kyber. In his young mind, there was no reason to wait any longer than was necessary for the mission. Further, Colwyn could hardly think what else someone could teach him with a single blade that he had not already mastered. 

No doubt, the padawan would inevitably be taught a lesson or two—or many—on humility.

So detached from concern was his attention, in fact, that his eyes were firmly settled on Kere as she retold her rather short anecdote. The green in them seemed to look into Kere with intent, overly curious as to what her lesson might have been. In that moment, it was lost on him.

“Red, you say?” It was a curious color, but in his mind, it held no further significance than that. It reminded him of his own interaction with his kyber, and the color it awarded him. The initial disappointment he had felt in his own lightsaber color had very quickly faded, and now it was little more than a piece of trivia.

“I don’t know,” Colwyn leaned back against his seat, crossing his arms and resting his fingers thoughtfully on his chin. “The connection to my kyber felt very natural—genuine. If there was anything that I was skeptical about going into that cave, it wasn’t the bond between crystal and Jedi.”

Unfortunately for his companions, this was enough of a bridge for Colwyn to go off on another one of his rants. The padawan spoke first of the connection between the kyber and the Jedi, and then he proceeded to elaborately recant his initial interpretation of the connection every living thing had with the force. The Force was then a crossroads to any and everything he valued about the Jedi way.

His enthusiasm was so intense that he only drew breath to thank the hostess as she arrived with their food, before continuing on his droll sermon.

“But you see, that’s why I think nourishment is so important! It is for the physical body what meditation is for the mind, wouldn’t you say? And of course meditation is something that I think everyone should do—the world would be much more peaceful if society just stopped to breathe a little.”

A shrug was indicative of a pause, and his eyes wandered to the platter of food he’d been unintentionally neglecting.

“When did the food get here?”

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Legacy of the Force: A Star Wars Story [Closed]
« Last post by Krystal Itzume on June 08, 2020, 09:50:11 pm »
Adley couldn’t help but wonder at exactly when Colwyn thought they would be going to this cave. Did he really intend for it to be so soon? Adley couldn’t imagine it for a year or more, unless Colwyn was some sort of prodigy with a single blade. He supposed it wouldn’t hurt to go sooner, but he thought he might like to see how Colwyn performed, first.

“Oh, I don’t find it that curious,” Adley noted with a sly smile, “Then again, I did pick you for a reason,” he had time to put thought towards it. Time to consider what he wanted in a padawan, and time to know he needed someone different, as well. Even if he’d found someone exactly like himself, he suspected it would still be a challenge.

Yet, he wanted to see more experiences.

The question was, inevitably, turned on Kere. She gave an overly dramatic sigh, and a shrug, “I wasn’t that concerned about the one meant for me, the first time around,” she offered, “I planned to take the first kyber I found – and I did. Only, before I was able to leave the cave with it, it turned red and broke apart.”

It had startled her, the color more than anything, “So I opted to try sensing the one that was actually meant for me, rather than attempt to take a crystal meant for someone else.” She sighed, “I always thought it was a bit…well, exaggerated, when it came to the crystals and them choosing someone.”
Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Legacy of the Force: A Star Wars Story [Closed]
« Last post by Bleu on May 20, 2020, 08:22:39 pm »
The challenge of revisiting the cave, however annoying it might be to Colwyn, was not enough to dissuade him from his wishes.

As Adley and Kere now knew, Colwyn hated feeling embarrassed. To him, it was almost synonymous with failing. A second kyber would allow him to truly explore different styles, and hopefully adopt of combination of them that would cover the gaps in his armor. He’d fail less often and master a truly defensive form.

“I don’t want to inconvenience our mission,” he insisted with a grin, “but I would still like to return for a second Kyber, whenever we have some spare time. Even if the cave embarrasses me again, it’ll be worth it. It’ll mean that I’ve learned something, yeah?”

Just as Kere and Adley had done for his story, Colwyn was sure to listen their retellings intently. It was amusing to hear how the cave treated everyone differently—how it seemed know exactly what they each needed to learn. In the end, they were all humbled by it, but they all came out the other side stronger. 

