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Title: Seven Steps to Corruption [Closed]
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The problem with motorcycles was room. The brunette woman couldn’t help but feel that life would be simpler if she just caved and bought a car. ‘It could be a cool one.’ She reasoned as she removed herself from the bike, kickstand in place so it wouldn’t fall over. ‘A decent American muscle car. A Challenger.’ And her red lips curved into a smile at the thought.

Of course, once her green eyes moved down to the bike, that smile softened, “I’d never give you up. Not for all the money in the world,” or, apparently, all the convenience. A sigh parted her lips and she trekked on up to the motel lobby doors, chains along her waist jangling. She liked the sound—they really served no purpose except to make her feel like a badass. Well, maybe the silver of them kept werewolves away.

No one was there immediately, so she crossed her arms over the counter and leaned forward, leather jacket riding up on her back. She drummed her nails over the counter, rather than ring the bell. Eventually, a balding man with glasses came out to see her, and she gave him a bright smile, “I need a room.” A room she would need for maybe two nights, which would store yet another dress-suit that she’d end up abandoning because she couldn’t fit it in the motorcycle bags alongside all the other things that were in there.

Seriously, she needed to work this out.

“It’s $10 an hour, or $40 a night.”

Oh, great, it was one of those motels.

“Two nights right now, champ.” And she pushed off the counter so she could remove her wallet from an inner pocket. She laid $100 on the counter, and received a little back—curse taxes. A key was then handed to her.

“Just you?”

“For now.” She patted the counter, “Thanks,” she saw the number on the keyring and flicked it into a closed fist as she walked back out to her motorcycle. She didn’t go to the room first but did go to acquire ‘proper’ clothing. She was posing as a real estate agent today, after all, so that she could get a good luck at a house that was causing some troubles.

The last family who owned it were all dead. If it weren’t for the way in which they’d passed, she would have ignored it, but Kenny seemed to find it suspicious. Since she was near the area anyway, she decided to check it out, despite his protests that someone else was already on the case. Some ‘Hereford’—which, if it was one of those Herefords, she didn’t want them anywhere near the case.

To acquire the proper attire, black pencil skirt and white blouse, Morgan paid in stolen credit cards. These, too, would end up left behind. She’d get more later. She always did. She didn’t have enough in cash to buy the clothing and heels.

With those in hand, she drove back to the motel, changed (always keeping the leather jacket on), and called a cab. ‘Can’t show up in the motorcycle.’ Somehow that was just improper for the role. She got odd looks, anyway.

Soon enough, a cab showed up, and Morgan gave him the address to the house. He seemed to think nothing of it, and took her there.

No one was there, so she paid the man and dismissed him. ‘Darn.’ She had hoped to talk the interested party into paying for her cab fare. Oh well. This would give her a chance to scope the place out.

It didn’t look like anything spectacular. It was just a ranch-style house with a basement, two-door garage, on perhaps three acres of land. Plenty of space between them and the neighbors, but not enough to feel isolated in the least bit. Morgan walked up the path to the door, and tried to peer inside the window on the door, cupping her hands around it to try and get a good view of the interior.

‘Pretty basic. Lots of mirrors.’
She appeared to be looking into a dining room. Mirrors lined the wall. ‘Bit creepy.’ She wondered if this trend of mirrors continued throughout the whole house. ‘Better not break anything.’[/color] The last thing she needed was seven years of bad luck. ‘Oh god, is this bloody Mary? Are we dealing with bloody Mary?’ That’s what always came to mind with mirrors.

She rarely encountered legends, though. Well, at least not the namesakes of legends.
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Rik had been driving for over an hour.

He had stopped for something to eat on the way.

The insides of the Volvo 850 were, at best... a blend of empty burger wrappers and half crushed cans of cola; the dregs of which had long since evaporated, or had sunk into the thinning layer of carpet with covered the car's floor.

At worst... well... the Volvo had seen better days than today.

An old suit hanger swung from a hook in the back of the car.

Rik had gotten changed into the suit a few miles back, and already had ketchup on a part of his shirt which could thankfully be covered by the jacket.

He rolled his eyes at the signs on the way to the place.
It was one of those towns that was more than happy to proclaim that it had fewer than 1000 residents.

He parked outside the house smoothly. For an old car, it ran sleekly and without complaint; ever.

Opening the door, he made sure he had plenty of his belongings firmly in their hiding places.

Small bag of salt in his jacket pocket, gun in the belt of his trousers and one spare strapped across his chest; loaded with silver bullets, and 'Ol Faithful', the dagger he kept on his person at all times, tucked into the holster attached to his left leg.

Rik never went anywhere without being prepared for anything, and since he didn't know why the hell Kenny had sent him to this run down rat hole of a once upon a home, he wasn't a fan of going in blind.

He wasn't even looking at the generic white-washed, looked like every other small time American home, run of the mill house when he headed up the drive-way to the front door.

He finally lifted his eyes when he got to the front door.

There was a girl there he didn't recognise. She wasn't a hunter he knew. 'Must be a civvy.' He thought. He had on his best, most charming smile.

"Morning. Are you the home owner?" Assumptions, assumptions. He readied himself to produce I.D... just in case. His other hand lingered close to the gun's grip close to his hip... just in case.
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Morgan was considering going around back and to other windows when a car pulled up, some Swedish thing. ‘Volvo.’ Wasn’t that the car that stupid Twilight vampire drove? She recalled it had a burst of popularity recently—though this one was much older than that series.

He walked to the door with intent, and didn’t seem to notice her until he almost collided with her. She crossed her arms over her chest and gave the suited man a once over. Not familiar, and not the one she was looking for, either.

‘That means a local or Hereford.’

When her eyes lifted back to his face, she put on her own smile. He was easy enough on the eyes. Shame he was probably going to be annoying competition for this house or ghost fodder, “Nope. I guess the agent booked us at the same time to save herself time.” Morgan moved one arm away from her chest and offered her hand to shake, “I’m Morgan Chase,” she introduced, finding no reason to lie about her name right then. It wasn’t like there was a trail following that name, anyway. Morgan sort of evaporated from life after she graduated high school and started utilizing pseudonyms.

Well, there might be a few police looking for her. She was never sure.

“How’d you hear about this place?” More information, more local lore, was always useful for investigating these sorts of places. 
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He glanced her over. She was a looker alright. She could have been wearing something tighter… but she was easy enough on the eyes.

His mind trailed. It wasn’t likely she was another hunter. ‘Definitely a civvy’ he concluded.

She spoke, and he listened, listening for clues in the way she spoke. The laugh that came from his mouth seemed more than a huff than anything else. He shook her hand, surprised by her firm grip and confident shake. “John Deacon.” He responded. No one in the world ever thought twice about long gone members of bands when it came to names. Hell, the 80s were some of the best decades to create pseudonyms from.

“Well, never can rely on anyone now-a-days" He smiled humour in his tone as he rolled his eyes as if to dismiss the estate agent’s error and let himself in, moving past her effortlessly.

He looked around the hall. Staircase needed some serious work, as did the flaking paintwork and the odd angled doors; which looked as though some had come away from their hinges ‘slammed?’
“This place?” He ran his hands over the paintwork on one of the walls. “Saw the listing on some type of craigslist for homes. Can’t remember which one. Saw it and thought… well… you’ve always wanted a holiday home. Where better than middle of nowhere Missouri.”

He turned to her again. “Gonna have a quick look around til the grand tour turns up.” He smiled, not waiting for a response before heading up those stairs which didn’t even feel safe as he walked up them.

Once upstairs, he checked the rooms. The closets were falling apart, much like the rest of the house.

Everything in here would take work to repair.

But there was no evidence of ‘weirdness’. No residue, no sulphur smell, no chills or flickering of lights… Nothing.  The only thing he noticed about the place was the odd obsession with mirrors. Whoever had lived here had a serious vanity complex.

“Came all this way for a dead end” he tutted to himself.

He headed back downstairs. “Well, she’d best get here soon, pretty much think I’ve seen all I need to see. How about you, you thinking of buying? It looks like a hell of a lot of work.”
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The name felt like one that Morgan ought to know, but she couldn’t pin it down. He had a good grip, and he was bold enough to go in. ‘Well, thank you sir.’ At least Morgan wouldn’t be getting in trouble for opening the door. She was surprised that it was left unlocked.

She took a step in and glanced around, clasping her hands behind her back as she leaned forward to get a better look at the mirrors on the wall. They reached from ceiling to floor. ‘Interesting.’ Though her examination could have easily looked like someone just interested in the design, scrutinizing it.

