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Title: Thoroughbred
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In 1932, as talkies began booming, the age of celebrity rose like a blazing new start in the night. A Miss Lorelai Silver made news with her pouting lips and doe eyes, and she caught the eye of a certain Washington aristocrat in black and white. By the time Miss Silver graced the screen in technicolor, her pining politician was married and sitting in congress and Miss Silver had made a name for being the unreachable beauty of Hollywood. When the two met at a New York gala, the most unquenchable sort of spark flared. Lorelai Silver’s ensuing pregnancy could have been devastating.

Quick thinking on the part of both Miss Silver’s controlling agencies and Congressman Woods’ steely-eyed wife led to the purchase of large plot of land straddling the Maine-New Hampshire border. In an act of peculiar good will, Madame Woods opened an orphanage on the property. But, it was a selective one—and she called it Versailles. A home for only the most decadent secrets. The first child to live his days at Versailles went on to become its academy’s first headmaster. The children who arrived after Headmaster Bishop, slowly at first and then at a pitifully abundant rate, were the world’s most prestigious bastards.


Versailles is a garden for the elite’s unwanted flowers. Children from secretive affairs, low-brow trysts, and unions without political merit. What began as the most garish sort of American secret has become a haven for all the discarded pretties of the world. Descendants of Headmaster Bishop—who eventually took his chosen name as their family’s—continue to run the palatial property to this day. Now, there are two primary estates: the Suits on New Hampshire’s side of the border and the Gardens in Maine. Admission to Versailles is only conceivable by the ultra rich; the Bishop family has remained true to Mrs. Woods’ jaded vision in that regard. The rules for acceptance, though, are ostensibly simple. Children left at Versailles come under the custody of the Versailles corporate entity until they are of age. They may be left with, or without, a name. However, no surname is to be provided to any child, and parents are never to claim them. No matter how successful they might one day become. Finally, children are to be left with a trust: Versailles’ one true hurdle. The fund must be enough to cover Versailles’ mammoth expense for the eighteen years the child will live on the property; any additional inheritance left for the child will dictate the youth’s experience in that world.

Thus begins life at Versailles. Royal bastards are filtered into the Suites, the “nursery” estates where the children live their first thirteen years. The Suits are as good as a cultural class system, if one can be imposed upon infants born with such mangled silver spoons. Those with the largest inheritances are sent to the Spades Estate. Smaller fortunes are sent to the Hearts Estate, lesser still are sent to Diamonds, and the proverbial “maid’s laundry” children are raised in Clubs. With no family name to hold, Versailles children often wear their Suits for chips on their shoulders. Such a start has bred a pervasive sense of entitlement in Versailles’ populous, which carries ruthlessly into the Gardens.

If Versailles was founded to harbor the most titillating rumors, the youths who spend adolescence there were bred with a flair for the dramatic. The Gardens, housing the Rose, Hyacinth, Chrysanthemum, and Jasmine Estates might as well be a separate world of kingdoms. Students recruit fledgling Academy socialites with a vicious fervor, and courts with full titles dominate the Estates. Subversive flower houses rise from within Estates to usurp control of the social hierarchy, and who’s dating who has escalated into a matter of royal importance. It’s cruel, exhausting, and utterly exhilarating. Some flowers wilt, but most grow thorny and thrive.

Beyond the nucleus of Versailles, students sixteen and older may take jobs in the outside world. There isn’t a single child on the property who needs one, but there isn’t a single child without a hunger to make a name, either. As a result, the world has curiously turned its eye on Versailles as a hotbed for eager talent. A bit like buying a designer coat at the second-hand store, Versailles residents are at once desirable and shameful. And so they remain, a paradoxical secret with all the appeal of otherworldly aristocracy, tucked away on an idyllic stretch of land in the American northeast to play their kingdom games.     

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Hyacinth House; but he lives there rather than subscribes to the court.

Seventeen and goes by Wist. Likes Shakespeare and loud engines. Got his name from the kids at the Hearts Estate—a little girl with golden hair turned Chrysanthemum Duchess used it first. Got his tattoos from a talented friend who’s dead now—sometimes Versailles disillusions the artists too young. He likes to pick on boys who look at him like he’s too pretty, though there’s always the chance he’ll take them to bed too. The rumor he likes best is the one where he’s the son of a film director and a cheeky starlet that put out more than the wife.

He doesn’t pretend to be cool because he doesn’t have to, but he does pretend to be bored when he’s not. Tells people he just wants to write screen plays and settle down with a sweet lover, but it’s hard to tell if he’s kidding. Virgo with nice lips and an occasionally Aries reputation. He says he thinks it’d be nice to be a Scorpio, but that’s only because he likes the way it sounds.

Usually, he’s a safe invite to parties and makes all the reasonable girls blush. Lately, there are rumors he’s been hanging around an unrecognized court at the Jasmine Estate and getting moody about his old tattoo-artist friend. Other rumors say there’s an older boy that’s caught his eye, a soon-to-be-alumnus that’s got all the makings of a romantic tragedy.
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Second in command, Valerian House of Rose estate

Ebelt's rise to power was dramatic. There was no secret about his ambition, but he could also be charming in that demonic way, smelling like your childhood blanket when he hugs you, and taking you to old hide-outs you've forgotten, provided you were a usable step on his latter. Took the throne of Valerian circa 6 months ago, but after three weeks of rule relented the title to Hiev. It is rumored Ebelt simply wanted the merit of having been at the top, and that he now feels as though he's transcended even the games of Versailles. There are also tongues that spin it he saw himself as a cruel ruler, and left it to a better, fittingly unwilling boy.

He spends his days trying to chip away at his gargantuan fortune, ran through a number of European accounts used by royalty, mostly, before it ends up in Versailles's elaborate golden cyber-labyrinth. He dabbles as a playboy-whore and supports some Club artists running low on funds. He'll be vicious when the oaky drinks get into his blood, but his threats are ultimately playful, because he's not reaching for a crown, these nights. Is the serious about his role in grooming Hiev, but also frustrated at Hiev's soft hand.

In the beginning the act was cute, but lately his shoulders have been taut. There is a frustration and a hint of mania in his games. He is looking for a new venture to throw himself into, and many of the kings and queens are wise enough not to play too much with him, should he decide on a fresh ambition. If you're a sympathetic soul, you can see a conflict there, and that the bubbling anger and crawling violence is just exhaust.
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King Valerian, Rose Estate

Grew up a sheltered Diamond. Always passed among lovers to bring him up into the political world. Learned of command but was never tainted by the harshness of it, since responsibility was never on his frail shoulders. Two years ago he was involved in an emotional tryst between Ebelt and Lyra of Valerian. Ebelt came out with Hiev's heart as his prize, and having lost her lover in such a public way contributed to Lyra loosing her standing, which of course catapulted Ebelt further. Hiev cries furiously upon remembering, and still talks to her.

Now rules Valerian and the house is harmonious because of it. Any attempts at the crown are skilfully thwarted by Valerian's new enforcer and former king, Ebelt. There has been some disastrous punishments for minor mishaps, a sign of Hiev's lack of skill in being cruel and thereby overdoing it, but Ebelt has been able to spin these into warnings for those who would disobey the seemingly silky king.
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was thinking, before I add any more characters, that Versailles should have a party!

It could be the kind of party where you could scout for new prospects within your own house, but mostly to officially promote people to titles. Maybe houses can even be looking at members of other houses if they're hunting for fresh blood. It could be a time of hopefulness that the king/queen will give you a better title and so on. Elitist xmas!

Either way, It'd be fun with a party of some kind, either as introduction, or build toward, since that kind of plot seems at home in this kind of setting.
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I like it. Maybe each of the Estates can hold a big party at a different time of year to distribute titles and kind of establish the "official rule" of the season (since internal house conflict can keep overturning things). It would make it nicely strategic based on which estate had held its big party before and after. Also, it would be a good time for fresh Academy kids to start trying to find places in the Gardens. So hooray elitist xmas!
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Cereus Court Duchess in the Jasmine Estate.

Sweet sixteen. It means something that, of all the Versailles red-headed pretties, her peers called her Scarlett. She never really entertained hunting for a high court position, gravitating toward the quiet Cereus Court operating within the Jasmine Estate. She’s a secret keeper and secret dealer, as most of Cereus are. Everyone knows they should hold their tongue around her, but it’s easier said than done. Persuasive smile and intense blue eyes, Scarlett speaks more languages than anyone should ever need to… both with her lips and body.

