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Title: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Verse on June 30, 2017, 10:49:33 am
Spoilers as far as rumors go:


You guys don’t even know how hyped I am for the Castlevania series on Netflix. It’s going to be 4 episodes 30 min each, this shit got me typing like a fuckboy hahahahaha nude pix?

It’s basically just a 2 hour movie which is by no means a reason for complaint, it just means it’ll be Disney length but instead of dancing and singing around every issue it’s going to be adult time 2 hours. It also means I can take pee-breaks and do push-ups to calm me down when the intro runs. Who am I kidding I’m probably going to sing along in every intro and outro and if there aren’t lyrics because they decided to be too classy for that then I’ll just invent nonsense Japanese ones. Noooo too much goodness, I don’t know babe. Nudes

There is a fair chance it’ll suck because I hyped it up in my head. How can animestyle high budged 2d movie with pretty gothic vampires go wrong though hahaha I can’t even live now. It’s said to be like game of throne by its creator and director which is disconcerting but hopefully the director means the ratings and seriousness instead of general plot ahhhhhhhhhh this is a good time to be alive. U up?

2018 will be season/movie two and I’ll be equally hyped I hope.


The voice cast has someone cast as Alucard. Warning, I didn’t look too much at the actor’s profile pic but he is not as pretty as Alucard by Ayami Kojima, but who is right? But that means the most beautiful vampire in the world after Reneseme Edward and Bella’s child will be in the series! Wooooooooow this mustn’t be the end of all good things, but how does one top iiiit? People who have children will feel so silly for going for parental bliss now that there’s an upgrade on Netflix.

Everything will be so beautiful. I haven’t watched the trailer so anyone of you who has seen it must NOOOOOOT include spoilers here or I will ban myself. I don’t have the authority to do that but I’ll stop posting for like, two weeks and that’ll make you feel really bad so don’t spoil, or VenomousEve will wonder why I left without saying anything, and Ara will wonder why my porn searched went way up and my writing on para went way down. So don’t spoil. Here is the trailer for your quiet enjoyment, though

it’s right there on the imdb page.

Just kidding this is an ironic thread I’m not interested in Castlevania.

Just kidding again, who wouldn’t be interested in alabaster gods and their hunters?

Are you a Belmont or a Tepes? Let’s make teams! I want to win.

Please post your hypedness here without spoilers, pictures and fanart and even fanfics and poems are welcome!

hahaha, nudes lol I bench I like your eyes shortie hollah
Title: 6 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Verse on July 01, 2017, 08:28:25 pm
I have actually never played any of the Castlevania games all the way through. I am just a fan of the art, and vampires, and the mood. I do own the artbook of the artist Ayami Kojima who drew most of the inspirational and actual art of the Castlevania series. So now that there's just 6 DAYS LEFT until the series premiere, I will put up some pictures of Alucard, arguably the prettiest game character ever, in my opinion. I like him double breasted, but yeah, he looks good in the coats, too.



can't wait to see what they do. Just imagine! One week from now we will already have had the series for some hours and maybe even watched it! Maybe even REwatched it!

The world is beautiful.

Also, there will probably be petitioning for a fan-thread. Heavily from my side.

What do you mean that I'm overhyping this for myself?
Title: Re: 5 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Verse on July 02, 2017, 01:08:10 pm
It's practically no time left until the release!

I would love to report that I dream about this series, but it is my belief you only dream about unresolved thoughts, like if you didn't finish a thought or something like that, then your subconscious has to resolve it in your sleep because you were too lazy/damaged to do it consciously. And I never have an unresolved thought about CASTLEVANIA on NETFLIX, because I KNOW that I love it and there is NO QUESTION in my mind about that.

I read that a fan of the witcher, a reporter, wanted this treatment for the upcoming Witcher series too, that is going to be based off the books more than the games, but they're going either other animation or live action, from what I could understand. I think it'd be nice to see more fan properties that didn't originate in anime to go to the format, too. But I always think anime is the answer for anything. I am looking forward for a traditional, linear writer to get to work in an anime space with Castlevania.


Also, shark week is coming up but I can't even think that far ahead. Besides, sharks aren't real, but VAMPIRES ARE so I'm trying to stay grounded and realistic here because I can be faulted for having my head in the cloud. 2017 is the year I grow serious and tend to things that matter. Like BEAUTIFUL MEN HUNTING BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS IN ANIME FORMAT!
Title: CASTLEVANIA fan-fic!
Post by: Verse on July 04, 2017, 10:38:35 am
Spoiler alert: this fan-fic has been written by someone who's taken in auxiliary information through images and some circulating lore of the Castlevania franchise without having played the games, so... whatever spoilers can come from that.