His story didn’t hold water. Morgan looked from the mirrors to where he was, by the staircase, and raised a single eyebrow. “Uh huh.” And then she straightened her back and watched as he went up the stairs.

He’d look better in jeans, she concluded, and then laughed to herself and shook her head. Perhaps she needed to drop by Kenny’s part of the world after this. Typically a few hunters around there, and they all knew how difficult life on the road was. “I’ll give you a shout if she shows up.” Morgan said and walked back out to stand outside and wait.

It didn’t take him too long to come back down the stairs and voice his complaints. Morgan looked back inside as the nice blue Buick was pulling into the drive. “I’m planning to renovate the place and sell it. The neighborhood is good,” she noted, “Just this house doesn’t seem to be doing well. I think it’s the mirrors. Very 70s. A lot of the other houses around here go for over 100k, so if I put a little work in to modernize it, I think it should do well on the market.”

Ah, research, ever her friend.

The blonde woman who stepped out of the car overheard her and said, “That’s right!” Because of course she knew that. “You must be Diana?”


Right. False name. Well, this was going to get awkward. “That’s right. Good to finally meet you, Patricia,” Morgan stepped forward to shake her hand, and it was returned, quick and fast. Patricia was evidently in a hurry.

“And you’re John? I’m sorry I didn’t mention this—oh, the door…?”
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The way she spoke about the house sounded as though she was someone who was genuinely interested.
Rik almost wished he had spent more than five minutes attempting to do his research on this place. But he hadn’t. He’d gotten the text from Kenny. It had been brief, an area code, Longitude and latitude along with a couple of question marks at the end of the text.

As far as he was aware, that meant that no other hunters had been here to investigate, so no one was quite sure what was up with this place, just that there was weird stuff going on.

He kind of wanted to know more about the previous owners, and what sort of strange things had been happening.

He was pulled away from his thoughts by another woman’s voice. She called Morgan by another name and he was pretty sure his eyebrow raised. ‘Diana?’ So… she had given one of them a false name. He couldn’t quite figure out which of them she would be lying too, but it raised his suspicions monumentally. He had misjudged her. 'Chick names herself after Wonderwoman to an estate agent and you wonder if she's lied to you?' Still, anything was possible. She could have lied to him... could have named herself after rum.
Damn... now he wanted rum.

But yeah, either way, he knew now that she wasn’t a house hunting hottie looking to become a housewife, she was a hunter, and here for the same reason he was.

Instead of saying anything to Morgan about it, he nodded in response to Patricia’s question, moving to follow Morgan’s lead by shaking the poor estate agent’s hand. “Yeah; nice to meet you ‘Trisha.” His greeting was followed by another of those falsified and practiced, charming smiles. “Oh yeah; the door. Sorry about that, when we got here the thing was wide open.” The lie was so suave that had Morgan not been here when he’d purposefully opened it, she might have believed him too.

“Couldn’t help myself but want to take a look around. Now, why don’t you give us the grand tour. I’d love to hear more about this place."
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Morgan hadn’t been looking at John to know his reaction, but the way he played along with the name was a relief. Local or not, he at least didn’t out her on the spot or cause a scene.

And Patricia clearly liked the greeting, the shortening of her name and that brilliant smile. “Nice to meet you as well, John.” Her eyes flickered back to the door as he explained, hand lingering in his a moment before she did pull back and managed to say, “That hasn’t happened before. This house hasn’t had any issues with security.” She still had a place to try and sell. “Oh, and Diana, I printed you off these, as you requested.”

Morgan stepped to retrieve the rather great list of papers. It was the history of the house, and all the owner’s it had. She intended to look up all of them, though a quick skim suggested all recent owners had decided to move out of the house within a few months, “Thanks.”

Patricia wasn’t paying her much attention, as she said, “I also went ahead and printed you out the files, as well, just in case. Didn’t want to look like I was playing favorites,” and she offered John a stack of papers as well.

Patricia then stepped by both of them and into the house. With a smile, they were both invited in for the grand tour, and Morgan followed after her. “This first room here used to be used as the dining room, or that was its intent when it was built.”

“Were the mirrors there from the start?” Morgan asked.

Patricia smiled, “Yes, they add a nice retro touch, don’t they? Apparently the wife of the man who had this home built insisted on these touches.”

In a case of hauntings, it was usually personal objects that locked a ghost to certain places. In a house that was empty, that left few options.

“Now, if you’ll come this way, we can have a look at the kitchen which has a nice island for cutting and preparing space,” Morgan followed after Patricia.

Patricia’s reflection didn’t. It seemed to stall in the mirror, before fading out.
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The estate agent pulled back, but she definitely lingered. Rik had to smile at that. At least he had her business card. If he was staying in this town a couple of days, what was the harm in trying his luck with this one?

He pulled back himself, listened to her babble about the door before handing ‘Diana’ a shit ton of paperwork.

‘Chick’s thorough’ he had to admit. She was obviously the type of hunter who did her homework on the place first before she went in all guns blazing. Rik on the other hand was totally the kind of hunter who was planning on coming back to this place later on with a bag of tricks and possibly pie…

He was sure there was a Diner, a couple of miles down the road from here. They would have pie. And his thoughts were trailing again, to the point where he was sure he felt his stomach growl in protest about the fact that he currently did not have pie.

He wanted that folder… and the damned grand tour was already starting and he was trailing behind. He spun to follow the ladies, unabashedly comparing their rear ends in his mind and complimenting them in his thoughts accordingly, before making sure neither of them saw his appreciative glances and turned his attention to the house.

He hated this place already. Maybe on his return he should make sure to bring Kerosene.

The girls moved into the next room, and he was sure…

He’d caught something, seen something in the corner of his eye, but it had gone by the time he’d blinked.
He shook his head. He was starting to get a feeling from the place. It didn’t scream demon to him, no, this was another fucking haunting. He rolled his eyes.

“So, there any particularly cold areas of the house, you know; not drafts, but… maybe a room that might need better insulation? Any flickering light bulbs I need to think about dealing with? Wiring problems? Fuse box issues?”
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John’s questions didn’t appear odd to Patricia, who started to answer them immediately, “Well, there’s a room upstairs that is just difficult to keep warm, but it might be a draft. I really don’t know,” she said.

As she continued to speak, Morgan glanced over him with a new appreciation. These were questions any decent realtor would ask, but more than that—they were questions a hunter would ask. “It was used as the master bedroom,” Morgan took her phone out and idly walked into the living area, right besides the kitchen, and took a picture of one of the mirrors.

Patricia was too busy answering questions to care. Morgan snapped a few others for no reason, just for the look of her being ‘thorough’. “I don’t know of any electrical issues, but the electricity has been off in this house since its previous owners moved out.” There was no point to keeping it on when it was unoccupied. “They didn’t complain of any electrical issues, though.”

Morgan snapped a picture with John in it, angled just so it might appear she was trying to get a good picture of the wallpaper.

In truth, she wanted to send it on to Kenny to get an ID, but of course, there was no reception in the house when she tried that. She scowled at her phone, even if it did lend credence to the idea the place was haunted. “We can go check the circuit box, it’ll be in the basement,” Patricia offered.

“Yeah, you do that,” Morgan said, “I’ll go take a look upstairs.” At Patricia’s questioning look, she said, “I don’t understand those things. If the place interests me physically, I plan to have an electrician check it out for me.”

“Oh…of course,” Patricia wouldn’t argue and she gave a bright smile to John, “Do you want to see the circuit box?”

Meanwhile, Morgan exited the main room and walked to the stairs to investigate the cold room. A cold room sounded like the best place to explore…and she didn’t want to get electrocuted by an annoyed ghost.
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So the bedroom was difficult to keep warm was it? Fair enough. No cold spells as such though. But that was hard to tell without going and exploring the room without Patricia around.

These mirrors were everywhere. He didn’t like it. It was like opening up your house as a hall of mirrors in a fun house, only without the ‘fun’.

It didn’t make the place look retro at all; it made the place look as though someone had serious Evil Queen Syndrome ‘Mirror, mirror and all that shit’.

There was a huge part of Rik that just wanted the tour to be over already. He had questions for Morgan, and there was no way he was giving up on this job. She shouldn’t even be here. Why would Kenny send them both? This had never happened before. Every time he ever got to the scene of a job, he was the only one there for a reason. Kenny knew better than to send anyone else. They were both aware of the reputation a Hereford name alone had.

He smiled, a half smile at Patricia. “Sure thing Trish.” He pulled out a cell phone from his pocket and clicked a few buttons, enabling the torch function. That was about as tech savvy as he generally got.

“After you.” He offered, with a sweep of his hand. He glanced back at Morgan. He wanted to tell her that he’d sussed her out, he wanted to scream it.