Oddly enough, she’s a remarkably reliable girl for those who endear themselves to her. It can just be difficult to tell if her pleasantries are genuine or out of a fine grasp of manners. She was quietly instrumental in Lyra’s fall from grace, though her business-like way about rumors leaves her on cordial terms with the girl. She seems to have a soft spot for Hiev because she gets along well with Ebelt. A sympathetic sort of blade, which seems like it shouldn’t be capable. But it is.

Rumors about Scarlett are few and far between. Navigating webs as she does, she’s clearly skilled in staying untangled herself. It was apparent she had that kind of skill from a young age—she’s one of the few lowly Clubs-raised students who isn’t met with condescension by her peers.
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Eeee! I'm super excited and hyped! But kinda confused again about the houses.

I thought the flower houses were courts but, if I'm getting this right, there are 4 flower estates (as listed in your first post) and then INSIDE each of those are flower courts? Does any one person rule an estate then? Like is anyone the king of Roses? Or just the kings of flower courts inside the Rose estate? Do all of those kings then rely on the Rose king to give them their titles and allow them to rule their courts? And should we all then make characters just inside one estate because otherwise interacting might be hard if we're that far from each others circles?

I love the party idea and have some ideas for that but those kinda depend on the answer to the above stuff...

HELP ME! I want to get up characters but I need answers first.
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Hahaha my bad, my bad. I think things got a little more complicated than I had intended. Okay, so, the long story short is that there are really only four Flower Courts that everyone acknowledges. These are the estates. You have Rose, Hyacinth, Chrysanthemum, and Jasmine. These courts are named for the estate names that earned the academy half of Versailles the "Garden" moniker. They are effectively really lavish dorms. Like. Harry Potter houses. Depending on who is ruling the court, the estates tend to have a different feel to them. Rose has traditionally catered to Spades kids and has kind of maintained this sense of being at the top of everything. Jasmine gets a reputation for being more interested in physical talents than where you came from... whether those physical  talents be in bed or on the sports field. That kind of thing. Everyone takes classes in the main academy buildings,  so interaction across estates is frequent. Parties are common and, unless there's an open feud between whole estates, it's not like anybody wouldn't be allowed to visit anyone else.

As far as the sub-court things... I wasn't planning on them, honestly, but they work well enough. I think the way I see them implemented is like special interest clubs or cliques. The vast majority of students will claim the "court" of the estate they live in. Sometimes kids will transfer, but in very sorority/fraternity like way... most develop some pride and loyalty associated with the estates that welcomed them in from the Suits. There are some kids who prefer to claim these "unofficial" flower courts though. Scarlett is a good example.

On the social ladder, Scarlett would have a lot more mobility if she played for position in the Jasmine Estate, earning favor from the current royals. Instead, she claims to be from Cereus. The Cereus court likes to play like it's a real court and has its own titles... but those titles are nothing formally recognized by Jasmine. If it suites Jasmine to address the titles, great. If it's inconvenient, Cereus' current King is just another Jasmine Estate kid without a title.

There aren't too many reasons to affiliate with an unofficial court. In Cereus' case, kids like Scarlett enjoy the sense of being a neutral power. All the estates know the rumor mill's engine is in Cereus' academy newspapers and secrets are like currency for people like Scarlett. Jasmine Estate lets Cereus keep on keeping on because Cereus has no desire to usurp the Jasmine throne and it's nice to have secret keepers in your back pocket.

The other reasons to claim to be part of a false court are a little more dangerous. So... Verse will have to tell us what Valerian is up to. One, is to climb a shorter social ladder of like-minded people. There are usually a few false courts that kind of act like... fiefdoms, if we want to get medieval. Many times kids from lower suits will grapple their way to the heads of these courts and remain loyal to the current estate hierarchy too. So, let's say a Rose prince wants something and Valerian can provide by rallying their "followers." Well, maybe the Valerian king suddenly gets offered an official title as a Rose Duke for his trouble. The other reason is to try and work towards overtaking the estate entirely. Valerian gets popular within the Rose Estate and people aren't terribly happy with the current Rose monarchy? Maybe Valerian gets enough backing to push out the current leadership and instate Valerian's rule. This is usually done over the course of student generations. Maybe Valerian kids are well-liked in Rose and have been for a while. It's a more popular decision to play nice then, as a Rose royal... but they'll start watching their backs too. One day more people might be calling Valerian's king the one in charge.

At that point, sure, Valerian could technically rule the Rose estate and keep the Valerian name. The vast majority of people would choose to take on the Rose court titles though... they have more weight and prestige.

Soo.... does that help? Currently, the only courts "that matter" are Rose, Hyacinth, Chrysanthemum, and Jasmine. Everything else is something lesser. Like. Wisteria doesn't care too much about the politicking. He lives in Rose estate. He would never ever consider calling Hiev a king. It'd be too much trouble. His royalty is the Rose royalty.
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I misunderstood some of this, so thanks for clarifying. Is it possible to change Hiev's title to Rose King now? It sounds a bit opportunistic, but his intended purpose was always to be a very "toppable" king. If that doesn't work, then obviously I'm entirely ok with things as they are.

I would still like for the Vespertine court to be a cult, under any official house.
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Got it! So even if Rose throws a big bash, people from other houses might show up?

Can we do a party that's a tradition? Like yearly holiday party? Maybe it gets moved from house to house every year and everyone is invited and it could be the kick off to new title season and recruits? So as to have an excuse to bring everyone to one place?

Are all of the younger kids and titleless kids divided up between the houses and then can hop around to different houses for titles?
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( (

Princess of Rose
Formerly Princess of Hyacinth

She's spade born and has enjoyed the luxuries that come with that. Not the comforts and power of her wealth, but the ability to be kind and think nothing of it afforded to her by being at the very top of a heap of haves. In a kingdom of wealth, Almi offers her friends something truly rare in their society of orphans—nurturing care. She dotes in a way few are used to, worrying about their health and wellness.

She’s started an impressive modeling career in the world outside the estates, with rumored romances never confirmed, but finds that that world feels strange and empty compared to the one she was raised in—the one where everyone knows each other by name and reputation and she is surrounded by friends that feel more like family, the only family she’s ever had.

Almi has been a princess since she was eleven. Originally joined the Hyacinth Estates but left during the year of Hyacinth Madness--welcomed into Rose. Beloved by all. Her peers struggle to speak ill of her. She follows her heart and never means to hurt feelings—keeping friends in many courts and never dabbling in the darker parts of their games. In fact, most try to keep her from seeing it at all.

Everyone says she’ll be a queen someday, they just don’t know of which house. Almi says she doesn’t need to be a queen, because when she falls in love—whoever she loves will be her king, no matter what their title.

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( (

Knight and Champion of Hyacinth

Wicker always wanted to be a knight. She petitioned for the role in Hyacinth as soon as she was old enough—handpicked by the then king, Hayden.

Terror struck the House of Hyacinth when she was fifteen, when she brought terror down upon them. She never speaks of what happened or why she turned so viciously on Hayden and all of his high titled followers but in the half year that followed, if they didn’t yield, they were destroyed. Those that were old enough, left the school entirely and those that were too young still fled to other houses—most living their lives untitled and rejected for fear that giving them favor, even in another house, would bring that vengeful champion down upon them and that the madness of Hyacinth would spread out to the other houses.

When the internal war ended, Wicker stood before a throne and then handed it away. She’d wanted to be a knight. She’s now the Champion of Hyacinth and given everything she wants. She is feared and loved and that is more than enough to keep her sated.

She loves duel and parties and all things loud, but most of all—Wicker loves to win.
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Verse, I don't particularly mind if you make Hiev the Rose King. I had assumed he was being groomed to try a hostile takeover but was too soft for it or something. Vespertine could totally still be a false court inside of Rose. I feel like Rose probably always has the most, being the most powerful estate by tradition. It can probably absorb more challenging groups/probably has more people vying for power anyway.

