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Hype / Re: Vanity in Dust
« on: August 15, 2017, 02:34:41 pm »
That makes sense! I had a feeling it was something like that, or BnN suggested a deal made between Amazon and the publisher. They could do the electronic copies, I remember, but I don't have a nook so it was no good to me.

Here's to hoping one day you'll get so big that I can buy your novel at my local store!

Hype / Re: Vanity in Dust
« on: August 15, 2017, 02:22:24 am »
I'm know I'm late to the game, but I was finally able to order it after getting my convention tickets and last piece for my Lady Reyne cosplay, so I'll have it soon, too!

Congrats again dear!

Edit: I was going to get it sooner, but it wasn't at Barnes and Noble...T_T

Hype / Re: Last minute info
« on: June 08, 2017, 02:15:14 am »
Thank you for the note, too! I think I got most of the things I wanted to save put elsewhere, fortunately. I know Beau and I saved our Royal series off-site, so at least that should be saved...

Hype / Re: I need a hug
« on: March 02, 2017, 03:57:50 am »
I cannot make you a stone, alas, but I can offer you a virtual hug for the hardship of a goodbye, because there is not much else to be done in those hard times.


Take care of yourself. We may be quiet here, but we're still here.

Welcome Noobel Blewd! / Re: Not Exactly New
« on: February 05, 2017, 03:26:34 am »
You Can Leave Your Hat On

Pretty sure that is one of our songs...

Welcome Noobel Blewd! / Re: Not Exactly New
« on: January 27, 2017, 06:08:13 am »
No strutting through? Tsk tsk.

Glad you're still alive.


Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« on: October 19, 2016, 03:39:04 am »
Master Ergas scoffed at what the padawan had to say, adding only, “The Sith are emotional and unpredictable beings. With the rule of two in play, it may have been in this Sith’s head to off the Master then and there.”

Emotional beings indeed, but Jedi were not deadened or heartless. The cerean looked to his former padawan and let out a sigh, “I will not let my own emotions cloud my judgment. Neither should you, Manx,” he reached out to put a hand on Manx’s shoulder, “Search your feelings,” a phrase Manx had always found odd, “You must know there is something amiss about Dawn.”

If Ergas was expecting an answer, he did not get one. Manx did search his feelings. He did know that to be true.

He would not say it.

So Ergas took his hand from Manx’s shoulder, “In any case, you both need to focus more on controlling your feelings. Your attachments run too deep.” And with the Sith threat, that could mean those emotions would be used against them. Turn them. Already, he could imagine Manx falling from sorrow. Dreven falling from anger.

He did not want to see it. “Go. We’ll discuss this matter more in detail, and I will present it before the quorum,” it may damn Dawn or it may save her, he did not know. Much would hinge on Dawn herself, and her own, former Master.

Manx gave a nod, and with a look to Dreven, started to walk away. They would both need to work on this – and he intended to head to one of the reflection pools where they would have an easier time, apart from distractions, even if Manx’s worry would be difficult to leave behind.


Clear your mind.


Dawn controlled her breathing as they walked up the steps towards the temple, a steady pace. Yes, she was innocent of being the Sith, but there was much else she was not innocent of. How much would Ergas know? How much would she need to answer for?

‘The blood.’

At the top of the steps, with the temple in sight, Dawn froze, “Master, I cannot go in like this,” perhaps the blood on her outfit would show that she fought with the Sith, opposed a Sith, but a secondary thought sprang to mind.

She wasn’t bleeding.

Wasn’t wounded. Had not been treated in a bacta tank. What she’d learned, what she’d done, was not Jedi-approved use of the Force. Not at all taught by them. It might not be denied by them – there were books that spoke of how Jedis in the old days used to help with Agriworlds – but she had learned this from Sith lore.

If she had to explain it, she could lie, but she wanted to do as little of that as possible. “I need to go change first. I can meet you back here.” He wanted them to go in together.

Did not explain why she needed to change, hoped it would be seen as simply a need to appear put together. Poised. If he started asking…he might soon learn what else she’d learned from studying the lore of the dark side. Might doubt her innocence. That was the last thing she needed right then. 

Welcome Noobel Blewd! / Re: *Frantically Waves*
« on: August 17, 2016, 09:43:37 pm »
Coffee is always accepted in hel--prison.

I have been thinking of changing my name here...

Welcome Noobel Blewd! / Re: *Frantically Waves*
« on: August 17, 2016, 04:23:52 am »
-One of the Friends-

Heya! You know me as Lucyfer on that other site ~_^

Glad to see you over here!

Hype / Re: music: let's make some kick ass playlists.
« on: August 11, 2016, 01:09:18 am »
Oh, Pere, I do love that new Lindsey Stirling song.