But there was no point. He didn’t want poor Patricia to get caught up in hunter drama or politics.

He let her lead him away, down into the basement.
It was a generic basement. Ever since a case of the boogeyman a few years back, basements had always given Rik the creeps ever so slightly. 'WWBJD?' he thought to himself humorously. What would Beetlejuice do?

He chuckled to himself. Patricia didn't notice. He peered at the fuse box, running his hands over the various switches. Looked like one of them had blown a while ago, black markings around the grid. "Think it'll need looking at in the future." he nodded. "Let's go meet back up with Diana shall we?" He smiled. He wanted to get out of the basement before he felt like he was in the Shining.
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Morgan walked up the rickety staircase, finding its weakness to be strange. The house couldn’t be that old, could it? Regardless, she made the trek up safely and figured out easily which room was meant to be the master bedroom. She walked into it, and rolled her eyes at the central mirror on the ceiling. ‘Classy.’ Though she supposed there was a certain allure to having that vantage point.

A part of her wanted to call Patricia down to ask her why such a mirror would exist, but the innocent façade wouldn’t last. She knew that.

The room was very cold. Morgan saw no indication of the ghost, but she saw her own breath when she exhaled, and what at first looked like a picture. ‘Huh.’ Morgan approached it. The woman displayed was a blonde with her hair neatly stacked up in a bun. It could have been some sort of stock portrait to make the place look a little homier for visitors.

That was what Morgan thought until she touched it to turn it around, and the image flickered and then faded, revealing only her face. ‘Oh.’ Mirror.

She let go of it too fast and disturbed its hanging. It fell to the ground and shattered. “Damn it,” she cursed aloud and was quite certain she felt the room go ten degrees cooler. ‘Nope.’ She didn’t know enough about what she was dealing with to handle this. She’d seen the house, she knew it was haunted, and she was 99% certain mirrors were bad. She’d go figure out who the ghost was from the files, and go find the nearest cemetery to salt and burn a body.

Morgan turned out of the room as electricity hummed in the house, and the lights started to flicker on, despite what Patricia had said. Morgan paid it little mind, except as more advice she needed to get out.

The stairs betrayed her. One of them fell through when she stepped on it. Fortunately, she had been gripping the railing so she didn’t fall through it herself, but it was not exactly something she approved of.

Downstairs, Trish showed John to the fuse box, and admitted, “I don’t really understand these thing that well myself,” she brushed some hair back, “If you think there’s something wrong, I’m sure we could come to some sort of agreement—a lower price for this place,” She knew John was actually interested in living here. Diana just wanted to fix it up and sell it for higher. Trish would much prefer to sell it to John to keep him in this town.

As one of John’s hands ran over the switches, one of them seemed to move up. The house hummed with life, “Oh, I guess the electricity wasn’t shut off,” Trish was surprised by this. As John suggested going back up to find Diana, there was the sound of something breaking. “Yes, we should do that,” Trish feared the worst of damage to the property, caused by the other woman, and moved to the stairs quickly to see what she’d broken.
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Ha. She thought he was actually interested in this place. He must be acting the part pretty damn well. Well, he’d had plenty of practice, he’d been on the road since... well… since he could remember; Learned the tricks of the trade from his grandparents.

He heard the break. It wasn’t good. Patricia was about to see some weird shit in this place if that smash was anything to go by. And that had not been part of the plan.

He felt himself reaching for the bag of rock salt in his pocket and grabbing a handful. He rushed back up the stairs, Patricia following behind him. The door to the basement slammed shut just before  she got out of there. “Shit.” He cursed. Damn he wished he had his iron crowbar. Damned thing was still in the boot of the car.

“Morgan?” he shouted, searching for her, or for anything else as he walked through the room slowly. His heart was already racing. He couldn’t deny that the adrenaline was always a thrill.

He found her gripping hold of the hand rail, half way up the stairs. “Hey, you alright?” He asked, daring to go up the remaining stairs and holding out his hand for her to take, offering to haul her up, out of her current predicament.

He shook his head once she was out of the hole she’d managed to dig herself and shoved a handful of salt into her hand. “I’m assuming you know what to do with this.”

He moved down the stairs, grabbing another handful of salt as he did so. He was on high alert. It was no time for questions as to what had happened, Patricia was trapped in the basement and there was a benevolent spirit on the loose.

He briefly wondered if there was a possibility of running to the car for the crowbar. He didn’t know if the ghost would let him out, or back in again, but it might be their only chance.

There was a shrill scream for the basement which raised the hairs on the back of his neck and spurred him into action and decision.

 “Think you can hold the fort for five?”
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Why was he calling her Morgan now? Why? This was not going to make things easy to explain to Trish. “Oh yeah,” she answered John when he asked about her, “I’m perfect, just hanging out, you know.” Literally hanging above a broken stair and trying to get her foot to touch the one in front of it. It wasn’t working.

He climbed up and offered his hand to help, which she did accept, and let herself be brought forward. She went down the rest of the steps rather quickly after that, and had a bunch of salt shoved into her hands.


Great. Morgan closed her hand around the salt and shoved it into a pocket, “Yeah, I do, Hereford.” No more John Deacon. She didn’t think she was wrong about who this was, and when she got out of this house, she was going to have a long talk with Kenny about why he was working with a Hereford in the first place.

First things first, survival, and making sure it wasn’t the man’s goal to sacrifice her and Trish in the chaos.

There was a shriek, and a question, “Yes.” And she turned immediately to head towards the sound of the shriek. The basement door was shut and locked. ‘Lovely.’ “Stand back, Patricia,” no cute shortening from her.

Morgan had kicked down enough doors in her life. This one flung open like any other when her foot met the wood near the lock. A hand to the doorsill kept her from falling forward into the basement. “Patricia?!” The sound of sparks and crackles reached Morgan’s ears. To descend would be suicidal, but she couldn’t just have the innocent woman die, either.

So, she took the stairs two at a time, grateful they weren’t breaking underneath her.

Morgan saw that the water heater had burst, and water was starting to coat the floor. The sparks of electricity were threatening to turn it into a death trap. Patricia, like so many foolish civilians, had backed herself against a wall. ‘Gods I hate you.’ Morgan stepped down onto the floor and walked over to where Patricia was and grabbed her arm. “Come on.” And she pulled a bit more roughly than necessary to take Patricia back upstairs.
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Great. He frowned when he heard her use his surname in THAT way. He would have rolled his eyes at her if there had been anything like enough time to defeat a very annoying ghost and rescue a civvy stuck in a haunted house before the day was made any more worse.

He took off at a run. Luckily for him, there was no problem leaving the house. He clicked the boot to unlock, grabbing a the crow bar and heading back. The door on the way back… now that was a problem.

He barged against it to no avail.

He looked at the windows, a shrug, a shake of his head and a crowbar smashing through glass later and he was soon rolling through the window along with the smattering of glass.

Quickly getting to his feet, he looked at the women. Seemed Morgan had gotten Trish out of the basement. Good. Now they just had to get her out of the house. The window was no longer an option. The whole room had just dropped temperature. 

He inched closer to the women. “We gotta get back out.”

“What…what’s going on?” Patricia stammered. “I… I don’t.”

“I’ll explain later, for now Trish, you gotta stay close to one of us till we get out of here. Understand?”

He was sure she nodded, but didn’t glance behind him to check.

“Any ideas Wonderwoman?” He asked Morgan
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Morgan didn’t let go of Patricia once they got up stairs. Too many times, civilians had made matters worse by wandering around. Hereford returned and offered advice, which Patricia seemed to agree to, but Morgan still held her arm firmly in her grip.

What to do? “Besides burn this place to the ground?”

“You can’t do that!” Trish said immediately.

Morgan ignored the outburst. She wanted a way out. “Hey, ghosty, I’m sorry about the mirror, but if you let us out, I’ll get you a new one.”

Her sense of humor was met by the glass shards from the window rising off the ground. “Yeah, one idea. Make the ghost manifest.” Morgan’s free hand moved into her pocket and she threw the salt at the glass when it was flung at them. The contact with the salt caused the glass to fall back to the ground, the ghostly power keeping it up weakening in the face of the all-mighty salt.

If the ghost could be made to manifest, touching it with iron might give them enough time to get out of the house, and figure out what to do in a ‘safe’ area. “Or break every mirror. One or the other.” The sink howled to life, water rushing out of it, and steaming. She'd found upsetting ghosts tended to force them to manifest, the emotion bringing them forward.

This ghost seemed to have a bit of control over that. Darn shame. 
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Ok, So pissing the ghost off did seem to be doing the trick so far.