Ara, i love the idea of holiday parties being rotated through the estates. Since there are 4 estates, I was thinking there could be a big party for each season... pretty much all estates would attend to see who is going to get titles and get stripped of titles in the hosting estate. Maybe like... if the winter/Christmas party is the biggest party, the estates kind of rotate through who hosts which seasonal party? So like. Everybody hosts a ball and everybody gets a chance to entertain the different themes? I see horse racing and high tea in the spring... which I want. So. hahaha... forgive me. Oh. And yea. I'd say like... if an estate is holding a big bash, it's VERY likely the other estates show up. Exclusive parties are probably held predominantly in smaller/quieter ways.

Also, anybody could try and find a spot at a different estate as they pleased... it's just a matter of whether or not it's a good idea. If you have a title, why move estates... and if you don't, maybe you'll earn some friends if you jump ship to whichever estate your current home is feuding with most. Etc etc. Newbies can choose to room at any estate, and there is a lot of switching around in the first few months for kids who didn't have a particular court in mind. After their first year in the Gardens, they are formally initiated into whichever estate has matched with them. Matches are usually made by petition of a group of students within the estate and then formally approved by the reigning royalty. So... once you leave the Suits it can be a scramble to make a name for yourself in the estate you want. Or, you know, you could use some trust money to pay your way into the estate you want.
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Thank you! I shall cherish this house and never ask you for anything again.

Also, I have to say you look very good today, Ven. is that a new hair cut? It suits you wonderfully.

May I have House Jasmine too, for my Phellar? I was hoping to wage underhanded war against rose, and use Scarlett a lot, since she's bound to have some affiliations with her own king, right, even if she likes Ebelt and Hiev.

What time of year is it, by the by? Who wants to hold the partay? I'm looking forward to making smaller characters, too. Do we want to dive right into the festivities, or do we wanna be building toward it? I'm for either or, but I guess if we dive right in, I'd at least want it to be the day of, and not like, straight into it.

Seriously excited here!
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I was kinda sorta hoping to take Jasmine, but if you have strong plans, I suppose I could skulk off to Chrysanthemum. Haha.

I sort of like the idea of coming up on the big winter ball. I vote that Rose has it, this year, so that there is buzz that it's going to be extravagant in the highest order. Perhaps, when we start, we start the day of the big party with everybody getting ready in whatever way?
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I could just take any house! I am perfectly content with Chrysanthemum. It just really needs to be a house that could want to impose on Rose, which is any house, really. Phellar X has a nice ring to it. And then an X can be his symbol, golden climbing chrysanthemums and all. Also now I'm curious as to what kinda queen/king you'll make.

I like the day of the party thing! To be honest, I have already written a bit because I felt inspired before, haha. I'm getting help.
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The Jasmine King.

Sixteen. Nobody really expected her to become the head of an estate—and not at sixteen. But, she was born a Spade, courted Jasmine neatly, and landed on the throne. It’s almost a little unnerving that it happened with so little drama. Too quick, too clean, and nobody to protest. Jasmine’s reputation for night-blooming flowers has gotten a little richer and a little more pagan under her majesty, and she seems happy to keep Cereus court content and close. People tend to think she must have a master plan and want to be suspicious, but Luna has big doe eyes and a silvery laugh that make it hard to be too cold.

Maybe the telling bit is the way she chose to take the title of King, instead of Queen. Delicate, poised, and unwilling to step aside for any man. Remarkably straight-laced for the dark velvet estate. Not that she hasn’t got an interest in lovers—they’re just not allowed near her place at the table. A place on her pillow, itself, gets whispered about like it’s a privilege. Everyone is pretty sure she’s had her share of romance, but nobody, not even in Cereus, seems to have names. Jasmine estate is fond of their king. Sometimes the estate even likes to call itself Jasmine de la Luna. So, they don’t pry much and treat their king like an ultimate prize when there are no decadent rumors to peddle.

Luna burst onto the fashion scene as a designer, rising like something cosmic about as quickly as she took the throne. Her favorite model to design for is Almi, which some people take to mean the mysterious king must be a pure soul. Others say it’s just because Almi is so likable. At the end of the day, for a school of students without pasts, Luna’s seems even cloudier. A puzzle they’ve all grown up next to, pretty to look at but unconventionally untouchable. They say she was left with her name by her mother and that she’s mixed royalty in the outside world. It’s a pity she’ll never know. When asked about it, or anything at all, Luna is good at smiling and picking topics she likes better.   
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Ara... thoughts on Luna and Almi being friends already? I feel like they'd get along well. It could also lead to rumors that Almi might become the Jasmine Queen, since Luna decided to take the title of King and could, theoretically, name a friend or lover as queen. If you prefer they're somewhat strangers, I'll just presume Almi is like Luna's muse from a fashion designer and model standpoint?
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( (
King of Hyacinth

Idella is a king who bled for his position. Hyacinth had the most brutal power struggle the school has yet seen only a year and a half ago. Dozens of high ranking students were ruined—some socially, some financially, and a few physically. For months the fall went on, secretive and picking away at the court, before it broke into an all out war that lasted two days. When it was done, he went from a knight, to a king.

They say it all started with a slight made by the then king, Hayden, to a young knight girl. What exactly he did, is left to rumors because no one left that knows, will dare to say. All they know is that the girl knight saw to his ruin and in the ashes of her fury, Idella ascended to the throne.

Hyacinth knows peace again. No longer attacking the other houses under Hayden’s reign and no longer imploding on itself as it had under the fall. They’ve become settled, welcoming and full of joy with many parties and open arms. The whole house loves to duel in all forms because they dearly love to win.

Idella enjoys his position as king but never forgets who put him there or what horror could come for him if he did not lead well. He makes sure to keep the Hyacinth champion, Wicker, always happy. She is his sword, his maker, and possibly one day his destroyer.

That nightmare of how he became king never quite leaves his thoughts, always tapering the edges of his smile and lurking in the back of his gaze. Though Wicker is still his dearest friend, he can’t help but fear her—having seen just how far she can go to fell an enemy.

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Okay, so I rewrote Wicker into a knight and made a male king of Hyacinth for obvious reasons.

I gave Hyacinth a civil war in its recent history that would have led to the outcasts of the last court fleeing into the other three houses--but probably not getting titles in those houses because of not wanting to offend or have the "Hyacinth madness" spread to their courts. BUT, of course, if the other kings are inclined to offend Hyacinth they might go for it anyway.

V, Luna and Almi can totally be friends. I imagine her being friends with quite a few people in different houses and that works out great if Luna is a designer since Almi's a model. Maybe they work together and that instigated them becoming close friends? And this helps lend to the rumors flying around about Almi's romantic life and where she'll end up.
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And I'm all for the party at Rose. A winter ball sounds lovely!
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Phellar, Chrysanthemum King

And don’t you forget it. Was used to the best from the start with his titanic inheritance. Stayed in the best circles and learned to be cruel. It shadows his pretty features and flares in his eyes when he drinks vodka. Likes to think of people as luxuries, and enjoys seeing them in all stages, especially more private ones. Has been seen switching royals with his horse whip for wearing the gilded X of his house wrong on their skin, but also fought with his bare hands to help servants up the latter, simply to see their faces when they prevail. Expects the best from himself, and for himself. You have better invite him, and give him the best treatment at your party.

His rise wasn’t so dramatic. He was primed to be king and simply circled the title, demanding his continued ascension until he’d arrived. It didn’t take him long, and he acted like a ruler long before the post was his. Chrysanthemum is neat and tidy, everyone keeps up with their studies, but his promotions are erratic, since he likes to see his people in a disarray, sometimes. He will often enlist from other houses, provided they’re selling good service. Priests and priestess from Vespertine to bless the wine, and decorated guards from Hyacinth to line the doors of his soirées.

Keeps a handful of queen-willing about himself, out of which Covalije and Stanizza are the most prolific and likely to earn a place by his side.

He’s a king that will throw out the best food if one orb of caviar catches the candlelight in the wrong way, he’s a king that will kneel in the mud to drink the first gathered rain of the year. He might lash you across the face or see right through you to your suffering and give you lordly sympathy. You can hope the sweetness that glimmers in him sometimes is real, and decide to wear the golden X, too. He prefers it on your sternum, best ink, permanent, or burn into your back.
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Hyacinth Knight.

There are a lot of ways to be a defender of one’s estate. In Hyacinth, particularly, a passion for rising in competitions of any sort keeps the sparring grounds wide. Fern’s blades are words, mostly, being well-read and too clever for her own good. Luckily, her sweet face hides her teeth nicely, when necessary. She’s knight of the law, wielding rules and loopholes as it suits. She’ll be swept up by an ambitious firm as soon as she’s got the right paperwork. She’s a gymnast in her free time, and there are a handful of thoughts as to why various estates like to request her as a guard.