 “It’s curious, isn’t it Master Kenobi? How you and I were completely different people when we got our first kyber?” Then the padawan furrowed his brows, deep in thought. “Though maybe it’s not curious at all, when I think about it. There is strength in diversity, isn’t there?”

Maybe that’s what would help them become a great team. They shared the same core values, the same beliefs, and yet they were completely different people. It was a comforting thought, and it brought a smile upon the padawan’s face.

“What about you, Master Jinn? What did the cave teach you?”

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Legacy of the Force: A Star Wars Story [Closed]
« Last post by Krystal Itzume on May 19, 2020, 08:45:17 pm »
Colwyn began his story in an enthusiastic tone that surprised both Kere and Adley. Adley, most of all, showed his confusion vividly as Colwyn seemed to note his bad traits. He seemed to recognize them as bad traits even in his telling, but he spoke with such zeal, such enthusiasm, it was hard to be certain, and Adley only looked more and more confused as the tale went on.

The abrupt change of pace was, in many ways, a relief to him.

He almost laughed at his foolishness and confusion as he realized that Colwyn was self-aware, and had been narrating from his previous point of view. He didn’t, though. He kept the laughter to himself, because he did not want Colwyn to feel bad after the way he had described it.

He had come to his senses, as everyone did. He realized he needed to trust, to take advice, and help, to get his kyber. “The cave always embarrasses us,” Adley said, “it teaches us lessons that we need to learn, before we are worthy of having a kyber. It will be the same, when you go back for another, if you try to.” Adley noted.

He didn’t know if it would put Colwyn off the thought, or not.

Still, he thought to share, “My own lesson was more the reverse of yours,” he said, “rather than being certain of myself, I was uncertain, and unable, to trust myself. I was presented with hundreds of crystals all at once, and I was unable for the longest time, to figure out which one was meant for me, if any of them were meant for me,” he could at least manage a rueful chuckle at his younger self’s inability to be certain, and how long he’d agonized over it.

“I did figure it out, in the end. The one for me had been in plain sight, right on a sort of icy altar that the cave had made, and yet I was so certain that one wasn’t it, it had to be in the pile on the ground.”

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Legacy of the Force: A Star Wars Story [Closed]
« Last post by Bleu on May 14, 2020, 01:35:00 am »
“Oh good,” said the padawan upon hearing that Kere would not be flying them to their destination. He was not a fan of needlessly turbulent flights, and it showed on his expression of relief.

When Kere pressed for his Kyber crystal story, he gave a firm nod.

“Alright,” said Colwyn brightly, as if the young padawan needed an excuse to talk about himself. As Kere and Adley would inevitably find out, he didn’t.

“This was a few years ago, you’ll find. It was a group of six of us that had been picked to fly to Christophsis, where we’d have to venture into a crystalline forest, find a kyber cave, and retrieve our kyber crystals from inside. Oh boy was I excited to prove myself to my Masters! I knew I had it in me. I just needed to find a way to show it. As if the pressure wasn’t already enough, I remember well that I was the youngest youngling of the group—possibly the youngest youngling ever, am I right?” A proud huff and an eyebrow wiggle.

“Anyways, so there I am, thinking to myself that this is something I’m supposed to be doing on my own, but these kids cling to me. I decided to go left to find this place, and where do they go? Left! I pivot, they pivot. I run, they run. Listen, this keeps happening even at the point where we find and go into the cave. I’m thinking—okay, they’re going to stick to me like glue this entire mission—and that’s when things start getting weird.”

Colwyn leans forward on his seat, resting his elbows on the table as he tells his story.

“One second, the younglings are behind me, but then a second later, they’re gone. I’m thinking that this is perfect—they’ve gone out on their own, and I’m no longer lugging around this heavy weight with me. So I go on my merry way, trying to let the force lead me to where I have to go to find my crystal, but somehow this feels different. The crisp air feels different on my skin, and it feels like I am witnessing the force through a muddy filter—like if the very source of life is distorted. When I finally see my companions through the crystalline walls, I believe what they tell me—and they try to help me—but I know better than they do.”

