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Hype / Re: Anthologies
« Last post by Kanukiyo on Today at 11:38:26 am »
It is very new. For me and others I'm studying this.
Welcome Noobel Blewd! / Re: hoodia
« Last post by Kanukiyo on Today at 11:37:46 am »
I'm studying this. And think that you say it is quite useful. I am very fond of.
Rules, Guidelines & Site Updates / Re: Site update (php)
« Last post by MyDiorama on November 30, 2018, 09:27:06 am »
Our site is now updated to the lateste version of the forum and to php 7.1.
Will update to 7.2 in the near future and hope it doesn't resolve in too many errors.
Rules, Guidelines & Site Updates / Site update (php)
« Last post by MyDiorama on November 30, 2018, 09:01:16 am »
PHP is in need of update for our site. The forum might not support the new php, so I'm gonna try to figure it out. Coding is not my thing, but I'll try my best. If the site looks wonky or doesn't work in december you know why. We'll try to fix it!
Modern/Futuristic Roleplay / Re: Our Blood in Light
« Last post by Verse on October 04, 2018, 07:47:48 pm »
He had great fun with Margo's reactions, and smiled with surprise into the slap, not even blinking when her palm found his face. His hand rode her back when she left him, and dangled disappointed when she was gone. He was somewhat happy she'd retreated when she did, because he would have hated to make the act even more sordid to test her. He'd rather not be construed as some kind of witless, pantless barbarian on first meet. It seemed that kind of impression was hard to wash Margo of now, though, but he supposed that had been his design all along.

"Catori isn't bad." he said and shrugged at Emerald. "But I think your chances to find the Born are much higher in Florian." He looked over at Margo then, to see if she'd be lured by the small promise of activity. He did nod at the offer of showing them around. Keyzer was friendly, and he was in a good mood since his next payday was secured and bumping along on this opportune vehicle. He would have hated having to cut it apart. Even searing the limbs with laser might have attracted beastly wildlife, or even more Chasers.

"So, Agatha, what's life like as Hunter?" he asked, picking the Deliverer apart, since he wanted to play with it, but also didn't like seeming threatening while trying to make friends. The weapon was made useless quickly as he laid the parts out on the table. It's chamber had sharp edges and teeth, and he tried them against his chin. It still cut clean, which meant he could probably put rocks in it, even. He smiled with some kind of approval as he blew on the other parts, charred from volatile charges.

"I would liken it to my trade, but I suppose you only have one buyer, yeah?" he mused while he looked through a spring. "And what would happen if you actually found someone with the right blood?"

The Hunters were famous enough. Their sigil went over almost anything. The Capitol itself was behind them. He had just learned to back off whenever he smelled them, the few he'd met. Never gotten into a skirmish. Keyzer liked new information, and if things went right with them, they could be his foot in. He could bet he'd need a few friends among their ranks one day, or maybe someone else with gold would. He started putting the Deliverer back together again.

"Guess we don't want what happened when they discovered The Lightner."

He had always assumed that incident many years ago with a true Born was the reason the Hunter program was so official today. Things were kept under wraps, but the death toll had been tremendous. He was kind of always poking Hunters about it, if he had the chance. Sometimes he doubted if even they knew much about it.

Modern/Futuristic Roleplay / Re: Our Blood in Light
« Last post by Ara on October 02, 2018, 04:21:56 pm »
Margo had been quite enthralled in his story until he snatched her up and pulled her onto his lap. Her round face pulled into a gasp of alarm and outrage, for a moment to surprised to even react more than that dropped jaw and wrinkled nose.

Emerald didn’t seem to notice, looking pleased instead by his news on the rising cult. “Well, as least Florian won’t be as dull of Catori proved to be,” he said, eyeing Agatha sideways though she ignored him. He had blamed her for agreeing to go to Catori—where there was nothing but murderers playing Born. At least cultists and princes would make for fun prey. No one ever died as enjoyably as the pious and the powerful. That look on their faces when they fell, surprised, like they didn’t know they too could die. If the greatest, oldest, dragons could fall—so could any man or woman. One of the best parts of being a Witch Hunter was the right to execute indiscriminately. It didn’t matter if the traitor was a baker or a prince—they were all subject to the discretion of a Hunter. Of course, not Emerald. Not yet. He was still indentured. The decision to execute would be Agatha’s. But, luckily for him, she had never been one for mercy.

Margo finally slapped her hand across the stranger’s cheek when he bounced her. It wasn’t a ferocious slap, her soft glove batting his cheek as she awkwardly pulled herself from him and pushed into her corner again. “Really!” she protested, cheeks red and eyes flashing to the other two as though they should have saved her. Emerald supposed she might think that, with some notion of chivalry at play. But both Hunters knew the difference between danger and teasing.

“Are you to be our guide?” Emerald asked.

“What a lovely idea,” Agatha added enthusiasm to his dry query.