In the conflict that put Idella on the throne and Wicker at the reins, Fern stood by her estate. She did manage, however, to stay out of the dirtiest of it. Never openly for the previous court or the ascending, she still had the right arguments for accepting the shift in power when the victor became clear.

Lately, she’s been spending time in the Chrysanthemum Estate, holding a guard post for many of the king’s more private events. She’s spoken to him a handful of times, and offered her sharp advice to a few of the others of the court. Confident in her expertise to a fault, she has a habit of being more candid than some appreciate; but most do not complain if she’s on their side.
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...And some minor characters that may or may not actually make appearances...


Jen Tanaka.
Instructor of English Literature and Poetry.

Jen went to Oxford and lived in a flat with Lynette Bishop, a practical sort of daughter from the Bishop family. Nearing the end of her program, Jen was left hungry for a change of pace and without good plans to achieve it. Lynette suggested she try her hand at teaching for Versailles—she could put in a good word with her uncle.

Miss Tanaka is the right balance of professional and coy to interest a contingent of the Versailles boys. It’s a good game to try and fluster her. She grades hard and expects her students to make time for the course, regardless of their absurd extra-curricular dramas. But she’s fair. And she seems to care. For as little patience as she has for their royal games in her classroom, she’s always been willing to sit for brunch and lend an ear outside.


Rose Prince.

Popular model, popular with men and women alike, well-liked prince. All-around good guy. He's almost too normal for Versailles. Probably the son of a Saudi prince... but nobody is sure why that would have been a scandal. Gets what he wants without trying too hard; his smile has a way of it. Says he wants to be a chef. He might even be good, but there's a lot of pressure to stay in fashion with his looks. Seems like he has the potential to be the brooding type, but it never quite goes that way. Tends to develop the menus for all of the big Rose Estate parties, though he's high-brow enough not to be caught actually cooking for the masses. He can, however, occasionally be convinced behind the bar. His cocktails are becoming a Versailles legend.

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Okay okay I think I'm done. When would you guys like to start? I'm pretty psyched so I can get a thread up whenever you guys are ready to pull the trigger. Obviously we can keep adding characters/hammering out details here as needed/wanted.
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sounds good. whenever you're up to it.
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shoot! Shoot it dead!
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bang bang. (
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My post ended up being hella LONG! But I'm just so excited!

So, I'm thinking Almi originally joined Hyacinth as a princess but fled during the year of upheaval and coup to Rose, where she's been happily ever since.

I'm also playing with the idea that Hayden (former king of Hyacinth) was an overall psycho and the last straw for Wicker was actually him mistreating Almi--though just about everyone figures he wronged Wicker or that Wicker is just insane.
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I am soooo hyped for all this! PARTAAAYY tonight.
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I'm making up random bits of past history and stuff as I go... let me know if you guys mind something and want it changed or whatever. I just figured more character interaction was better? Hahaha.

Also... are there any estate scandals that we should know OOC? I haven't thought of anything sordid in Jasmine yet, but I will of course inform as things arise. Should Cereus court know about Hayden, or is that like SUPER tight lipped and only some of the Hyacinth royals know?
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You can decide entirely how Phellar have behaved against Fern. He's probably poked her subtly about anything on her own king, but she's good with her words. She's probably seen a few boys and girls be undone at his whim, just like the would-be Prima. He knows she's good with words, but that she's not a Wicker-tier soldier, so I don't think she's entirely safe from him, but he might not have done anything yet. Depending on your vision for Fern you, you can revise.

Phellar does have nefarious plans, but he's not told anyone. Cereus might know his softer sides, and that he's more excited than usual over this party, which in itself should be a bit alarming. Could be pertinent to spy and maybe make a few assumptions?

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How long is Fern working for Chrysanthemum and what on earth did Idella get for that? He super hates it... Like, everything that could go wrong with one of his knights working for another King and how that could soooo easily spark war. Especially Phellar. Is it normal to mix and match the knights from houses? Or is she in fact a spy? Or is it something that they would have had to trade something for? Like Chrysanthemum gave Hyacinth something in exchange for loaning knights? Maybe they have a lack of knights?

I like the idea of sharing secrets and scandals OOC here so we know what should be in the rumor bank--especially for Scarlet. As far as Hayden, she probably suspects he's in the infirmary still since Idella goes there often and no one else can get into that ward. But that might not stop her from spreading or fanning rumors that he died and Wicker killed him--because that's kinda more alarming to people.

They wouldn't know the truth of what sparked it all though. The common rumors are that either Wicker is crazy or that Hayden did something vile that made her snap, she was pretty young at the start of it and she says herself it started a year before the day everything went wild, manipulating and plotting and bumping high ranking Hyacinths from their seats. So one of the common rumors would be that Hayden got handsy with Wicker, and she never confirms or denies any of the rumors so they're left to grow.
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more OOC! okay. I'm working on my post. I loooove how complicated relationships already are in this. I love all that backstory stuff.

Ven, would King Luna have sent a dress to Almi? And oh my god, they have to dance!

(I shouldn't post this yet because there's a solid chance I'll think of more stuff to say before I'm done writing my post but imma do it anyway...)
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Mmmm... I sent Fern over because Verse had mentioned in his post about Phellar that he likes to hire knights from Hyacinth to stand post outside his parties and stuff. So I guess I was just accepting that this was a thing. I think maybe it's also just assumed that everyone is potentially a spy? So Fern could very easily be a spy for Hyacinth. I guess I was going to play it off as it's sort of just a "show" more than anything else. Like, if you've got the money to throw around to hire people outside of your estate I assume it's akin to showing off.

Would also be open to Fern getting killed off or otherwise shamed in some way that sparks conflict between Hyacinth and Chrysanthemum if desired. If you really don't like the idea of Hyacinth knights providing a presence at other estates, we can just go with the estates play nicer around the time of balls or something but Fern isn't typically at Chrysanthemum. I didn't really have strong plans with Fern yet. She and Wist are semi minor compared to Scarlett and Luna for me. Hahaha.

Also, YES Luna would absolutely have sent over something for Almi. Which, obviously, you can make up as you like. She probably would have sent over a full ensemble and some silly self-depreciating note about how Almi shouldn't feel obligated to wear it, of course, if she doesn't like it.
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I think I just had this romantic kind of knight idea in my head of them being loyal to their kings and courts, whereas if they trade them and work for hire for different courts it's more mercenary. Which isn't bad! I was just surprised. Maybe different knights go about it different? Some stick to home and some take other jobs? The knight hiring thing could also be like a show of good will between estates.

I'm so hyped for the party! <3<3<3<3<3<3
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Yea, I like the idea of knights being symbols of loyalty and whatnot to their kings. It could definitely be the case that knights kind of take their jobs differently, but I was definitely going with the show of goodwill between estates policy... and probably reciprocation on the other side being a lot of money or other desirable favors. I'm assuming the knights themselves probably don't get paid for working at other estates?

Anyhow. Fern will be using her post to keep tabs on Chrysanthemum in whatever way she can. She could even report back to Wicker if we wanted to keep tangling things up.
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Sure! I mean, they'd know each other even if they do have different skills. Speaking of that, how do we want to go about duels? Like, the challenger gets to pick the kind of duel, but can the duel then be passed to another person to fight for the house? So that houses can always pick their best of the best for each duel? Or does the person challenged have to be the one that fights?

haha This isn't relevant at all yet, I'm just fleshing more stuff out.

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Ooooh... what if there was (sort of) the option of both. If a non-royal/non-titled student challenges another (this would include knights, perhaps) they have to fight the duel themselves. However, if a royal issues/accepts a duel for some reason, they could send whoever? Like Wicker might fight pretty much everything for Idella? It could be semi-common for people to issue duels to royals in an attempt to get attention or whatever, and losing to a champion would silence them.

