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OOC Discussion / Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
« on: June 12, 2016, 05:03:26 pm »
Hello good people of Paragraphite,

I have been toying with a great many options recently for an RP to open here and make some new friends with and have finally settled on a premise. Hopefully, I am not the only science-fiction nerd perusing this board, because this concept is entirely rooted in classic sci-fi books and films. Actually, you will a see a decent amount based on some of the basic ideas behind the ship in the movie Event Horizon (though, don't worry, I am in no way interested in using the horror elements of that disappointing film). So, without further ado, I present to you...

Beyond Measure


The year is 2671. Humans have slowly spread out into the Milky Way in search of new homes for a population that now numbers in the trillions. Most live in space permanently aboard massive ships, stations, and even interstellar bodies with no atmosphere (moons, asteroids, platforms above gas giants, etc). The search for natural homes such as Earth (or those close enough to Earth Normal for us to make it work) has driven technology faster than anything that has ever happened before.

Some would say too fast. Ships are being built with new ideas and theoretical concepts while sufficient time for testing is never taken. One such ship, the Beyond Measure, is a rare collaboration between several of the largest Intersolar Nations. It's theoretical Singularity Drive was designed by a scientist from the relatively small but extremely tech savvy Clarion Alliance named Doctor Marcos Paulsson. The science behind this drive is simple in theory, but difficult to execute. The ship's engine is capable of distorting space and time using a small, manageable singularity (or black hole) at it's core. This manipulation of space and time was to theoretically make it possible for a ship to change the shape of the space around him and arrive at its destination in a matter of the time it took to program the singularity and activate the engine.

Paulsson and a crew of 222 left on the maiden voyage from Clarion Prime twenty years ago. After activating the Paulsson Drive, they were never heard from again.

Until now. The Clarion Alliance has never stopped searching for clues as to the missing ship and crew, now, a distorted message from that ship has been detected in a solar system far from human colonized space. A crew of the best salvagers and rescue personnel is being assembled on Clarion Prime to investigate the signal and bring back the ship. This crew is diverse and made up of members of several different Intersolar Nations. The ship was a collaboration, as will its retrieval.


So, cool premise eh? But what characters are available? Well, at the time of this thread's posting the list is obviously ready and open for everyone. I want to get a feel for interest before we start into specifics, but basically we need a ship Captain (the best in the Intersolar Nations), a pilot, an engineer, some kind of black ops or paramilitary rescue officer, a medical person, a scientist, and perhaps some civilian administrator to go as "oversight" of a joint nations project. These are the basic roles we need to fill but based on interest, we can take even two roles or so if we want in order to populate the crew of the salvage ship.

Starting Point

The premise is great, but I'd like us to begin well before the trip out to find the Beyond Measure. This RP gives us an opportunity to spend some time fleshing the characters out as they are selected and begin training for this assignment on Clarion Prime Station in orbit around the planet. Then, with full knowledge of our characters and the possibilities at hand, we will blast off into places unknown and see what happens. :) Where has the ship been?


This RP is actually meant to open up future RPs. I'd like to create a nice sci-fi universe for us to return to whenever we fancy it here at Paragraphite. This RP opens up that universe with the Beyond Measure as the catalyst for change.

Interested!? Post!

OOC Discussion / Interest Check! B.Y.O.F.F.C.!!
« on: June 06, 2016, 04:57:27 am »
Everyone has that one (or forty) fictional character(s) that they want to RP but either the universe itself doesn't translate well to RP or you don't have any trusted RP buddies you are as nerdy about it as you are. Am I right? Yes? No? Read on anyway!

Something I have always wanted to do was a B.Y.O.F.F.C. (Bring Your Own Fan Fiction Character) RP that mashed up whatever the respective players wanted to bring to the table. Chaos and imbalance is the name of the game, so is a lot of fun if enough people are willing to do this.

