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Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« on: July 03, 2016, 10:27:12 pm »
The Master never took the scroll, so Maya set it down on the console as he spoke of getting cleaned up. ‘Probably a good idea.’ She humored the thought of throwing on the centurion outfit again, but in the end decided that she didn’t want to. She didn’t have any stolas or togas, but something cleaner would be welcome at this point. This was still bloodstained.

“I think I will, too,”
Maya didn’t wait, but turned to go off to find her own room and bathroom to get cleaned up.

Angelus did glance down at himself, then, “Uh, I don’t suppose you have anything I could borrow, do you?” He asked the Master. “I mean, I don’t mind as much as you, but it probably isn’t good to go into there bloodstained,” then again it was Rome.

He’d done his best to try and wipe off the wet blood and other things. It was all zombie, but it was still stained terribly and likely held a stench, too. Angelus wasn’t noticing such things then; they were all covered and likely all smelt the same, which made it difficult to notice the differences. “I can’t fit in any of Maya’s clothes,” that was obvious. She was too short.

And he really didn’t want to walk into Rome in a skirt. He’d lose all cred.

Besides, he still wasn’t sure the Master had gotten the timing right. He hadn’t glanced at the scroll.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« on: July 02, 2016, 11:38:01 pm »
The Doctor had suspected as much as Donovan, and it seemed he had no further insights. “It can,” he answered, in regards to the sonic screwdriver, “I can spread out the particles, but I don’t know how to make it hold.”

Or how quick he’d need to do it. Or anything. There was no time to experiment, either, was there? Not from the way Manann rose to join them and knelt besides the sitting king. “What do you need?” Manann asked.

“Can you turn this solid in any shape?”


“I need this shaped around the arm I’ve crafted.”
He told Manann. “With that done, I’ll just need to activate it with the sonic, and we’ll be good to go.” The hand should work at that point, attached to the nerves as best as he could make it, given his current resources.

Luke Skywalker would be jealous of his handicraft.

Manann held out his hand, and the Doctor passed him the liquid. He shook his head and, after a moment of confusion, the Doctor passed him the ingot.

Manann acted to cause wonder. He wanted these so-called time travelers and off-worlders to remember them—to remember what they could do, even if they had needed their help in retaking the kingdom. The ingot melted quicker than ice cream in his hand, and dripped down onto the robotic make-up. It flowed over it, but with the Doctor’s direction, did not fill it. He shaped it so that some areas were only covered, rather than filled and stifled.

Movement still had to be possible.

Before the Doctor could use the Sonic to activate it, though, Nuada flexed his fingers.

This also surprised the Doctor, who straightened up, startled. “How did you do that?”

Manann said again as he rose from Nuada’s side, and Nuada with him.

The Doctor wanted to retort that if they had such magic, why hadn’t they made an arm as well—but he didn’t. It wasn’t just that—the interaction of the spread particles in the hardened quicksilver must have done what the Sonic would have, in vibrating the copper and starting the process of sending and receiving messages from the nerves.


the Doctor stood, “I guess my work here is done then, eh?”

And then the ground above shook, and dirt fell around them. “Or not.”

Nuada just smiled. “It is over,” he seemed so confident then with his new limb. “Come. Bres is waiting.”

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« on: July 02, 2016, 11:10:14 pm »

‘All roads lead to Rome.’

Maya tried to breathe as well, but the relief was short lived. Angelus felt the jarring of the TARDIS and came from the depths of it back to the main room, just as the Master was talking about him. “Shake what out of who?”

“Your mental issues.”
Maya answered.

As the Master was behind it, Angelus had little interest in seeing how else the Master could fuck things up with his mind. “Where are we going?”


Angelus rolled his eyes. “You don’t even know when,” he muttered, but took out the parchment he’d received earlier. He knew the two of them hadn’t talked nearly long enough to fix anything. He wasn’t sure how they’d arrived at the idea of moving on to Rome already, but he wouldn’t bring it back up. He handed the parchment to Maya, who turned it over in her hand.

It read as English to her, the ‘Despotes’ read as ‘Master’. “This isn’t for me.” The handwriting was quite elegant, though. She almost thought a woman had written it, just because of the fluidity of the penmanship.

“I can’t read Greek,”
Angelus stated. He had known what the word was, anyway.

Maya approached the Master with the scroll, as she asked, “How did you get this?”

“Vortex Manipulator took me there. Creepy girl gave me a tarot card. Then I ended up here.”
He shrugged, as if this was something completely normal and sane. With everything else that had happened, it honestly seemed the most sane thing.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« on: July 02, 2016, 10:54:48 pm »
The sonic screwdriver could tell the Doctor many things.

It could tell him how the particles of an object were aligned, for instance, and in this case it was almost maddening as the quicksilver ingot revealed next to nothing.

He scowled at it. “This doesn’t make any sense,” he mumbled as he ran the sonic over the quicksilver to get its read-outs.

The particles were different, of course.

The particles of the ingot were spread further apart than the particles of the quicksilver liquid. More, they seemed more mobile, more alive, despite the fact the ingot itself wasn’t moving. It was the opposite of how it should have been. He was puzzled by it, as he scanned it again in case the results were wrong the first time.


Donovan came over, and the Doctor simply set the quicksilver ingot in his hand. “Tell me how this is possible. This material shouldn’t even be solid at this temperature, but it is—and I need it to be, but I don’t understand how.”

Was Mannan’s deadpanned answer.

The Doctor snarked back, “Every magic is a form of tech.” A firm belief of his. “Everything can be understood and reproduced….” Though perhaps it did have to do with the natural affinity the Tuatha had with the land.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« on: July 02, 2016, 10:35:03 pm »
Jack was not the safest topic, Maya knew.

Maya also knew Jack was one of those people she’d trust to make the right decisions. The hard decisions.

And yet as the topic shifted so easily to what felt like familiar ground, she knew this was not how Angelus wanted it. She was also keenly aware that by shifting to Death, to something that was threatening them, she was avoiding just that. Death was irrelevant in the scheme of things leaking in her mind.

“Yes, she must, and Jack must know something.”

There were more important things.

There was the reason why she was here, now that Angelus had thrown the spotlight on it in her own mind. It came in whispers she didn’t like. It came in Lucy’s question, and her unintended statement to Julio. It came as a thought she denied with an ache, over and over, to know it was true. 

But this seemed important. Relevant. “I don’t want to see Jack now.” Maya had a feeling if she saw Jack, it wouldn’t go well, but she wasn’t sure for who. For Angelus? Probably. For the Master? Definitely. For herself? She wasn’t sure…but seeing him, then, scared her.