So I bring gifts of my own now!

Six Inch

These have been my jams for the past few days~

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« on: August 08, 2016, 12:28:48 am »
The voice of the ‘boy’ could not be heard until the group actually entered the room, the trailing words of, “…is in Africa, it is only fitting that you govern your territories.”

“Govern my—WE sent Lepidus to Africa because HE tried to usurp the power of our triumvirate.” The dark-haired man was saying, standing and dressed in the white of a senator, while glaring at a boy with strawberry blonde locks who looked utterly bored. Besides him stood a man in full Centurion regalia, and besides the one who was obviously Antonius, Cleopatra.

The Egyptian attire gave it away.

As the doors opened, all eyes shifted, and Maecenas put on a huge grin and opened his arms. “Antonius, Your Grace,” he mocked Cleopatra, “What an unexpected surprise. Antonius, I didn’t think you’d be yelling so much after all the drinks you had last night.”

His cheeks reddened, and when he took a step towards Maecenas as the man made his way further in the bowl of the room, the Centurion besides the one sitting took just one step forward.

Antonius didn’t step any closer to the Etruscan, but snapped his eyes to the people who entered. He let out a short laugh, “Are we here to execute the rest of the traitors?” He inquired, looking to the boy.

“Who is everyone here?”
Angelus asked in a whisper to Maya.

She was quick, “I know that’s Marcus Antonius. I think that’s Cleopatra. The one sitting must be Augustus,” it was the name she knew him by, even if it was not yet his name. “Not sure who’s standing by him.” Though he seemed like someone she wanted to upset even less than Antonius. It was in his posture, and his youth.

The boy rose. He did not stand as tall as Antonius, and the youth was obvious. His blue eyes, however, held a spark to them that was intriguing, even if he was so pale he might be sickly. Compared to Antonius, he hardly looked intimidating. “Triumvir Antonius, it is time you left.”

“No. If we’re treating with traitors now, I will be present.”

We are not.”

“Is this political business? I don’t see how you could have personal business with them,”
he stated, “Unless you’re thanking them for killing your father.” He spat the word, but despite its venom, no blood rushed to taint the youth’s cheeks in anger.

Instead, he gestured, “Agrippa, see them out.” He wanted a private audience with the time travelers. 

Maya then said to Angelus, who nodded.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« on: August 08, 2016, 12:09:31 am »
All the Doctor had—all he ever seemed to have, was the present where he entered the lives of his companions. It was past to some, but to him it became the ‘present’. What happened there could change the future, he supposed, but it never occurred to him.

If things changed, they were meant to change, then.


His eyes were still downcast upon his splayed hands. “Jack,” he told Donovan. “We have to see Jack. We have to warn him and prepare him. He will be the one to deal with it first…the one to call us.” As he had called the Doctor after the Xhinn incident. He likely would have called before, if there had been time.

If it wasn’t taken care of by the Master and Maya.

The Doctor forced his back to straighten. He walked around the console, fingers dragging over the buttons but never pressing them until he reached the area he wanted to be, and he began to set the date for January 2nd of the new year, for Jack.

Best not to return too close to the Christmas incident, but also not too far.

Just in case. 

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« on: August 08, 2016, 12:04:31 am »
Manx let Dreven speak first, and when the look came, he gave a nod. ‘State what we saw. State the truth.’

Manx caught Ergas’s eye when the word ‘Sith’ slipped from Dreven’s lips. He expected surprise, but it was not what he saw. No, the cerean Jedi hooded his eyes and seemed…suspicious? It was almost as if something had been confirmed for him, and Manx did not like that look at all. He’d seen it too many times as a padawan under Ergas, and it never meant good things.

Usually, it meant they were going to crash some event and arrest someone.


He let the thought drift and then pulled back to the present. “You left the Sith to Knight Jinn,” that seemed to be what annoyed Ergas as he fixed his eyes on Manx.

“Yes, Master.”

There was a short, bitter laugh. There was a shake of the head. Then, “You left the Sith to the Sith!” It came as a startling snap that had Manx’s eyes widening.

“Dawn is—”

“Dawn is a Sith!”
Ergas didn’t bother holding back. The quorum was soon, and he would see her hanged now. “She must have used her apprentice to take this child from the Jedi Order…this one was strong in the Force,” stronger than most to be causing such a stir on Nox.

Manx’s head was still reeling, but he managed to say, “She was the one who wanted to fight on, to—”

“Kill? Well of course,”
he snapped, “That’s what Sith do. She knew of your attachment to your padawan, though.” He gave Dawn credit—of course, he had to. She was a Sith amongst Jedi, and this trial would see an end to that. Yes, the Jedi didn't kill--indiscriminately. Trial would lead to execution if necessary.

