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Welcome Noobel Blewd! / Re: Beau told me to
« Last post by Peregrine on October 13, 2019, 05:02:52 am »
So it's been a long time... but I do stop by from time to time, read old stuff, lurk around reading all of your beautiful new stuff....

Missing this place, and all you lovely people, so maybe I'll be around more...
Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
« Last post by Krystal Itzume on September 23, 2019, 08:06:01 pm »
Devlin grinned at that, “He would have made a good ventrue,” he noted, almost sadly, as he was not a ventrue. While it was possible for mekhet to be power-hungry, he knew this was still going to throw a wrench in things, given they were known more for being shades, out of sight, and out of mind, “But the Invictus is definitely the clan for him.” That much they could agree on.

In either case, he was apparently done. It was figured out in his head. “Good, now try not to let Maya kill you, or anyone else,” Angelus said, as more of a joke. He didn’t think Donovan would be killed on his first night. He also hoped Maya would keep her own character low-profile, but he knew that might be too much to hope for.

“Don’t worry, I’ll look out for him! We Invictus gotta stick together, right?”
Devlin said, and Maya just rolled her eyes, but her lips remained curved in a slight grin. “But I haven’t heard enough about your character yet, Kyle. Don’t hold out on us!”

“He’s going to be a hero, isn’t he?” Maya said, “I’m sure he doesn’t want to start revealing his secrets to a host of villains.”

“I’m not a villain…I think you and Donny are the only villains here.”
Apparently being a power hungry, Varys inspired, mekhet meant he was a villain. Not that it would stand in the way of Invictus loyalty, of course.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
« Last post by Bleu on September 20, 2019, 09:23:23 pm »
“I was just saying,” said Kyle with a chortle, figuratively zipping his mouth shut before crossing his arms.

At the exchange, and the ensuing conversations, Donovan could only smile. There was general agreement from the others regarding his ideas, and now he was simply finalizing the last details of his character. Why was moving to the new area? What had motivated him from leaving an area where he had already attained such a power to a place where he would be—in a lot of ways—starting over?

In Donovan’s mind, this felt similar to how he felt personally about his current situation. Why would he go to a community theater to try his hand at something new, where he already knew he had attained success back at his school? His soccer buddies had given him a few curious looks, but he shoved them off dismissively. Sure, this is not how he imagined his career would go, but he could see how it would help.

Although not an exact reflection, the answer was still the same.

“I think he just wants more,” began Donovan, pressing his fingers to his chin in thought. “If he’s already attained enough influence where he’s from, perhaps he simply wants to double it someplace else. It could certainly be in attempts to make his sire’s rival feel even smaller.”

Donovan let out a deep breath, bending down toward the table to jot everything that they had discussed down on paper. His hand moved along the page quickly—sharp, organized and concise. When he rose, he felt triumphant.

“I think I got him,” he confirmed.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
« Last post by Krystal Itzume on September 20, 2019, 08:06:26 pm »
“It is a character,” Devlin reminded Kyle, amused at his wariness about the sort of character that Donovan was crafting, “I’m sure Maya isn’t really a soul-sucking succubus who made a deal with the devil, though I’ve occasionally had doubts.”

Maya smirked a bit, “No, I’m just the devil.”

“See! We’re all good here.” Devlin laughed, as Angelus rolled his eyes. He was tempted to say Maya was hardly that, share a story or two to prove she was far too nice, but he opted not to. They all knew it was a joke. “But I like that idea – that he was stolen goods from another vampire, or something, that was eying him. It definitely makes that relationship much less straightforward if the sire still tried to cultivate his skills as a further middle finger to the other – to show off using him against their foe.”

“And gives him more reason to be want to be separated from him, too,” Angelus agreed. The character was coming together. “Now the question is, if he’s already killed his sire and separated himself from him, likely assuming power where he was before – why is he traveling to this area? Did someone find out what he’d done? Is he avoiding the rival of his sire?”

On the run, avoidance, or just a change of pace could certainly all play into it.