“Angelus wanted to go to Rome,”
another redirection. Why did Angelus want to go to Rome? Maya recalled Caesar. Antony. Brutus. It seemed suddenly so far away. “We should go there, when…we’re ready.” Angelus said many things before talking of Rome, but now that it was in her mind, all she could recall was Antony’s burning look from the doorway of the senate, and she wasn’t so sure she wanted to be there, either.

Easier to confront him, though. Activity. Movement. She wanted to get lost in it again. “On Angelus…,” she hesitated, then just asked: “Can he be…can his mind be…restored?”

He was broken in two. It wasn’t agreeable. Just as the Master split in two wasn’t agreeable—but at least he knew what he did as his other self.

Angelus didn’t.

Modern/Futuristic Roleplay / Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« on: June 29, 2016, 12:45:24 am »
Most picked “one”. The blonde never changed up the order, either way, and she would not cheat the man out of his answer. He had chosen the truest name, but one that would lead him to little. That name was dead.

He’d likely be confounded.

“Neither name is bullshit, I assure you,”
she answered, “The name then, is Seren Vesper,” perhaps he’d know it, but she doubted it. There was no reason to, his family too new blood to care for English aristocrats.

She rose then, the smile remaining on her lips, “I’m afraid, Mr. Sterling, that you did not ask for his name as your question, and so you will not receive it. I learned a long time ago not to trust humans,” those pale eyes seemed to glitter as the smile became a smirk, “It was good to chat with you, however. One day, when you’re wiser, you may figure out the right question to ask to find yourself as a contact of mine, but I’m afraid that right now, I could not care less about either you, or Artemis.”

They had nothing for her, and her reach stretched far wider. Pride would always be Seren’s sin of choice, but she was also cautious. She did not need her name, and Vastien’s name, on the lips of anyone, in the same breath. At least, no one she knew.

And she did not know Sterling yet. “If you’ll excuse me,” she gave a short curtsy, pulling at the hems of her dress in the mocking gesture, before she turned around and headed towards the exit with a certain flounce to her step, almost a skip, as if nothing discussed had mattered in the least.

She’d leave the way she came, if she was not stopped.

Hype / Re: music: let's make some kick ass playlists.
« on: June 15, 2016, 01:04:43 am »
My jokes always come back to haunt me. I'm reading the Tarkin book but now I can't get a song out of my head, so I'm sharing my misery/joy.

I'm also not allowed to make anymore Poe Dameron jokes.

Brains Out

It Began Here

Damn Dameron...back at it again with that orange jumpsuit.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« on: June 01, 2016, 07:37:38 am »
Manx only offered a cursory nod of acknowledgement to Master Corvainus. He had no words for him, and kept walking. They would head off Ergas before the quorum and give Dawn and Alec time to converse. “He is here for Dawn’s quorum,” he spoke to the air and to Dreven. “If you want to catch up with him later we will see if he has time.”

He knew he shouldn’t truly get in the way of his padawan growing. Even so, he wouldn’t let Dreven visit with Corvainus alone.

The topic shifted to Ergas. “Just be honest, Dreven,” he said softly, voice lowering a bit. “Formal, but honest,” Dreven would be blunt otherwise, and Ergas would not appreciate that in the least. “Tell him what happened as it happened. I will be here to back up your story.” And his own weakness.

As they walked up the rocky stairs to a part of the main campus where Manx sensed Ergas, he noted Dawn and Alec not far, heading to the waterfalls. He didn’t question it as he walked out onto the quad and saw Master Ergas rushing from one building and towards the docks. No doubt, he’d sensed their arrival. A conversation must have delayed him.

Manx lifted his hand, and the eyes of the cerean man fell to him.

If there was worry, it was muted in his approach. “Where is the infant?” that was the first question from the Master, who looked at how injured the two were. “Dawn…?”

“Knight Jinn has gone with Master Corvainus. The infant is not with us. We have a much larger problem than angry parents, Master.”
Manx said.

There, Corvainus did look truly concerned. He looked between Manx and Dreven, and then fixed his blue eyes wholly on Dreven when Manx made a gesture to him, understanding the young padawan was to explain the situation.


Dawn could barely manage to smile at the mock-offense that her master played at, and as she wrapped her arms around him, she did roll her eyes. She might have said something, but his whisper caught all her attention. ‘Ah.’ Deception was the name of this game, then. They were being watched.

It was as serious as she feared, then. Ergas was out for her head. ‘Try.’ She wouldn’t be ousted from the Order so easily. She was getting a Consular’s seat before that ever happened.

As they parted, she made of show being exasperated with him, but hooked her arm in his and stepped close, “Why aren’t you retired yet?” She joked, but walked with him. He was not so old to need her assistance, or anyone’s. He was strong enough in the Force, but he didn’t let that rule him. He trained all aspects of himself, as much a fighter as a diplomat, and Dawn had always respected that.

A true Jedi was one who focused on everything. Holistic.

They walked to the waterfalls, an area she had always favored, and one she knew would drown out their conversation to others as the waters rushed near them and acted like a white noise machine. It was there everything changed, and Dawn listened.

“There isn’t—”
she grit her teeth on the outburst and took a deep breath, pressing the anger down. It was easier to feel around him, to be honest. She wasn't afraid that he would reproach her for it, even if she didn't think he bought into her philosophies.

How many times did she have to say it to be heard? ‘There is no dark side!’ Another breath. “I am not the Sith. We met a Sith on Tython, and Manx let him get away,” there was bitterness. Dawn was still certain if it hadn’t been for Manx’s decisions, the Sith would have been disposed of on Tython. “I’m not Sith,” she stated. “I’ve taught Ergas’s padawan things he wouldn’t approve of, but not because I want to turn him from the Jedi.”

So-called dark side talents.

She’d be honest with Alec, though. She wasn’t sure if he accepted her philosophy or not, but there’d be no hiding it from him. Not that she really hid her philosophy. 

Modern/Futuristic Roleplay / Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« on: May 29, 2016, 05:55:33 am »
The blonde woman kept the smirk off her lips as this stranger immediately tried to offer his services to her. ‘We invented the game of debts and gifts.’ People often forgot what a powerful tool it was—at least today. They grasped at whatever they could take hold of. The rich and wealthy also seemed to expect to receive more than they gave.

The world had twisted.

At least this man had some idea. She could hear it in the way it was offered. “There are two truths to your question,” the woman answered. There was the name given to this body at birth, and there was the name of her soul. “Pick a number, one or two, and you’ll get that answer. I don't lie, Mr. Sterling, not for the one question you get.” If he was clever, he might be able to follow the name this body was given, but that would take quite a bit of resources.

She had the Agni covering those trails.

“As for my man, he does have a name, but I don’t know which name he’s using, either, so it won’t do you much good. I’d rather not have you asking Artemis about him, either,”
her smile was coy, “It would get you in far too much trouble, I assure you.” She wasn’t really protecting him, and she was certain he’d see through it—but he might catch on that Artemis would know the name.