I presume dueling can come in many forms, from debate to races to actual physical fights... and forcing somebody to duel in something they clearly have no skill in seems silly. So, maybe as a point of pride, if you issue a duel you can also provide the option of naming somebody else to fight in your place (titled or not)? I dunno. Not sure what works best... I'm open to suggestion.
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I like that non titled students just have to duke it out themselves for themselves. But because of the diversity of dueling forms, it seems like it'll be cooler if they can elect a champion. Maybe especially when it's between gardens and not inside them? So, like, if Fern challenged Wicker she'd just have to face whatever form Fern picked--probably lose--and then probably challenge Fern to something equally unfair in her favor afterward. lol But if Wicker challenged Scarlet, it would be between gardens and involve everyone and Scarlet could choose a champion.
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I'm down with that. Makes things a little more formal between estates.
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But leaves room for fun duels inside houses!

Oh my gosh. That should be a thing that's happened before. Because Wicker is more physical and Fern is a fountain of facts, they could have gone back and forth challenging each other to unfair duels before! I figure both can keep up on the physical/mental levels since they have a lot of the same schooling so it'll be fun events for the Hyacinth crowd to watch but of course they excel at different things.
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Ahahaha... They should definitely be like... really trope-y "we pretend we hate each other but everybody knows we're friends." They can bond over being competitive.
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Champion fighting is always a nice way to go about duels, but I think I'll have most of my fighters do their own fighting. That's probably not true in Hiev's case though. Poor boy.

And I'll definitely use Fern to further what I have planned for Phellar! You tell me if you don't like any direction things are going. I definitely won't wanna kill her, even though I'd LOVE to. Kinda wish I'd gone that way with the plot in my head now. Adorable, wordy Fern.

There is a part of his plan that would be a bit hard to execute if she was always watching him, so I'm thinking he'll have to take her out of commission for a moment during the party? Any ideas for that? Right now I'm toying with chloroform cloth, stun-drug laced kiss, or a quiet, private choke hold. I'm veering toward affectionate psychopath, as we're seeing, haha.

I think Phellar has been courteous with all houses. It's not like he's been king for forever, he's been struggling to get where he is now too. Mostly, he's doesn't have bad history with any of the higher-ups, but I feel like any ruler worth their salt can recognize him as a future problem.  I am open to any joint back story, though.
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Well, Fern is only on duty for another hour or so until she's back to Hyacinth. She's not likely to cause him trouble at the ball... but if she gets wind of anything later, if she's guarding at Chrysanthemum again or something, it could get a little tricky for him.

Is there anything in particular Scarlett should be dropping hints to Phellar about? I'll edit my post accordingly... but I don't know what she's privy to and what she's not/what your plan is for Rose v Chrysanthemum.

Also, I half way thought Fern would just be amusing near Phellar because I could see them arguing over Phellar's behavior. Fern is opinionated enough to bring it up if he ever acknowledges her. She's a little stuffy, too. So guarding at Chrysanthemum, particularly if its any of Phellar's private affairs, is probably kind of heathenistic to her. And, theoretically, Phellar should be less inclined to mess with her since she's a kinght of Hyacinth.
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No roughness in secret for Fern then? Where will I get my micro drama before the show-stealer now! Well, I suppose Phellar's antics with have to do without an opening act. I'm looking forward to banter between him and Fern, instead.

She could prod him about the japanese journals he's been reading lately. Copies of old things from then powerful men. It seems that's been his only real interest lately, at least the only one he's serious about. He's been keeping it a bit of a secret, but not entirely locked up. He might get a bit testy.

We are all having good interactions, but I'd wanna ask when we're cutting toward the evening, so I can pace accordingly.
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posts are getting long! I will shorten mine down as soon as there is room for that.

I think I'm falling in love with Lyanna. Any takers? I'll be content in continuing playing her on my own, of course. it's also not like we don't have enough players in this drama.

Plan is to force himself on Hiev when they're alone, by any convoluted scheme. he's learned it from a particularly misogynous "taming" literature, and believes it will steal Hiev's heart and make him like putty. If any of this would be available for Scarlett to figure out, there you go.
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Ven! Any chance King Luna and Almi might have a romance??

Verse. /sigh Poor Hiev...
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Post by: Verse on November 17, 2017, 01:58:08 pm
Miss Tanaka.
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Almi/Luna can totally be a thing. You thinking established or developing? Good fire for rumors!

I might make Scarlett guess at Phellar's plans at least somewhat... maybe she drops a hint to Fern.
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I'm thinking developing? Almi's kinda oblivious to that kind of thing. She's really good at relationships but she's never really done romantic ones. She gets shy and skittish. It should be ADORABLE! lol as opposed to the rest of my characters which will be heathenous horn dogs.
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Oh, what a lovely fit. Luna is so muted and laced up too. And prone to fretting. Perfect perfect, she'll be fun next to Almi.

Verse, I wouldn't hate to take up Lyanna because I'm a sucker for writing dancers... but it's up to you of course!
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OF COURSE you can have Lyanna. You did name her.

This romance sounds adorable and sweet. Will Cereus know of it? How public would this be? Will you guys be adding outside friction or shall we protect this?
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Hermes Duke of Rose

Decided dancing was his calling at an early age, and wanted to learn all of the forms. Still entertains some contemporary off-shoots of the expression but stays mostly with his ballet training. He has good form, and could probably teach you, and is an aspiring talent at his company. Has been told on a few occasion that he's not necessarily passionate when he moves, even though he moves correctly. That will upset him. His ego has yet to be threatened that much but judging from a few outbursts after some competitions that didn't entirely turn out in his favor, he is a Primadonna waiting to happen.

Partnered with Lyanna and has been dancing with her ever since. It seems their styles do well together, but even the head of their company has hinted at them having the same strengths. He sees the beauty in her lines because it reflects his own ideal. That is, from the outside, without a doubt why he has a hard time going to the next level.

He likes soccer, and plays sometimes, but never in excess, so as to not see it get in the way of his other training. Has had a weakness for angular blondes for a while now, and eats shawarma on his cheat days. Like any other art-inclined student at Versailles, who isn't a titan of a prodigy, he gets some lip from the business minded populous. He figures he'll do well enough on some side investments and perhaps buy a company when his legs give.
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scruffy. Don't say I never gave you nothin'

now I have to study ballet terms.
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Oh, it's like early Christmas! He's lovely. I do like scruffy. It has to be scruffy or full bish, really. This is such a treat.
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Post by: Verse on November 20, 2017, 09:30:28 pm
I came off a little douchy in my last post! It was meant to be said in a chipper voice, I promise! I am of course excited.

was considering this guy


but then I thought that'd be unfair to put up against Phellar. Could have played the possible sibling angle, then, though.
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Untitled, but she’s never been ambitious about anything but dance. She’s always been down to earth, in so much as a girl who’s never wanted for anything can be, and gets along well with Hermes. Lyanna’s practical nature has been unflappable, heavily influencing the precision of her dancing. She’s perfectly by the book, which frustrates her coaches, but she can’t seem to completely understand why. Sometimes, she commiserates with Hermes over it, frustrated that she’s not able to provide the “passion” they want. Her luck in love has been similarly cool, with more than a few suitors who have inevitably lost their interest in the dancing doll.

Lya is particularly close with Miss Tanaka, whom she often treats like an older sister. Jen Tanaka worries about her, because she also sees the lack of emotion in Lyanna’s dancing and is inclined to agree with her coaches. Lya could be shrewd at business and build an empire of schools and dancing world essentials, but she’s never shown exceptional promise as a moving dancer. Lyanna would be heartbroken if she knew. It does seem like there’s still hope, though. On the rare occasion Lyanna can be swayed toward dancing with her heart rather than her head, she can be breathtaking.

She is weirdly self-conscious about her height, though she’s neither exceptionally short nor tall, and likes to wear tall heels when she’s off the stage.
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Post by: VenomousEve on November 20, 2017, 09:49:16 pm
ohhh hardly. And he would've been great. Like... inferiority complex toward Phellar much? Also yea. They totally look like they could be related. At the very least they look like they'd be a perfect match on stage.
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Post by: Verse on November 20, 2017, 11:23:01 pm
Lya is sooo gorg. Xmas right back at me.

And Ms Tanaka is her friend! People are gonna flip. Not entirely sure how Phellar is gonna weave this in, but somehow it has to happen. Can't wait for the ball, people!
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Party soon!
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Post by: VenomousEve on November 21, 2017, 03:40:21 pm
For the sake of coordinating histories:

Fern and Wist know each other from around the time his friend died. Said friend had not been officially part of an estate yet, but he seemed to be leaning toward Hyacinth. Died in a car wreck as he was on his way back to Versailles. Fern helped Wisteria secure many of his belongings before they were distributed to Versailles as a corporate entity. They stopped talking after all of it was over; they'd gotten along well but the terms of their meeting had been poor... it left the friendship awkward to maintain.