Before I explain the premise in more detail, let's go ahead and get the catch out of the way. By Fan-Fiction character, I mean for everyone to choose someone from an established universe that they are major hardcore and intend to play them in a setting that may or may not be perfect for that character. I would suggest that you pick a character for this who wouldn't cease to be that character if you took him/her/it out of context. Some of that is the skill of your writing ability, sure, but some characters just belong in their stories. A few fantasy characters come to mind when I think of this. Removing Tanis Half-Elven from Dragonlance to sail the black in Serenity would just be too silly.  However, characters like Captain Mal would be super fun to play in a fantasy setting slaying dragons (or running from them) in all of his swaggering glory. Mal can be done out of context and still be Mal. Does that make sense?

Put simply, the best way to make the  concept work is to try and pick a character that you feel you can stay true despite removing that character from his/her/its context.

So, the moment you have been waiting for! What is the premise!?

I am going to cheat a little and open that for discussion. I mean, being real here, this will be so much more fun if we kind of discuss the characters we really want to play first and see what comes of it. If most people are picking adventure and sc-fi characters (Like Indiana Jones, Captain Mal, Han Solo, and Starlord, for example) then we obviously HAVE to give them some space ruins to loot. If people are wanting their Tyrion Lannister, Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), and Ripley from Alien, then we obviously want to do something where Ripley can defend the two bookworms with a flamethrower as they try to find the answer to an ancient riddle in an old musty library.

Point is, let's discuss our characters first and see what comes of it.

So, for me, I have a couple of guys and girls I've always wanted to RP but haven't wanted to start something in their own universe (either from it being played out or just not being the right thing to do....or not having other RPers who want to do it). I will drop their names and why I want to do them and I will eagerly anticipate your responses!

A. Starlord, a.k.a. Peter Quill. I mean, don't get me wrong, a Guardians RP would be killer, right? But technically this is a character who is already pretty much out of place. I mean, that is his thing. He's a man out of place, a reluctant hero, and he would probably be so super crazy fun to provide the dialogue for. He's got a ship, an attitude, and is a complete smartass. Sign me up. This list of mine isn't a ranking, but he is pretty high up there.

B.  Daniel Jackson from Stargate! Weird choice? I don't think so. This guy is super compassionate, intelligent, and is basically the reason why we all don't have "snakes in our heads" right now. But, shy of everyone wanting to do an SG-1 RP, I can't pass on this opportunity to play the best nerdy alien asskicker ever. *sneezes*

C. Tyrion Lannister. The dwarf himself. Well, I mentioned him before and that is because he is on the tip of my mind. He would be trickier to pull off if say, most of you decide to go with characters from Anime and a couple of X-Men, but, if the setting is right, this guy is someone I got to play some before in a GoT themed RP and I don't know if I will ever get a chance to revisit that. This might be that chance.

D. Jin from Samurai Champloo. I tossed this guy in here because, yeah, I can see some of you going after some anime stuff. I have to keep my options open for that type of setting and Jin is my all time favorite short of the next guy on my list. Jin is silent but deadly. He rarely speaks but when he does, it is insightful and meaningful. Yet, his heart is in the right place.

E. Spike Spiegel. He's been overplayed and Bebop has been everywhere on RP boards....I've just never gotten in on the fun. There is nothing I dislike about this character. Would be fun!

F. Yes, this is the last one. But I need a less fantasy, more modern times type character in case we want to drop a "normal guy" character into a chaotic abyss of madness (or lend credence to a realistic-type universe). Not only that, but I'd like it to be a guy who can put the pieces together and make sense of it. That is Fox Mulder. Always wanted to play him, but an X-Files RP seemed too dour and convoluted a premise.

Anyway, those are my choices! Can't wait to see what you guys are thinking!

And yes, we will work together to create a premise that allows us all to keep true to our charries but have a bit of fun as well.

See you around!

Welcome Noobel Blewd! / 'Ello!
« on: June 04, 2016, 07:38:15 pm »

Some of you may already know me as Hexias from RPGChat (as well as other RP sites). I am a friend of Peregrine and super jones-sing for some RP.

I joined up to do an RP with her and another friend, but I am possibly seeking to get into another thread or two as well provided they aren't super fast. Might post some stuff to see if there is any interest.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing everyone around as we make magic and whatnot. :)

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