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Title: Boundaries [Closed]
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"What your eyes see when you look upon the world, is not all as it seems. Beyond the veil of the smog and gloom cast over many cities, beyond the streetlights and neon signs swinging and flashing, flickering with letters missing; there is more. The strangeness that goes on all around; that not many seem to notice, is the world of what many humans would consider just fairy tales. The world of ‘monsters’ and other ghoulish things; which were and still are told to many a child as ‘bedtime stories’, are actually… very real.

We exist. Our activities are subtle, the balance vital. The vampires have their own culture, their own hierarchy of class and rank, as well as social standing, among other things. In the world of the vampires, there are Kings and Queens, as well as the Hierarchy which goes along with monarchy…Lords, Ladies, Dukes, Duchesses… etcetera, etcetera. There is also large group of 'Elders', which span… pretty much the world.
They have all given themselves titles and rank. Those guys have been alive for as long as the earth has been round. They're the top of the food chain - so to speak, so they feel they deserve respect, some will go to great lengths to accomplish this… killing anyone who disagrees with them.

Basically, the Vampiric system is a huge fucking chaotic mess which no one really understands.

The werewolves keep the balance neutral, acting as a furry shield which protects the ‘wall’, the boundaries between the living and the dead. They're the warriors, the military. They don't exactly follow orders from the Vampires (because no wolf is taking orders from deadites) but they do take their job seriously. No one, no thing which isn't meant to go in or out of the world, the realm of the dead into the living and visa versa... well.. they stop it from happening. They have a duty. They have a cause, a reason to be, a reason to keep in line. Their system is simple, basic… and works… unlike our vampiric neighbors.

And it is that balance… which must remain.

It is that balance, which is so fragile… which must be maintained.

Because otherwise... our society, and that of the humans... is well and truly fucked.

And then of course, there’s the very few humans who can see beyond the veil; the hunters. I think the less we say about them the better… for now."

The Diary of Ashley Walker - Hunter


The ‘court’ was overly lavish. Decorated in splendor. Fine materials, the most expensive marble, real fireplaces, kept in perfect condition night and day, much like the rest of the mansion by the young vampire servants. It didn’t seem much like a modern world in the ‘court’; however, if one was to look outside, to step out onto one of the many balconies, or to ride out into the expansive grounds, one could see the view of the sky ripping city, just on the verge of the horizon.

This place seemed like a million miles from here, and for Alexander, it was. Alexander was ‘born’ to wealth, and it showed in his mannerisms, his clothing and the style in which he wore his hair. Long and sleek and naturally raven coloured, it clashed splendidly with ethereally blue eyes. With many vampires, there was always an unnatural quality in which their eyes gleamed, and a variety of colours, many which would not be seen in human kind.

Alexander was the seventh in line to the throne, and knew that there was absolutely nothing which meant he would ever grace the “seat of power”, nor wear a crown upon his brow, and that didn’t bother him at all. He enjoyed the relative freedom of roaming the palace as he liked and occasionally was allowed into the city itself to glance upon what his father considered “the unremarkable”. He had been shown a different life out there. One of many colours, but also, one of gloom.
He had seen the alcoholics, the drug addicts, the rough thieves and scum of the vampire underclass roaming the streets. He had been taught to sneer upon them, frown upon them. He was better than them; he had always been told so. None the less, this did not stop him from the occasional visit into the dregs of society in order to play pool, or darts, or poker. It did not stop him from acquiring acquaintances which he was well aware that if his father ever knew, he would not approve of.

He was not royalty on those days. He knew better than to flash his wealth around. Knew better than to speak formally, or act differently. He knew better than to even bare the royal crest upon his clothing or handkerchiefs.

Now-a-days, he was certain he spent more time in one of the many dive bars in the city than he did in the ridiculous mansion home his parents owned.

He had plans to go there that night, to the Slaughtered Lamb. He intended to win a good few hands at cards and enjoy the company of vampires who had no airs or graces. Tonight would be a good night.
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There was a pulse to the city that could not be denied. The three creatures with the abnormal hearts and the undead ichor could feel it, as could that living demon that had attached itself to the trio. They arrived without writing ahead, without warning, to the kingdom of one of their own.