“Is this—is this what the quorum is about?”
Manx still couldn’t quite get his head around it, couldn’t believe it. “Master, she’s not a Sith!” His eyes were now almost wild with a renewed panic for Dawn. He, too, had attachment issues as his Master just stated, and he threw a wild-eyed look to Dreven, as if he could say something that might help.


‘I am human.’

It was always what Dawn wanted to say, always what pulled at the edges of every moment of emotion.

But, the Jedi did not like her philosophy, and she was all too aware she was meant to be more than human. To be ‘above’ emotions. She had calmed, but it was still seen. Both criticism and approval fell from her Master’s lips as his hand took her wrist and felt her pulse.

Yes, she could calm it, but the emotion didn’t vanish. She could make it seem as if it wasn’t—which was what he was checking for—but it was still there.

His grip remained there, and Dawn did not struggle to remove it. To hide. From him, there was no point. He was only ever looking out for her—even then. He believed her. He humored her philosophy. “He will accuse me of being the Master of the Sith,” which, flattering though it was, couldn’t be further from the truth. If Ergas wanted her head, though, it was bound to happen that way. She’d deny it. She’d have to hope the others in the quorum believed her, or believed Alec.


She shut her eyes as he spoke of a new world opening up, of defending her. The rage was stilled with little racing of her heart this time, but then they fluttered opened as he mentioned other teachings. ‘I have learned….’

Dawn did not question it. Not then.

She had learned all the things required of a padawan to become a Knight.

That did not mean she had learned everything, and so she nodded, mute. ‘Seek me out…?’ It sounded as if she might go away. It sounded as if the battle was already lost, and that was what her mind focused on. The idea of seeking him out, as if it might be a difficult thing to do.

She stepped into Alec’s bubble again, and wrapped her free arm around him, leaving the other in his grip, where his thumb still pressed on the vein. “Thank you.” What else could she say? He was willing to put himself on the line to defend her. If she was exiled, or executed, he would be looked at differently.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« on: July 04, 2016, 09:26:22 pm »
Angelus groaned at the Master’s answer and his inability to get this to work. No, once again, it was his own mind that was screwing everything up. ‘Thank you, Arch.’ Could Arch even hear him? Was Arch that separate from him?

Either way, there was no sensation that anyone other than himself had heard the thought. He strapped the manipulator back onto his arm and decided he’d just have to keep asking Maya what was going on.

Like what the hell the Master and Maecenas were talking about. Maecanas offered, “Myself, Caesar, and Agrippa, of course,” Maecenas said it as if those three names should always be together in any plot that involved one. “I suspect Antonius has been informed, whether or not he’s involved,” Maecenas allowed his shoulders to shrug, “Lepidus has been informed, as well, but Lepidus is hopeless,” so no threat, no worry, and for all intents and purposes, not involved. “Anything Antonius knows tends to get to Cleopatra. No idea why.”

Another reason Octavius hated Antonius. Antonius was, technically, married to Octavius’s sister.

“What are they saying?”
Angelus did ask Maya.

“Talking about who’s involved in what’s up here. Octavius, Antonius, Maecenas, Agrippa, Lepidus, and Cleopatra.”

“Uh huh,”
most of those names meant nothing to Angelus. “Isn’t Agrippa some sort of epic warrior?” Odd he’d ask it about Agrippa and not Antonius.

Maya just shrugged. She didn’t really know that name all that well.

The manor was in sight then, the one they had met Caesar in last time. It seemed the one who took up his name, also took up his home.

“I’ll take you right to Caesar,”
Maecenas said as they passed through the gates, by the stationed guards in armor like Angelus.

Once they stepped through the doors into the villa, a shout was heard, “YOU CAN’T KICK ME OUT OF ROME, BOY!”

Marcus Antonius was throwing a fit. “Politics,” Maecenas said with a roll of his eye. Angelus just looked pleadingly at the pair who could understand what was going on. He just heard someone yelling, with no idea the intent behind the yelling.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« on: July 04, 2016, 08:48:14 pm »
The TARDIS was the one safe spot in the entire universe, the one place where the Doctor could vent frustrations and find a haven. It was the one place outside of time, though.

Time was messy.

Time was disappointing.

Time was the bane of his existence, and the Doctor showed it as he slammed his fists down on the central console of the TARDIS once he entered it, hearing Donovan’s well meaning words and hating them. “We didn’t!” he snapped, understanding he had given up by walking away.

The machine whirred to life around him, and he looked up, glaring at the central pillar. “You took us here too early!” He accused it, but it just steadily hummed around them, lighting up, moving, working.

It didn’t go anywhere, but it lived and breathed the pain.

