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Epicenter / Through the Eyes of the Cat
« on: October 25, 2013, 09:17:49 pm »
The audition ran long. Troy liked to think his reading went well.  He’d performed a contemporary monologue with appropriate spacing and inflection.  His resume included a play by the same author as this current community production.  The director thought he looked the part, clean shaven, with reddish brown hair and deep blue eyes.  All he needed was the white coat and stethoscope, and he certainly could pretend to be a doctor even without formal schooling in medicine. 

Troy specialized in make believe.  He smiled and pretended every day.  Even now, as he walked quickly towards the Cat’s Eye he slipped into the character of carefree service staff.  Flirt.  Tip whore. He didn’t care what people called him, or asked him to do, as long as it paid. 

“Rent’s due next week.” He mumbled to himself at the glass doorway to the bar.  A couple deep breaths to psych himself up and he strode inside.

It wasn’t yet dinner time, but already the place was a hive of activity.  Tables were set for casual dining with another waitress scurrying around to light the candles.   As Troy walked on towards the kitchen he could see the bar being tended to.  The usual people stocked the mirrored shelves and polished the glasses. 

Troy opened the swinging doors to the kitchen to collect the black apron he wore and punch in.  He was ten minutes late, but that was easily remedied by placing a quarter on the side of the punch clock and resetting the digital display.  Paper was swiftly imprinted and Troy gathered what he needed to start the shift and went back into the main room.

His efforts were rewarded by the sharp tongue of Lisa, another member of the wait staff.  She made a point of mentioning loudly that he was late for the third time this month.   Troy didn’t bother to answer.  Lisa took pains to make life difficult.  It had been a mistake to accept that job as a stripper at her bachelorette party.  But it wasn’t his fault her fiancé dumped her. Troy offered her a wink and a smile rather than the obscene gesture she deserved. 

On walked the king of make believe to the front hostess stand.  He grabbed a couple of menus and smiled at the new arrivals.  “Table for two?”   

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