“Stop here,” the silken voice came from a man sitting in the back who appeared to be in his late 40s or early 50s. His black hair was speckled gray, and dark brown eyes seemed to pierce the darkness of the car. The woman driving, a doll-like thing of blonde hair and blue eyes, turned the car into a hotel area, but did not stop for a valet.

The action made the man in the back chuckle, “You still do not trust them?”

“The last time I let anyone drive one of my cars, they crashed it and let an entire village of Amish people know of our existence,” she responded coolly.

“I do believe that was your fault,” came the voice of a man with brunette hair, “If I recall right, you took offense and terrified our kindred into fleeing the vehicle at an inhuman speed.”

Her lips curved into a smile. “Maybe. Maybe not. No matter,” the car slid easily into a parking space and three exited the vehicle, dressed too well, and too polished, to be considered normal by any standards. One could have mistaken them for a family, and while not entirely untrue, it was not by the human means of family.

They were the Valencia Family, headed by the man in the black suit with the speckled hair, who’s skin still held a tint of color to it—enough to almost look human, along with the slight creases in his skin around his eyes and lips. He looked the eldest, and he was, having lived in Mesopotamia, in Greece, Rome, and so many other locations through his long life. He had a reputation that tended to follow him; he was no pushover diplomat—he was the strength, known as Dagan. 

Nor was the son, a man of brunette hair and inhumanly silver eyes—gorgeous in his navy suit and standing taller than all of them. He was not as old as the father, but older than the daughter, and bore the name of Meir Valencia. He was the wealth; he had been an entrepreneur as a human, and remained so as a vampire, always keeping up with things. The Valencia family had quite a bit of money tied up in stocks, as well as in a string of hotels that spanned the world.

This hotel was one of them, the Waltz. They were all named after dances, or followed the theme.

The youngest was the blonde woman, of the 1950s and the states, but she had caught the eye of Dagan and the ire of Meir when she walked into their domain and had figured out a few ways to cheat their curse. She blended science and magic, and had a way of unnerving other vampires by playing with fire, and a way of unnerving humans by carrying around a greatsword while in heels and dresses. She took that blade out of the trunk of the car. Orange tape was wrapped around it to suggest it was ‘safe’. “You ought to leave that in the room, Nadine.”

“Did you not say we were here to deal with an issue?”

“I did,” Dagan agreed, “but we know not where it is. It is best not to draw so much attention to ourselves just yet. We have a need to do reconnaissance first.”


“Ishtar shall go with you.”

The woman he referenced was there, in the darkness of the parking garage, pink hair flowing down her back and attire hardly fitting in with them. She walked forward when she heard her name, the jewelry on her ankles and wrists clinking with each step. Tanned skin was revealed through the slits, not that she wore much anyway. The white skirt was more like two flaps of cloth over her front and backside, the slits wide at the sides. The top she wore was also white, and just wrapped around her breasts. Tattoos adorned her, symbols of old that none could make out, and her eyes shined yellow. “Are they here?”

“Yes,” the demon purred, falling under the arm of Dagan briefly, her eyes moving towards the youngest vampire in a way that would make anyone feel like they were prey.

“Good. Meir, go see my old friend. I believe I gave you the address earlier?”

“Yes. You’re not coming?”

“It is not necessary. I intend to get a feel for the town and its other occupants.” There would be other vampires to see, and perhaps, wolves, if what he thought was here was. Meir and Nadine had no place among the wolves—not yet. They were too young to understand, and too young to be taken seriously. Meir had been born in the Renaissance, after all, and Nadine didn’t know proper authority—ah, Americans. “Ishtar, you will go with Nadine?”

“But of course,” that purring tone, “I will be her sword,” a crooked smile.

Nadine took a breath, “Very well. Let us get our things to the room and then go.”

Ishtar fell in step with Nadine as they unloaded. It was Meir who got them the room, the penthouse, once he made it very clear who he was—the owner.

Meir then called a cab for himself to go pay his ‘respects’ to the King, while Dagan went off to search out others of the blood, and those of the veil.

Leaving Nadine with Ishtar, “Where should we begin?”

Reconnaissance was her thing, but the demon always knew where to go. “I have seen the children of the patriarch scattering. There is one that should be easy to catch. Come,” and Ishtar led the way, drawing attention as they walked along with her pink hair and skimpy outfit—and then a double take as many realized the woman in the black cloak and sequin dress was following her.