Any good hunter should…and if he picked the right number, Artemis might even know her name. And then call him crazy.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« on: May 09, 2016, 03:58:06 am »
“I’m all right. I found out Nuada likes gummies, and Agrona has absolutely no sweet tooth,” the Doctor answered, keeping things light. They hadn’t been light, of course. Agrona had threatened him a couple of times when his construction of the arm caused Nuada pain, but overall, Nuada had remained calm.

It was no wonder they saw him as a king. ‘But you die.’ This, the Doctor was almost certain of. He didn’t know for sure, but he knew stories—and in the stories, Nuada died after reclaiming his kingdom.

“Sit, rest, eat—I still have some gummies, if you want any,”
the Doctor motioned to the bag, “You, Manann?”

“No.” Manann was curt. “Just fix Nuada so we may leave here. Bres will find us soon enough.”

“Will he? Was he following close?”
The Doctor asked as he took his seat besides Nuada and took the arm in hand again. He turned it over in his grasp.

Manann answered again, “but he will soon enough figure it out.”

“He never has before.”

“No, but his men faced you, and you did not kill all, did you?”
Agrona was silent, except to shake her head, once. “He will pinpoint where we must be.” 

“I wonder, will it matter, truly, if Nuada has an arm again? You don’t think Bres won’t just, I don’t know, scar him again?”

“He cannot.”
The way Manann said it made it seem sincere—that Bres literally could not. The Doctor arched an eyebrow at that, as he took up the liquid quicksilver rather than the ingots. He still wasn’t sure how the ingots existed. He lifted one, and ran the sonic screwdriver over it, trying to get an idea of how it worked—after all, he needed the quicksilver to become solid around the skeletal, robotic hand. It wouldn’t do to just have the quicksilver melt off of him.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« on: May 09, 2016, 03:46:51 am »
Maya winced at the shout, as it seemed to be in her head as much as it was outside of it. ‘Be quiet.’ She didn’t want to open her eyes. She didn’t want to add further sensations to her mind to take in, but she was going to have to. Eventually.

“Planning to be a triple threat one day? Why?”

He thought Death was playing some game with her. ‘But why?’ And why couldn’t she see it? She could see so much—‘Except.’ There was a moment. The door, when she’d got shot. How did she get behind the door? “She’s playing with my head.” Though furious, Maya only spoke in a whisper, trying to ease her own oncoming headache and what felt like a ridiculous ability to hear.

“Tick tock, goes the clock….”

Every other barrier Maya had went up, and she opened her eyes. She didn’t know how to keep Death out. She didn’t know what she wasn’t allowed to see, or why she wasn’t allowed to remember these things, “Two blanks. One in the TARDIS, after the game. Then one, before you….”

‘Before you shot me.’

“…destroyed the door.”

Did he remember she was suddenly no longer with him?

“I love you, you know.”

One hand fell back to her side. She shook her head, trying and trying to stop the flow of irrelevant thoughts.

Trying to get it all back together. “I’m sorry as well. I should have…I didn’t even really know I could…,” what she could and couldn’t do with her mind were all instincts, “I knew there were things I didn’t want you to see. I didn’t quite realize I could protect them like that. Or try,” she’d failed. “I didn’t want to say ‘don’t look at these’. I’m sorry.” Saying such a thing was suspicious. “It seems we know nothing more about what Death is up to…except she doesn’t like me.”

“Are you going to explain, or do I have to do that too?”

Which was fantastic. “Perhaps Jack would know more,” it was a trailing thought, recent past with Beckett’s joke momentarily forgotten. What she remembered was Jack after the Xhinn, Jack giving the go ahead, Jack understanding. Jack didn’t die, after all. Perhaps he knew something about Death and her agendas. Her mind was trying to act like Angelus's, trying to pull up relevant things. It wasn't working in the best of ways. 

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« on: May 09, 2016, 02:15:16 am »
None of Bres’s men had ventured out this far, fortunately, and the trek back to where the Doctor and Nuada were was uneventful. Manann took hold of Donovan again when they reached the stones, and the ground accepted them below again.

The scene beneath was a calm one that changed immediately when Manann stepped forward. His wound had ceased bleeding, but Nuada and Agrona both looked panicked as they saw him. “Manann, what happened?”

“Bres caught us. We escaped,”
he answered, and walked to where the Doctor was as he rose, and offered the quicksilver to him. He looked to Nuada’s current arm and wrinkled his nose in disgust at its shape. It definitely was not ‘perfect’. Not yet, anyway. “Do you require nothing else?”

“Nothing else,”
the Doctor confirmed. “I can help you, as well.”

Manann shook his head. “No,” he denied the help, “My wound will heal. I am already imperfect,” scarred as he was from his chosen life. He had never been a threat to Bres because of that.

The Doctor frowned at his logic, not at all agreeing with it, but he didn't try to argue.

“Donovan? Are you all right?”
The Doctor asked. His companion looked physically all right, but he also looked rather dirty. The Doctor was unaware that they’d been under ground for so long, of course, and not the nice kind of underground bases like these—no, tunnels of falling soil. 

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« on: May 09, 2016, 02:04:41 am »
‘At least this time you warn me.’

Maya tried to relax, knowing that the barriers he had to confront would only make it more difficult for her. Yet, she kept them up around certain areas. She even became conscious of it as they moved, and she shut her eyes, watching the memories as he did, and blocking the ones she didn’t want seen.

Radio static and walls.

The Master stayed along the rails, for the most part, but he didn’t breach the only block Maya cared about—the one that kept her from seeing how she got into this mess. The one with “Death”, perhaps. Angelus and the Master kept bringing up this entity. It did not appear. There was no rhyme or reason for the dream, none that Maya knew.

All that she knew was that it was true to the nature of the year, even if it was not the same.

Then the Master pressed at the barriers. Maya bit down on her own cheek as she felt the pain of it, and tried to only increase them in strength, hoping he would get the hint.

He did not. A whimper parted her lips, and only that, as the barrier broke apart. Her mind tried to lash out instead as the barrier broke. It tried to send those broken shards into the Master’s own mind—there was an open path to his mind, after all, but if it worked Maya did not know. She wasn’t even conscious of that effort as the memory played out for them, with Lucy’s damning question in the air.

Maya pulled away at the same time as the Master let her go, stumbling backwards and throwing her hands to either side of her head, eyes still shut as it felt like her head was bleeding. It wasn’t, of course, but the last time the Master hadn’t broken any barriers. She’d left her mind wholly open then, though. Not this time.

"You shouldn't have--!"
And Maya stopped herself, biting down on her own tongue.