“So as the smartest person in the cave, what do I do? I thank them, but I ignore what they are saying. They tell me to go left, and I go right. They tell me to keep going, and I go back. These kids are older than I am, but there isn’t a single thing that they can do that I can’t do better.” At this, Colwyn sighs, and instead of his typical smile, his face wears a slight frown. “At least that is what I thought at the time. And there was no convincing me otherwise!”

“Before I know it, my pride causes me to lose my way within the cave, and then things get scary. The more that time passes, the more that I feel like I’ve failed. My mind is jumbled, and I suddenly can’t retrace my steps. What’s worse is that my companions have now left me, and I am alone wishing that they were still chained to me. What a hypocrite, right?”

“It shames me to admit to it, but it takes me way too long to realize that my own brain is working against me. I stop in my tracks, and I sit down to meditate and become one with the Force. This is my last resort, and I know not what else I need to try. What I realize then isn’t that the Force can answer all of my questions, but that it was never really my last resort at all.”

“I couldn’t really see me, but I guarantee you that my face was red with embarrassment when I called to the other younglings for help. The same idiot youngling that had wished solitude in this task was now asking for assistance. Go figure,” he breathed out and shook his head.

“Needless to say that it was a lot easier to find my crystal after that. The mist that had settled on my mind had lifted, and when I made it back outside, I realized that I was one of the last ones to leave the cave. We decided to stick together on our way back to the ship.”

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Legacy of the Force: A Star Wars Story [Closed]
« Last post by Krystal Itzume on May 13, 2020, 07:28:46 pm »
Colwyn shifted the topic easily enough. They had to wait to know more from the Tarkins themselves. While the contentious opinions of Kere and Adley were unlikely to be changed by that, decisive action could start to be taken at that point.

Knight Kenobi sighed at the mention of flying, “I never took to it. I’ve learned, and I’m adept, but I’m not going to be flying any Starfighters anytime soon.” He indicated to Colwyn. “I can get from place to place.”

Kere chuckled a bit, “I’m better.”

“I won’t even contest it, but I do wish you would stop spinning.” To Colwyn, “She’s not flying us to Eriadu.”

“Well of course not, we’re just getting on a hyperspace lane and arriving in short order. Boring.” But sensible. “We’re using one of the Order’s ships. We don’t have our own.” Some Jedi did. They were few in number. Most of the ships were property of the Order and in use for Order business. “But I think we all have that same story of finding kyber,” Kere noted, but gestured. “Why not tell it? It tends to reveal a bit about you.”

The challenge always catered itself to what the learner needed to learn. Some needed teamwork, others compassion. It was always interesting how the cave knew exactly what to do. 

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Legacy of the Force: A Star Wars Story [Closed]
« Last post by Bleu on May 12, 2020, 09:46:42 pm »
Colwyn watched the interaction between Adley and Kere carefully, and although he could feel the friction between them, he suspected that this particular topic of conversation was one the two had previously discussed.

It was a testament to the strength of their friendship, despite such opposing views.

Truthfully, Colwyn didn’t understand how someone that was raised in the Order, like Kere, could be so open to give equal power to an order that had historically and directly opposed the Jedi. It went against all of their teachings. It might have been unfair for the Jedi to try and keep the Sith from resurrecting without truly understanding them, but wasn’t that still better than the alternative? The pursuit of power at any cost led to disaster—it led to war.

There was comfort in witnessing that Adley seemed to be equally against Kere’s consideration, but Colwyn didn’t press the topic of conversation. If Adley wanted to move to another topic of conversation, the padawan would show no resistance. Colwyn intended, however, to find a time to speak with Kere alone.

Colwyn sipped at his iced water and then leaned back on his seat, hands together and fingers entwined. His emerald eyes briefly lingered on Kere before they returned to Adley.

‘The wise learn from observation.’