The Doctor splayed his hands over the console. “No. Maybe you didn’t. You gave us a chance…,” and the Doctor shook his head. He hadn’t changed anything. “If we had just…gone about it differently. Talked to Bres first, maybe, or….,” what did it matter now? It was all in the past, and not just any past.

His past.

He couldn’t change his past. That’d create one hell of a paradox. “We have to prepare for the future,” he told Donovan. “At some point, they’re going to try to take back what they lost,” the Doctor determined. Agrona wouldn’t give it up. How could she? He saw her spirit. “I don’t know what we’ll do…what they’ll do…but we have to figure it out.”

Perhaps they needed to go back. See Jack. Warn him. 

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« on: July 04, 2016, 08:40:00 pm »
“Of course I do,” Maecenas answered the Master, “but it is no good to discuss it here. We need to head to Caesar’s villa. I believe he’s seeing Antonius and Lepidus this morning…hopefully they’re gone.” They wouldn’t be, and Maecenas knew it. Maecenas had seen Marcus Antonius on his way here, holding his head from a hangover and muttering under his breath about the young ‘Caesar’.

“Maecenas, didn’t Caesar…die?”
Maya had to ask. She didn’t understand how they were going to see Caesar.

Maecenas glanced over his shoulder as they walked, then realized—differences again. “Ah, yes. Caesar's will adopted his great-nephew, Gaius Octavius. Octavius took the name Caesar afterwards—he still prefers Octavius, but not with strangers.” Something about how the name ‘Octavius’ was too lowborn. It was why he did not use the name Octavian, as well, which was normal of those who were adopted. They kept some history of their birth names. “I wouldn’t mention the whole Caesar thing to Octavius, either.” Maecenas added.

Sure, Octavius hated Caesar…but that was also not meant to be public knowledge. Octavius had hid it from Caesar, after all, for so long and so well the man adopted him as his son. Cunning son of a bitch. It was part of why Maecenas loved him so.

That tradition was indeed lost to the English.

Angelus didn’t understand any of it, and when the Master suggested it might be the manipulator, Angelus took the thing off his wrist and handed it to the Master. It wouldn’t be the manipulator, of course. Angelus’s mind had decided literally nothing was going to penetrate it—and that meant the benign TARDIS’s attempt to translate things. “Dixon was able to run a translation program on it. Can the manipulator translate oral words?” Everything read in English for Angelus, though it hadn’t in the past. It didn't matter that the Master probably didn't know who Dixon was, he didn't need to know who had helped.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« on: July 04, 2016, 08:16:30 pm »
The future was written before their eyes. In their dealings with Bres—in not finding peace, but in usurping him, they had promised the future that was to come with the humans, who would find the Tuatha de Danann difficult to work with, and would in the end, destroy them.

‘Supposedly killed, but no…exiled from the land.’
And to the sea.

Where they changed, and longed always for the land they once knew. The Doctor took a last, long look at Agrona, imprinting the memory of her now, and her as he had seen her at the Titanic.

She had changed, immensely. Even in his own eyes, there was a difference between the mindset of the turquoise-eyed woman between the two eras, something so soul-shattering the Doctor could only wonder at how the humans had pulled off the feat of sending the Tuatha into the water. ‘What happened with Danann?’ He found his thoughts going to the mysterious one, the unseen one, who seemed to grant Nuada the invincibility he just showed, and gave them a tie to the land.

“I understand.”

The depth of the Doctor’s understanding was in his eyes. This was not the first time he’d been sent away after doing a good deed, but it still stung.

“We will not forget you.”

the Doctor shook his head, “I know,” again his eyes went to Agrona and not Nuada, and she seemed to realize it, glaring at him. “Well, it was fun,” it wasn’t. Not now. He lifted a hand in a half-hearted wave, before he turned to leave them, sticking his hands in his pockets and walking off.

‘What will they think of me? Of us?’
Did they come to think the Doctor revealed their secrets to the humans? Did they blame him?

It wouldn’t be the first time.

His hearts hurt with the thought. He’d done nothing to help. ‘You aren’t supposed to meddle.’ And he hated it. 

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« on: July 03, 2016, 11:55:33 pm »
Angelus didn’t so much as redden under the laughter or smirk, though his discomfort was evident on his features. He folded his arms over his chest, “If I had known you were going to dress up, I would have, too,” Maya noted.

He just kept the scowl on his face. “I’m sure that is completely normal in Rome,” a woman as a Centurion. No matter—she’d gotten away with it last time, hadn’t she?

The Master pressed a few more buttons, and then they were ready. Angelus followed after him, as did Maya, the last to leave the TARDIS this time.

