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Welcome Noobel Blewd! / Re: Just bring me a latte...
« on: September 14, 2013, 08:07:00 pm »

Well done, Lightning. Well done.

And Ara, no worries! I always find ways to get lattes. They are not always decent ways.

I'm glad to be here.

Welcome Noobel Blewd! / Just bring me a latte...
« on: September 14, 2013, 07:53:08 pm »
I suppose I should actually post something here even though I don't really...engage in forum OOC stuff all that much.

Hello, I'm Krystal Itzume, but I'll answer to lots of things. Not new to RPing, just the site. I think I know (of) most of you so're all pretty legit.

So...I'll just go get another coffee now  and observe and play in the forum (I have a problem).

Fantasy Roleplay / Star of the Sea [Closed]
« on: September 14, 2013, 06:17:21 pm »
Boots clacked against the paved road of the port. Merchants were peddling their wares, but they were not the good and decent wares that one would find in a city like Bella Roche, within the safety of the Rissian Empire. The woman had come from Bella Roche not long ago, though. Stowed away. Her days as a pirate were not so much behind her as they were not feasible.

She didn’t have a boat, for one.

It didn’t take the skip out of her step, not that day. Though The Gale was long gone, she at last had a lead on where she would find what she sought. Two years ago, The Star of the Sea had been in her Captain’s hands. Two years ago, her Captain had been shot, the Star lost, the Gale burned, and Trinity Marian one of the few survivors of that bloody day.

Today, the woman was at Mirah, far out of Rissian occupation, and well-loved by the villains who built it. Today, the woman did not look like a woman. The long, black hair she’d once had in a ponytail had been cut short. It was long enough to touch her shoulders and still held in a ponytail, but no longer the length she’d loved it. It was bleached blonde.

A band was wrapped tightly around her breasts to keep them from being noticeable under the button up shirt and vest. Her hat was not the same as in the past—no feather, a simple, round style. The boots had no heels, simple, brown. Her face carried a new scar, a diagonal line near the right eye—blue eyes, that she couldn’t change. Her hands were covered by gloves, slim fingers hidden beneath the bulk of the fabric.

No, she heard a rumor of where the Star was, but she wasn’t going to get there on her own. It was not here in Mirah, but a pirate was—an old ‘friend’ she hoped would not recognize her. It had been two years, after all. Trinity was hoping she had been on the list of the dead, or the believed dead. After all, Rhea had started a crew shortly after Captain Maria was killed. The survivors of Maria’s crew joined with Rhea. 

Trinity hadn’t joined. To this day, she still was not certain why.

Her steps finally took her to stand before the familiar vessel and she smiled, just a little. People were moving about it, on and off.
‘Are you leaving soon?’ She had to figure a way on the crew.

Writing Prompts & Challenges / Re: Prompt aquatic!
« on: September 14, 2013, 05:43:33 pm »
There was nothing quite as relaxing as the sea at night, with no land in sight. The Gale, as she was simply called, was perched between two skies. The eyes of the gods looked up at them, and down upon them, and the young cabin boy could hardly discern where the sky began and the sea ended.

There was no wind to disturb the water, and no ripples. They were not moving at all, and the Captain was flustered. Didymus could hear him complaining in his thunderous voice, shouting for the oars to be found. They had a deadline. Didymus was not concerned with such things as he brushed a hand back through his blond hair.

Scurrying steps as others moved behind. Someone touched his shoulder, “Diddy, get movin’!”

Didymus looked at the bearded face, “I don’t know how to row,” he answered, best blank expression on his face. There was nothing for him to clean, and the cook wasn’t calling for his help.

The hairy face scrunched up in disgust, “What good are you?” It demanded, but did not wait for an answer before going below deck to find oars that would reach down to disturb the peace.

‘Peace.’ Didymus let his sigh disturb it. He had already broken his silent reverie. The magic of the sea caught between stars was gone, and it wouldn’t be restored. The frown wouldn’t leave his face as he began instead to contemplate on mundane things, such as how he could help the Gale continue its journey. The deadline was important. The Captain was going to get a pretty gem, one they’d been looking for. In fact, Didymus wasn’t sure the Captain had ever talked about much else, or dreamed of much else.

Didymus never asked what was so special about the stupid stone, though.

His hands moved to the wooden railing and he started to push away. He frozen there, though. A pretty sound reached his ears and he leaned forward, strained to hear.

“I shoulda known.”

Didymus heard The Captain’s trembling voice, but did not register the fear or the warning. The rest of the boisterous shouting was ignored as new orders were given with great haste. Sails were to be put up. No oars in the water, but an anchor instead.

The water beneath began to move, and Didymus was finally able to discern where the sky ended as he leaned over the railing to see the beginnings of movement beneath the boat. Brows furrowed in confusion before he heard true thunder, though saw no flash of lightening. He lifted his head. That song had such a pleading note, such an encouraging note.

“Only you can help.”

What could he help? Logic went out the window. He was the only one who could help. If he strained his eyes, he convinced himself that he could see land.

His arms pulled him up onto the railing. “BOY!”


Into the water went the anchor as the boy was grabbed by the hairy-faced man and wrestled to the floor.

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