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Modern/Futuristic Roleplay / Re: Tomb Kiss
« on: November 05, 2013, 11:13:18 pm »
Her last name was Smith, but common did not describe her family.  The adopted name symbolized simple and strength of purpose.  Her father and her father before him clung to the anonymity and the shadows.  Their role in life was not to become a cog in the machine of commerce.  Their goal was to hunt.
Mercy slipped the black leather coat over her slim shoulders.  The long drape brushed her knees and hid the weapons strapped to her waist. She was going to a party.  Her short dark hair was styled with care.  Her makeup highlighted her cheek bones and added a touch of pale to her complexion.  Boots to blend.  No jewelry to draw the eye.  She was the unexpected and unwelcome guest – another role to cherish.  And yet, as the emerald green eyes looked in the bathroom mirror, she felt oddly vulnerable.  A flutter of fear touched her stomach.  With a deep breath she reminded herself that adrenalin would keep her alert.  It never paid to be too calm or over confident.  Such emotions led to death.  Fear was better.  Anger the best.
Her long fingers flicked off the vanity light.  Silk and leather turned and moved towards the door of the apartment.  Spiky heels plod down three flights of stairs.  She’d return to the hard wood and smell of polish only after the job was done.  The motorbike steel would take her to the destination, an hour away.  Long enough to think and question, but not the eternity it would take for  Mercy to adopt her name.
She could see it.  See it again in her mind’s eye as the bike ate at the miles between her home and Orchid House.  How they’d smiled and killed her father.  He’d screamed while she watched through a small crack in the door, hidden from view but not from sound.  Her imagination filled in the blanks, motivating her to be cruel rather than kind.  Blood is served warm.  Revenge is served cold.  Mercy would enjoy both tonight.
The engine of the bike revved under her practiced hands.  It purred to a quiet halt amidst the sports cars and luxury sedans lined up like slaves.  She’d not been here before, but rumor provided more information than she needed.  Well placed funds day lighted the rest.   A number was written on her hand – 4078.  The ballpoint ink smudged with friction and sweat but could be read all the same.  Not that she needed the reminder.  Information had its price and for this she’d paid dearly.
“Time to see if it was all worth it,” Mercy said to herself as she put the kickstand down and removed the shotgun from the holder on the metal frame.  “Time to party.”


Epicenter / Re: Characters
« on: October 25, 2013, 09:22:26 pm »
Troy Aden

Apartment 4D

Actor who pays his bills by waiting tables/serving drinks at the Cat's Eye.  Part time stripper and general con man.

Epicenter / Re: OOC Oct.1 -
« on: October 25, 2013, 09:19:55 pm »
Bartender? At the cats eye? Looks like we'll be coworkers!lol

Of course that's what I get for being gender biased.  I was going to do a waitress.  For diversity I'll do a waiter.  Now we can be in the same place, but we don't have to trip over each other.

I set up that thread I promised last week.  Totally open.  I'll make up a plot if no one else does. :mask:

@Astrangecharm - I put our characters on the same floor.  Notably that is also where our musician is.  Perhaps Noah told Troy about the apartment building when he blew into town?

@Lightening - I wasn't sure if the Cat's Eye served food.  If it doesn't I'll assume Troy is more a cocktail waiter and all around host.  No problem.

Epicenter / Through the Eyes of the Cat
« on: October 25, 2013, 09:17:49 pm »
The audition ran long. Troy liked to think his reading went well.  He’d performed a contemporary monologue with appropriate spacing and inflection.  His resume included a play by the same author as this current community production.  The director thought he looked the part, clean shaven, with reddish brown hair and deep blue eyes.  All he needed was the white coat and stethoscope, and he certainly could pretend to be a doctor even without formal schooling in medicine. 

Troy specialized in make believe.  He smiled and pretended every day.  Even now, as he walked quickly towards the Cat’s Eye he slipped into the character of carefree service staff.  Flirt.  Tip whore. He didn’t care what people called him, or asked him to do, as long as it paid. 

“Rent’s due next week.” He mumbled to himself at the glass doorway to the bar.  A couple deep breaths to psych himself up and he strode inside.

It wasn’t yet dinner time, but already the place was a hive of activity.  Tables were set for casual dining with another waitress scurrying around to light the candles.   As Troy walked on towards the kitchen he could see the bar being tended to.  The usual people stocked the mirrored shelves and polished the glasses. 