They looked to be opposites, and certainly were out of place when they entered the Slaughtered Lamb.
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Alexander had drifted. It had been no surprise to Roman that the youngest of his brood had found ways to entertain himself away from the scrambled mess of the elitist system they had crushed and re-founded here. The Florentina family had been in this region for hundreds of thousands of years; Roman’s own father had dominated this part of the empire when he had first travelled here all those years ago. Roman still remembered being carefree and fanciful when he was Alexander’s age.

Roman was not a tall man, but he was a knowledgeable king and ruler. Of his seven sons, each had taken their own course in life. Four of them already had their own kingdoms in other cities, the remaining three were the youngest, and he had no plans for any of them at present. Though their time would come.

“If you are to go outside of this room today, I suggest you appear properly dressed.” The voice of his wife, Penelope was still tainted with a hint of an accent after all these years.

Roman smiled at her, letting her bring him a blazer to match the rest of his suit. The black pinstripe complimented his ever so slight tan skin, raven hair and hazel eyes. “gratias ago tibi” He thanked his wife.

“And where has our youngest disappeared to? He should be present to look over the kingdom and the buisness transactions, should he not?” Roman could have rolled his eyes at the woman.

“Alexander is busy being young my love.” He told her.

Alexander had rightly disappeared not long after breakfast. He had dressed simply, in jeans and a shirt with a warm jacket. He had tied his hair back and soon found himself playing poker at the Slaughtered Lamb, looking very much a bum, just like the other vampires here, who did not come from wealth. He happily chewed on the toothpick between his lips as he read his cards.

He took another drink of his blood-beer, though the stuff never affected him. “Call.”

The vampire across the table shook his head, pushing chips towards Alexander. “I’ll see your bet and raise you 50.”

Alexander shook his head. “I believe I said Call, regardless.”

“That doesn’t matter Alex, you seeing my bet, or you folding?”

Alex took another sip. “I fold.” He put his cards face down on the table. He knew he was winning, he knew he had the winning hand, however he also knew that Frank did not have the kind of money to keep losing.

Frank didn’t see the obvious and smiled, near toothlessly as he pulled the mountain of chips towards himself. “Good round Frank, maybe you should call it a night?” Alexander suggested lightly.

“You kidding? I just got started.” Frank argued.

There was just no helping some people.
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Away from the lights and lofty heights the Valencia family always preferred was the mansion of the Florentina. ‘Roman Florentina, Penelope Florentina.’ Meir was going through the names in his head. He had not met them before, but Dagan had assured him the Valencia name would be enough. He had known them back in Rome, but during his travels had not often one to visit.

The cab pulled up to the gates, and the man looked back at him. “Would you like me to wait?”

“That won’t be necessary,” Meir said, and offered his black card for the pay, adding a generous tip for the man to leave quickly before he exited the cab and walked to the intercom he saw there. He pressed the button, and waited for the signal to go through and for someone to speak so he could get inside.

‘I hope you are right about these people.’
Meir was always wary of other vampires. He’d lived through enough attempts on his life to be wary; all in the Valencia family did. They were frequent targets of hunters and vampires alike.


The city pulsed with the life, with the dead, with the familiar spirit. As Dagan walked the streets, pulling his peacoat closer around himself, he could feel it. ‘Where?’

With Ishtar this would be easier, but Nadine needed Ishtar more. Nadine could talk her way out of most troubles, but there were always stronger vampires, and without her sword Dagan knew how vulnerable she was. He did not need such things, old as he was, he’d learned plenty of tricks—some, Ishtar had taught him.

Like this sense, unnatural to his kind but perfectly natural to the wolves, to feel the dead. He could feel the unnatural pulse of his own kind, of course, but there was a heaviness to the air in this city.

He’d been having nightmares. The spirit was waking. The spirit was fighting again at the bonds that held it, but now, Dagan knew what to do about it.

His steps slowly took him deeper and deeper into the bad parts of the town. If he could handle this on his own, he would. It would depend on how well guarded the area was, and he certainly hoped Florentina had it well-guarded. He’d prefer to be troubled by the vampires in the city than to have it be so easy.


Blood reeked throughout the Slaughtered Lamb, tainted with the scents of alcohol that caused Nadine to wrinkle her nose. “Don’t the spirits smell divine?” Ishtar inquired in that breathy purr of hers that made Nadine’s blood run colder.