Rik was more than happy to go with the flow of that, but he didn’t want Patricia to end up getting stapled to the wall by flying glass shards… or mirror shards for that matter.

Iron crowbar in his hands though, he had been ready to slam the weapon full force into the manifested ghost when Morgan decided to use her handful of salt.

He rolled his eyes at her. “Really?”

He looked around. This was not anything close to an ideal situation.

A smirk crossed his lips though and he stepped forwards a couple of steps. “So, I thought about it and I really like the house. I can just see it now… take all those mirrors out… well… all but that fancy piece on the bedroom ceiling, get some chrome in here. Get my PA system. Could have some killer parties in here. Bit of Queen or No Fx blasting out, red cups… all the red cups. Oh… Diana, what do you think about a nice Moose head over the door, or maybe a coffee table made of car parts.”

Throughout this rant, the room had been getting colder and colder. Doors were slamming, lights flickering. And the projection of a woman manifested inches in front of him. He smirked “You don’t like my decorating plans?” He asked the growling apparition. He slammed the crowbar sideways through her side and stomach.

“RUN!” He went for the door, ushering the women out and shutting the door behind him.

Stood at the bottom of the driveway, next to the two parked cars he shook his head. “Sorry Trish, but I don’t think you’re selling this house till there’s a lack of a ghost problem.”
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He understood the rules of ghosts, at least. He started to talk, suggesting all manner of things to piss it off, “Not enough Bad Company in your plans,” Morgan pointed out when her opinion was called upon, “Otherwise, solid.” 10/10, would party there and leave someone’s boxer’s on the moose’s antlers.

The ghost’s displeasure was manifesting in the house coming to life in seemingly uncontrolled ways. Morgan kept glancing at the water, expecting the scalding liquid to douse her or Trisha, but it never happened. Instead, the blonde woman she had seen in a mirror earlier manifested.

Hereford struck her with the iron, and out they ran, Morgan pulling Trish along until they got outside. Morgan let Trish go after she pushed Trish towards the woman’s Buick. “A—A ghost? That’s…but they’re not…it must be some….” But her logic was failing her. This couldn’t be some annoying teenagers.

Morgan said, “We’ll clear it out, don’t worry,” she patted the paperwork she’d managed to keep a hold of throughout this. “You can clean it up tomorrow and get it sold.”

Patricia gaped at both of them. 
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Rik slipped Trisha’s car keys from her pocket and opened the car door with them. “I suggest you go home, have a nice long bath and a glass of wine. We’ll call you in the morning.” He smiled that same old charming smile again, ushering her into the car.

She seemed to take the hint to get the hell out of there and fastened herself into the driver’s side. Rik watched as she drove away.

“Right…” He headed to the trunk of his car and opened it. “Since you’re now involved and neither of us can take this one on solo, I suggest we take your paperwork and go for a drive before coming back with a bigger bag of salt and maybe a second crowbar, just in case.”

He threw the crowbar into the trunk with all the other weapons and various other items; clothing, oil cans, bags, and so on.

“Get in the car, you can read while I drive. And then maybe we can have a conversation about why the hell you’re tagging onto my case.” It wasn’t in the least bit aggressive, in fact, it was almost humorous, as though he found it funny. “People don’t normally tag along when they realise there’s a Hereford involved.”

Which meant she was probably thinking of dumping him and calling for her own back up, but there was no way he was giving up on this job. He moved to get into the car, unapologetic for the mess inside. Least it didn’t smell.

“There was a cemetery a few miles back. I say we call there on a long shot. And I'll totally get it if you decide to bail on me once we get there. No one wants to work with someone with a fucked up family rep like mine.” He chuckled and keyed the ignition.
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Trisha didn’t even react to the fact the man opened what had been a locked door. She was too shaken to consider that odd, with everything else she’d just seen. She left them fast, and Morgan chuckled at the haste with which she left the house.

Now she and Hereford could talk plainly. When he suggested she couldn’t take it on solo, both of her eyes raised. ‘Wanna bet?’ She’d bet $50 on herself she could take it down without his help. He could go make her a pie and by the time it was done and cooled in a windowsill, she’d come back home to greet his apron-covered self. Of course in her mind it was just apron and jeans, because it seemed perfect that way, if he wasn't some demonic cultist.

The image sparked too much amusement in her head for the smile to fade from her lips when she saw the interior of his car.

She pulled open the passenger door and took a seat, “Go to some diner first,” she said, “I have pie on the mind now,” she wasn’t explaining it. “It’d be bad to work on an empty stomach anyway, and we can have a pleasant chat in a public space about what a Hereford is doing here anyway. Maybe you want to give me a real first name?”

Then she’d stop calling him Hereford. She imagined he would appreciate that. “Oh, wait,” a sigh, “Swing by the shady motel, Country Inn, first. I have a laptop.” It might come in handy to google some of the names in these files, with pie. 
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He listened to her. Apparently she was just as intrigued as to his presence here as he was about hers. He quickly agreed in his mind about the diner and about pie.

The girl was on his wavelength there, that was for sure.

“Rik.” He replied to her question about his name. He pressed down on the acceleration and turned the car around in one single point turn, heading to the diner, apparently unaware that the stereo had started humming out Iggy Pop.

The diner wasn’t far and he didn’t speak again until pie and soda was ordered. “So, you wanna tell me why you picked up on a call meant for me?” He sipped at his cola. “Kenny only sends me shit he knows no one else will take.” He explained.

“So why you here, he must have told you I was on the case, but you came anyway, you not hear all the stories about us?” The tone in his voice when he said ‘us’ was bitter, as though he didn’t want to be associated with the name Hereford. He was a damned good hunter, and he knew it. The rep let him down, barely got him any credit in the current circles.

In honesty, he believed Kenny only offered him the scraps of the hunting world through loyalty to his dead grandparents. They’d been close once. Like many of the old hunters had been.
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They hadn’t gone to get her laptop. So, her phone was going to have to do, although she hated to waste the data. She didn’t speak a word out of bitterness and concentration, more than anything. She sorted through the papers as he sipped his drink. She just had a water besides her, but it went untouched.

The name of the first owner was Robert Granger, and as she sorted through the other files, she had a feeling that was the one to search. Everyone after that family ended up moving out—fast.

Of course, Robert Granger wasn’t an uncommon name. A google search with the name and place helped narrow it down immensely. Apparently, he’d been murdered. He, Maria Granger, some other woman, and their two sons.

‘Maria Granger.’ 

The photos in the newspapers matched the image of the woman who had appeared before them.

That was when the pies were set before them. Funny how they’d both gotten pie. She looked up from her phone. “I found out about the case on my own. Only learned you were on it when I called Kenny up for information.” Because everything went back to Kenny in the hunter world.

She grabbed her fork and cut off a piece of the blueberry pie for herself, ate it, and then continued, “I wasn’t about to let one of you make matters worse.” Though he was speaking as if he wasn’t like the rest. His bitterness seemed sincere. “I don’t suppose you’d tell me the truth if you were like the rest of the Hereford’s, would you dear?” She smiled, just a bit, “I’m going to have to call Kenny, you know.”

Just to make sure this Rik was actually not terrible.
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The pie was set down. The place hadn’t had any of his favourites, so he’d had to go with pear and rhubarb. He was tucking into it gladly when she spoke.

She had still come after finding out he was here, despite what she said. Despite finding out about the case on her own. She’d still found out from Kenny that he was here too, and she had still come. Maybe she had hoped that he had let Kenny down and hadn’t actually come.

She seemed to know about his family; few hunters didn’t know. So her not realising that he was one of THOSE Herefords was out of the question.

He shrugged “I don’t blame you. If it was the other way around, I’d be calling him too.” He told her honestly. “And feel free to slag me off to him when we’re done here.”

He ignored her question about telling her if he was really like the rest of his family. She wouldn’t believe him if he did tell her the truth, it was one of the major flaws of having that damned name. There wasn’t a day that went by where he didn’t consider changing it. If it wasn’t for Kenny’s memories of his granddad, he probably would have done.

“Surnames ain’t all they’re cracked up to be.” He joked. “Kinda like when you find diners which don’t serve pie.” Another piece was pushed into his mouth and he savoured it. “This is good pie.” He commented. He looked over at her paperwork. "You find anything good in there?"
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Morgan shivered at the thought of a diner that didn’t serve pie. She’d encountered a few of those, and always found them to such strange little places. “Maybe you should change your surname,” hunters went by many pseudonyms anyway.

He asked about the files and a grin took over her face. Had she found anything good in there? Ha! “Robert Granger was the first owner, who had the house built. His wife, Maria Granger, was the woman obsessed with the mirrors and she looks just like our ghost.” She set her phone down and slid it across so that he could see the picture brought up.