Wist has been floating around Cereus because he has heard a few things that lead him to believe an older Chrysanthemum prince, graduated now, might have been involved in his friend's crash. He's digging where it's not helpful and where he shouldn't but digging nonetheless.

Nothing like. Super juicy. But still.

Oh, and I'm thinking like... because Almi is so good natured and Luna is Luna with her agreeable, fairly well controlled image... nobody is super sure that they are/will be anything other than good friends with a working relationship? That way Hiev is kind of "on the inside" with catching that there might be some other potential there?
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Post by: Verse on November 21, 2017, 07:41:07 pm
Backstories! I should contribute to these too. I can see potential for storylines with Fern and Wist.

Am I correcting in guessing there's been no real movement romantically between Almi and Luna then? Time for Hiev to meddle!
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Post by: VenomousEve on November 21, 2017, 09:30:32 pm
Mmmmm input from Ara needed, of course, but I kind of assume they're both semi-oblivious to it despite getting on well? Meddle away!
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Post by: Ara on November 22, 2017, 12:38:15 pm
You guys get all chatty at night while I'm at work! Yes, I think Ven nailed it. They're oblivious so meddling might be needed! Maybe others that know them think it's obvious or that they're hiding something so it could lead to some gossip if our gossipy characters want to have at it?
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Ven! I didn't mean to be short, but I was trying to give Fern a chance to outfit change so we can move everyone to the party!

Anyone noticed we have no Queens!?
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Post by: VenomousEve on November 23, 2017, 06:21:46 pm
Hahaha... I did notice. But I mean... king just sounds cooler. Luna thinks so, at least. Does Ebelt semi count as a queen due to his relationship with Hiev?

Also, sorry if posting from me is a little slow right this second. Thanksgiving and all that.
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Ven, I got presumptuous and made Grayson and Scarlet friendly.
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Post by: Ara on November 24, 2017, 02:24:43 pm
VERSE! ALIOS! ALIOS! I almost forgot but where the hell is that sexy beast!? If Ven gets a scruffy dancer, I should get Alios.
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Post by: Verse on November 24, 2017, 03:10:43 pm
Alios coming up! I'mma make some sheets!
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Post by: Verse on November 24, 2017, 04:38:03 pm


Spade, Knight of Jasmine

A part of the pagan movement under Luna and plays with the thought of joining the Vespertines. Likes to crush leafs and extract pollen. The chemistry teacher gave him full reign of the lab long ago but he doesn't invent that much anymore, but isn't he adorable with protective goggles and no shirt under his white coat. Genius, probably, but he doesn't hold that very high. His EQ is his most treasured attribute, at least of his non-anatomical ones.

Friendly as a child and help babysit when he was nearing Garden age. Was a serious student for other's approval for about half a year, when his love for endorphins bloomed. He's a do-gooder but he dresses like a demon sometimes. He is wanted in parties outside Versailles and uses his low, happy voice on some tracks currently on the radio. You're probably using the brand of shampoo he's spokesman for.

Alios will always love you. Isn't it strange he's never been in a serious entwinment? And yet, very few broken hears around him. Maybe you think all of this makes him lonely? Maybe you'll save him?

Maybe you try and have the time of your life.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on November 24, 2017, 05:16:23 pm

Wicker will be sexually harassing him in that joking but no joking sort of way. A lot.
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Post by: Verse on November 24, 2017, 05:17:34 pm
Iora Flell


Instructor of History and Etiquette/Versailles Conduct

Ms. Flell knows everything there is to know about this prestigious place. She always wanted to have grown up here, but was brought up in a home of academicians, miserably never rejected by her parents. Her interest in the orphanage lead her to write several papers on it, during which she forged contacts that eventually landed her a position on the faculty.

There is no secret rank weighs heavily in any classroom here, but teachers are told early not to play favorites. Iora completely ignores this, and will give a king the highest grade if they sign up.

Going in she was hoping to seep in the atmosphere but has yet to feel included in the lavish lives of the students. Persistence turned to bitterness and since she couldn't turn it on her bluebloods, she is kind of hard to deal with if you're not of the student body. She obsesses over the higher titles and is let run rampant since she is in charge of chronicling the events of Versailles. In her secret, indulgently fine, leather bound diary she writes of hopes that she might share a sordid romance with one of the budding stags, hopefully with a pretty title.

Hates Jen Tanaka fiercely for her popularity with the boys. Keeps inserting herself into the poetry teacher's business because of her obsessive tendencies.

Will likely become an ingredient in the plan of any ambitious schemer under any house. She might welcome the deceit.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on November 24, 2017, 05:19:05 pm
Go for it, ara! I do so enjoy playing a hedonist.

Would love to open Iora up for anyone else, or maybe an NPC? Either way, I'll include her in the story.
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Post by: Ara on November 24, 2017, 05:22:42 pm
( (

Diamond. Prince of Hyacinth.

Unlike most of his generation, now making up the top tier of Versailles, Grayson knew exactly what he was getting in to when he was recruited into Hyacinth under the reign of Hayden. Hyacinth presented a pleasant front with toothy smiles then, barely hiding an underbelly of violent social climbing. The court of Hyacinth was an ever changing, bloody thing back then--a ladder made to be climbed with claws and teeth. Grayson had joined for that challenge, for the climb of his life and the thrill of keeping his place. It all went to shit before he even got to start, all because of some knights and their need to do the right thing. Fuck the right thing, Grayson is bored and looking for something, anything, to make life thrilling.
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Post by: VenomousEve on November 25, 2017, 06:18:13 am
Oh my gosh, seriously guys like... don't hesitate to assume whatever relationships/histories you want with my characters. Scarlett especially. She'll be friendly with and trot just about anyone through her bedroom to keep a good network and get good stories.

Also, in other news... I decided to save Vanity in Dust for Thanksgiving break so I could get some solid reading time in and I binged over half of it last night. It's so good, Ara!! Although the book cover just has me picturing Verse as Vaun and I've ended up reading most of him with the same mental voice I think I have for a lot of Verse's characters here. Which is great fun. I've been showing the book to my family and stuff too. Just for the bragging rights of having a signed copy and all. Hahaha. But seriously. Amazing work. I'm so psyched it's a series.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on November 25, 2017, 06:43:51 pm
Aaaaand Alios is in play.

Vaun's love of jackets is a direct connection between him and I. I wear less magic and more... musk though.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on November 25, 2017, 06:47:20 pm
Also his hate of coffee!

Ven! Thank you so much for all the nice words. And thanks again for buying it. I really do hope you enjoy it!

Oh my god, Verse... I can't wait to read Alios. I'm going there now!
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Post by: Verse on November 28, 2017, 08:48:26 am
seeing Phellar and Luna in one spot might make Grayson and/or Scarlett comment on the fact that they're both picturesque people with dark hair and silver eyes. Grayson especially might suggest they might be siblings.
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Post by: Verse on November 28, 2017, 09:42:06 am

My name is Ismaela, and I write this in anger.

I work for two men who share the same name. They are one heart. Their name is Phellar, king of the Chrysanthemum house.

I was raised like all of you, to be better than the world outside, but I never wanted to be ontop if there were people who needed me below. Between my classes and my social duties, I spend my time and efforts in the nursery. I want to take care of children, and I've always wanted to raise the good in people who need it. I have procure a place for myself at St. Augustina's hospital, and I've donated my wealth there.

To some of the nurses and maids at Versailles it is known that the usually unreachable and jagged Phellar likes to visit the nursery and play with the little ones. He has a perfectly soft hand when he's with them, and has seen to raise some clubs to heart level by swelling their coffers. He breaks hearts as a sport, perhaps, but he also nurtures them.

I came to learn many things when he - without my knowledge - practiced his sport on me while visiting my extra-curricular work place. He made promises that made me forget about St. Augustina outside. It is a story some know well. I won't embarrass myself further than to say I was a naive pastime, maybe fitting in the role of mother while he played house.


I had vengeance in my heart when I discovered his ruse and hurried after him one night. I was reckless, and I think that hid me, somehow. That is how I've learned all this. Before I get to the discovery I made, it is important you know Phellar has three favorites. You only have to know about Elluise, the adorable blonde who has just taken her first steps. She is a diamond, both in my heart and by Versailles categorization.