Rome was bustling, but it could only be heard in the distance from where they were, more or less isolated. Angelus’s gaze quickly found the man he’d first met, sitting on a few stacked boxes, and dressed in finery—but with only a spattering of the burgundy that Maya wore, and it was a bit more reddened.

He seemed most pleased with himself, too, as he pushed off the boxes.

Maya recognized him as the one who had spoken to Brutus in the senate, the one who had told him he was almost late…the one who seemed to know far more than he ought. Yet, his name evaded her. “Welcome to Rome,” he greeted the trio, nodded, to Angelus, “and thank you for delivering the message.”

Angelus gave him a blank stare, then looked back to Maya and whispered, “What did he say?”

“He said thank y—you can’t understand?”


Maya squinted at Angelus, as if trying to figure out how he couldn’t understand when he just came from the TARDIS.

Maecenas continued. He expected Angelus couldn’t understand, since he hadn’t understood the first time, “Master,” he addressed the second-tallest, “Triumviri Gaius Julius Caesar would like to meet with you, if you would. I am Gaius Cilnius Maecenas, at your service.”

Maya was startled from her examination of Angelus and curiosity, when that name was said. She almost asked 'what about Brutus', but remembered...he was likely dead now.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« on: July 03, 2016, 11:26:21 pm »
The Doctor took in the scene with his own genuine surprise. Though he knew the stories, things rarely played out that way. And didn’t Nuada still lose the kingship to violence?

And yet…. “You will go into exile, Bres, as you sent me. If you do harm, we will not pursue you. Your fomorians will go with you. Our alliance with them is over.” Nuada kept his chin tilted high as he stepped off the platform to approach the Beautiful one, who would not kneel to him.

Bres’s skin was alight like a sun, but he did not strike again. He knew too well that Nuada was protected. “That arm is an abomination,” Bres snarled, “A cheat. It does not look like the rest of you.”

“It does not matter, though, does it?”
Nuada inquired of the younger. Bres just let his eyes narrow at that. “Go.” Nuada said again, as the danann who had been mistreated under Bres’s rule began to rise. The years of slavery and living as second-class under Bres would turn on the half-fomorian in an instant, if he did not obey. 

He made no parting gesture. He backed out of the circle of danann he had brought with him, and then rushed off to gather his own again and go into exile.

“You know he’s going to return,”
the Doctor said, slowly releasing Donovan.

Nuada turned to him. “Yes. We will be ready to deal with him. I am afraid, however, that you two must leave as well.”

Nuada could feel the anxiety in the air from his own at these new foreigners. They had been dealt a bad hand by allowing other foreigners into their nation before, by trying to live peacefully with them. This mistake would not be made twice. Individuals might be good, but whole races? No. Never again.

And certainly not now. “You have done us a good service, Doctor. It will not be forgotten. But we cannot abide you for a lengthy presence, lest others of your kind think they are welcome here as well.”

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« on: July 03, 2016, 11:03:35 pm »
Angelus was relieved to be getting out of the clothes he wore, and followed the Master to his room. ‘I swear I went this way….’ And none of this had been here. Angelus looked around the TARDIS a few moments, as if expecting things to shift around him, before he walked into the Master’s room and looked over him and into the closet.

Fortunately the Master didn’t take long in picking something out, so Angelus was allowed to observe the items. “Jesus Christ,” he muttered as he looked over it all. “Do you even know what comfortable clothing is?” It was spoken too low for Angelus to expect the Master to hear, but there wasn’t even a pair of jeans! Not even a t-shirt!

And then his eyes caught metal, armor. ‘Well….’ He didn’t like dress up, but wasn’t he going to Rome? ‘Fuck it.’ Only these two would ever know. He grabbed the armor, deciding it was better than fitting into anything silk, and walked out of the room with it to find another place to change.

One presented itself too easily. He glared at the walls before he walked into the room he knew wasn’t across from the Master’s before, and then stripped himself of the dirty clothing and threw on the Centurion outfit. It was a bit snug, but it worked well enough. The skirt wasn’t too high despite the height difference between him and the Master, and he soon walked out into the console room to find the Master there.

The Master was setting the scroll down. “You don’t like instructions, do you?” Angelus decided as he pushed an agitated hand through his dark hair.

Then more steps, and Maya returned to them, cleaned up quite a bit more. It looked like she’d taken a quick shower, some of her hair still a little damp, but mostly dried. She’d likely rushed the drying job, and donned a halter dress that at least looked like it could have come from the era, in a burgundy hue. Angelus smirked a bit, remembering how Maya and Andrew had once debated the ‘shade’ of purple in Rome that was royal. Apparently, it was burgundy.