“Apparently, Maria, Robert, some other woman, and their two sons were all murdered. Details aren’t clear on who was responsible, looks like it was thought to be either some relative of the other woman, or Maria herself,” she leaned back in the chair, looking quite smug as she said, “$50 says Maria did it, and then committed suicide, because of that ‘other woman’.” She hadn’t needed to delve too deep into the cases to learn that the other woman and Robert were apparently having an affair.

What woman wouldn’t want unholy vengeance? Though, killing the kids was taking it a bit far. The kids had been found in the bathroom, drowned. The other woman and Robert were found dead in the master bedroom. Maria herself was dead in the bathroom with her children.
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He had shrugged again when she suggested he changed his name; it was like she had been reading his mind. “People would still know.” They’d always know.

He looked at the picture on the world’s smallest cell phone screen and nodded. “Yeah, definitely looks like our dead doll.” He agreed. “It’s weird that all that was just one ghost though, she must have been haunting that place for years to be that strong.” He mused, pausing as she started talking again.

He laughed out loud when she suggested a bet.

“No way am I taking you up on that. Women are way better at calling that soap opera drama shit that comes with these sorts of cases. I’d be a fool to bet against you.”

Pie finished, he pushed the plate with the fork atop to one side and finished his soda. “Don’t suppose it says where she was buried? Think we should salt and burn all the family, just in case?” He suggested; there was nothing wrong with ruling out all of the options instead of having to go back and do the job a second time around. Some would have called it lazy; he just saw it as forward thinking.

He put a couple of bills on the table and made sure to leave a tip, since the waitress had slipped him her number when Morgan wasn’t paying attention. “Good job I’ve got shovels in the car huh?”

When she was done with her pie, he got up to leave, reaching for the coat he normally wore before realising he was still in the damned suit. "Think we should change first."  Neither of them were dressed for anything close to semi comfortable grave digging.
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Rik wouldn’t take her up on the bet, and she grinned at that, “Uh huh, that’s it,” though it might be. She had done pretty well when she crossed paths with a woman on a case about a ‘woman in white’ case. They’d actually done pretty splendidly on figuring it all out. Shame that woman ended up getting killed by vampires.

Morgan took her phone and flicked through a few screens to see if she could discern where she was buried, “Yep. Mount Hope cemetery. Obviously we’ll have to find the grave ourselves,” but they knew where to start, and he had shovels. So far as burning all the family, “Don’t think we should desecrate the others, though,” she didn’t want to cause undo harm to any that weren’t ghosts. She didn’t know what happened, but she knew the ghosts burned.

Whatever happened to malevolent ghosts didn’t need to happen to innocents. “Interesting…her body’s been dug up before,” she didn’t think much of it. Grave robbers happened, but she supposed it might indicate more. She tucked the knowledge into the back of her head for later, in case things got interesting. She tucked the phone away in her pocket, then, and finished her pie.

Rik paid, and noted they needed to change, “My clothes are at my hotel. You know, with my laptop. If you’d kindly take me there, I’d be happy to get out of these things,” she disliked the attire.
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She was listing fact after fact. It wasn’t exactly tedious, but Rik didn’t really have much of a penchant for those sorts of things. Again, he reminded himself that he was definitely and ‘actions first, words later’ kind of guy. She obviously liked to know what she was getting into before she burned the world to the ground.
He guessed it just meant he relied on instinct a little too often.
He didn’t comment on the fact their dead chick had been exhumed before. He didn’t think it was particularly important, and he wasn’t too fussed that she’d said no to his idea of burning the family lot. “Where the hell are the Ghostbusters when you need them?” He joked.

She mentioned the motel. Shit. He’d forgotten all about taking her to the motel before the diner. Well, at least she’d had the pie she had been craving. So had he actually, when he thought about it.

He shook his head at his own trail of thoughts, hoping she wouldn’t notice the slight chuckle. He couldn’t believe his mind was back on pie.

“Alright. Sooner I’m out of this thing, the better.” He agreed.

He headed out to the car and got in. Belts on, keys in, and the stereo playing Journey this time. It was a damned old tape, but he didn’t think it had ever left the confines of the car.

The drive to the motel was a little longer and when they pulled into the parking lot, he gave a whistle. “Jeeze… this place is like the Bates motel.”

He got out, grabbing a bag from the boot of the car and waiting for her to lead the way to her rented rat hole of a room.
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Journey. Oh Journey. He was still listening to this soft-rock nonsense. Even so, it was better than most of the stuff on the radio, and admittedly, she really liked ‘Anyway You Want It’.

When they got to the motel, she directed him to a spot near her motorcycle and exited, “I know, I know,” she said to his comment on the place, “you usually stay at better places?” She didn’t. This was pretty standard for her.

She walked to her motorcycle first and gave it a once over, making sure it hadn’t been tampered with in her absence. Seeing it was fine, she patted the handlebar and walked on to the room and unlocked it. She left the door open as she stepped in, and picked up her preferred clothing from inside the drawer.

Most of her things were on the bed, thrown there when she needed to get them off the motorcycle. Her laptop was resting up by the pillows, and her hunting items were scattered about the rest of it. She snatched up the flask of holy water.

“I’ll change in the restroom,” she noted, didn’t give him an option otherwise as she walked to it and shut herself in it, locking the door. She shed the layers of ‘proper’ wear to slip back into her wonderfully comfortable leather pants and white camisole. Her jacket just fit over that so much better. She slipped on her boots, and added the chains once again. She combed her fingers through her hair and smiled in the mirror, much happier with her appearance.

She grabbed the silver flask and opened its lid.

She had the courtesy to knock, but didn’t wait to hear if Rik was dressed or not before stepping out of the restroom and back into the main room with the single queen bed. She did mean to catch him a little off guard. After all, she attempted to splash him holy water as soon as she was out of the room, to make sure he wasn't demon-possessed.
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No, Rik hadn’t stayed at better places. In fact, he hadn’t stayed at a motel for months. He’d been sleeping in his car. He’d named the car Bess. Bess was much cheaper than paying out for motels. Even on stolen or fraudulent credit cards. He didn’t remark though, just huffed a non-comment.

Seems she had a bike. It was in pretty good condition. He had to admit that seeing her drive off in that would definitely be a perk once they parted. Especially if she was in what she considered more ‘comfortable’ clothing.
She took him into the room and dictated that she would be using the restroom to change.

“Alright.” He replied. He had no qualms getting changed where he was. Hell he’d gotten changed in public restrooms and in the confines of Bess most times. He had no qualms about anyone seeing him in the buff.

Stripping from the suit, he had soon pulled on a pair of faded black jeans and was re-fastening laces to his favourite Docs when she knocked. Sure, he hadn’t put on his shirt yet, but it didn’t matter. He grabbed a towel instead as she exited.

He stood, revealing that he was a little shorter than her once she had her high heels on. Old scars and a couple of old tattoos littered his torso. “Get it over with.” He invited, standing still enough that the water she splashed at him caught his skin.

He wasn’t surprised by the action and he wasn’t surprised when it didn’t burn. He dried the wet parts off with the towel before pulling on a dark blue shirt and a beaten up leather jacket. “Feel a bit better now?”

He looked her up and down. Yeah, tighter was much better than the suit.
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Jeans and shirtless. Wonderful success. He also seemed to anticipate her actions. He wasn’t possessed by a demon, at least. “Yep!” She screwed the lid back on her flask and tossed it onto the bed with the rest of her things. She walked around him to let him get finished dressing.

She found a messenger bag and her gun in its holster. She put that at her hip and removed the knife she’d been keeping in her jacket, and attached it to the outside of her boot. In the messenger bag, she threw in rock-salt ammunition, the flask, and a few other items that were mostly grabbed at random—well, the matches weren’t random. If they needed a gas canister, they could buy one at a gas station. That’s what she usually did.

She slung the bag over one shoulder, “I’m going to step outside and call Kenny, you can go get the gas we’ll need to burn the body at the convenience store across the road,” she motioned in the general direction she’d seen it in. “If everything checks out, we’ll head to the cemetery and go deal with the body.”

She had a feeling that everything would. Kenny didn’t work with bad hunters—usually, he warned people about them, and he hadn’t warned her. He just didn’t want her on the case.   
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He’d expected the holy water, only because Kenny had greeted him with it nearly every time they met. He’d even started to carry a towel around with him at one point.

She went about, doing her thing, apparently content now that she knew he wasn’t a demon. He had to trust that she wasn’t a demon. He wouldn’t presume that she was.