In celebration of only 3 days left until the release of Netflix's Castlevania ANIME series, I have written a fan-fic.

CASTLEVANIA - Alucard's dilemma

The handsome youth strode out of the chamber, steps hard and heels high. He was wearing finest garb, and his pale hair was reminiscent of the moonlight outside. The castle framed his beauty well, with spears for iron fences and tall towers. Magic around here, always, but today it was singing another kind of hymn – youthful rather than aged and wanting to be forgotten, and hot instead of chilled by the rain and the fog. Alucard gestured widely at the still open doors, an artifact inside, a being. His father.

“I haaaate you dad! You don’t let me do anything!” he shrieked and stomped the expensive but very out of date boots against the archaic but well-kept floor. Somewhere below, reverberations in the chamber of the succubae. They were grateful for the addition. “He’s my friend, and I won’t let you come between us! Gawd, dad, you’re so embarrassing! Why do you even dress like that!”

A creature came into the hall and it made even the effervescent, spry stag seek the opposite wall with his back. Dracula, of legend, of nightmares, stood tall, collars plentiful and centuries in abundance, though not written in lines on his face, his age was clearly documented in the sureness of his eyes. He also kinda smelled old, like when you find fabric that looks like the fabric your t-shirt is made of, but there’s just something about it that makes you think ‘this was made in sepia times!’.

“My son. My blood. I am hopeful you’ll be my heir one day, and I treasure you more than my moonlit nights.” A heavy voice started, lifting itself expertly despite the gravity that laced it. “BUT YOU ARE A SILLY LILTTLE BITCH!” A crack from Dracula’s hand resounded and alucarD spun once, indeed like a silly bitch, to catch himself against the wall, his father’s handprint stuck on his visage like gathered cherry blossom petals. No really, it was just the shape of a hand. Cherry blossoms, even laid out to look like a hand, would be more fractured. Also they are usually pink. Alucard’s hand-mark was bright red.

“Daddy!” Alucard complained. “You slapped me! That’s child abuse!” he challenged, cupping his sore cheek and temple. “Fuck! That hurt so much, Daddy!”

“Correction: bitch slapped. Because you are one. Of silly variety.” Dracula lectured.

“Well I don’t care!” Alucard defied, standing tall again, but he did look less than formidable with that burning tattoo. “I’m going to hang out with Trevor no matter what you say! He’s dear to me, and I don’t care what society thinks! The world we live in, it should learn anyone can love anyone.”

Dracula sighed. He’d fought armies that sent endless arrows on him without flinching, but his son’s voice was giving him a headache. “I am not telling you not to hang out with the Belmont kid because I want to cross your stars, Alucard. I am telling you not to be close to him because HE’S A VAMPIRE HUNTER. One that had explicitly stated that he intends to KILL VAMPIRES. And you’re a vampire. I’m a vampire, so…” The dumb expression of both denial and genuine dumbness on Alucard’s face sent his father into despair. “Listen. I’m sorry I bitch slapped you, but it’s a little like a person of color wanting to hang out with an active racist. Also, he doesn’t want to hang out with you. He wants to kill you, so why would you want to form a friendship with him?”

The conversation went on from there, but in the end Alucard had not changed his mind.


The medieval classroom was so medieval the board was only half projected. And the projector had not had updates yet because the software hadn’t been written yet. Also plastic hadn’t been invented yet, either, so the projector was basically just a glass lens and circuit cards and a little plastic logo that said “SONY” because apparently a little plastic had been invented. So the teacher was basically just putting pebbles in the shape of words on the floor and the students had to stand on their desks looking forward and down to see. Every lesson took about a day. Alucard, believing he was one of the cool kids, sat in his chair, and Trevor who was actually a cool kid, sitting beside him, was coiling his whip around his fist.

“I can’t believe my dad, dude. He says we can’t be friends because you’re a vampire hunter and I’m part vampire.” Alucard whined. Trevor looked over at the pretty forever-youth while raising his bound, balled hand.