The demon was always worrisome. Nadine knew not what bound her to Dagan, and she always feared that bond would break at any second and Ishtar would kill them all. “Please refrain,” the last thing they needed was Ishtar feasting.

“I was thinking of you, love,” she whispered as the two walked further in and took a look around. A card game was going on in one area, pool being played in another, all by people who looked like cutthroats and drug dealers, though most were vampires.

“That one,” Ishtar’s eyes fell upon the black-haired vampire with no trouble, “would be your tastes.” Nadine refrained from commenting, did not want to acknowledge the double-meaning. The demon knew enough subtlety to not get Nadine in trouble and to annoy her. “You should get a drink. Try to blend in.”

‘I don’t drink intoxicants.’
One of her strict rules. Gambling, however, was not against her rules, and she turned to the bartender, “Excuse me, can I get cash back from a card purchase?” She’d buy Ishtar something and go play; last time she’d walked out of a casino, she’d done quite well.

She couldn’t say the same for the man Meir had been pursing. 
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The button which Meir had pressed made the intercom crackle into life. “Florentina Residences, Bastille speaking, how can I help you Sir?”

Bastille had been a butler in these residences for nearly as long as there had been a mansion built here. He knew all the protocols, and knew that the man at the gate was not one of their regular delivery men, nor was he a servant delivering a message from one of the wealthy families in the region, however, Bastille could see from the man’s attire and stance that he was not a man known for waiting around, he was a man of some importance.

A name was given, and Bastille’s eyes somewhat widened. “Right away sir.” Another button was pressed, and the gates opened, allowing Meir to make his way down the rather long driveway.

The doors were opened for him by a maid, who simply bowed and lead him into a sitting room. “Would Sir require anything to drink while he awaits our master?” she asked him timidly. It was clear the girl was quite new blood, having only lived a few years more than a human life.


“Who goes there?” The growl came. The area Daegan was walking in was not protected by vampires, it was protected by werewolves. A large, lone wolf with ginger fur made itself known, sniffing the air. “I am Rust of the Fourth Wall, what business do you have here?” A lone wolf was never truly alone, some of Rust’s pack were there, but hidden. Carefully hidden.


The bartender smiled at her, though his beard was so thick, it was a barely noticeable smile. “We trade in anything you got sweetheart.” He produced a machine that was hooked up to the till. “Just tell it how much you want an’ it’ll tell the till. The till will open once you’ve punched in your pin code. It can take a while, it’s a little old, do you want a drink while you wait? We have non-alcoholic beverages if either of you is driving.”
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The intercom was operated by a servant, and Meir considered his answer, “Tell Roman Florentina that Valencia is here,” he did not give his first name. He did not know if Roman had even heard of him yet, and he’d prefer to explain it all to Roman in person.

Besides, he was curious how much weight the name did have here in the States. In Europe, he’d seen some vampires fall over themselves.

It wasn’t quite the same, but a reaction did happen. The gate was opened for him. He walked down the long drive and to the house, where he was greeted by a pretty young maid. He shook his head, though, “No, thank you. Please just take me to where I may await Florentina.”

If nothing else, he’d been taught to be suspicious of all beverages save those he obtained on his own, or those provided by their hotels. He’d been poisoned enough times by bad blood. It was an easy way to get at a vampire. ‘And let’s not forget the idiots who got drunk in the penthouse.’ Though he had almost died of laughter when Nadine told him the story, the first night they met.

She had been the only sober one.



Dagan’s expression contorted to one of concern. How dare Roman allow wolves anywhere near this area! Did he not know that they might try to handle it on their own? They wouldn’t know the potential of that spirit—they didn’t live nearly long enough to know.

Still, Dagan was cordial. It was always best to start things out that way, and escalate if necessary, “My name is Dagan Valencia,” he expected to be heard of, “I am here to finish a matter started years ago. I know what lies here.”

What person dared to build a mental institute here? ‘Or perhaps it is just a cover….’ Though Dagan could see inside the building to the white walls and decorative pictures, and though it seemed old, he didn’t think it had been used. Just a way to cover the strange activity. At least, that was what he was hoping. Otherwise, he might have more than words for Roman.


“I do not,” Nadine shook her head, “What would you like?”