If she was, he’d deal with it later. Needless to say, for a brief time, he was enjoying watching her bend over and put things in bags.

She gave him instructions he knew he knew were necessary, but also, she need not have told him that he needed to go and buy gas. He would have needed to fill Bess up at some point soon anyway. He was running low on fuel, and no one knew where the hell Kenny would send him next. Could be the other end of the country for all he knew.

“Sure.” He agreed, heading outside and heading across the street to the filling station. Fake credit card used, gas and snacks for the road later bought. The queue was long for a middle of nowhere store, but he dealt with it in silence by tuning into whatever song was being piped into the store through the tannoy speakers. He didn’t know or like the song, but it was better than being in a line bored of his mind.

Two full canisters of gas later and he were heading back to her motel room. He put the fuel in Bess’s boot and leaned on the bonnet, waiting for her to come over and say whether Kenny had given him the all clear or not. He was used to being judged, it didn’t phase him anymore.
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Once Rik was a good ways away, Morgan dialed Kenny and leaned back against the wall by the door. Two rings, and he picked up. “Y’ello?”

“So…Rik Hereford.”


“Yeah,” Morgan grinned a little, “What’s the story here, Kenny? His family’s rather infamous for fucking over other hunters.” Not that she was all that worried right now. Hell, she got into this business by surviving a surprise, she wasn’t too worried about something she expected.

Kenny gave a sigh, and she heard the noise of the area around him die down. No doubt, he was going somewhere more private to discuss things with her. “He’s a good kid.” He told her, and she knew that really should be enough. However, she wanted more, and her silence insisted on it, “That boy, Rik, he’s more like his grandparents then his parents and some of their other children.” He told her. “I’ve watched him pretty closely, I always throw a bit’o holy water on him when he comes by just to make sure.”

“You do that with everyone.” She pointed out. At least, she was pretty sure he did. Hoped he did. He always threw it on her.

“Sure I do.”

So he didn’t. “Damn it, why me?”

“I’ve seen the shit you get into, and always alone. It ain’t safe, ain’t anyone around to pull ya out or make sure you’re cool—most the hunters out here don’t work alone for a reason.” Morgan rolled her eyes. She’d heard this lecture a thousand times. “That’s why. I'm surprised you're still not a damn werewolf with the number of times you've gotten scratched by'em.”

“Fine,” she sighed. It made sense. Rik was walking back then. “Well, I guess I’ll work with this hunter and not flay him alive then. If he ends up backstabbing me, it’s on you.”

Kenny just said, “He’s a good kid,” again.

“All right,” she said. “Anyway, I might swing by after this. Bye.”

“See ya soon.”

And she hung up and walked over to where Rik was waiting ever so patiently. “Well, Kenny says you check out,” he no doubt expected that. “So, let’s finish up this case.”
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She was still on the phone when he returned. Whenever he phoned Kenny they were never talking for long. Mostly it was just an attempt to get details about a job, if Kenny had any details; or a call from Rik for Kenny to get him out of some kind of trouble.

He waited patiently for her to finish up.
He had no doubt that Kenny had told her that he checked out. He guessed that the older man had sort of a soft spot for him; otherwise he doubted he’d still be a hunter who got given any cases. He didn’t mind getting the stuff that no one else would take, it made things interesting at least.

Kenny had probably given her the same lecture he always gave to Rik. The one about not having a partner for cases. She looked like she was normally a bit of a lone wolf too. At least Rik had a semi decent excuse for not having a partner. What the hell was hers? “You bringing the bike, or coming in the car?” Rik asked her, moving round to the driver’s side, not really waiting for an answer before he got in and buckled up.

The engine hummed into life while he waited, considering whether he should tuck into a twinky on their way to the cemetery. Instead, he started to program the GPS in his phone to take them to the grave yard while he waited for her to make her decision.   
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For some reason, Vince as an option didn’t even register when there was a person with a car. It seemed rude to ride Vince, but as soon as it was given to her as an option, she grinned. “I’m taking the bike,” she informed him.

She turned right back around and got onto her bike. There was no helmet. It had been destroyed in the most recent venture and she hadn’t bought a new one yet. ‘Find a Harley store after this town.’ There was such a store near Kenny, of course, but that was miles away. She told herself nothing would go wrong. This was a ghost confined to a house. It couldn’t possibly cause her harm when she was on her bike the way the damned werewolf had.

‘Worst luck with those things.’
She thought as the bike roared to life when she turned the key. She kicked the kickstand back and looked back to Rik. He clearly had the directions, she had seen him setting up his phone for it, so she’d be following after him.

‘And hope the cops don’t feel like pulling me over for no helmet.’ 

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Seems she decided to take the bike. Rik had no qualms with that.

Though after some consideration, he did feel it was a shame that he was taking the lead in the drive. No checking her out and getting comfortably distracted for the few miles it would take to get to the graveyard.
Damn, he really couldn’t wait to watch her ride away from him.

He shook his head at himself and started the car, pulling out of the lot. Occasionally, he checked his rear-view mirror to see if she was still following, just in case.

Luckily, by the time they got there it was dark enough outside for them to both go unnoticed as grave diggers. Bess was parked outside the locked gates, and he got out, opening the trunk for what felt like the thousandth time that day and dug out a couple of shovels.

“Hope you’re not a shirker of dirty work.” He chuckled. He was sure as a hunter she had dug up graves before, and at least now there were two of them, it would take less time and effort.    

He took a torch too and lead the way into the graveyard. “We looking for a mausoleum or just a regular tombstone?” He hadn’t thought to ask her earlier when she’d had the information at hand, but hopefully she remembered from looking at it on the phone.
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No one stopped her on the way to the cemetery, so that was a relief. Morgan did quite like how it felt to not wear a helmet, but she’d learned too many times why it was necessary. The number of times a supernatural entity had tried to crash her bike was astounding.

They arrived with the sun setting, and Morgan parked her bike besides the man’s Swedish thing. “I know,” she muttered to her bike under her breath. The Swedish thing just wasn’t right. Even so, she walked around it to the trunk to retrieve her own shovel, since it seemed he had more than one. She also took one of the gas canisters and salt, since he was carrying the light. “Tombstone. Should be buried next to other Grangers,” not that it would make things easier, but at least if they found that name, they would be in the ballpark.

She walked to the gate then, and dug in her jacket for lockpicking tools. She found them quickly. Like her knife, they were always at hand. She knelt down and took her time fiddling with the lock until it popped open. She unwrapped the chain that held the gate closed, smiling to herself as she remembered busting through one in a truck that didn’t last long at all, before she got Vince. She tossed the chain and lock off to the side and pulled the gate open for both of them, then picked up her shovel and the other tools and let Rik lead them through the graveyard.

Finding one particular gravestone was never a fun job, especially in a cemetery large enough to be gated in. She preferred small, country graveyards. No locks. No gates.

Soon enough, though, she noted, “There it is,” with a relieved sigh. The name of Maria Granger was right besides the tombstone of Robert Granger, as expected.   
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She told him it was a tombstone and for that he was secretly thankful. He really didn’t like mausoleums; like basements, they were dark, dank and a little too confined for his liking. He’d never thought about it much but now that he did, it seemed silly for a hunter to be ever so slightly claustrophobic. He couldn’t even remember when it had started.

He hated looking for tombs too; especially in this type of place. It reminded him of those old Dracula movies that his granddad was so fond of watching; despite talking all the way through each and every one of them about how the lore wasn’t right, and shouting at the television set when the group decided to split up… again.

He shook his head. Damn he missed his Pops.

That man was everything to him. Fucking vamps had finally gotten the best of him… in the end.
Rik was just glad it wasn’t raining. It would make the dig that bit easier.

They found the grave easy enough with two sets of eyes. “Yahtzee.” He smiled, a slight chuckle in the word.
Then without another word, he started digging where it was necessary, the second gas canister placed on the ground near the tombstone before he began.

For a while it was just the sound of breathing and metal against dirt as they worked together to uncover the coffin.

The sound of the shovel hitting the wood brought another smile to his lips “And bingo was her name-o”

And yet, opening the box revealed…

They had come all this way here, put in all this effort… and the body had already been burned and salted. “What the fuck?”

What now?
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Digging was monotonous, endless, and for that reason Morgan did not like it. She could have started a conversation, but she knew better than that. It would eventually trail to her thoughts, and there was no need to discuss those.

In endless activity, her thoughts always drifted back to previous hunts and misadventures. Of deaths. Vince at least didn’t do that, but then, she always found some new scenery to look at, or the upcoming mission to focus on.

Out here, in the middle of a case, it was different.

