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Title: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: Penfighter on June 12, 2016, 05:03:26 pm
Hello good people of Paragraphite,

I have been toying with a great many options recently for an RP to open here and make some new friends with and have finally settled on a premise. Hopefully, I am not the only science-fiction nerd perusing this board, because this concept is entirely rooted in classic sci-fi books and films. Actually, you will a see a decent amount based on some of the basic ideas behind the ship in the movie Event Horizon (though, don't worry, I am in no way interested in using the horror elements of that disappointing film). So, without further ado, I present to you...

Beyond Measure


The year is 2671. Humans have slowly spread out into the Milky Way in search of new homes for a population that now numbers in the trillions. Most live in space permanently aboard massive ships, stations, and even interstellar bodies with no atmosphere (moons, asteroids, platforms above gas giants, etc). The search for natural homes such as Earth (or those close enough to Earth Normal for us to make it work) has driven technology faster than anything that has ever happened before.

Some would say too fast. Ships are being built with new ideas and theoretical concepts while sufficient time for testing is never taken. One such ship, the Beyond Measure, is a rare collaboration between several of the largest Intersolar Nations. It's theoretical Singularity Drive was designed by a scientist from the relatively small but extremely tech savvy Clarion Alliance named Doctor Marcos Paulsson. The science behind this drive is simple in theory, but difficult to execute. The ship's engine is capable of distorting space and time using a small, manageable singularity (or black hole) at it's core. This manipulation of space and time was to theoretically make it possible for a ship to change the shape of the space around him and arrive at its destination in a matter of the time it took to program the singularity and activate the engine.

Paulsson and a crew of 222 left on the maiden voyage from Clarion Prime twenty years ago. After activating the Paulsson Drive, they were never heard from again.

Until now. The Clarion Alliance has never stopped searching for clues as to the missing ship and crew, now, a distorted message from that ship has been detected in a solar system far from human colonized space. A crew of the best salvagers and rescue personnel is being assembled on Clarion Prime to investigate the signal and bring back the ship. This crew is diverse and made up of members of several different Intersolar Nations. The ship was a collaboration, as will its retrieval.


So, cool premise eh? But what characters are available? Well, at the time of this thread's posting the list is obviously ready and open for everyone. I want to get a feel for interest before we start into specifics, but basically we need a ship Captain (the best in the Intersolar Nations), a pilot, an engineer, some kind of black ops or paramilitary rescue officer, a medical person, a scientist, and perhaps some civilian administrator to go as "oversight" of a joint nations project. These are the basic roles we need to fill but based on interest, we can take even two roles or so if we want in order to populate the crew of the salvage ship.

Starting Point

The premise is great, but I'd like us to begin well before the trip out to find the Beyond Measure. This RP gives us an opportunity to spend some time fleshing the characters out as they are selected and begin training for this assignment on Clarion Prime Station in orbit around the planet. Then, with full knowledge of our characters and the possibilities at hand, we will blast off into places unknown and see what happens. :) Where has the ship been?


This RP is actually meant to open up future RPs. I'd like to create a nice sci-fi universe for us to return to whenever we fancy it here at Paragraphite. This RP opens up that universe with the Beyond Measure as the catalyst for change.

Interested!? Post!
Title: Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: Ara on June 13, 2016, 02:33:58 pm
Eeeeee! Space aventure sci-fi! I love sci-fi!

I don't even know what character(s) I want for this, but I know I want to play!

How much further ahead do you want to start, before the actual adventure? Are they competing for positions on this mission? Do they know what the mission is or just that it's important to all of the higher ups? How sci-fi are we going here? Can we have tech implants? Is everyone generally human? I'm guessing the Beyond Measure hasn't gone to space hell since you're not interested in the horror elements of Event Horizon. I AM TYPING SO FAST RIGHT NOW! Okay, maybe too excited? Did I mention that I'm in?
Title: Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: VenomousEve on June 14, 2016, 03:55:31 pm
This sounds lovely. May I be an android? I love playing androids. Sentient machines make me giddy. But yes... I second Ara's questions. How much do the characters know, have the already been selected for their positions, and are we all supposed to be human? If we don't have to be human, do you wish for us to propose species or simply dream up a character? If you're looking to establish a "reusable" universe, maybe we should detail desired species more?

I am interested in the pilot or engineer if androids are allowed. Alternatively the engineer or the doctor. Ok, actually most of the character roles sounds like fun. I'd be down with pretty much whomever. I'm in, regardless!
Title: Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: Penfighter on June 14, 2016, 09:34:39 pm
Great questions!

I am wanting to keep this at humans for the time being. The main reason for that is so that we can explore the whole First Contact scenario. Whether that is on the Beyond Measure or down the road will be up to what happens once we find the ship. But, when I say humans, we are talking about humans after centuries of space travel and living on other planets. Who knows what science, technology, and evolution might have done to us? We have a lot of room for creativity here!

Yes, I think androids are on the menu. So are any type of post-human concepts you can think of. Augmentations, bio-engineering,, the possibilties!