“Oh, some strong spirit.”

Nadine gestured, indicating that the bartender should heed what Ishtar said, as she went to the till and swiped her own black card, before asking the machine for $200. “You can take out the cost of whatever she likes from that,” she indicated to the bartender. When she got the rest, she’d go join the gambling game and see what she could pick up.
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Bastille moved quickly through the hallways to his master’s chambers. He did not move at full Vampire speed, but he did move quickly. He knocked and was politely permitted to enter. “A Valencia awaits you downstairs Sire.”

Roman looked surprised, but quickly masked the emotion. “Very well. I assume he has been shown in?”
“Yes sire.”

“Very good, I will await him in the drawing room.”

“Of course Sire, I will have him brought to you there.”

Roman walked down to the drawing room and a maid poured him a drink. He stood by the side of a grand table, awaiting his old friend.

Bastille opened the doors to the waiting room, and bowed. “My lord Florentina awaits you in the drawing room Sir. If you wish to follow me?”

Bastille led the way, and was soon opening double doors into the drawing room. "My lord Valencia, Sire."

Roman nodded, "Greetings, friend." This was not the man he had expected. "I shall assume you are one of my old friend's kin, please, sit... what can my family do for you?"

Rust looked the vampire over. He was old blood. Rust could smell that on him. He recognised the name by rumour only. He stood down. He was unaware of this… presence, this… thing Dagan seemed to be aware of. He just knew that it was to be protected. Rust cocked his head. “Do you require an escort inside? I can send word to Florentina if you wish?”


The bar tender got to work, pouring the strange one a drink of the strongest of their spirits available, handing the girl the cash left over from her purchase and left the drink on the bar for the strange one to take.

He watched the girl head over to the poker table. She didn’t look like the sort who normally came into these kinds of joints, but he would be intrigued to know what brought her here. She damned well wasn’t a regular.


Alexander glanced up when he noticed a newcomer approach the table, he waved his hand in the dealer's direction, pausing the start of a new game. "You joining us?" He asked her, casually.
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There was ever so much formality here. Of course, Meir was used to it, but it tickled him all the same considering how very…informal…his kin was. Given, his father never let on that others were allowed to be informal, but it amused Meir all the same as he waited for the servant to return, and then followed after the servant to where Roman waited for him.

In the drawing room, the dark-haired man awaited him.

Meir merely inclined his head to him. ‘A Valencia kneels to none.’ Meir knew he was younger than the man before him, but he’d rather offend Roman than offend his father.

Pride was always the sin of the Valencia. “Good evening, Florentina,” he allowed that much formality, for he would not address him as ‘your grace’ or ‘sire’. He moved to take a seat, “I am Dagan’s trueborn son, Meir Valencia,” to differentiate himself from Nadine, should Roman meet her later. “My father has come into your domain to see about an old spirit that he believes was sealed in this area. He has gone to acquainted with this town since it has been many years since he has been here.”

Meir explained his father’s business in a way that, he hoped, would not make it seem like Dagan was slighting Roman, “He has sent me ahead to pay his respects, and to inquire if that spirit has already been dealt with. Do you know of it?”


Dagan waited, watched, as the wolf reacted to the name. He canted a head, “I do not, I have sent my son ahead. Tell me, do you work for Florentina?” He sounded incredulous, surprised.

Wolves did not work for vampires, so to ask if he wanted an escort seemed an odd thing unless the wolf had been hired by Roman to stand guard. If so, he had to wonder how weak willed these creatures really were to bend to the will of Florentina. Dagan himself couldn’t acquire such guards.

Though, most wolves didn’t like to be around for long. They didn’t like to be around vampires for long. They were not natural, standing on the line between life and death.


Ishtar took the beverage and, without so much as a pause to inspect it, she tipped it back down her throat and finished it in that instant. She gave the bartender a smile, “Thank you, love,” she said as she set the cup down, clearly feeling nothing from the drink she’d just ingested. “How long has this cute little bar been here?” Her smile was sickeningly sweet as she let one arm come to rest on the counter, to lean towards him.

Nadine took her business to the poker game, “I am, if I may,” though already she was starting to sit in an unoccupied chair. As she did, she allowed her senses to rise.