Eventually, the digging was broken by metal on coffin, and Rik’s outcry. She hopped out of the hole so he could open it better, but once it was opened and she shined the light down on it, it was clear they weren’t the first hunters to take this job. Morgan’s eyes narrowed, though she said, “Perhaps there’s something left of her in the house.” Which wasn’t a good option.

The house was already pissed at them.

“Hold on,” she set the flashlight down and called up Kenny.

“What is it?” Kenny asked, expecting a call at this hour when Morgan was on a case, meant a problem.

“Body of our ghost has been burned and salted, Kenny, but the ghost is still present.”

“Hum.” She could hear him scratching his chin. “Well, two options come to mind. Either there’s a bit of her body still left in the house, or she’s some sort of witch. If the latter, that’ll just mean finding whatever object she’s most attached to, and destroying that.”

“Oh, that’s all?” Arson was sounding like a pretty good idea. “We’ll see what we can do,” arson wouldn’t necessarily destroy the important object. “Thanks.”

“Be carefu—” but he was cut off when she hung up and put the phone away.

“Kenny thinks she mighta been a witch.” Morgan informed, “Or what I said,” body part left behind. Either one meant they were going back to the house.
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He shut the coffin door. It slammed just before she tried to call someone. He guessed it was Kenny. It was a good idea to get his thoughts on a subject like this.

One day he swore, he would call the guy up to ask him if he knew anything about dragons; just for the kicks and to laugh at the response.

While she spoke on the phone he had already started to re-cover the earth they’d dug up. If digging was boring, this part was equally boring… hiding the evidence that anyone had been digging graves. Sure there would be fresh soil where there had once been grass, but no one questioned that; an open hole would be questioned.

He listened to her between shovelling and when she was done, he looked up at her. “Great.” Sarcasm was thick in his voice. “Really didn’t want to go back to Hotel California.” He continued in his task and was surprisingly done quickly. It had taken way more time to dig the hole than fill it back in again.

He shrugged and headed back to the car. He really didn’t want to go back to that house. “So, time to go break some shit?” He asked her. He supposed in all fairness, he was really going to enjoy smashing those fucking horrible ‘retro’ mirrors.

He threw the shovel back into the trunk, and searched in one of the bags for salt ammo, switching out one of the two guns on his person with that instead of regular bullets. He may have been a bit superstitious about it, but the other gun never got anything but silver bullets. He wasn’t taking his chances that way.

Sliding the gun back into the holster on his hip, he grabbed another bag of salt for his pocket and the crow bar again, before shutting the trunk. “You sure I can’t just burn the place to the ground? I know Trish would never speak to me again, but I think I can deal with that.”
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Morgan helped tidy the hole back up, and then assisted in bringing back the things to the Swedish car. They were all packed nicely away. “It is time to go break some shit,” she concurred. $50 said it was the mirrors—but there were a lot of friggin’ mirrors in that place. Would breaking them suffice?

He asked about burning the house, and she shook her head, “We need to make sure we get the ghost to go away,” and it would be obvious when they succeeded. Well, it normally was. The ghost burned up. This might be a bit different, but Morgan imagined they’d still see results when the ghost was put under.

He switched out his guns, and Morgan regretted that she rarely had iron weapons on her. It was just too much to try and carry on the bike, though. ‘There’s enough salt.’ Hopefully. And she had the rocksalt ammo, as well.

Morgan walked back to her bike and again got it started, “I’ll see ya there,” at least she knew the way to the place on her own, even from the cemetery. She was always good with getting to places she’d already been. So, she just waited until she heard Rik start his car, and then she was off.

The house looked normal on arrival. All the lights were off. The door was shut. Morgan didn’t trust it. She parked her bike about as far away as she safely could, without it being on the street, and made the walk to the door.

It opened before she even touched it. “Cute.” But she stepped into the trap anyway and pulled her phone out to use it as a flashlight. There was nothing abnormal in that front dining room, and it wasn’t all that cold, despite how the door had opened up for her. There did seem to be the sound of a female voice, though up above. Singing. 
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Yeah, $50 said it was the mirrors. If they broke all the freaking mirrors, he would bet that the one that was most haunted… or whatever was that frigging thing on the ceiling; the one that they’d both find difficult to smash without step ladders.

She got back on the bike, and finally he got his wish to follow behind her in the car. A content smile on his face the entire way… until she sped up.

He cussed as the car beeped at him about the gas he’d forgotten to fill it with. It would just about make it to a point just down the street from the house. Fuck it, he would have to leave Bess where she was. He could fill her up with the gas they’d not used at the graveyard later.

His car may have been a Swedish make which he got stick for, cos of that stupid tween emo mush that was Twilight, but it was built like a tank, it was easy to find parts for and to fix up himself when required… plus… he was pretty sure the boot could hide a body, possibly two if he really needed it to.

“Sorry baby.” He apologised to the car as he locked her up and left her at one side of the road, jogging to catch up to Morgan. It was just down the street a few yards. She’d be ok.

If she wasn’t… he was sure his good favour with Kenny would be pretty much extinct. “Shit.” There was way more riding on having a partner in crime than he had initially thought.
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Morgan always overestimated the abilities of other cars, and underestimated her speed. When she looked back, she was surprised not to see headlights. ‘Really shouldn’t….’ But then, she always worked alone, so of course she went forward and further into the house. “Seems you’ve been a pain for a little while, eh, ghosty?”

The door slammed shut. “You’re a bitch.”

Lighting came, but it wasn’t coming from the lightbulbs. Rather, it was coming from the mirrors. Morgan looked into them and saw, to her surprise, that Maria was moving smoothly through them, lighting candles and seeming to hum a tune to herself. It was different enough to make Morgan pause in wonder.

Then she noticed the design on the floor where she stood in the mirrors, and she moved quickly.

Her boot smashed one mirror to pieces as she slammed her foot into it, but it didn’t seem to disrupt what was going on at all. She broke the second in a similar way, only to notice candlelight flickering in the mirrors in the next room. ‘All of them.’ And the room within appeared highly decorated, in the 70s style. Her mind tried to keep track of the information as her body reacted to the danger she knew was being prepared.

Time limit. The witch was casting a spell, and there was only so much time before it was finished.

The third mirror shattered, leaving only one more on the wall. As Morgan turned to finish it off, she noticed the old trick of flinging glass was coming into play again. She reached for loose salt, but recalled she didn’t have any on her.

She dodged behind a wall and heard the glass shatter and pin itself into the nearby wall. She took her gun out of its holster, “Please work,” she didn’t know if it would work when glass being flung by a not-even-visible ghost the same way it worked on visible-ghosts.

Either way, there was still one more mirror to break in that room.
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When Rik finally got to the door of the house, unlike before when it had opened for him first time, this time it refused to budge.

He barged it with his shoulder a couple of times to no avail. The handle almost seemed as though it was jammed into one position, not allowing him to move it any which way.

He pounded on it. “Morgan?” Gods let her still be alive. He hadn’t given her any more loose salt. That was on him. But she had salt ammo… shit! Her only defence against this thing was salt ammo… did that even work on things that hadn’t fully manifested?

He couldn’t hear a response, but he could hear music, along with occasional splatters of smashing. It was faint though.

He frowned, looking at the window he’d smashed to get inside earlier that day. He shrugged and readied himself to go through it. He was met with resistance, an invisible barrier knocking him backwards. He groaned as he got up, taking the safety off his gun and firing it at the open window twice before charging at the space again, this time tumbling through the space. He rolled and got up quickly.

“Morgan?” He shouted again. He was distracted though.

“Hereford…” The voice was a sing-song, calling him in. It sent shivers through him. There was an eerie glow emitting from the room he found himself walking towards. How did it know his name?

Stepping inside, the door slammed shut behind him. His eyes widened as he checked his surroundings. Through the looking glass was another world, a world where Maria was casting some sort of spell.

He frowned, taking the crowbar up and crashing it into the first mirror he came to. If that was how she was getting through, then he was more than happy to destroy the retro vibe.

The next mirror smashed, shattering, shards on the floor rising around him as his heart raced and he threw the crowbar into the next mirror.

He dodged the mirror shard onslaught with a barrel roll, unaware of the small cut on his cheek from  a shard catching his skin.

Remaining low, he spun, aiming the crowbar at the next mirror.

It smashed and there was a flicker of the light bulbs. She was NOT happy with him.

He went for the door, again, finding it shut tight and not budging. He banged on it hard. Dammit, where was Morgan?
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Removing shards from a wall was difficult for the ghost, but there were plenty that had just hit the floor. Morgan turned back around with intent to destroy that one remain mirror to find those loose shards hovering in the air still. ‘No iron, and salt ammo. Definitely should have stopped at Wal-Mart.’ Till then, she’d have to play the game of dodging. “Well?”