His smirk died when Maya's eyes fell on him, and she started to laugh. "Oh, shut up, it was the only decent thing he owned!" Angelus complained. It didn't make her stop laughing. If anything she only laughed harder.

“Well, are we ready to see what the Romans want?”
Ange asked.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« on: July 03, 2016, 10:36:12 pm »
The King went right to the ground that would lift them up, and motioned for the others.

The Doctor had given his nod that it was surprising, but then again, when did they ever have much luck with these things? The Titanic had been surprise enough, and though from history he understood why the Tuatha De Danann would have issues with humans, he still had not figured out what he needed to, here.

Well, except why Agrona would be so surprised with him later.

And how much they had changed in appearance.

He walked onto the platform, which waited for Donovan and the others, before lifting up even amidst all the shaking.

There was Bres, the golden one, among the stones of Stonehenge. He caught the odd entourage, with Nuada holding his arms behind his back. “I have long wondered where you went, Nuada,” Bres greeted him. “So it is you that has been causing your own people such harm with your terrorists attacks by these two.” He looked to Agrona and Manann.

Those with Bres were mostly Danann this time around. He had wanted to make a show of destroying their king before their eyes. “Do you have anything to say in your defense?”

“Danann will speak for me.”

“Um, Nuada,”
the Doctor started to say, but was cut off by the laughter of Bres.

Then light seemed to manifest in the air around them, in little droplets of water formed and dew lifted. It all rushed for the king, and the Doctor moved to grab Donovan to get off the platform and away from the inevitable destruction.

And yet, that didn’t happen.

The moment it touched Nuada, it lost all its velocity and force, and just soaked his attire rather than cause him any harm.

Bres looked startled. “What?”

As Manann had said—Bres could not scar him. It was not so easy now that he was perfected, and Danann had spoken. Nuada let his arms fall to his side, and he smiled at Bres. “You dare assault your king, mutt?”

Bres trembled where he stood.

The danann dropped into bows and kneels around him.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« on: July 03, 2016, 10:27:12 pm »
The Master never took the scroll, so Maya set it down on the console as he spoke of getting cleaned up. ‘Probably a good idea.’ She humored the thought of throwing on the centurion outfit again, but in the end decided that she didn’t want to. She didn’t have any stolas or togas, but something cleaner would be welcome at this point. This was still bloodstained.

“I think I will, too,”
Maya didn’t wait, but turned to go off to find her own room and bathroom to get cleaned up.

Angelus did glance down at himself, then, “Uh, I don’t suppose you have anything I could borrow, do you?” He asked the Master. “I mean, I don’t mind as much as you, but it probably isn’t good to go into there bloodstained,” then again it was Rome.

He’d done his best to try and wipe off the wet blood and other things. It was all zombie, but it was still stained terribly and likely held a stench, too. Angelus wasn’t noticing such things then; they were all covered and likely all smelt the same, which made it difficult to notice the differences. “I can’t fit in any of Maya’s clothes,” that was obvious. She was too short.

And he really didn’t want to walk into Rome in a skirt. He’d lose all cred.

Besides, he still wasn’t sure the Master had gotten the timing right. He hadn’t glanced at the scroll.

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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The Doctor had suspected as much as Donovan, and it seemed he had no further insights. “It can,” he answered, in regards to the sonic screwdriver, “I can spread out the particles, but I don’t know how to make it hold.”

Or how quick he’d need to do it. Or anything. There was no time to experiment, either, was there? Not from the way Manann rose to join them and knelt besides the sitting king. “What do you need?” Manann asked.

“Can you turn this solid in any shape?”


“I need this shaped around the arm I’ve crafted.”
He told Manann. “With that done, I’ll just need to activate it with the sonic, and we’ll be good to go.” The hand should work at that point, attached to the nerves as best as he could make it, given his current resources.

Luke Skywalker would be jealous of his handicraft.

Manann held out his hand, and the Doctor passed him the liquid. He shook his head and, after a moment of confusion, the Doctor passed him the ingot.

Manann acted to cause wonder. He wanted these so-called time travelers and off-worlders to remember them—to remember what they could do, even if they had needed their help in retaking the kingdom. The ingot melted quicker than ice cream in his hand, and dripped down onto the robotic make-up. It flowed over it, but with the Doctor’s direction, did not fill it. He shaped it so that some areas were only covered, rather than filled and stifled.

Movement still had to be possible.

Before the Doctor could use the Sonic to activate it, though, Nuada flexed his fingers.

This also surprised the Doctor, who straightened up, startled. “How did you do that?”

Manann said again as he rose from Nuada’s side, and Nuada with him.