“Perhaps he’s determined there is a way to bring down that rival in this town, as well,” Maya offered, “If he’s seeking information…it could be a sidequest of sorts, if you want to consider building up the rival to the sire that originally wanted your character for their own.”

“The storytellers are generally pretty willing to work on character sideplots, and possibly work it into larger things, too.”
Devlin noted.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
« Last post by Bleu on September 19, 2019, 10:34:47 pm »
Donovan gave a firm nod in agreement. “A couple oaths at least, yeah,” he mused, wondering just what kind of benefits he might get from the flexibility, and how that might affect his legion of spies. He could influence obedience and addiction, depending on the types of oaths he’d witness. Donovan had read about them briefly but was now more interested in what he could explore from them.

With a smile, he returned Maya’s high five. Their characters might not be friends, but at least they couldn’t deny that they were each cutthroat in their own right.

Kyle, who had been quietly taking everything in, shook his head, feigning disapproval. “I don’t know, mate, I didn’t think your character would be into something so dark—so mature,” half-serious, but still grinning. “Aren’t you in school still?”

A playful huff, one that Donovan returned with a crooked smile and brief silence.

“I’m very mature for my age,” he joked.

To that, Kyle simply raised his arms in surrender. He took to his chair, and laid back to simply observe again. It really was hard to remember just how young he was, and a part of Kyle wanted to simply keep him innocent.

Donovan turned back to Devlin. “I think he may have been a trophy for his sire, but not one he wanted originally—but perhaps one that he didn’t want someone else to have. Like a middle-finger to another big baddie in town. Whether that developed into something more intimate… I think it likely.” 

Donovan looked to Maya, and her reaction to the question, but made nothing more of it.

When Angelus posed his question, Donovan furrowed his brows in thought. “Status as someone independent from their sire, to where in common conversation the two are not automatically linked. But yes, could be that his sire was a notary as well—the fewer the better no?”

It was interesting, to say the least, that the image of his character was evolving by the second—feeling more and more like a real person the more he discussed. What was once only a non-specific idea, was now becoming a fully formed force.

“Despite being so mature for my age,” a look to Kyle, who smiled, “I’m still new to this whole thing. Call me ridiculous, I will not mind. I’ll learn.”

Such was his pride, however foolish it might be.
Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
« Last post by Krystal Itzume on September 19, 2019, 08:10:24 pm »
The idea of Donovan as a notary seemed to sit well with him, and Angelus nodded to it. “You’re going to have to learn at least a couple of oaths, then.” He’d be a poor notary if he didn’t have some oaths with which to bind people, after all. That was the main point of the notary in the game, anyways. To ‘notarize’ the oaths and make them official within the Invictus. “And probably be prepared to not hold the position in this town, but it can be in your backstory.”

A backstory that seemed not to have been as developed, even though he had a character trope to try out. Still, he put some thought into it there, and the group listened as he started to hash it out. “High five for the sire-murdering club,” Maya joked, lifting her hand to encourage it all the same.

“Ya’ll are the worst,” Devlin sighed. “So would you have just been kind of a trophy for your sire, or was the plaything in a realm beyond the, ah, intimate?” It wasn’t improbable for bored vampires, more in the Daeva than the Ventrue, to screw people over and play with them more as a cat played with a mouse.

Maya shifted a bit at the question, even though it wasn’t directed to her.

“It’s not improbable for your clan to turn for those reasons, but figuring out more about your sire’s agenda can paint your character’s human agenda, which can then paint their agenda after being turned. Especially if it ended up in such contrast to their sire that they had to resort to murder.”

Angelus nodded his agreement with that. “And was it the notary status that he wanted secured, or something else? It’s common in the Invictus to have bloodlines that are notable – there’s a trait for it, actually. Perhaps it was a matter of inheritance, and there were other childes in the running?” More to think about, at least.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
« Last post by Bleu on September 19, 2019, 03:08:41 pm »
Becoming a notary of the Invictus? Why hadn’t he thought of that? Initial disappointment aside, Donovan’s lips curled into a firmer smile. That sounded awesome, and consistent with the power he was hoping to attain. If he could somehow bottleneck information from the Invictus through him, he’d be well on his way to becoming one of the most powerful traders of information.