“Hardly,” Margo mumbled, arms crossed and cheeks still bright red.

“Allyseus isn’t expecting us for another couple days. We could do a bit of sight seeing and still arrive uncomfortably early,” Agatha spoke as though negotiating, as though the other two didn’t belong to her in some way and weren’t subject to her unilateral decisions. She liked the illusion of democracy. “Where should we leave your dragon?” she asked Keyzer as though it had been decided.
Modern/Futuristic Roleplay / Re: Our Blood in Light
« Last post by Verse on September 26, 2018, 09:17:30 pm »
Keyzer almost lost it when the tightly wound woman blossomed into something much more approachable when she revealed her true interest. He threw Emerald a look, since they both knew she'd spilled. It wasn't that much of a secret, it seemed, but Keyzer was still happy to have found the common point from which to approach Margo. It was appropriate that they had a chronicler. He'd befriended them in the past. While usually shit fighters, the scribes were wealthy in information, and if he had the same to trade, he could get away with wealth that might multiply.

While the bookworm had questions, Agatha provided the real tidbits. Traitors. That was the term, wasn't it? He supposed the cult would consider Agatha and her ilk betrayers in their own right. He was at the beginning of a little war, and that made him grin. "Our Guild believes Florian will be the cradle for the new dragon born." he answered Margo. "Their religion is divided, but there's been... miracles." he said with an outward wave of his fingers. "But all their fractions take responsibility." Vehicles deformed with dragon jaw strength, but with human accuracy, artistry. "Things no one can do, even on the blood. Enough people go missing in Florian to feed a Born that our crime rate is no indication. Besides, people would gladly lay down for such appetites in the Guild."

He relaxed and shook out his head to one side. It was exaggerated, and to the two others it was a clear indication he had some kind of plan. He assumed Margo wouldn't be armed with such battle-wit. His arms came out suddenly, snapping hers up and bringing her over to sit on his lap, books be damned, this floor looked clean enough for them. He made sure the other's didn't take offence, and if they did he'd let her go, hands up, but if they knew he was teasing, he'd keep her there against him, embraced, like he was telling a sweet girl a rousing story.

"One of their fractions worship eggs. Translucent shells, and I have to admit by the pictures I've seen, some of the forming animals in there look like they're human, while some just look like wyrms. Their altar is littered with possible Born." He took a breath. "And then there's the ones who follow a vat. It's said their messiah is deformed in such a way that it needs to be gathered, and they prey to the unfinished life form in the mucky, gory pool of their holy room." he laughed a little. "I think it's just a hurt or mutated sea dragon, and that they should end its misery."

He turned to Agatha, hand on Margo's shoulder, at the mention of the prince. "Allyseus is decidedly male. He would invite you, because there's been a flood of activity to Florian lately, made it a bigger trade landing than usual, because of the wealthy cult." he shook his head with a sigh. He was sure they knew that if a powerful enough Born had its seat in Florian, the political importance would shift from their capitol. He didn't care so much about things like that, unless if affect the prices of his wares.

"It's easy to find the castle, but I'll take you to see the real city. And where some of the cultists are." he offered and bounced Margo on his lap, unless she was at a distance, in which case he'd wink suggestively at her.
Modern/Futuristic Roleplay / Re: Our Blood in Light
« Last post by Ara on September 26, 2018, 01:08:04 pm »
Margo had been holding her breath from the moment he stuck his face close to hers until he said Dragon Born. She blinked, big brown eyes, fingers flexing against her bundle of knowledge against her chest and plump body wedged into corset, tights, and layers of skirts, actually leaned toward him. “Dragon Born? Really? There have been rumors, of course, but it’s been ages since anyone’s seen one. Have they found any or just victims? Do you think the bodies are still available for examination?”

Emerald grinned wide at that. “Terrified of everything living but not dead things,” he noted about the short woman across from him.

Margo ignored him, her lip curling at the mention of a cult.

Agatha listened carefully, managing to hold back a hunter’s grin at mention of trouble. A guild. It gleamed in her eyes though, meeting his gaze when it slid to her. Her poison? “Traitors,” she said. “My poison is traitors and rooting them out.” Why be coy when she hoped to get information? She had an edict from the capitol, the mark of a Witch Hunter, and the authority to save Florian from itself. “The Capitol has heard about Florian’s Dragon Born and seen fit to send Miss Adden,” she nodded to Margo. “to take a look.” It was the tip of an iceberg. Margo was to document and to testify when it was done—whatever happened next. Witch Hunters were rare, but they had quite the legend—not always heroic but definitely feared and their status aloud them to turn their inquest on even the highest officials of a city.

She doubted the princes of Florian would be happy to see them, though most smiled toothily and tried to direct the investigation. They’d spent four months in Catori only to find that the supposed Dragon Born was a hunter who had lost his mind on the blood, blacking out in the night and savagely murdering people in the streets with a set of false dragon teeth. It had been quite the disappointment.