It felt like thoughts were slipping out in the imagined bleed and she kept her eyes tightly shut, trying to repair. Trying not to be angry. She hadn’t told him anything was off-limits. Her own fault.

“My virtuosa.”

Slipping between the cracks. "Sorry."

“Why do you make me hurt you?”

Maya kept her feet but found the railing and leaned on it, eyes still shut. She tried to breathe. Now she had some idea of how it felt—she’d wanted to know before, hadn’t she? She’d wanted to know how the hypnotism felt, too. ‘Do you still want to know?’ She wasn’t so sure—except it would give her an idea of what to defend against.


Maya forced a sharp breath. “That dream wasn’t…normal.” An understatement. “That wasn’t a dream.” And yet it was, of course, but it was also something much more. “Can Death…do that?” She wanted to avoid the topic of Lucy all together. She wanted to avoid her pain, too. “Why would Death?”

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« on: May 09, 2016, 12:26:58 am »
Though Donovan was annoying in his lack of understanding complicated matters, Manann was glad he was given some sense. He moved as was indicated, and Manann followed, all of his focus in moving the ground. He made their path far from straight, and kept it dark for quite a while. He never cut into any of the tunnels he had made permanent, and that was another reason for the twists and turns of this one.

He didn’t want to break their stability.

Eventually, he stopped the movement of the ground around them, “Here,” he indicated, and the ground above them cleared, revealing the moonlit night again. Manann did not try to climb out this time, not with an armful of quicksilver. He just had the ground lift him and Donovan again.

He did not then thank Donovan for his aid with Bres, just said, “This way,” for he was still not sure that Donovan’s help could be trusted. He walked on, looking for the stones that signified the place where he, Nuada, and Agrona made their base away from Bres’s scouts, away from Bres’s sights. He held the quicksilver close, hoping he had gathered enough for what Nuada needed. 

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« on: May 09, 2016, 12:03:31 am »
Maya was hurt, but she knew why. She knew why she was angry, as well. She wondered briefly if the Master truly did not know why he was angry, or if he was just lying. She shouldn’t have these doubts, but Angelus had put something into words—the Master didn’t know himself.

He was learning.

Some of what he was learning could indeed be considered worrisome.

Yet there were other things that Maya had seen, which were different. ‘They were there, even then, just….’ Just in different forms. Hardly overt.

Blessedly, he changed the topic. Maya didn’t want to talk about it anymore, but it was something different, and she’d grasp at that. “I don’t know. I was in the TARDIS, and then I heard a woman singing. My memory goes blank after that,” she didn’t know how she got to that world. She didn’t know how Beckett found her or Alatria got her—that hadn’t been Alatria singing. “I just woke up there.”

She was evading the only important detail, she knew it as the ring’s insignia pressed into her palm.

She let it go. “I dreamt.” Had she dreamt, or was she dreaming now? She remembered the confusion then—the dreams of this world, while she was in that one. Was this a dream now? Would she wake up and find herself back there?

“It’d be easier to show you, but the last time it hurt.”
There had never been a ‘last time’ with this Master. “No, not…never mind.” She shook her head. She was confused, she was tired, she was angry. Nothing was going to come out right, so she held out her hand. “Look.” She dealt with that before, she could deal with it again, as she tried to remember how it felt to lower the guards in her mind and do just that. 

Some of the guards would waver, though. Those around the memory with Lucy would stay strong. Everything with Lucy, in fact, would be protected, which would make the memories that were unguarded a splintered mess.

"Maybe you can make sense of it."

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« on: May 08, 2016, 11:26:20 pm »
They were not in tunnels that Manann had made. The ground around them was unstable, and the dirt moved and spilled around them as Donovan rose and offered his thanks.

Manann kept his silence. It was easier that way, he had determined.

Besides that, he had to be careful while Bres was above. He could hear his steps through the soil, and he looked up, holding his breath. Bres needed to go away. Manann wouldn’t risk shifting the ground with him right above them; he’d know they were there, then.

Fortunately, Bres did not stay in one place long. He moved about, and Manann moved to Donovan.

They could not have light. Not here, not so close to a closely guarded city that would be looking for signs of his work. Bres knew how he operated, too. He placed a hand on Donovan’s shoulder, still saying nothing, and the dirt shifted around them. He would push on Donovan’s shoulder to try and give him the hint to walk forward—the path ahead was clear. He’d have to keep cycling the dirt around them, though, pushing it back behind them to clear the way forward.

It was that, or disturb the ground above them, and that would be recognized.

‘Walk, and be quick about it so we can avoid them.’

He would try to get them to an area where they could return to the surface safely.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« on: May 08, 2016, 10:41:01 pm »
‘All that I…?’ Maya wouldn’t deny it. She had accused, but it was true. Angelus was doing most of the accusing, though.

“I am the same person you know. I’m not who I was five years ago.”
It was a constant stream of growth. It was why Aeron hadn’t mattered, wouldn’t matter—he was in the past, he was not directly influencing her now. “You’re not Saxon. I’m not her. Time and experience has changed us both.”

It was when he questioned her companionship that she felt a stab of heartache, and she had to look away. He didn’t know how to talk about this, or so he said. Maya wasn’t sure what it was they needed to talk about. Neither wanted to speak of the past—they were both different people.


Lucy’s question in the kitchen came back. The question that hadn’t been a question, and an answer that had never been given, but known between them.

Maya couldn’t say it. Saying it was something she hated to do, because it was admitting that another had power over her. It had taken her forever to tell Julio, and even then she hadn’t meant to—didn’t want to. “I could wonder at your reasons, too,” that was cruel to say.

She didn’t know how to talk about this, either. “I know you’re different. I knew…,” and then she shook her head. No, no she didn’t. That was a dream. “I saw what you become when the drums are present. I’m not here to use you—not for anything but your companionship.” That was honest. Even if it was painful now, it was still honest. “Isn’t that enough, or do I need to have some other selfish motivation?” Wanting another person’s time was selfish enough.


Aeron still could not find it in himself to be pleased with how this all turned out, but he hated to be blindsided. Still, he let Cyrus go, and told himself he would think about all of this later, when he could discuss this with Setsuna.

He let Cyrus leave first, and he remained in the diner a little longer, waiting, giving the crowd of reporters time to wonder—then he walked out, and he left them all behind without so much as a comment.

When he was certain he was clear of them, he would call Setsuna, and tell him to go to his home. They needed to have a chat about this new change in the game.

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Manann did not wish to depend on the foreigner, but as he saw the movements out of the corner of his eye, he understood it was in both of their interests if he spoke to Bres. So, he turned, and wrenched the spear out of his back as he did so. He tossed it to the ground and looked upon Bres, who showed nothing but disappointment and misunderstanding.