The Doctor wanted to retort that if they had such magic, why hadn’t they made an arm as well—but he didn’t. It wasn’t just that—the interaction of the spread particles in the hardened quicksilver must have done what the Sonic would have, in vibrating the copper and starting the process of sending and receiving messages from the nerves.


the Doctor stood, “I guess my work here is done then, eh?”

And then the ground above shook, and dirt fell around them. “Or not.”

Nuada just smiled. “It is over,” he seemed so confident then with his new limb. “Come. Bres is waiting.”

Fan-Based Roleplay / Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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‘All roads lead to Rome.’

Maya tried to breathe as well, but the relief was short lived. Angelus felt the jarring of the TARDIS and came from the depths of it back to the main room, just as the Master was talking about him. “Shake what out of who?”

“Your mental issues.”
Maya answered.

As the Master was behind it, Angelus had little interest in seeing how else the Master could fuck things up with his mind. “Where are we going?”


Angelus rolled his eyes. “You don’t even know when,” he muttered, but took out the parchment he’d received earlier. He knew the two of them hadn’t talked nearly long enough to fix anything. He wasn’t sure how they’d arrived at the idea of moving on to Rome already, but he wouldn’t bring it back up. He handed the parchment to Maya, who turned it over in her hand.

It read as English to her, the ‘Despotes’ read as ‘Master’. “This isn’t for me.” The handwriting was quite elegant, though. She almost thought a woman had written it, just because of the fluidity of the penmanship.

“I can’t read Greek,”
Angelus stated. He had known what the word was, anyway.

Maya approached the Master with the scroll, as she asked, “How did you get this?”

“Vortex Manipulator took me there. Creepy girl gave me a tarot card. Then I ended up here.”
He shrugged, as if this was something completely normal and sane. With everything else that had happened, it honestly seemed the most sane thing.

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The sonic screwdriver could tell the Doctor many things.

It could tell him how the particles of an object were aligned, for instance, and in this case it was almost maddening as the quicksilver ingot revealed next to nothing.

He scowled at it. “This doesn’t make any sense,” he mumbled as he ran the sonic over the quicksilver to get its read-outs.

The particles were different, of course.

The particles of the ingot were spread further apart than the particles of the quicksilver liquid. More, they seemed more mobile, more alive, despite the fact the ingot itself wasn’t moving. It was the opposite of how it should have been. He was puzzled by it, as he scanned it again in case the results were wrong the first time.


Donovan came over, and the Doctor simply set the quicksilver ingot in his hand. “Tell me how this is possible. This material shouldn’t even be solid at this temperature, but it is—and I need it to be, but I don’t understand how.”

Was Mannan’s deadpanned answer.

The Doctor snarked back, “Every magic is a form of tech.” A firm belief of his. “Everything can be understood and reproduced….” Though perhaps it did have to do with the natural affinity the Tuatha had with the land.

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Jack was not the safest topic, Maya knew.

Maya also knew Jack was one of those people she’d trust to make the right decisions. The hard decisions.

And yet as the topic shifted so easily to what felt like familiar ground, she knew this was not how Angelus wanted it. She was also keenly aware that by shifting to Death, to something that was threatening them, she was avoiding just that. Death was irrelevant in the scheme of things leaking in her mind.

“Yes, she must, and Jack must know something.”

There were more important things.

There was the reason why she was here, now that Angelus had thrown the spotlight on it in her own mind. It came in whispers she didn’t like. It came in Lucy’s question, and her unintended statement to Julio. It came as a thought she denied with an ache, over and over, to know it was true. 

But this seemed important. Relevant. “I don’t want to see Jack now.” Maya had a feeling if she saw Jack, it wouldn’t go well, but she wasn’t sure for who. For Angelus? Probably. For the Master? Definitely. For herself? She wasn’t sure…but seeing him, then, scared her.

“Angelus wanted to go to Rome,”
another redirection. Why did Angelus want to go to Rome? Maya recalled Caesar. Antony. Brutus. It seemed suddenly so far away. “We should go there, when…we’re ready.” Angelus said many things before talking of Rome, but now that it was in her mind, all she could recall was Antony’s burning look from the doorway of the senate, and she wasn’t so sure she wanted to be there, either.

Easier to confront him, though. Activity. Movement. She wanted to get lost in it again. “On Angelus…,” she hesitated, then just asked: “Can he be…can his mind be…restored?”

He was broken in two. It wasn’t agreeable. Just as the Master split in two wasn’t agreeable—but at least he knew what he did as his other self.

Angelus didn’t.

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Most picked “one”. The blonde never changed up the order, either way, and she would not cheat the man out of his answer. He had chosen the truest name, but one that would lead him to little. That name was dead.

He’d likely be confounded.

“Neither name is bullshit, I assure you,”
she answered, “The name then, is Seren Vesper,” perhaps he’d know it, but she doubted it. There was no reason to, his family too new blood to care for English aristocrats.