Troy opened the swinging doors to the kitchen to collect the black apron he wore and punch in.  He was ten minutes late, but that was easily remedied by placing a quarter on the side of the punch clock and resetting the digital display.  Paper was swiftly imprinted and Troy gathered what he needed to start the shift and went back into the main room.

His efforts were rewarded by the sharp tongue of Lisa, another member of the wait staff.  She made a point of mentioning loudly that he was late for the third time this month.   Troy didn’t bother to answer.  Lisa took pains to make life difficult.  It had been a mistake to accept that job as a stripper at her bachelorette party.  But it wasn’t his fault her fiancé dumped her. Troy offered her a wink and a smile rather than the obscene gesture she deserved. 

On walked the king of make believe to the front hostess stand.  He grabbed a couple of menus and smiled at the new arrivals.  “Table for two?”   

Epicenter / Re: OOC Oct.1 -
« on: October 19, 2013, 12:33:41 am »
I can stretch and add a male character here.  Bartender/actor.

I should be able to post a thread tomorrow.

Epicenter / Re: OOC Oct.1 -
« on: October 15, 2013, 04:37:35 pm »
I might start another thread and base it at the cat's eye

Rules, Guidelines & Site Updates / Re: Errors and Glitches?
« on: October 10, 2013, 10:04:52 pm »
Won't work on phone for me. I have I phone 5 and AT&T.  Using proxy to.
Type this

Actually. Wait. Take that back.  I can't get there via a yahoo search   But if I type it into safari browser it does work.  Yeah

Welcome Noobel Blewd! / Re: Greedings!
« on: October 05, 2013, 11:58:55 pm »
A prediction - we shall be great friends.  Lurkers unite.

Modern/Futuristic Roleplay / Re: Hail of Lies
« on: October 05, 2013, 11:56:59 pm »
Joint Post continued.

“There’s Desmond’s car,” April said.  Ford had driven to the plaza after they found no trace of Zara hiding at the school.  Her humor in the situation was rapidly fading.  The drive was supposed to be a diversion, but when she saw the limo her cousin used her smile flickered.  “And Brianna Hill is at the Plaza as well it seems.”

Ford was a touch surprised that April recognized Desmond’s car so quickly, but said nothing.  He hadn’t taken her as an aficionado.  Perhaps she’d made a lucky guess?  He nodded and found an open spot near the doors to the stores.  Even if Zara wasn’t here it would make sense to exchange information and show solidarity. 

“Good to know,” he said, acknowledging her hint that trouble could be brewing.  Ford glanced her way curiously.  He couldn’t really tell which side she was on, but this seemed to indicate some sort of loyalty given how tense she seemed.

April was out of the Bentley before it came to a full stop. Well practiced in the art of running in high heeled shoes, she easily sprinted into the Plaza.  Her eyes scanned the store names and she made a split second decision to head towards Hermes. She didn’t frequent the place, but knew Zara favored the brand.  April realized she’d made the right decision as she neared the store entrance and saw Desmond talking to Sophie.  Her steps slowed and the sense of urgency faded.  Desmond was putting away his phone.  Maybe he knew something?

She would  have greeted the pair, but Briana exited the store and saw her first.  Briana brushed past the group saying, “Well, well, if it isn’t the prostitute.  This place really is going downhill.  Come on boys, let’s go.”

Ford jogged to keep up with April, and reached the group in time to hear the parting words of the Hill woman.  He’d not met Brianna, but he recognized her from the dossier.  He shot a quick glance to April, wondering how the catty comment was taken.  To his knowledge April functioned more as a madam than a participant in the business she ran, but he wouldn’t have been at all surprised if the label stuck.

He moved protectively forward to stand between the family that employed him, and Brianna as her body guards moved on.  Ford tipped his hat, but got no response.  That was good.  He didn’t want to shoot anyone.

April saw fit to ignore Briana.  AIone it would have been different. April’s tongue was sharp and she wasn’t afraid to break a nail. She turned one shoulder away and remained silent until the woman vanished from view.  She spoke to Desmond, including Sophie only with a glance,  “Any luck?”

Hype / Re: World RPs
« on: September 29, 2013, 06:01:49 pm »
Fun names at bottom of page

All in humor although I must admit I like Storm because it hints at conflict

Modern/Futuristic Roleplay / Re: Hail of Lies
« on: September 19, 2013, 09:39:43 pm »
4 a.m.

Her nylon clad legs crossed at the ankles and the stiletto heels rested on the edge of the metal desk.  Dressed in a corset and little else, April Hill-Brant was all business.  Her manicured nails were polished red and her fingers were busy counting cash.  The twenty's smells of smoke, but she didn't mind.  So far, the night's take at The Pussycat Club was on-par with most, perhaps a bit better, which made April's lips curve into a soft smile.  Last call was at 2 a.m., but as manager she remained in the darkened bar office totaling the receipts and prepping the deposit.