“I need quicksilver.”

“So why break in, Manann? There are fair ways to obtain it,”
Bres noted.

Manann bristled. “You call your ways fair?” He knew how expensive it was, especially for himself.

“It would take a while and some work, I admit, but I do not keep you from it.”

Manann’s eyes lit with fury as he stared at his so-called king.

Then, there was a crack, and they looked towards the sound. It was too late for those fomorians behind Bres who were stricken by it as it swung, and Bres and Manann understood what happened next.

Manann ran into the vault as Bres only began to glow more. The air around him lit, the night dew rising to his command as Manann snatched what quicksilver he could, liquid and ingots alike, before the soil took him below.

Bres remained where he was. When the building collapsed, he was surrounded by droplets that expanded and exploded around him, pushing away the debris that would have otherwise fallen upon him and marred him—Bres could not have that.

It all fell around him, some pieces only an inch or two away, but it was all that Bres needed.

Perfection was the only way to rule the dananns—it was all that kept the others in line, their foolish superstitions and beliefs. ‘Who did this?’ And Bres immediately took to marching in the direction of the first break, to try and find the culprit beneath the wood.

Manann was gone. This he knew too well.

What he wouldn’t know was that Manann moved to also secure the other—to drag him under the earth as well. 

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Maya finally turned to face the Master, though only to snap, “Aeron doesn’t matter!” When it was said she knew it was false.

Aeron had never stopped mattering.

“You won’t be anyone without me.”

And she wasn’t, was she?

His voice was back with a vengeance and it fueled Maya’s own anger which she knew she ought to reel in. “He’s my past, he was never important, there was no reason to tell you of him.” She was trying to convince herself more than the Master. “There’s nothing you could have done.” Except change the past, but Maya would have never let him. That past, broken and terrible as it was, brought her to Bristol. Brought her to Julio. Brought her to this.

‘Still no one.’

She tried to take a deep breath, but it was shallow. “When were you going to tell me of Lucy? Of Saxon?” Maya asked, again reaching for that ring without thinking. “If I should have told you of Aeron, you should have told me of that time. Of Alatria. Of every other person you’ve ever played with.” Right? “Fair’s fair.”

Why did she say it that way?


Anyone who knew what they were looking for could spot it. The question was, how did Cyrus even know what to start looking for? How did he even get the hint that Aeron was more than he seemed? It seemed to be tied up in his history. Cyrus had been watching him far too closely.

Which likely meant he also knew his history.



Aeron swallowed down hate. He needed Cyrus, and the man likely knew that. Otherwise, Cyrus would not have dared. Aeron didn’t exactly have a reputation for peace, despite his outward appearances. “Yes, I do understand. I admire your intelligence, Cyrus, and your boldness—at least I will take it for that and not stupidity.”

Another breath. “So long as you breathe a word of this to none of your employees, we should get on just fine. Only Setsuna and a new employee of mine know. His identity hasn't been formed yet, but once he is in the open, I'll make a point to introduce you.” And he planned for it to stay that way. Even UNIT was in the dark as to what he was. Torchwood, too.

‘And they know what to look for.’

This only grated on Aeron more.

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 Manann knew with the element of surprise gone, he would be vulnerable. He put his hands to the vault and shut his eyes, focusing. He couldn’t very well just have the land swallow the vault, but metal was as much a part of the earth as he was. It was just constructed, twisted.

And it would bend to his will. It always did.


More fomorians flooded the area, feeling the trembles.

The air grew tense, but Manann did not look up or remove his hands from the vault as the metal started to twist under his hands, to fold and bend to create an opening.

Seeing that he wasn’t going to stop, one threw a spear at his back and it went cleanly through his shoulder. He didn’t crumble to the ground, though. He remained standing, he remained focused, and could hear the murmured shock.

The fomorians were not as in touch with this land, but they had been far more creative when it came to tools. Weapons, vaults, even these constructs and the taming of the land—what they called agriculture—were their doing. Arrows and bows came out, before a voice boomed:

“That’s enough, Manann.”

All seemed to have not noticed Donovan, not even Bres the Beautiful, as he was so-called for being a divine mixture of fomorian and danann blood. The fomorians looked more human than danann, and it showed particularly in Bres who stood tall among the others, golden skin and silvery feathers that fell more like hair than the other dananns. He shone—truly, shone, with an internal light.

The vault door broke beneath Manann’s hands as Bres moved ahead of the fomorian guards who clutched at their weapons for dear life. “One step into that vault and you will die, Manann. What is the meaning of this madness?”

Manann didn’t answer. He kept his back turned to Bres as well.

Within, plenty of metals existed, taken from the ground and manipulated into ingots or kept at high temperatures and stored as liquids.

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‘I hate you.’

Maya could never hate Angelus, but the anger she felt at him for breaking everything that had been so nice was intense. She was wroth with him for taking the control out of her hands and shattering it—for making her feel weak again.

For making her doubt the Master.

‘But should I?’

Angelus forced her mind to draw up comparisons, and the Master asked after Aeron. How could he not? Maya would have asked about Lucy if she were brought up in such a way, but she already knew of Lucy.

Maya found the word difficult to say as she stared into the space Angelus had occupied. “Aeron Harper. Lawyer. Associate of Bob.” She hoped that the Master had never heard the name before, but that was likely too much to ask, with the circles he had run in, wasn’t it?

All of her answers were short, curt. “He was abusive.” An understatement. “And we were together for three years.”

Years of lies, of pain, and hiding. No, Maya couldn’t blame Angelus for his worry after what she had done in staying with Aeron and hiding the truth for so long, even when Angelus suspected it. Now here she was, with a man who did have a history of abusing a wife, and she’d seen it in the dream.

“I think that should explain why he feels the need to compare it, or do you need more details?”
There was a touch of disgust there—at the idea that more might be necessary.

She didn’t talk of Aeron with anyone who hadn’t known, and she generally avoided it with people who knew. Julio still knew very little. 


 Flattery could get one far, but Aeron also knew it was dangerous to trust someone like Cyrus when he wielded those words. That was confirmed as he let the wine glass touch his lips again, and Cyrus apologized.

The glass paused.

Then it shattered in his hand and the wine spilt onto the floor.

Cyrus knew. It was in his tone and his new mannerisms. “How?” The single word was Aeron’s demand to know how Cyrus could have possibly known what he was. He was good at keeping up appearances—or so he thought.

He needed to know if there was a leak, and then he needed to crush it. Or he needed to know how to improve his act. One or the other.

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‘You are a liar. Or you do not understand yourself.’

Manann had always been called too wise and cynical for his age, sometimes with praise, sometimes with dislike.