The girl who has been missing for a while, Namna, is a prisoner of Phellar's. He keeps her in his private rooms. I could only glimpse a little bit when his hubris left a door open for me, but it is her. It is a secret, but the powers here at our grand orphanage had seen fit to forget her, no doubt due to Phellar's status.


I thought it would be enough to press him on this once I had the chance, but then when I heard how she spoke of Elluise, the child she'd named, I realized the horrid truth. The rest of the conversation did well to fill me in. Elluise, my diamond, is the daughter of disappeared and forgotten Namna, and king Phellar.

I cannot hurt the little one, even for my vengeance, but I fear for this secret, if Phellar finds out I share it. I give it to you, keepers of secrets, so that this truth will not fade if I do, by some mishap.


I have submitted records of the sum Versailles always takes upon entrance, drawn from one of Phellar's accounts. And another sum that corresonds to Elluise's inheritance. There is also a paternity test here, from material Phellar is want to leave behind after trysts, tested against Elluise's blood. You will se a match.

Thank you for your services to Versailles,

Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on November 28, 2017, 09:42:36 am
thought this letter would find its way to Scarlett somehow. Ismaela IS missing.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on November 28, 2017, 03:58:44 pm
Oh how fun!

And Phellar and Luna being siblings would be quite something, wouldn't it? Their parents should be proud... two orphan kings!
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on November 28, 2017, 08:53:57 pm
Their parents should be! But... from what ara says, no parent would be proud of Phellar. I keep trying to say he's a good guy. He is going to help Hiev discover himself, and Namna, well, he gave her a place to stay.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on November 28, 2017, 08:56:43 pm
Ah, dear Phellar. Any parent that would be proud of Phellar would have to be just like him.

In other news, I'm trying to get a proposal done for work so... if I make you guys wait a day for a post, I apologize. :(
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on November 28, 2017, 09:04:00 pm
I have no problem with you marrying your work. A lot of beautiful careers start that way, but don't you think the proposal should come from work? I guess I'm just traditional that way.

And take your time! I hope it's not too stressful.

Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on November 28, 2017, 09:00:45 pm
Well it's just... it's been years now, and I think if I don't make the first move we're just going to stagnate. You know how work can be. It just gets comfortable and then... before you know it, it seems like it just wouldn't make sense to change anything and take the next step. I think we're both ready. Work just needs a little push. A little hint.

Also, lowkey hoping Hiev wrecks Phellar's heart. That is all.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on November 28, 2017, 09:09:01 pm
Ahhhh! I love that idea! Like all his crazy rapist jerkiness backfires and he falls in love with his victim who eventually wrecks him! That would be romantic.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on November 28, 2017, 09:09:31 pm

Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on November 28, 2017, 09:19:16 pm
A++ for the continued work/husband metaphor.

Y'all get deduction for wanting Hiev be a seme though!

Okay I'll consider it. Since Phellar is such a good guy, he might play along.
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Post by: Ara on November 28, 2017, 09:23:06 pm
So, I'm thinking of having Grayson see Phellar rape Hiev, do nothing about it and then blackmail one or both of them later on. It can totally backfire at some point and get him killed. I think he's going to be working toward getting into Hayden's locked down hospital room and waking him up.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on November 28, 2017, 09:31:21 pm
Plotting! Good!

We don't have enough climbers in the story yet. Watch away.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on November 28, 2017, 09:32:11 pm
bum bum bum! I was going to ask if Fern should know about Hayden, what with her somewhat tracking toward a career in law. Perhaps she has been working to see if there's a way to quietly move Hayden to a hospital or private care off Versailles property while maintaining their ability to watch over him, that kind of thing?

She could pretty easily get tangled in Grayson's stuff then... between whatever she's doing to counter efforts to bring Hayden back and whatever she ends up being privy to if she still floats around Chrysanthemum at all. Like, if Grayson does end up dying... I dunno... some combined effort from Wicker and Fern to protect Idella could be part of it? I dunno.

Also, I could see Scarlett being willing to give Ebelt dirt on Phellar if there brews any sort of revenge plot against him for Hiev's honor. About the kid or his captive girl. Dunno what she'd want traded for that info though.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on November 28, 2017, 09:40:17 pm
Would she do it for the drama? And if she hints at having something that might help in the situation, Ebelt might want to trade anything, if he suspects its the good stuff.

If Fern and Wicker in addition to Phellar want Grayson down, I don't see him lasting long.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on November 28, 2017, 09:43:03 pm
I'm thinking of getting him on Phellar's good side somehow. You know, snakes with snakes. And Phellar might be interested in Hayden's return? Chaos in Hyacinth and maybe more distractions from his own bad deeds? All while Grayson is blackmailing Hiev. Cus let's face it, Hiev seems way more blackmailable than Phellar.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on November 29, 2017, 07:04:41 am
I think Phellar is a remnant from the time of bad kings, he's just endured because he was more selfish and evil. and because he's nice.

But yes, he wouldn't mind Hayden coming back, even though he enjoys the Hyacinth court more right now, he likes when things are stirred up. Unless it about himself.

Hiev most probably lends himself well to blackmailing.
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Post by: Verse on November 29, 2017, 08:38:45 pm
I have decided that there will be jokers/jesters (I don't know which, yet) in Rose and Chrysanthemum.

It'll basically be their best artist. It can be a painter or a dancer, or a poet. Their top artist which is promised a bright future. It'll be sort of the king/queen of the arts, and desirable among those who are inclined toward that expression. If you houses want to have one too, it'd be awesome

I will of course somehow lace this with Lyanna and Hermes, somehow.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on November 29, 2017, 08:47:51 pm
That's a cool idea. I like it. I think I will extend the practice to Jasmine as well... and perhaps something of a patronage system. Well-regarded practitioners of any particular talent can receive patronage from a title holder in Jasmine. This extends a certain amount of protection to said artisan via the title of their patron and may also come with some amount of funds transfer from the patron's trust to support the artist's talent without diminishing their own funds.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on November 30, 2017, 07:02:06 am
Oh! I like the patron idea! Maybe it comes from a time/tradition where artists or expressionists of any kind usually don't have the time/desire for monetary gain since they're so into whatever they're doing.

Also thought maybe the Hyacinth house might have a particularly skilled smith as their main contender/current jester/joker. Just a suggestion to show the houses and their different personalities through their joker.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on December 08, 2017, 10:09:08 pm
Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry I've taken so long. I honestly haven't turned on my computer since Sunday. I'm still in this though! I'll get a post up this weekend!
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on December 09, 2017, 01:56:19 am
No rush at all, Ara! I'd much rather go slow and have you on board than not have the thread. I hope everything is going well!
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on December 10, 2017, 01:59:45 am
Posted! Really hoping I didn't forget anything. Oh, these bitches are so catty!
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Post by: Verse on December 11, 2017, 09:26:15 am
About to get cattier.

duel soon! Need diversion for Hiev's education!
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on December 20, 2017, 12:15:45 pm
Venom! Did you figure out what you wanted to be the dark drama of Sable's death? I wouldn't mind making Grayson involved, witness, or villain in that!
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on December 20, 2017, 02:03:46 pm
Also, ven, as Phellar is pushed away, he'd leave a little pinch on the skin of her back, it'll bruise and look a little like a butterfly, unless she's somehow able to avoid it.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on December 22, 2017, 03:58:31 pm
Ara! I would love to have Grayson involved. Right now I'm thinking Hayden might have orchestrated the car crash. Probably without the intention to kill Sable, but with the hope of instilling a very pointed lesson. Maybe Sable stood up for someone Hayden was targeting. Sable wouldn't have been vying for the crown or anything, but he would have seemed threatening... so Hayden might have tried to quiet him down. The crash ends up being worse than anyone anticipated and Sable dies. Wist and Fern are so caught up in keeping his personal belongings from being reclaimed by Versailles (for sentimental reasons) that they hardly even bother to look closer at the accident. Something recently will have gotten Wisteria digging again. Maybe Grayson ended up with Sable's title in the aftermath? Like, he could have had nothing to do with the actual incident, but helped play some quick cover up for Hayden after things went wrong... getting rid of evidence or w/e. Up to you? Or, if Grayson wants/needs dirt on Idella, maybe he was a witness and wants to frame Idella now? I'm open to however you'd like to insert him, really!