She rose then, the smile remaining on her lips, “I’m afraid, Mr. Sterling, that you did not ask for his name as your question, and so you will not receive it. I learned a long time ago not to trust humans,” those pale eyes seemed to glitter as the smile became a smirk, “It was good to chat with you, however. One day, when you’re wiser, you may figure out the right question to ask to find yourself as a contact of mine, but I’m afraid that right now, I could not care less about either you, or Artemis.”

They had nothing for her, and her reach stretched far wider. Pride would always be Seren’s sin of choice, but she was also cautious. She did not need her name, and Vastien’s name, on the lips of anyone, in the same breath. At least, no one she knew.

And she did not know Sterling yet. “If you’ll excuse me,” she gave a short curtsy, pulling at the hems of her dress in the mocking gesture, before she turned around and headed towards the exit with a certain flounce to her step, almost a skip, as if nothing discussed had mattered in the least.

She’d leave the way she came, if she was not stopped.

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My jokes always come back to haunt me. I'm reading the Tarkin book but now I can't get a song out of my head, so I'm sharing my misery/joy.

I'm also not allowed to make anymore Poe Dameron jokes.

Brains Out

It Began Here

Damn Dameron...back at it again with that orange jumpsuit.

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Manx only offered a cursory nod of acknowledgement to Master Corvainus. He had no words for him, and kept walking. They would head off Ergas before the quorum and give Dawn and Alec time to converse. “He is here for Dawn’s quorum,” he spoke to the air and to Dreven. “If you want to catch up with him later we will see if he has time.”

He knew he shouldn’t truly get in the way of his padawan growing. Even so, he wouldn’t let Dreven visit with Corvainus alone.

The topic shifted to Ergas. “Just be honest, Dreven,” he said softly, voice lowering a bit. “Formal, but honest,” Dreven would be blunt otherwise, and Ergas would not appreciate that in the least. “Tell him what happened as it happened. I will be here to back up your story.” And his own weakness.

As they walked up the rocky stairs to a part of the main campus where Manx sensed Ergas, he noted Dawn and Alec not far, heading to the waterfalls. He didn’t question it as he walked out onto the quad and saw Master Ergas rushing from one building and towards the docks. No doubt, he’d sensed their arrival. A conversation must have delayed him.

Manx lifted his hand, and the eyes of the cerean man fell to him.

If there was worry, it was muted in his approach. “Where is the infant?” that was the first question from the Master, who looked at how injured the two were. “Dawn…?”

“Knight Jinn has gone with Master Corvainus. The infant is not with us. We have a much larger problem than angry parents, Master.”
Manx said.

There, Corvainus did look truly concerned. He looked between Manx and Dreven, and then fixed his blue eyes wholly on Dreven when Manx made a gesture to him, understanding the young padawan was to explain the situation.


Dawn could barely manage to smile at the mock-offense that her master played at, and as she wrapped her arms around him, she did roll her eyes. She might have said something, but his whisper caught all her attention. ‘Ah.’ Deception was the name of this game, then. They were being watched.

It was as serious as she feared, then. Ergas was out for her head. ‘Try.’ She wouldn’t be ousted from the Order so easily. She was getting a Consular’s seat before that ever happened.

As they parted, she made of show being exasperated with him, but hooked her arm in his and stepped close, “Why aren’t you retired yet?” She joked, but walked with him. He was not so old to need her assistance, or anyone’s. He was strong enough in the Force, but he didn’t let that rule him. He trained all aspects of himself, as much a fighter as a diplomat, and Dawn had always respected that.

A true Jedi was one who focused on everything. Holistic.

They walked to the waterfalls, an area she had always favored, and one she knew would drown out their conversation to others as the waters rushed near them and acted like a white noise machine. It was there everything changed, and Dawn listened.

“There isn’t—”
she grit her teeth on the outburst and took a deep breath, pressing the anger down. It was easier to feel around him, to be honest. She wasn't afraid that he would reproach her for it, even if she didn't think he bought into her philosophies.

How many times did she have to say it to be heard? ‘There is no dark side!’ Another breath. “I am not the Sith. We met a Sith on Tython, and Manx let him get away,” there was bitterness. Dawn was still certain if it hadn’t been for Manx’s decisions, the Sith would have been disposed of on Tython. “I’m not Sith,” she stated. “I’ve taught Ergas’s padawan things he wouldn’t approve of, but not because I want to turn him from the Jedi.”

So-called dark side talents.

She’d be honest with Alec, though. She wasn’t sure if he accepted her philosophy or not, but there’d be no hiding it from him. Not that she really hid her philosophy. 

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