Such was his excitement that he had forgotten his previous demons—his concerns and the observations that had taken place over the last few days. Much to his dismay, these demons would return. They always would.

“That would be great,” he added, offering a nod to Devlin. “If I’m a notary of the Invictus, it would make sense that our characters would be acquainted with each other beforehand.”

The group traded backstories, and Donovan was immediately impressed with the depth that they could come up with so quickly. Even with Maya’s very brief summary, he suspected that the reality of her character was far deeper than what she let on. Part of him had initially considered digging in a little further, but he had assumed—inaccurately to boot—that the game warranted only a superficial approach. Wasn’t it more about the gameplay?

Apparently not.

Devlin then posed the same question to Donovan, and the latter was briefly stunned. It only took a second for him to recover from the sudden spotlight.

“I hadn’t really given it much thought,” he admitted, “but I imagine my character was turned a few centuries ago. Maybe by a politician and influencer—someone in need of a plaything that developed into something more? His initial thirst for information could have been inherited, as vampires would like take positions of power, but I think it mutated into something much larger internally. After his status was secured, maybe he disposed of his sire?”

Donovan didn’t know why, but he didn’t think that his character would be the sharing type.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« Last post by Krystal Itzume on September 05, 2019, 11:15:20 pm »
Manx had long sought the answer to that question himself, and even then he was struggling with words. He knew it was wrong, intrinsically, but how did he explain it? Ergas had never quite given him a reason that he could latch on to, and that was now what he was here to meditate on, to search his feelings for.

As Dreven looked down into the water, he also looked down into his own reflection. Into Dreven’s reflection. He took in a deep breath. ‘Tell me. Tell me why.’
Of course, there was no answer. Not in the standard sense.

There was the song of a hook hawk somewhere in the distance, a beautiful and alluring melody.

There was the croaks of the blarths, and the splashing of fish nearby. The pond rippled with their influence.

The heat of the sun warmed him, while the water and the breeze upon it cooled him.

All of it came together, and for a moment, Manx felt as if he might understand in that peace, why attachment was a negative, rather than a positive. He shut his eyes for a few seconds, “Attachment is easy because we are supposed to love what is around us, and to be compassionate towards all things,” he opened his eyes, looking then at Dreven in the pool’s reflection, “The Force is in all things. If we favor one thing, over another, then we are denying the equality of the Force in all.”

It was good and proper to feel compassion and love, for all, but it was hard, so hard. “We are not in contact with all things, all at once. It is easy to forget that the Force dwells in all, and has to be considered on the wide-scale, rather than the small. It is so easy to favor a person, or a thing, over others, because we are familiar with that. We grow attached to it and we wish to protect it and care for it, as we should try to protect and care for all things. It is when that attachment overcomes our sense of duty to all that it is a problem, and so we must remember and center ourselves once more.”

His gaze lifted from the reflection and to Dreven, “It is not an easy lesson. I struggle with it, just as you do, and I am still not certain I have the right way to explain it to you, and for that I apologize in my failure to you as a master, but I will endeavor with you, and struggle with you, in our effort to stay true to the will of the Force.”


Dawn twirled, the colors dancing around her, as Alec spun her around once. Her own smile mirrored some of the joy she felt at having him still at her side in the face of all of this and the tensions that were soon to mount in the Order regardless of what was determined. And he did not shy away from offering her the truth as she returned to his side and took his arm to walk alongside him.

Ergas had chosen model Jedi, not those who were more…lenient. What that meant for her would be determined.

It was clear that a smear campaign was already going on as she walked, and others whispered about her as she passed. ‘Calm.’
She repeated, but it was hard not to want to speak out and defend herself then and there. She wasn’t a traitor! She wasn’t Sith! It was hardly her fault they couldn’t comprehend the Force!