He was cynical, though. He did not believe anyone ever acted without selfish desires. These selfish desires were not always bad—but no one liked to be told that.

Manann honestly wished that Donovan would just shut up. If it weren’t for the fact that the Doctor was with Nuada, and he had no idea how powerful these aliens were, he might have closed the tunnel on Donovan and let him die.

However, he didn’t.

He did not say anything more, however. They would argue. That would draw eyes and Donovan looked terribly out of place, neither Danann nor Fomorian. “Stay to the shadows,” he offered that piece of advice before moving up the steps and into the beautiful, white-wood building. He moved through the doors that opened for him without so much as touching it, and walked on without fear towards the treasury vault. There were guards stationed, of course, and they saw him approach.

“What business do you have here, kid?”
One judged by his height.

“Business for the king,”
it was not a lie—not to him. “He requires quicksilver.”

One canted his head. The other guard crossed his arms. “Where’s his seal then?”

The floor was soil. “Underneath you.”

The floor ate them both. That was seal enough. Danu was still with him.

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The Master didn’t take his turn. He expressed his dislike with the names. “I knew you wouldn’t,” it was why Maya didn’t say them, or refer to him as either. She had names for masks. She had hundreds for Devlin, and two for Aeron.

With the turn deferred, Angelus had to point out, before Maya spoke: “I could make you Tyrannus in seconds.” Angelus reminded.

“What did you do?”
Maya snapped, recognizing then that Angelus’s threat was not, in fact, empty.



“Maybe put the drums in a ringtone. Maybe used it to find out if he was faking. Maybe also turned myself into the other m—oh my god it’s exactly the same.”

Maya let out a frustrated sound, not finding the words to express her anger with the gamble that Angelus took, with his lack of trust.

Angelus shouted, the raised voice actually surprising Maya. He calmed then, clearing his throat. “I have some inkling of what he did, not to the world, but to Lucy. I spoke with her father.”

Maya’s eyes widened. Her hands went behind her back, to hide them from shaking. “I also spoke with Martha Jones. Would you blame me, when I know how you lie?” This was pointed at Maya, and for once, she didn’t have her voice to answer him. "Do you blame me, since he broke my psych in two? Unintentionally, I get it," he said to the Master, before returning to Maya.

No, she couldn’t blame him. She could only lower her eyes. “I have some idea now that Saxon isn’t who he is, but I don’t think he knows who he is,” he didn’t care that the Master was right there, “I don’t want him to find out he is a goddamn sadist who likes abusing people, through his interactions with you, Maya.”

Still silent.

“You’ve told me before he ordered people to commit suicide and kill friends. You’ve told me some things that are now, quite frankly, disturbing.”

Silence. And Angelus looked to the Master, then to Maya. “You didn’t know his past, and you didn’t care. Does he know anything about yours, or have you been enjoying your shallow journey around the universe, the way you enjoyed the honeymoon period with Aeron?”

Fists clenched tight, and Maya looked up, all of her fury in a gaze. This time, however, Angelus didn’t look away or flinch. “Tell me.”

“No.” No, the Master didn’t know much about her, only what he saw of the present. She’d never told him what she had been, what she could have been, or anything—shallow tourism, indeed.

“All right.”
Angelus breathed out, a bit easier. “I’m going to go steal the future HBOGo to watch Game of Thrones. You two are going to talk. Then we’re going to Rome, because some punk there wants to see you both.”

And Angelus left then without another word, knowing he’d driven his point home with Maya.

He also knew that there were things Maya had wanted to say without him. That was why she’d opened the floor, to get their questions out of the way so she could then ask for privacy. He knew her strategies, sometimes.


This was moving almost too smoothly. Aeron wanted to be suspicious, but he wasn’t. A man who wanted revenge was something that Aeron understood too well. People were flexible in these situations. “I’ll call you just as soon as we’re prepared,” Aeron indicated, and then a camera flashed.

He lowered his eyes, and then lifted the cup to his lips, looking up the media peasants from the higher ground. “Let’s intrigue them. I do love the rumor mill.” Loved to control it, rather.

He lifted his wine glass in a cheer to the media below, smiling, before he walked into the diner to get out of their sights, not at all interested in them trying to read lips or set up microphones so they could make out some of the words shared between him and Cooper.

His opponents weren’t stupid, after all. “The rumors of your inflexibility have been greatly exaggerated. I am pleased that you are working with me on this, Cyrus,” he commended then. Cyrus wasn’t known for it—but then, he tended to keep to himself. Anyone who was always isolated looked to be uncooperative. 

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Manann decided as they were under the ground, that he did not like Donovan. “You have not answered my question.” He said the Doctor’s intent was to help. He said that was the reason. Yet, of course, that was not what Manann wanted to know—not really. He wanted to know why. He wasn’t asking it that way, because for him, asking someone what their intent was usually got him the reason.

Their actions were obvious.

Their intent was not always so. “We will continue on, but know this—should I learn that your reasons are not in our favor, you will not leave here.” Anyone could offer to help. They could even act as if they were going to help. That was how the fomorian relations began, and then that all went to shit.

Bres was evidence of that, and so Manann decided to educate the young man, “Those you seem intent to oppose came to us with open arms, and then put shackles upon our wrists.” Metaphorically, in most cases. “They told us they were here to help. They did not tell us what their help meant.” Their ideas of help were not the same. The fomorians saw the danann as inferiors, and so helping them was taking power from them.

The lights continued to appear as they moved through the tunnel, until eventually a larger hole appeared before them, large enough to be crawled out of. Manann threw up his hood, and jumped to grasp at the edge, reaching it and then pulling himself up and over, and onto the surface of the kingdom he had grown up in.

At night, it was still beautiful. The trees had a bioluminescence to them, here, that provided a beautiful green lighting. The dew that clung to them offered a rainbow of reflective colors. They were, of course, right outside a treasury building. 

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The smile Beckett gave her at the end was beatific in a way no other smile of his had been. It leaned on sincere, which Maya was starting to learn wasn’t quite something he was good at. Every word he’d said to her was honest, but his way of expressing them held a disconnect. Something she would, no doubt, figure out later.

So, she opened the door and entered the TARDIS to find Angelus smirking as if he’d won some victory, and the Master wearing one of his rather firm, annoyed looks.

Maya shut the door, and tried to steel herself for the anger of both. “Beckett is gone,” she told them.

“You realize how annoying you’re going to make things with Juls?”

“Not yet,” Maya answered, “That’s all in the future.” She’d play the game for now. She walked forward, closer to the central console. They shared three sides of it, a triangle of forces rather than a gathering of friends. “Quite a bit happened during our separations,” she surmised. “Who wants to begin?”

Angelus’s hand shot up immediately. She had expected that, and nodded, deferring.

“He shot you.”