Martin, one of her bouncers, knocked and poked his large head inside the door.  "You ready boss?"

"Mmm." April said.  "I can walk to the bank alone, Martin, you go ahead. I have my car."

The bouncer shook his head.  "No can do."

"What gives?" April wasn't used to the protective treatment.  Orders to be escorted certainly wouldn't have come from her husband.  Alex didn't worry about her, and he didn't seem to mind how little they saw each other - her nights, him days. She stood and wrapped the silk skirt around her slim waist and unpinned her long brown hair.  It fell against her bare shoulders in gentle waves.  The money went into an envelope as she continued the discussion.  "I don't pay you overtime."

Martin looked nervous, which caused April to pause as she collected the gun from the drawer in preparation for departure.  He now had her full attention.  She waited in silence for him to explain.


She stood a little straighter, and prodded, "Rumors?"

"Yeah.  I heard from Gordon that tension between the Hills and Brants is getting a know."

One elegantly sculpted eyebrow lifted.  "Obviously I don't."  Hadn't she been sold to the Brants to ensure the peace?  "This operation," and the prostitution ring, "is not an issue."  The Hill's kept control, gave their cut and to her knowledge didn't have expansion aspirations.  She shook her head.  "In any case.  I can handle myself."  It became a matter of principle now.  "Go home."

The bouncer didn't look quite willing.  "I'll wait."

April sat back down.  Her temper wasn't hot.  It was ice cold.  "Go, or you'll find the door locked to you tomorrow."

And still he waited.  April crossed her legs to indicate she wasn't moving.  The gentle flick of the gold lighter filled the silence and April exhaled smoke into the void between them.

Martin smiled weakly and said,  "It's already tomorrow."

April might have laughed if she hadn't already assumed the protective stance was 'because she was a girl'.  Then again...."Someone told you to make sure I wasn't mugged on my way out?"

He nodded.  "My life is more important than my job.  Frankly."

"Well, at least it's not personal."  April said.

"I didn't mean," he tried to back pedal which only made April smile. 

Her hands went to the deposit money.  "I'll try and make life easy for you.  Today, you make sure we both see the dawn.  Tomorrow I'll have someone drive me and take over your moonlighting duties."

With a visible sigh of relief, Martin nodded.  "Sounds good."

It took only a couple more minutes to gather the necessary paraphernalia and cloak she wore.  The two walked through the bar, turning off the remaining lights as they went.   April rolled her shoulders in a fatigued stretch as they locked the door and turned down the alley towards one of the main drives of Hail.  She didn't care to discuss her personal or family life with the bouncer.  He didn't ask questions or clarify the rumors.  They went about their separate business with practiced ease.  April had worked at the Pussy Cat Club for almost ten years.  She could run the place in her sleep. 

Indeed sleep sounded good.  Her steps hastened as the pair made the return trip to the parking lot.  April went to the gold Lexus which she considered elegant enough to enjoy but not flashy enough to draw attention.  Martin got into the Hummer close by and waited.

April discarded the cigarette and took off her shoes, tossing them onto the leather passenger seat, before she turned the key in the ignition.  Martin waved once it was clear the car wasn't loaded with explosives.  April yawned and drove back to the Brant estate.  Her to-do list consisted of sleep and lunch, in that order.  A tray would appear in her room about noon, but now she'd focus on resting. Time enough for questions when she didn't smell like weed and sweat.

The check engine light came on as she turned onto the cobblestone drive.  April parked the car in the garage and added another item to her list to handle with a sigh.  Then again, this would give her an excuse to talk to Desmond.  Not that she needed an excuse, but it never hurt.

The straps of the fancy shoes were threaded through her fingers as she walked towards the main door.  In moments she was walking up the stairs and taking a shower.  Without the make-up and hair wet she looked years younger and more innocent than her years and background demanded.  As quietly as she could she crawled into bed, knowing that she'd sleep heavy and not wake until her lunch was brought to her room.

OOC Discussion / Re: Mob Family Drama
« on: September 19, 2013, 08:33:17 pm »
Proxy server is a trip...but assuming it let's me post, I'll do the "wife of the eldest with aspirations of her own".

Lightening - if you want to have an affair, let me know.  You might want to see the character first before you commit.

If anyone (especially Ara) wants me to edit, I will.

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