It was repeated by her master, and she gave a nod, before they walked into the room where the quorum was to convene. Her eyes glanced over those present, registering the looks some gave her for appearing in such vibrant colors, for not dressing as a Jedi, while noting the recognition of others who had expected nothing else from her.

And the one who could not see her – the miraluka woman who’s expression was always passive and hard to read.

Master Corvainus introduced her, and she bent forward a bit, dropping her head before the gathered council, “Masters,” she addressed them all as Corvainus finished his rounds to stand with them, her gaze rising and meeting the central figure – Master Ergas. “I come before you as I have been summoned.”

Master Ergas kept his gaze steady on her as he spoke, “You have been called before us and stand accused of being Sith at worse, and an ally to the Dark Side of the Force as we have termed it,” he could see the twitch of her lip, the preparation for argument. “Do you understand these charges?”

“I understand the charges, and I state that I am innocent of them all.”

Ergas scoffed immediately at that, “Do you deny, then, that you have taught impressionable padawans and younglings how to use Force lightning – an art that we have determined is of the dark side?”

Dawn could deny it, and lie. That would sink her further in the hole, and go against her own sense of morality. So, she lifted one hand, and before them all, she allowed lightning to spark on her fingertips and jump upwards. Harmless.


She felt the disturbance run through them all, except for the miraluka, who she’d swear might have seemed…amused? “I do not deny that I have taught others how to utilize this, but I deny that it is of the dark side of the Force.”

“I did not ask for your theories and your beliefs,”
Ergas was, quite obviously, more tense than before. He had managed not to flinch back, but only through sheer force of will. “You understand our tenants and our teachings, you know that this power is seen and understood to be of the dark side of the force in the opinion of the Council!”

Arguing with the Council would get her no where. If anything, stating she thought they were wrong – again – was only going to make them think she was a Sith and hiding it behind her beliefs and semantics. Still, she couldn’t help the words, “The Force has no dark side and no light side! It’s just the Force – it’s how we use it that matters, not which powers we use, and I do not use these powers to pursue evil!”
Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« Last post by Silentslash on September 04, 2019, 10:48:35 pm »
Negative emotions? Dreven had a problem controlling his anger and at times, his temper caused him to make rash decisions. Fear, it was a less common emotion in Dreven but when he was fighting Buun Lak, he was cared. He didn't want to die and after everything that happened, he could have really died. His Master tried to help him curb these emotions and focus on positive emotions but it was difficult for him.

His mind drifted to when he killed that bounty hunter with the Force Push. That had been done out of pure anger and even Dreven was surprised at his own strength at that moment. It was then that a crazy thought entered his mind. He shook his head.
'No.. I am a Jedi.., I could never..'

When his Master touched upon attachment and selfishness, he knew it was wrong and that the Jedi had to sever all attachments and try to remain free of them. He knew this because it had been drilled into his head so many times at the Temple and by his Master, but he didn't really understand why this was so important. The only attachment Dreven truly had was to his Master, he never met his parents, he was too young to remember them.

"Why is it wrong, Master? If if it's so wrong why it so easy to become attached to someone?" He looked down at the calm, still waters as if they possessed the answer to his question.


Alec listened intently to the brief description of the failed mission even though he had been briefed beforehand by Buun Lak. His hand gently stroked his beard, looking down at the floor pensively, contemplating what the Council members were saying. When the miraluka of the Council spoke up, Alec fixed his gaze upon her and although she would not see it, he produced a warm smile. She was a difficult one to read and Alec's charm, wit and magnetic personality was often lost on her.

Alec was truly surprised upon hearing the bit of Dawn instructing a Padawan on how to use Force Lightning. He shook his head at hearing the news and let out a heavy sigh.
"Masters, these are very troubling news and I do not wish for them to be true," Here one would have thought that Alec would have given up on Dawn and allow her to face the quorum on her own, no one would want a reputation like Alec's tarnished over a Padawan who had gone astray. He stroked his beard once again and looked at all of them. "I have faith in Dawn, I hope you all will keep an open mind and your judgments and reservations towards Dawn objective and neutral to maintain this quorum a fair one. I will return shortly and believe me everyone, the truth shall be revealed. Please excuse me."