The Valencia were masters of emotional arts, pulling on attraction as well as fear. She was not pulling on emotions, though. She was feeling them. Sparks in anxiety or excitement would give her some clue as to the hands her opponents had. “Nadine,” she introduced herself to the table, sparing her last name for the moment.
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Roman was not surprised by the lack of a knee taken. Neither was he surprised by the lack of formal greeting. He knew Dagan well enough to know the family moto ‘A Valencia kneels to none’. He was not offended by it.

He listened to Meir speak. He was surprised by what he had said, but it did not show in his face. “To my knowledge, the spirit chained and bound remains so.” He replied. “I have no reason to believe otherwise.”
“Your father knows that he is welcome here”  which read as ‘your father can do as he damned well please here, and he knows it’.

“When you see him, please inform him that my loyalty remains as ever to a good friend. I am happy to know that you and your family are here, however I am as concerned as your father by what you speak of this spirit. I hope that your father knows me well enough to be aware that I would not dismiss such a serious matter, and had I been aware, I would have sent for his advice immediately.”


Rust growled. “We work for no vampire.” He would have spat if there had not been a vampire who could probably rip his throat out with a single thought present. “This is the Fourth Wall’s territory. Florentina simply requests that we send word to him of all of his kind who venture here. There is a harsh penalty, under agreements made between wolves and vampires in this region.” It had been a more than tense affair, from what Rust had heard. Many days of negotiations. “If it were not for your name, I would not be letting you pass.” Rust told Dagan honestly.


Alex smiled, a quirk of a smile with one side of his lips as she sat herself down, despite asking if she may. She wasn’t from around here. “Sure thing.” He nodded to the dealer, who happily dealt her a hand. “I’m Alex, this is Frank.” He pointed to the squat red head next to him. “And that’s Ogda.” He pointed to the stern, much older looking lady who still dressed as though she were living in the age of flapper dresses and gangsters.

The Barman was wary of her. She didn’t smell like a vampire, although she had been around vampires long enough to mask her natural scent, whatever that was. He pulled back, appearing to grab a glass to clean. “Oh about a decade or so, not long really.” He replied. It was difficult not to feel drawn to her.
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Meir could feel the tension in the air, and he relaxed in his air, trying to send out a soothing aura to the area to relax the vampire. There was no need for it, and he had no reason to lie.

Of course, to Meir’s knowledge, Dagan was doing exactly as he said.

“My father seems to have reason to believe this…spirit…may be free, active, or otherwise not as bound up as we would hope.” Dagan spoke of nightmares, but Meir didn’t say that. No one needed to know how his father suffered. At his age, it was amazing he wasn’t plagued by nightmares until now. Seeing all that he had seen would be reason enough for a human.

For a vampire…for all the blood spilt…a nightmare would be expected. “Hopefully it is nothing, but he was insistent we came. There was no time for warning you, I’m afraid.”


Dagan laughed. He couldn’t help it, at that point. Seeing the wolf so upset at his assumption was worth laughter, for it proved that the affairs of Roman and this wolf were the same as everywhere else. He also laughed, because it was his name, the name he had spent centuries building, that would let him pass.

“So anyone who calls themselves Valencia may pass?” He let his amusement show, “Even with no proof. My. I do appreciate it,” he had a feeling he’d said too much in suggesting that there was no proof taken, but then, even a wolf ought to sense how old he was, how long dead he was. That was their specialty.

He moved to step by, to enter the area, and hoped the wolf would not impede him.


The individuals were all introduced to her, and Nadine nodded, “It is a pleasure to meet you, Alex, Frank, Ogda,” it was Ogda who intrigued her most. It was on the tip of her tongue to ask if she had been a suffragette, but she did not. That woman looked to be the closest in age to her, though Nadine still got the sense she was younger than all here.  “What is the starting bet?” She inquired as the cards were dealt out, wearing a mask of naiveté.

It would fit, considering how out of place she was dressed. She could seem naïve to a game such as this, with scoundrels.

Ishtar might make that difficult, just by existing and being with her, even though she was away at the bar. “Really? You’ve done quite well for a decade. Is there much competition here?”

Meir always liked to know these things. He liked to know where business was needed to cater to vampires. He didn’t typically finance bars, though. Too obvious for hunters to find, he said, and little security.