Verse, duly noted. I never let my characters avoid bruises, you know that. Hahaha
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on January 01, 2018, 05:11:29 pm
How about the car crash was Hayden's desire but Grayson made it happen? In an attempt to get himself a position--ending up with Sable's? Framing Idella might totally be a move he tries though!
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on January 04, 2018, 04:44:41 am
I like it! Are we going to assume that they just meant to rough up/scare Sable, or do you think Grayson would have intended to have him die?
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on January 04, 2018, 11:04:27 am
Could have been told to "teach him a lesson" by Hayden and decided to make it worse, to make a new spot for himself? Unless you want it less intentional?
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on January 04, 2018, 05:22:46 pm
Nah, that works for me. I just wasn't sure exactly how villainous you were planning to make Grayson. Hahaha. That all sounds great.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on January 04, 2018, 10:03:07 pm
Oh, he's going to be a monster. I'm going to have him see what happens between Phellar and Heiv, do nothing about it, and then later shame and blackmail Heiv to help him get Hayden awake again....
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on January 17, 2018, 09:39:37 am
Feel free to keep torturing Hermes about little mentions at Phellar, if you want Ven.

Ara, you can continue the duel if you want. I just wanted to give Wicker the win if you wanted. I was also thinking of a malfunction with the chrysanthemum sword, if you would like to continue, so obviously I'm good either way.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on January 22, 2018, 04:08:05 pm
I'm adding Gloria into my mix! Verse, I'm thinking maybe she could have been close with Ebelt and helped him gain the throne back in the day? Then super disappointed when he gave it to Heiv, but always appearing supportive publicly, so as to maintain the unified image of Rose. But now I'm thinking she's a big old schemer! Maybe plotting with Grayson. Planning to pull weeds from the gardens...
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on January 22, 2018, 07:59:10 pm
Glorioa is gorgeous! And yes, their history makes perfect sense. Maybe they were well synced, getting him to the throne, and that relationship suffers now, quietly, and they both feel it. He feels bad for it, when he thinks about it, and she can have turned to scheming instead.

He could have promised her a higher post, but now sees it like strange favoritism since he's not the king. I feel like he's inclined to give her anything she asks for, though, so she could use that with her scheming. I can even imagine her offering her a position of queen, and her not taking it because it feels like pity, I dunno, does that work for her, you think?

He might even defend her if she's accused if she ever slips with her scheming. I  imagine he might also get defensive with her, since she's a blaring reminder of what he could/should have been, when they're on their own.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on January 22, 2018, 11:07:07 pm
Ara, was thinking to have Luna mentioning to Idella that Cereus appeared to be digging back into Sable's history a bit more, as it might be relevant to the crown to know. Nothing major... just like. Goodwill between kings or w/e.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on January 23, 2018, 07:35:59 pm
ladies and gentlemen I give you

Hadron, taken name, real name Marlon


Hadron was a good knight with tendencies toward violence, but had become proficient in reeling it in by the time the Hyacinth madness started. He went above and beyond fighting for Wicker’s and Idella’s cause, but never really came back to them after that. He stayed for a couple of months after Hyacinth opened up again, but was ultimately discontent about the new court and its stability, so he was propositioned by Phellar and accepted.


Before his abrupt change of values, he was hoping to be a tattoo artist and was a good friend of Alios because of it. They don’t see each other anymore. Even though Hadron keeps a rather bright exterior, it’s not lost on anyone that there is a deeply rooted wrath inside. It comes out in his explosive, extended punches and his needlessly volatile cqc tactics. Back when he and Idella used to spar, going through the ranks together, he was calmer, and concerned about his opponents. It seems now as though he’s angry at his former self for having denied this new side for so long. Phellar lets him run wild when there’s no immediate task for him.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on January 23, 2018, 07:41:51 pm
Figuring Idella's ol' army buddy. Maybe he hates Phellar a little for nurturing this side in Hadron? I also wanted a "freer" player to play with. He's open for anything. He is easily directed, like a bazooka, but I don't think super easy to control? I dunno. He's looking for a cause.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on January 24, 2018, 09:18:53 am
Oh my gosh. I wanna hate him but.. look at him! O_O
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on January 24, 2018, 09:20:23 am
And, Verse, I love the ideas for Gloria. We can kind of makeup/develop their backstory as we go based on that, I think.

And Ven, it seems like Hadron might have derailed their Kingly conversation for a bit... lol
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on January 24, 2018, 10:25:52 am
I feel like it should go without saying, but if I ever forget to respond to a character, you guys can tell me. I keep adding characters! I love it. ^_^
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Post by: VenomousEve on January 24, 2018, 07:35:03 pm
Haven't read the new posts but... Hadron is so pretty... that's all I wanted to add. Hahaha
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on January 24, 2018, 10:48:14 pm
Ara, I can edit if you wanted Jewl to get to sneak his attack. It just seems like the kind of thing Fern would have picked up on. Also feel free to do whatever to Fern/move her if you need.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on January 25, 2018, 09:36:53 am
y'all ladies only in it for the looks of the guys!

me too.

Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on January 25, 2018, 02:24:43 pm
Verse! Did you stab Fern? Or rather, did you have Jewl stab Fern? I kind of need to confirm this before I finish my post. lol
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on January 25, 2018, 02:35:54 pm
I kind of did yes, unless Ven strongly objects. it could just be that Fern is holding the blade.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on January 25, 2018, 03:57:25 pm
ohmygod I couldn't wait any longer so, Ven, you got stabbed. I'm sorry. But I'll treat you like a princess!

lol and I think this means this epic party is finally winding down... which is good, cus now we can have the fall out and blackmail and threats and obviously now a huge issue between Rose and Hyacinth...
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on January 25, 2018, 04:15:30 pm
Fern getting stabbed is A++ I am fully in support of my characters being injured maimed and killed. Hooray!

And yes! Holy heck that party got energetic.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on January 25, 2018, 09:13:30 pm
I feel like after a few finishing things for this evening we should maybe skip to morning? or do you guys wanna keep the night going? I guess that could be fun too.

Kinda wanna have Phellar visit Fern in her sickbed, if she'll be in one, but I'm not sure the story needs that right now.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on January 25, 2018, 11:01:39 pm
I'm down either way with the time jump. I could see more happening tonight, but it also might work better to move on to all the scheming and such. Phellar would probably drive Fern nuts right now. She's cranky. So I'm also fine with him visiting her, if it ends up fitting in well. Hahaha.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on January 26, 2018, 07:06:41 am
jumped to the middle of the night, but figure we can still play things out a little before that if you guys want. Also left it open on the time skip. Thinking if Fern lives, he'll still visit her in a more interactive capacity in another time.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on February 05, 2018, 03:42:16 pm
Verse, were you hoping to kill Fern off? I don't really mind either way, just wondering if I should write it in.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on February 05, 2018, 04:12:04 pm
I don't mind whichever way it goes. If she does recognize him, it probably would play out that way, but she might be too out of it, too. I guess you get to decided whether the poison he'll plant directs suspicions at Rose and she lives, or if she dies and there'll be a whole new level of drama. If she does die, Phellar has a pension for kissing the breath out of people, I've learned.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: VenomousEve on February 05, 2018, 04:14:20 pm
MMMM they're both such good options, don't you think? I was leaning toward the hyping suspicion around Rose though. I thought it would make it more fun. But then again...
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on February 16, 2018, 11:14:16 pm
Oh my gosh. I'm the worst player of all time. But I'm going to post like a total jerk, super late. Probably tonight.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Ara on February 17, 2018, 01:22:14 am
Bam! And, by the way Verse, I CRAZY loved Ebelt freaking out on Hiev and Hiev being sooooooo transparent!
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on February 17, 2018, 01:58:23 pm
Hiev is a bit of dweeb. And Ebelt was king! He is bound to have some anger in him.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: BrendonRi on May 07, 2018, 01:41:13 pm
Why do you say that, Verse? Are all kings angry? Hmm, I suppose you're right now that I think about it lol.
Title: Re: Thoroughbred
Post by: Verse on May 18, 2018, 07:19:04 pm
You, sir, are a very sophisticated bot. Thank you for your patronage.

But yes. Kings are angry  because they get all they want.

Ebelt IS angry because he WAS king. All former kings are angry.