He walked out to find Dawn outside of the temple dressed in a Nabooesse fashion. She looked beautiful and very formal. He smiled and took one of her hands in his own. "Look at you," he twirled her around one time and the look on his face was that of a proud parent. "You look terrific, Dawn. As far as the mood, Ergas is no fool, he knows what he has done. These members of the Council selected are model Jedi, however there is no need to worry, we both know you are not Sith and these members will see that as well." It was interesting to note that he referred to the other members as model Jedi but not himself, even though he was also a member of the quorum.

Despite their convictions, he knew these Jedi to be impartial and it would take some convincing and strong evidence to really prove that Dawn was a Sith and the repercussions of such a conclusion would be a huge embarrassment for the Jedi Order. As far as Dawn's beliefs and her alleged teaching of Dark side powers to others, this concerned Alec but this could also be manipulated into a slap on the wrist with his help. He held his arm out for her to hook onto and so they could walk in together, arm in arm.

As they walked up the steps, he could hear the whispers, gasps and hushed murmurs coming from the observers outside of the temple. Clearly rumors had already slipped out the halls of the Temple and into the ears of the inhabitants of Tython.

"Look it's her, is she Sith?"
"I heard she's recruiting Sith apprentices.."
"Why is he walking with a Sith Lord?"
"Padawans are turning to the Dark side because of her.."
"She doesn't look like a Sith.."
"Master Corvainus trained her, there's no way the rumors are true!"
"The quorum will decide her fate.."

Fools, he thought. However, he simply paid them no mind and couldn't help but chuckle as he walked past them. The Temple stood before them and the doors opened for the two. He led her to the High Council Room.

"Calm. Confident. You've done nothing wrong." He whispered in her ear, and it went without saying but this outward display of his complete support for her should help.

He pushed the doors open and saw Ergas and the others all gathered. He turned to look at Dawn, nodded and smiled, unhooking his arm from her own.
"Everyone, Jedi Knight Dawn Jinn." He quietly made his way to where the rest of the members were standing and he shook all their hands once more before allowing the proceedings to commence.
Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
« Last post by Krystal Itzume on August 21, 2019, 08:21:16 pm »
Angelus was already looking over the form and making his own slight adjustments based on what was indicated. “Invictus doesn’t offer too much in the way of additional talents, except for a few oaths. Some of those could be useful if you need to bind someone to your will, but generally speaking, they have to enter into it willingly. I think there are a few that get around that, but you might want to work that in as something you do in-character. Become a notary of the Invictus so that people come to you for that power, and know you have it.”

He did consider what else the Invictus had, as well as the bloodline, as the matter of pre-determined histories floated around.

“Yeah! We’re all arriving to the game as new characters. We could have all come together. If you go with Invictus, we could know each other from there,” Devlin offered. “Not sure about her.”

Maya smirked, “Who’s to say I wouldn’t come along, or that we met en-route? What is your backstory, Devlin?”

“Ah, right – well, I was turned back in the Victorian period by a lover I had been the servant of. Didn’t know he was a vampire,”
he chuckled a bit, “Long story short, we had a bit of a break-up as he grew more paranoid and I’ve left to find my own way, since obviously I’m not going to make it far in the same domain as my sire. He’d think I was trying to usurp him and his ranking in the Invictus over there, so I’ve come over here. Plus it’s all just hella awkward with that guy now,” he laughed a bit at his imagined history. “Also, rebellious vampire phase. I’m sure they all go through it after about a century.”

Maya gave a nod to that, “What about you, Maya?”

“Oh, you know, the usual…made a deal with a demon, sealed it with murder, now I’m just making sure to leave the scene of the crime.”

Devlin rolled his eyes a bit. Usual. Sure. “What were you thinking for your backstory, Donny?”

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