“Yes.” That wasn’t a question.

“What the fuck.”

Still not a question. “I was behind a door. The Master didn’t know I was that closely behind it, and as I noted, he gave up a piece of himself.”

“I’m still not…oh right. The face thing. The changing,”
he remembered then, and he put a hand to his head. “Okay.” It made sense, fell into place. “And why are you traveling with a mad man in a closet who tried to take over the world?”

‘Right. Arch heard the explanation.’
Maya sighed. Again with this. “The best way for you to understand right now, is to think that he has another him inside. Like your Arch.”

“What are you calling it?”

Maya flushed. “I’m—”

She named things like this, apparently.


Angelus just smirked, again, like he’d won some victory. "I had a feeling, since he's Despotes." He gestured to the Master then, deciding he had what he wanted for the moment—and that name was likely to irk the Master some, which was only going to deepen the divide. He wasn’t sure if he wanted the divide yet, but it needed to be made. If they overcame it, good. If not…good.

Either way would start to develop what they were going to become.


Cyrus Cooper was more prepared than Aeron expected, and he allowed a hint of his impression to show in the way he raised his dark eyebrows. A devilish smirk crossed his lips, and he answered, “It can be done in two days,” he just had to make the space and buy the equipment for that space, but that was easy enough. “I prefer quick work.”

He’d been caught off guard before. Never again.

Maya took mere hours to destroy him.

He looked to the wine and chuckled as he shook his head, “Forgive me, I am a slow drinker. I like to maintain my senses, it does no good if I drink too fast.” It was a reason that usually worked. He didn’t reach for the cup to take a second sip; he’d stand by his slow drinker thing. He would, eventually, drink again. It was necessary.

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“The fact that you are immediately defensive concerns me,” Manann knew how to read people. It was one of the very reasons he remained alive and could move through Bres’s court under hood. He knew how to appear unsuspicious, even though his default demeanor was stoic.

The tunnel was not a visible thing, not to human eyes, and Manann paused when they were above it. “You two may go where you are needed, but your help can never be good for all. Here you will bring about destruction and ruin for the fomorians.” He noted, as the ground shifted under them, “Have you considered that in your measured words, Donovan?” Or that a Doctor naturally destroys anything when he heals?" Disease was destroyed by medicine. Poison by antidote. Opposites were always, truly, together.

Ill intent lived besides good intentions.

He did not believe that the Doctor and Donovan were completely benign. He’d be a fool to do that. “When you and your Doctor arrived, he said he was foreign to explain his misunderstandings, but he also seemed aware of Danu’s prophecy as he immediately agreed to it,” the ground was lowering them now into the tunnel, “Agrona and Nuada may have overlooked this, but I have not. He says whatever is convenient. That is the practice of a skilled liar. People lie when they have ill intent.”

The ground covered over them, leaving them in utter darkness. It did not remain so. With a gesture, small holes appeared in the tunnel ceiling, allowing light to trickle down.

“I will ask you again: what is your purpose here?”


While the Doctor tried not to fret over the sentinel who looked thirteen, he did, even as he measured Nuada and busied himself with his work. He just had this feeling that Manann could be far more dangerous than the others were letting on—and with how blunt and silent Manann had been, he worried for Donovan.

Yet, he set about preparing the metal arm, weaving it seamlessly onto the nub that was left of Nuada, while the once-king ate gummies in peace.

Even Agrona was convinced to try one, though she clearly thought they were disgusting once she’d had one, much to both Nuada and the Doctor’s amusement. “Now we do just need the quicksilver,” the Doctor noted.

The hand looked too robotic, and though it was now connected to the nerves and Nuada was able to start sending orders to the fingers—thanks to a bit of sonic and electrical ingenuity, it did not look perfect. It was skeletal. That could not do—not for the Tuatha de Danann.

The quicksilver would make it seem seamless and divine.

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“I wouldn’t dream of telling Jack over text,” Maya chuckled at the mere idea of it. She would have to get Jack in on the joke, though—and make sure he knew it was a joke.

Then, she went silent and listened to what Beckett felt he could tell her. It wasn’t much—no indication of what she’d done to earn him and River as guardians. Only the idea that she had helped him. How, or with what, she didn’t know.

That, and her past was going to come back. She crossed her arms over her chest, wanting to shake her head. ‘Please, no.’ She wanted that past to remain just that—past. She didn’t want to separate from the Master, either, even if she felt a strong trepidation at the thought of returning to the TARDIS and facing him with Angelus. “I don’t know how set the future is, but I’m sure if you told me exacts, I’d break it. And then I wouldn’t meet you as I ought.”

Which would be bad—but if it involved her past, she’d certainly go against it.

Knowing would be dangerous. She took the vial, “I’ll keep it near,” she promised. Beckett wouldn’t die. “And whatever I’ve done to deserve you, and River—I’m glad. And I thank you. I’ll try to be the woman you seem to know me as,” someone much more together than now. Beckett didn’t have to say that for her to know. “Now take care of him, please. A jail,” she motioned to the lich king and then stepped back, putting her hand on the door.

It was time to face the drums.


Angelus was drawn from his own irritation by the Master’s sharp snap. ‘Oh?’

He watched him, his own irritation fading as he examined the pacing and the tone. Familiar. Not familiar. There was a queer duality here that he didn’t like. The man was sane now, Angelus knew that, but that didn’t mean he was safe.

“You’re jealous,”
he pointed it out bluntly.

Jealous of Jack.

Jealous of Beckett.

Jealous. “Afraid you’re going to lose her?” His anger with the Master flared as he asked that, wanting to remind the Master that was, in fact, a very real possibility. Only, it wouldn’t be Jack or Beckett that took Maya away from him.

No, the threat was right in front of him.


“I do not mind at all,”
Aeron truly didn’t. His assistants knew little of his true goals, after all, and they were paid enough to keep quiet. The only one who could really damage his secrets was Setsuna, and Setsuna was smarter than that.

Well, Setsuna and the new vampire, Radik, but Radik would learn as well. Silence would buy his safety. “When can I expect them? I will need to work on workspaces for them, and prepare some of my own to be ready to show them to the items that we still need examined.”

There’d be a proper meet-and-greet when it was all set in motion, but Aeron needed to give his own resources a briefing about what was going to be happening so they were all mentally prepared for Cyrus Cooper and his underlings to join with them.

He set the cup down. He wasn't inclined to take a second drink any time soon.

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The items were taken, and Nuada arched an eyebrow at the offer of candy. He still wasn’t sure what candy was, but he recalled it was mentioned. It was whatever the ‘gummis’ were. Perhaps he would try one, when the Doctor showed him what they were and proved they were edible. “Thank you,” he managed to take it all with one hand, though it was a bit awkward and some had to be pressed against his body.

