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Title: Glass Shards
Post by: Ara on January 27, 2019, 12:38:08 am
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Glass Shards
A decadent, post-apocalyptic, neon-Victorian, dystopian, romance-murder mystery.

Five towers in a wasteland of sandstorms and lightning is all that remains of life in the world. Built before the end. Once owned, then governed—now ruled like kingdoms in the sky.

The floors are counted from the tops down, Floor One being the penthouse and often the last dozen or two buried under the sands. Each Tower drills straight down into a water line and has factories and gardens near the bottom, citizens stacked up a physical hierarchy all the way to the thrones at the top.

Miniature kingdoms. Most of the royals and aristo families have never even been below the twentieth floor. It’s been generations since the world outside was destroyed—history reduced to grim fairytales of monsters and moving darkness swallowing the world. Sandstorms, ash rain and neon lightning often sweep past their plexiglass windows.

Libraries, gardens, cafes and clubs are alive and well and keeping the Upper Five busy. The families owning and ruling each tower consider themselves royalty, their children princes and princesses, and hand out titles to those around them. It’s been a hundred years since the last tower war—a dark decade of bloody betrayal and distrust. Now the Upper Five are at peace, as much as they’ve ever been anyway, and in an effort to promote those connections and good will they send their children to be schooled together in The Garden.

The Garden was originally designed as a meeting place for the Upper Five—a ten story complex of suites, parlors, and ballrooms suspended between the five towers and bridged directly to each. It has been renovated to house the teens and young adults of the aristo families. Sent to live and study there for most of the year, some believe The Garden is just an excuse for the upper families to get rid of their heirs until they’re needed.

Along with royals, the children of the best social climbers have even been admitted, sent to make connections and ensure the elevated status of their families in years to come.


OOC chatter and character sheets to be added below! <3

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Title: Re: Glass Shards
Post by: Jill the Ripper on January 30, 2019, 10:35:13 am
In! So in!  I'm thinking... the bastard daughter of one of the five who's now been claimed as a legitimate heir? 

And.... hmmmmmmmmm, I dunno!  But I'm excited to brain storm what we need!!!  :cake: :pinkteapot: :crown: :crown: :crown: :jill:

edit: I have a name for one of our families!!!  De Ste Croix.  Sounds fancy, right???
Title: Re: Glass Shards
Post by: Ara on January 31, 2019, 01:48:16 pm
Oooooh! Love it! So the bastard will be new to The Garden??

I'm thinking the "kids" in The Garden range in age from like 14 to 22? Pretty much sent there until their parents decide to bring them into their own circles and drama.

Title: Re: Glass Shards
Post by: MyDiorama on February 25, 2019, 12:33:22 pm
this sounds so good!!!