“I suppose we ought to wait to hear what the Tarkins have to say, huh?” There was a hint of a smile on the padawan’s lips. If this brief exchange was any evidence, things would not go very smoothly. “Are either of you gifted at piloting? I should admit, if there is a single area where I consider myself lacking—maybe lacking isn’t the right word, disinterested, yeah, disinterested—it would be in flying a ship. Never found any passion for it, you know? Do you all have ships? I think the last time I was on one was when I was youngling, and a group of us went to find our Kyber crystals. That was a journey, a story for another day, perhaps.”

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Legacy of the Force: A Star Wars Story [Closed]
« Last post by Krystal Itzume on May 12, 2020, 07:25:10 pm »
Adley and Kere presented their orders following Colwyn, Adley opting for something notably traditional, while Kere went with something on the vegetarian side of things. As soon as she was gone, Adley thought to shift the subject, but it seemed his young padawan was eager for more on the subject.

“She’s rather frank with everyone,” perhaps Kere had tact, at times, or she wouldn’t be a counsellor, but with him it had always been blunt.

Their history aided that.

Despite their disagreements, they did remain friends.

Kere raised her brows in intrigue, and admittedly, a little amusement, at Colwyn asking how she would handle it. “I would allow the Sith the same privileges as the Jedi. The same of the Nightsisters, the Whills, and all others who practice a faith based on the Force. On that much, the Tarkin family and I agree.” 

“It’s wrong,” Adley said firmly. “The others who use the Force use it improperly.”

“So says you, who’s never practiced any other way.”

“The wise learn from observation.”

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Legacy of the Force: A Star Wars Story [Closed]
« Last post by Bleu on May 11, 2020, 10:02:02 pm »
At Adley’s response, Colwyn simply nodded his understanding. It would be unwise to make any such assumptions without knowing the entire story—and the padawan took note of what was expected of him.  At Kere’s response, however, Colwyn could not fight back the quizzical brow the graced his face. Was Master Jinn seriously open to the idea of having the Sith in equal standing to the Jedi?

Unfortunately, the young boy was interrupted before he could pose his query.

The waitress had returned to take their order, and the Padawan did not miss a beat to place it. Unsure how to pronounce the name of his meal, he simply pointed to the item in the menu, and expressed his rehearsed gratitude.

After the waitress took Adley and Kere’s order next, she promptly dismissed herself once more.

“I really like it that you’re frank with me, Master Jinn,” said Colwyn, the surprise that came from this new information was already mentally filed and put away. The padawan again spoke with the comfort he had shown before, and he seemed unperturbed. “If it were up to you, how would you handle the Sith trying to join the ranks of the Senate?”

Colwyn was curious as to why Kere felt so strongly about allowing the Sith to share their side of the story. Sure, it was possible that the history archives might have been unfair in their representation of the Sith, but their opposition of the Jedi was hard to contest. Whatever their intent might have been, it had been made clear to Colwyn that they countered the peacekeeping efforts of the Jedi Order.

‘Don’t make unfair assumptions,’ he reminded himself.
Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Legacy of the Force: A Star Wars Story [Closed]
« Last post by Krystal Itzume on May 11, 2020, 08:31:37 pm »
Adley noted the way Colwyn’s expression darkened. The suspicion he already held in his heart revealed itself, and Adley gently set a hand on his shoulder, “We do not know that for certain,” and in his opinion, it was a bad idea to go in with preconceptions of guilt.

“It doesn’t seem so bad to me, though,” Kere noted, “Sith in the Senate. Sith anywhere.”


“You know my opinion, Adley,” Kere interrupted, “and I’m not going to mask it in front of your padawan, either.” There was a firmness to her tone, and though Adley knew to expect it, it did not mean he liked it.

“The Sith are evil, Kere.”

“From your point of view. And what do we know of the Sith from any Sith?”

“We have an entire history—”

“—of Sith forced into hiding and hunted like dogs.”

There were seconds of tense silence, “We know their story from the side of victors, only.” Kere said, before adopting a smile as the waitress returned for their orders.
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