Even so, nothing breakable was held in that fashion.

“Be safe,”
Nuada spoke to both, before he turned away to find his way back to the Doctor.

Manann took over then. “We will walk over land for a while, then we must go beneath it. I know the way to the tunnels,” tunnels he had made, once upon a time. Tunnels that had served Nuada’s escape, and was his constant return. Earth was his element, though. Earth his area of greatness, whereas Agrona was more in tune with the air around them.

He led away from the TARDIS, the path familiar to him. The entire land was familiar to him, though, and he kept himself alert for any unnatural sounds.

He did dare to ask, “Why is it, truly, that you and the Doctor are here?” Nuada would believe in superstitions or gifts from Danu, but Manann knew that was not the case.

These were not of Danu. He knew what was of Danu.


Nuada’s return was announced with the shifting of the ground, and the lowering of the platform, that would disintegrate into the ground and rebuild itself above when the king returned. The Doctor and Agrona both rose, and the Doctor’s excitement faded as he saw it was only Nuada.

“Where’s Donny?”
He asked as Agrona walked to her king and took the items he held from his arm.

“He has gone with Manann to get the quicksilver. I have brought you these so you may continue to work,”
he recognized the copper strips then.

Agrona placed the new items at the Doctor’s feet, as he frowned. “Is he safe with Manann?”

“Yes. There is none better, save perhaps Agrona, at protecting.”
And Agrona could not go. She, too, would be killed.

The Doctor bit the inside of his cheek. Then, he sighed, “Fine. Come sit here, I’ll get the arm measured and fitted while I work on crafting it.”

And Nuada came over, and the Doctor sorted out the items, “Gummi?” He asked, after popping one of the colorful candies into his mouth.

Nuada frowned a bit, then, held out his hand, “Just one.”

Immediately he was given a red one, and he tasted it, tentative, before popping it into his mouth. His confusion by its texture made Agrona grow visibly worried, and the Doctor just laughed as Nuada swallowed it, still looking baffled. 

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Angelus’s look of shock was enough to clue Maya into the lie. It was also in Beckett’s expression, which so mirrored Jack. She supposed now would not be the time to go into the TARDIS and mention how badly she wanted to see Jack, would it?

‘No. Absolutely not.’
Not from the way the Master took that news.

Angelus and the Master went in, and Maya let out a breath she’d been holding. “Cover your ears, and turn away.” She told the lich king, and he did exactly as instructed.

Nothing she had to say was secretive. “Since we’re out of time,” Maya spoke to Beckett, “I wanted to thank you for this,” she fingered the ring around her neck, still not sure how it got there. “I’m sure you can’t tell me the full story,” but she was doubly sure he was already aware of it, “And I get the feeling I’m not supposed to know yet. This must be…perhaps the third time we’re meeting, for you?”

Second for her. “Just…give me some idea. What stupid thing do I do in my future, to bring you and River into my life?” Did he know River Song? Did it matter if he knew River Song yet? "You know, besides sleep with Jack," she managed to joke.


 Angelus was all but floored by the name, and he groaned aloud when he was safely behind the TARDIS doors, “How the hell am I going to tell Juls?” Juls was not going to be happy if Maya and Jack hooked up.

Why would they hook up?


Angelus put his hand to his face, too distracted by this horrible future to be angry at the Master for everything that had happened earlier. He leaned on the railing of the TARDIS, “This is bullshit.” Why Jack Harkness, of all people? Did she steal him from Julio? Did Julio and Jack have a bad break-up?



“Of course I’m certain,”
Aeron confirmed, even after Cyrus answered the question himself, “I do have a good research team. I wouldn’t have come to you until I was certain.” Cyrus asked for information, and Aeron gathered it.

He smiled amiably as the waiter took their order, and then let the silence come over them again as Cyrus considered what to do. What to ask. At the end of his query, the waiter returned and poured them their drinks, then left the bottle with them at the table so they could pour at their leisure.

“On this, we are aligned, Cyrus. It is why I need your scientist. I have many artifacts and weapons from Torchwood, but I can hardly use them. I know not what most of them are for,” he reminded, “Once I do know, we may find that some will come in handy for dealing with the Master in the future. He’ll return here,” that much was certain, “This is the time of his chosen companion, he must return.”

It was a pathetic bond, but one that would make sure that the Master would keep coming back, “You will have ample opportunity to take your revenge.” He picked up his cup then, and drank. He couldn't hide the slight wrinkle of his nose at the taste, though. It was disgusting. even so, he swallowed.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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Manann and Nuada waited outside of the TARDIS in silence. They dared not speak when both knew how close they were to dangerous lands. “You should return,” Manann indicated after several agonizing minutes had gone by. “You may be caught here, and you cannot come with Donovan and myself.”

“I am here to take the things that Donovan acquires to the Doctor. I cannot leave now,”
Nuada had planned that from the start. He knew he could not go near Bres, or he would be executed. Imperfect though he was, he was still a threat to Bres’s rule, and the fomorian had not forgotten that. “I will be fine.”

“Danu will not protect you.”

“I will be fine,”
Nuada reiterated.

Manann crossed his arms over his chest, an annoyed sentry before his king, and then the doors of the TARDIS opened and they both stepped aside.

Manann motioned then to Nuada, “Please give him what you have found, Donovan. Nuada cannot join us when we go to get quicksilver. They will execute him on sight.”

Nuada held out his own hand, the smile on his lips present as he said nothing. What Manann said was the truth, nothing more was needed. He would take these to the Doctor so he could continue working and constructing all that he could, until the quicksilver was needed.


the Doctor mused, “You know her? Knew her?” Which was more appropriate.

Knew apparently was not. A sharp look was given to the Doctor at that, “I know her,” Agrona answered him, “She walked when I was young. She walked before the fomorians came. Their arrival brought her to sleep, to help the dying land. She has gone into it.”

‘Buried?’ The Doctor wondered, but did not ask. Agrona seemed not to think that Danu was dead.

“Tell me of her,”
he spoke gently, setting aside the wires. They were all made. All that was left now was the rest of the parts. He couldn’t do much else until they arrived.

“You said others viewed us as gods,”
Agrona recalled, and he nodded, “Danu is truly that. Born of earth and only earth, she brought all of us into life with no one else. We must share ourselves with another to bring life. She is one with our land, and from our land she formed us.” At least, that was the story Agrona knew. She had been born, not created by Danu’s own hands.

The feathers upon her head seemed to lay softly. Everything about her, actually, softened as she thought of Danu. “She has gone into the land before, but never for this long. We know it is the fomorians who keep her there, and their injuries to her land, and to her people. Bres has forgotten he is like us. He has forgotten the ways of our lands.”

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