“We AREN’T friends you bloodsucking idiot! How many times do I have to tell you? It looks bad for me when we hang out. Please sit somewhere else. I am actually plotting how to kill your father and you right now.” Trevor was insistent. He was desperate not to be associated with the son of the vampire king.

“Oh, you’re always so funny, Trev. Always doing your angry-hunter bit. How do you keep it up?” Alucard mused as he leaned back in his chair. The teacher was setting up new pebbles.

“NOT A BIT. I keep it up by loathing your kind.”

“Hey the special is up in the canteen today, can I buy you one? I know your family is struggling.” Alucard tried.

“What? We’re doing just fine… it’s just that, there’s very little vampires left and you’re kinda considered an asshole for wanting people to pay you for killing them…”

“You don’t have to explain. You be proud over you family business, Trev.” Alucard said and pumped a fist toward his desk mate. Trover’s shoulders slumped.

“It’s Trevor. And fuck you. I don’t need your charity.” Trev said, determined. “But I suppose I do like the special. It was bread and actual meat, right?” Not so determined.

Alucard shrugged . “I don’t know. I usually just have the lunch staff. So, lunch date?” his fist was still out. Trevor sighed and touched his whip-clad fist to Alucard’s undead, cold knuckles.

“Yeah. But I’m still going to kill you and your father.”

Alucard smiled brightly, teeth a tell-tale. “Besties for ever, Trev and Aluard. Nothing will ever come between us.”
Post by: Verse on July 06, 2017, 09:47:56 pm
There's only a few hours left until the release!

PLEASE REMEMBER ME FONDLY! because this is going to be my departure.

Ahhhhh! How can the world be so glorious?

This isn't even going to be a thing! I'm cool. It's just an anime show wait it's not it is the best things come together and were made to serve the pleasure center of the human brainthaaaaaaank you so much!!!

Okay, I'll be going to sleep now, swedish hours, and maybe wake up in a few hours to see if it got on netflix, and if I so choose, maybe I'll stay up and watch it even if tomorrow's a work day hahahahahahaha I'm such a rebel... not drinking caffeine really sucks now.

Castlevania here we coooooome! Farewell sanity nude pix
Title: wuuuahhh!
Post by: Verse on July 07, 2017, 06:30:24 am
It's not out yet here! I guess it's 7th of July in the AMERICAS! I was hoping to squeeze one in in the morning. Oh well, hopefully there'll be some updates to my netflix by the time I get home from work, fresh and undead!
Title: spoiler free CASTLEVANIA review
Post by: Verse on July 07, 2017, 10:40:38 pm
So, during my half day of work - because I always just work half a day on friday because I work long on monday and tuesday - I kept hassling ara via text if they updated our netflix yet, and they hadn't! BUT then when we met up, she checked again, because I don't have a smartphone, and then they had! There were four nice delicious cryptically and gothic named episodes where there had only been a trailer before! I was so happy.

So we ate, because I didn't want to eat and watch because then you might loose some vampire prettiness in the crunches, and then we sat on the floor and watched it all! I loved it! This is coming from a fan of the aesthetics and not the games.

There are very few things like this out there, and it was nice to have the language be english but the dubbing be fitting for once. Usually I just go japanese voices and eng sub on anime, but this time it was american produced. Art was good and for a series adapted from a video game, this was absolutely world class. Netflix, man, I feel like they've got what it takes to make fans happy.

Ok, so I give it the highest grade, and my next review will probably be overflowing with spoilers, so beware.

Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Lightning on August 11, 2017, 09:01:19 am
Dude. I know this is extremely late but I watched Castlevania and I loveddddddd it. I don't think I can ever match your love for the series but it's definitely a favorite of mine now. The art was fantastic, the characters were perfect, and Trevor is probably one of my favorite main characters of all time. Also, like you said, the voice acting was so on par. I mean they did get like half of the hobbit cast to do this though and I am so glad they did. Richard Armitage was so good! I was sad it was only four episodes but there will be eight for season two. Yay!
Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Verse on August 11, 2017, 09:37:08 am
haha, I'm so glad you like it too!

How excited are you for next season?

Man, Netflix is killing it with cartoons lately. They are increasing their anime library AND giving us voltron legendary defender.

Richard Armitage has such a dreamboat voice.

According to the maker of Castlevania, he didn't care about season cut-offs, he said the overarching story is what people should be excited about, so I think that's good.