Still, Ishtar was curious if there was competition, or if this was the main feeding hole, as it were. That would give a good idea about where vampires would come and go, to feed and to…well…be fed from. There was nothing quite as good as that spark of unlife. It was so much more potent than a human soul. 
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Roman took the news in, considered it. It was good of Dagan to send Meir, to inform him of all of this. “Gratsi, Meir.” He sighed, he sat down. It was worrying news. It was a powerful spirit which had been bound here. In werewolf territory no less. The wolves wouldn’t even be aware of what was there, beneath the surface. They would surely smell a difference in the air if something truly were amiss, but communications between those wolves and the Florentina family were sparse and somewhat tense at best.

“Please let your father know that I have been made aware of the situation, by yourself, and that I will co-operate in any assistance required.” Not that the Valencia family tended to need assistance, nor ask for it, but the offer remained, none the less. “The lack of warning is forgiven, considering the circumstances.”
Roman stood again, “Thank you Meir, your service to your father is admirable.”   He did not wish to offend Meir by seeing him off, if there was more the younger vampire wished to say before he departed.


Rust knew. He knew from the very air of the vampire, the tone, the body language, the scent, that the vampire was purposely testing his patience. He barely held back the growl at the back of his throat in response to the laughter at his previous response to questioning.

Rust moved; he moved out of the way to allow Dagan to pass. He didn’t like the trespass, but there was not an awful lot he could do about it. He simply stood by and let the vampire pass.


“The starting bet is 10, sweetheart.” Frank responded. He would never be a well to do vampire and he was comfortable with being the salt of the earth… or what some of the la-de-da’s would call ‘pond scum’ if they were ever to meet him. Whoever had made him, had certainly had a sense of humour. “And it’s Alex’s turn to go first.”

The bartender nodded. “Aye, we’ve done well. There’s not a lot of competition for this place considering what we offer. The local bums and gamblers keep us on a steady payroll.” He chuckled nervously. She made him uneasy with her questioning. “Sure, there’s better bars in the area, ones with better blood available, better spirits too, but this place is not for folk like these.”
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Meir knew how polite dismissals went. With your superiors, you never ordered them to leave. You only implied that it was time—all business taken care of. Roman did not want to mingle with him, with the tension in the air that held their relationship firmly in place.

Meir understood too well, and he rose gracefully from his chair and gave a respectful inclination of his head to Roman. “Thank you for letting me know what you knew, Roman. I will tell my father what you have said, and it is likely he will pay you a visit himself in the near future,” he wanted to say it would be friendlier, but he would not assume his father’s mood.

He’d regretted that before, “I will take my leave now, I should be returning to him with this news.” Meir recalled the way back to the door, and he did begin to exit.

Then, he paused, stopping short as his skin seemed to grow paler and his blood all but stopped flowing in his veins.

Then, he ran. Bolted. The call of blood was not one to be ignored.


Some werewolves were foolhardy, but this one, Dagan liked. It knew, with that intuition, that instinct, animals like them were apt to have. Its pride did not get in the way this time, it did not sic its pack on him, no, it let him by, and so Dagan entered the disguised resting spot of the spirit.

Within the walls of the asylum, the air did not move. Dagan did not even attempt to breathe, it was hard enough walking through the staleness. ‘Where are you?’

A part of him wanted to call out, to demand that old soul reveal itself. It was no human soul here, but that of a vampire…one he had failed to fully dispatch, but now he knew the secrets. ‘Come out, Boy!’

The darkness did not bother him.

What bothered him was the way a shriek entered his head like a freight train, and he keeled forward part-way through the asylum, reeling as the air finally started to move.


Ten. Ten was easy, and ten was laid down in the center for the game. “Very well,” she gave a nod to Alex, to let him go first as his friend so generously gave the control over to him.

There was a prickling at the back of her neck, and she saw the shadow of the demon rise from her seat. ‘Go on.’ She wanted to say, half tempted to suddenly leave the game herself.

She knew, inherently, whenever Meir or Dagan were in trouble. It ran in her veins, for though Meir liked to disown her at times, Dagan had shared his blood with her. They were kin. “I’m glad you’ve done so well, but it seems I must go,” Ishara said to the bartender, speaking from a distance, “Do watch my charge,” and then, the woman was out the door, vanishing the moment she stepped outside, not even a trace of her pink hair remaining, and no blur to indicate direction.