So don't be bummed out by not creating a race of aliens. Instead, maybe you can embrace the concept of creating a unique "brand" of humans from a planet where they need physical adaptations or augmentations to live or something. Fun, right?

As far as how far ahead we put this, I am thinking we begin at the start of the crew's training. So every character would already be someone who is selected to be part of the team because...reasons. All of that back story would be up to you guys for your character. You'll need a reason for being selected by the Intersolar panel that deliberated for days on who to pick for this. So some kind of expertise is a necessity. Aside from that, you are only limited by your creativity!

They all know what the mission is. There will be some grand briefing in the first post to get us started. Well, there is a briefing for what we know of the mission. No one knows what the crew will find when they get out there. Not even me yet.

Exciting! Glad you guys are considering this!
Title: Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: Verse on June 15, 2016, 06:33:23 am
I would like to join!

Are you sure you want to forego the horror element completely? A spacey creepy cozy sounds nice.
Title: Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: Ara on June 15, 2016, 07:37:26 am
Okay, I'm thinking for one of my characters (yeah, because I definitely want 2 now...) I want to go with the black ops sort of job. Like a "does her job if someone needs to be shot, until then she's hanging out in the mess hall chatting up the cook" but maybe has a bunch of secret directives for when they actually arrive at the ship, depending on what they find. We can sus out some of the details when we actually build worlds and governments and such to go with our characters if this even fits with what you're going for Pen.

And then I might also make a navigator or mechanic. More moody and antisocial but not as likely to shoot anyone.

I like the idea of different planet/colonies/governments in this new space. It gives out characters extra problems with each other if maybe their particular groups don't usually get along, or used to war or something.

Venom, are you going for android captain? Seems like it could be controversial, putting an android in charge, I like it!
Title: Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: VenomousEve on June 15, 2016, 02:02:40 pm
I was thinking either the pilot or engineer. Whichever you're less inclined to is fine with me, Ara. Those two jobs seemed good for interfacing directly with the ship as a fellow machine!
Title: Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: Ara on June 15, 2016, 02:53:37 pm
I'm not after any of those, V. Go for whatever you want. Interacting directly with the ship sounds neat! That could be really cool as a pilot but, let's face it, that's cool as anything.
Title: Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: VenomousEve on June 15, 2016, 04:05:29 pm
Oh, ok! I wasn't sure if you'd meant those roles when you'd said navigator/mechanic... but very cool then! In that case... it seems we'll just be working quite closely together then!  :apple:

EDIT: I think I'm settling on wanting the engineer position. IF the case is such that nobody wants the pilot either, perhaps I could integrate these roles into a single one? Like an android built as a unit for self-sustainment of the ship. She could wire in and be something like a self-diagnostic tool and auto-pilot wrapped up into a sentient package. I'm quite ok with playing just the engineer though!
Title: Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: Penfighter on June 17, 2016, 07:06:28 am
I am really digging those pilot ideas, Venom! I think you should consider taking a step further and making it so that you are THE ship, in a way. Like, why have a Shipboard A.I. when your pilot can be the A.I.? Maybe you were built WITH the ship as the perfect "Sentient Vessel" type thing. Then the Captain would be the human element who gives the orders and works closely with you to run the ship. Basically, Captain and Android Pilot could run the ship themselves if they had to. Just a thought!

I am leaning toward playing someone who isn't part of any regular crew, but is more of an expert on the technology of the Beyond Measure. A leading scientist-type. Maybe early 40s (well, in spirit. His age might be 220 or something thanks to medical science, but it equates to our 40s) and quite experienced. I am thinking that my character would be directly in charge of "retrieving" the ship, which comes right down to piloting it home if it is capable.
Title: Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: VenomousEve on June 17, 2016, 03:26:54 pm
Yea! I'm totally down with being the ship manifested. Let's do it! I'm so excited.
Title: Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: Verse on June 20, 2016, 01:26:07 pm
So, I was thinking perhaps my character, heavily modified human, silicone/liquid implants/prosthetics, will be outer hull maintenance, heavy lifting, and/or for parts of the ship that has yet to be isolated. This will also make him somewhat fitting to be an enforcer. he could either be so in the favor of the crew or as a kind of help to the military person.

Thinking little aquatic animals, worm aesthetics, floating around in the system of silicone he has running through his body. The animals can provide him with the hormones/chemicals he needs to give him the required edge to be what he is. Would these creatures be too alien? I'm sure the animals look different on different worlds, yes? or they could be modified by science on whatever planet he comes from.

I can revise anything if it's needed.
Title: Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: Penfighter on June 20, 2016, 07:05:57 pm
Any other interested parties?

Title: Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: Peregrine on June 21, 2016, 04:47:05 am
I haven't read everything since the initial check, but I am interested. I'll try and get caught up and see what I come up with.
Title: Re: Sci-fi Mystery Interest Check!
Post by: HaywoodQ on December 17, 2018, 02:19:48 pm
Did this sci-fi mystery initiative go anywhere? I love sci-fi and I'd love to jump in if something like that is going on.