How hot was Alucrad though? They really nailed his design, and let him have those Ayami Kojima style eyes. I was so pleased. Looking forward to a ton more of him in next season.
Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Lightning on August 11, 2017, 09:59:10 am
I am beyond excited. I need it right now and I'm going to die with impatience until it comes out. I'm glad they care so much about the story though. I feel like a lot of stuff has been lacking in the plot line category and I never felt that way about this series. It also helps that all of the characters are really solid.

Spoiler time!!!!

Lol. Alucard is hella pretty. He definitely has the most castlevania vibe from what I remember the cover art of those games being. I've never played them either btw. I'm more of a Trevor fan myself though. His dialogue and that fight scene in episode four. Like shit if that's him rusty, I can't wait to see him when he's on his game. Dracula is fucked. I think that fight scene was probably one of my favorite parts of the show. It was so well done and animated. It was also the perfect intro for Alucard.
Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Verse on August 11, 2017, 12:08:58 pm
so happy someone else is all in on this one. Hopefully they'll give us more, but by the sound of it they were aiming for a legit full arc with this, so obviously next season is going to be intense. Might be nice to have something episodic that is actually finished for once. Could be cool if they made 2 seasons for each game. Haha, I'm being spoiled by Netflix.
Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Lightning on August 13, 2017, 06:41:38 am
gah, i know season two is gonna be AMAZING. i need more Trevor in my life. honestly, i'm shocked at myself that he's not my avatar yet lol. also, netflix can keep spoiling us, i want and NEED it.

more spoiler time.

i loved how in the last episode, whatsherface (idk her name) blushed at the sight of Alucard and does not give a fuck about Trevor. actually, her whole attitude in the show is perfect, i love her.
Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Verse on August 13, 2017, 12:46:22 pm
But lance as an avatar isn't half bad either, haha.


The chic, as you say with an insanely hard to remember name, was awesome! You haven't played the game either so I assume you wouldn't know who she ends up with if she even is a romantic type character, but I thought it was funny too, how Alucard is literally a monster and Trevor has already saved her once and is now helping her save the town, but she's all blushy for Alucard. I guess Trevor's attitude doesn't work for him.

Can't blame her though. Alu was so hot. I suddenly get all those 80's glam rock idols, if that's how they thought they looked.


the sword is my guitar.
Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Lightning on August 14, 2017, 01:52:20 am
this is also true, i love voltron. netflix is just making all the hits. i just started watching season 3 because i found out what happens in season 2 and i was like NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT. so to prevent further omging, i waited till season 3 came out.

spoiler time~

lol, she remarks all the time on Trevor's rudeness and how she doesn't like him. i think even when she saved his ass she was like, i don't like him but still.
Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Verse on August 14, 2017, 11:41:44 am

I can also see her having a thing for drac himself. haha, we're just rewriting what's already set by the games. I think the fanfics for alucard and trevor are gonna skyrocket, though, if they haven't already.
Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Lightning on August 14, 2017, 08:15:02 pm
spoiler image thing.


dat shit is fan fic GOLD. otp.

also, i gave in and made trevor my avatar because i have problems.
Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Verse on August 14, 2017, 08:22:13 pm
haha! that is too sensual! Props for the quality of that, shiat. That's better than my tv.

And I was gonna say, nice scruffy hero you have on your avatar. Guess you're team hunter.
Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Lightning on August 14, 2017, 09:02:43 pm



i can you not though? #teamhunter
Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Verse on August 14, 2017, 09:20:55 pm
I tried to counter with high quality Alu gifs, but they're rare. He didn't have that much screentime. You just wait until season 2!
Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Lightning on August 15, 2017, 01:06:54 am
lmao. i was almost gonna look for Alucard gifs and then i was like wait, no that wouldn't help me. their fight scene though. BEST GIF SET EVER.


Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Verse on August 15, 2017, 09:17:05 am
There HAS to be more fightscenes as fluent as that one. I hope they got the budget for it because damn. You gotta admit, hand behind back sword technique is sexy af, even if you're team hunter.
Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Ackerman on October 20, 2017, 09:53:31 am
There HAS to be more fightscenes as fluent all the best bcaas for men to use ( that one. I hope they got the budget for it because damn. You gotta admit, hand behind back sword technique is sexy af, even if you're team hunter.

I agree 100%. That technique looks amazing.
Title: Re: 7 days until CASTLEVANIA!
Post by: Verse on October 20, 2017, 11:50:36 pm
Ackerman! Attack on titan? are you Levi or Mikasa?