“More often than not, Dragon Born are just stories,” Agatha assured. “But, as I said, we wouldn’t mind a guide. We’re supposed to be staying with a Prince—”

“Allys,” Margo inserted the name before Agatha even had to falter.

“Heard of him?” Agatha continued.

“Or her…” Margo reminded. Prince was just a title after all, a throwback to fairytales.
Modern/Futuristic Roleplay / Re: Our Blood in Light
« Last post by Verse on September 24, 2018, 09:00:45 pm »
Something in Keyzer's spine charged, like a spring, when Margo treated him to her performance. Even by her logic, did he look like a book thief? She seemed too soft to be riding in this vehicle, but everyone here looked like the softer counterpart of what they would have been, in the real world. Her little yelp was startlingly engaging, and it was hard not to sit and antagonize her for the rest of their way to Florian. He tilted his head at the insult, and laughed, delighted as he closed his eyes and fell back over the back of his seat.

His gravity returned when he whipped his face close to hers again. There was no threat in his expression, but the abruptness should be enough to faze her, at their null distance. "Beasts have good knowledge, Margo." he said with a low voice. His flicked a finger at the treasure of information she was holding on to with both arms. "You don't think something has been lost between the breathing, bleeding thing and your pages?" he posed before touching his nose with that finger. "Field-studies, madam. It's part of the curriculum, isn't it?"

The other male was a little easier to meet. He took the hand, and stood for the shake before settling down again. "Keyzer." he replied and smiled like they were sharing a joke. It was a skill he had, making jokes of everything. "And Florian really is the place for such things." Business. "You're not trading on the dragon market, I surmise." Their vessel wasn't really packed with parts, and Agatha hadn't been interested in his catch, or any other animal in the overrun city. "But there'll be plenty of need for whatever you're selling, I'm sure."

Keyzer tried the inside of his mouth with his busy tongue, settling in. This was a nice ride. He should have figured sooner. He threw an eye at Agatha. "Yeah, I can get you into any kind of deal if you want. I'm mostly stationed at wholesale." his thumb jabbed upward at the cargo that was his fee for information. "But I can also tell you where to get cute men with firm buttocks." he looked at Margo then, winking slowly. "Or libations, gall of the Crackle King" a common medium sized dragon "is especially in season, since they're coming in to rest from the great storms. I take it in my eye, but whatever's your preferred method." he was rambling on, and he was sure this wasn't exactly what they were hoping for.

"Then again, I heard there is an undercurrent of Dragon Born, too." he leaned closer to Margo again, figuring she'd be the easiest to read when he hit the right subject. The vehicle jumped once, which probably meant a big bump, given its steady propulsion system. "Trouble though, if you want to investigate that kind of thing." He sat up better. "There's this clan, rampant in Florian. Mirror Guild. They're kind of a religion thinking the dragon born will be the saviors of our generation. That kind of thing." his head dropped to the side, looking at Agatha. "So. What's your poison, madame?" He was mostly watching her, too, to see if this rouse interest, in which case he'd peg the for what they truly were.
Modern/Futuristic Roleplay / Re: Our Blood in Light
« Last post by Ara on September 24, 2018, 11:40:05 am »
Margo hugged her books and tablet to her chest, eyes bulging when the man got into their carriage. She wedged herself into the corner, back straight and gaze running up and down him, seeming to bulge more with every bit of grime and blood she took in.

“This is Margo, my personal library of sorts,” Agatha introduced flippantly, settling into her seat. The carriage whirred to life, rising a little off the ground before starting forward on the path again. “And Emerald.” She gestured to the lithe bodied man beside her. He was dressed much like her, somewhere between practical and formal, all black with firm layers and fine tailoring.

Margo pressed her plush mouth into a tight scowl at the other woman. She wanted to snap at her, to accuse her of endangering them by inviting strange murderous riffraff onto the carriage—but she couldn’t exactly do that without saying it out loud in front of said riffraff.

She eeped in alarm when the man spoke to her. “Book learning?” she sputtered. “Out there? Oh, well, that’s wonderful. Then you may know as much as the beasts…”

Agatha’s upper lip pulled up to hiss at the woman warningly. “He comes from Florian and likely knows more of the city than you do.”

Emerald lifted heavy lashes, eyes like the stone he was named for glinting out, made brighter with a bit of that witch tech woven into his retina. His red lips pulled at one side into a little smile at Margo’s discomfort before considering the stranger. He’d worked for Agatha long enough to stop being surprised by her whims. He sat up a little taller, arms sliding from the firm cross against his chest while he slept down into a casual collapse in his lap. “Business,” he answered first and stretched out one arm, offering his hand. “Your name was? Agatha has enough fortune not to care about manners, but I would be remiss to go a whole carriage ride with a man I didn’t properly meet.”
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