There was a crash, and Morgan was fool enough to whip her head around to try and see where it came from. It was in mid-action she realized she looked away from the glass.

Hands covered her neck and she ducked, but felt the glass shred through her hands and graze her ears. Rik called her name, but she didn’t respond, too busy with getting revenge on the ghost. More of the glass had met the wall, and Morgan was quicker to react. She turned right back around and slammed her gun into the mirror, shattering it, before trekking on to the next room. Kitchen and living room were on the agenda. "I'm still okay. I'll come find you in a moment," she called to Rik.

Of course, as she came to the kitchen island, she saw all the doors of the house shut. Apparently Maria didn't want her and Rik to unite. “I can kick them down,” she reminded, before breaking the mirror over the sink. “You’re just delaying the inevitable,” tiny mirror magnet on the fridge. “Why don’t you just come out now and we can work this out like normal…oh hell.”

Her feet were stuck in the middle of the living room. A mirror told the story of why, but she couldn’t help but notice the room in the mirror was not the living room at all. She was looking at the master bedroom as it had once been, with the bodies of Robert Granger and the other woman in them. The ritual wasn’t on the floor, but on the mirror on the ceiling which was likely right above where she was standing, a floor above. Morgan looked up. That might be a problem if the seal was on that mirror and she was under it. “I’m not a demon.”

And with that, she threw her gun at the mirror in the living room that seemed to hold the image. It shattered, and the gun fell to the ground. It did release her, which Morgan suspected meant she had a little more time before the ritual had completed. She ran to fetch the gun from amidst the glass, but recoiled in her attempt to grab it when the glass shot straight up at her. “Come on!” Morgan shouted.

The ghost manifested behind her, feeling safe since Morgan didn’t have the rock salt gun in her hand. It could fling humans the way it could glass, and its power manifested to throw Morgan against one of the walls.

Of course, its hold over other things faltered. The ritual was put on hold.
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This ghost was really starting to piss Rik off.

More shards shot at him. He reacted just in time to dodge again, but not without a couple of shards slicing into his hand, making him drop the crow bar momentarily.

He dropped and picked it up, returning to trying to kick and barge the door open. Morgan had said she was fine, but she hadn’t said anything else. She’d just said that she would find him.

Great, all he needed right now was for her to go solo. This ghost was not something either of them needed to be messing with alone.

He rattled the door handle, looping and rotating between kicks to the door and its frame, barging the door with his shoulder and tugging and pulling at it.

There weren’t really windows of a good enough size for him to escape through in a flash, so that wasn’t an option.

Suddenly though, the door gave way and he tumbled through it.

He picked himself up quickly, reaching for his gun with a hiss as he caught his hand on the material of his jacket.

He raced through the house, trying each room finding her in the living room.

The ghost had seemingly materialised. He looked at the remaining mirror in there. “Cover.” He yelled the command, rushing to smash the mirror with the crow bar, like he had with the others. The ghost was too concentrated on Morgan to pay him any mind, even after him speaking his singular word.

He turned his face away as the mirror shattered and fired the gun in the ghost's direction.

More small cuts to his face, but he wasn't paying attention. "Up?" He asked, pointing as though they should head upstairs, offering her a handful of bloodied rock salt.

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Walls had to be so frustratingly hard. Morgan struck it as Rik called out, but the ghost seemed to see her as the larger threat. He was, after all, going for a mirror and not her. She could turn her wrath on him after. Morgan felt the cold grip of the ghost’s telekinesis pull her up and cut off her air supply as Rik broke the next mirror, and then shot at the ghost.

The rock salt dissolved the creature, and Morgan slid back down the wall, coughing. She got a grip on herself quickly enough, and pulled herself back to a standing position. One hand moved to massage her throat, and she gave Rik an approving smile. He’d acted quick enough.

She took some of the rock salt. Despite what she’d seen reflected in the mirror in this room, she had seen the dining room reflected in the dining room. So, she shook her head, “Let’s finish up down here while the ghosty recovers then head up.” She had a feeling all the mirrors were connected to whatever the ghost was trying to do.

Either way, she wasn’t leaving here until every single one was shattered.

She walked to the broken glass and picked up her gun from the mess, then jogged off to find the bathroom to bash in the mirrors there, before seeing what other rooms were left. 
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Apparently they had more work to do downstairs before they could tackle the wonderful ceiling looking glass.
Had this not been ghost related, he might have thought that thing was a cool idea for the future. However, now he was totally off put by the very idea of mirrors on the ceiling, despite the kink factor.

He sighed, shaking his head and heading off again to another room in the house.

The ghost was not happy at all about them being here. He was sure he could hear her growling behind him, the air around him growing chill and making his the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

He shivered as he smashed a mirror, then another, then… his body smashed into the third one, the ghost flinging him into it. He’d gone backwards and dropped to the ground face first, luckily the ghost hadn’t damaged his looks by smashing him face first into a mirror. ‘Cos that would have been a total travesty… ‘Chicks dig scars though’ He managed to think as he pushed himself up again.

The gun and the crowbar had both been knocked out of reach. He moved to grab them and they skid away, the gun turning on him, as though the ghost was wielding it. He chuckled. “Salt doesn’t hurt the living sweet cheeks.”

There was a scream of what sounded like rage and back against the wall he flew, dropping again. He was gonna have bruises for weeks.

He only just rolled out of the way of an onslaught of mirror shards aimed his way, using his boot to smash another mirror as he moved.

Sure… floor was good. He could stay on the floor a while… he could forget how much his ribs were starting to hurt on the floor.

Rolling again, the fourth and fifth mirrors in his room were smashed consecutively. The gun dropped to the ground and he slowly got to his feet. No more mirrors here.

Next room.

He groaned and headed off to find another room to demolish. He was getting bored of this now. This bitch needed to pass over and quick.
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Bathroom mirrors were destroyed. The following room she stepped into had already had its mirrors knocked out, and from the other room she heard the sounds of breaking, so Morgan headed up the stairs, jumping over the broken one which the ghost hadn’t seemed inclined to fix.

She didn’t head immediately to the master bedroom as Rik spoke aloud. She went into what appeared to be a smaller bedroom, and quickly dashed the mirrors to pieces. A scream followed, and Morgan wasn’t sure if it was her fault, or something Rik was doing. She didn’t stop, though. She moved into another small bedroom, and then the bathroom, before deciding to tackle the master bedroom.

The door flew closed in her face. “We went over this,” she told the ghost.

One kick was, indeed, all it took. The door flew open to a candlelit room. It wasn’t just in the mirrors, though. Actual candles had been set up and were alight on the floor, which had a copy of the circle in the mirror above, on it. The ichor on the mirror was dripping down—definitely not typical blood, though considering its source appeared to be from bodies long gone, that might be why.

Though Morgan didn’t know it, the ghost’s powers were significantly weakened with the vast majority of the mirrors broken. She had retreated here, to resume the ritual she had been putting off to assault Rik and Morgan. In that room, however, within the circle, she had much more power. She had even manifested within the circle on the floor.

Morgan shot at her, but the salt didn’t appear to work or scatter her.

Maria Granger rose from the completed circle, fingers coated in the black ichor used to make the circle, and walked right up to Morgan. “Doesn’t work on the corporeal, dear,” and she proved herself very much corporeal in that moment when she took Morgan’s hand. It had been unexpected, so Morgan hadn’t even thought to move her hand. The gun was swiftly removed from her grasp. “I thought I’d take over Trish, but I suppose you’ll do in a pinch.” She wanted form again. It was the only way she was ever going to be able to protect her mirrors, and thus herself, for eternity.
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The gun was picked up and holstered on his way out of the room. He made the careful climb up the stairs, he was sure he had heard smashing coming from up there.

He checked the smaller bedroom, before hearing Morgan speak. There was another voice too. He panicked immediately and headed that way.

The ghosty and Morgan appeared to be facing off. Casper’s evil aunt had hold of the gun, and of Morgan. Rik’s eyes were probably wide at this point. How the hell did the spook become solid? He knew he couldn’t get rid of her with the salt gun.

He remained quiet, drawing out the silver bullet gun. Better than nothing right?

He looked at the mirror on the ceiling. Did he shoot that or the ghost first? He was worried about hitting Morgan with the bullet should he aim at the ghost now though, and the mirror ritual needed to end.
He closed his eyes, hoping Morgan could see what he was doing without him having to say anything. Hoping that the ghost was unaware of his presence.

He fired the gun at the ceiling. The poor mirror shattered and he twisted his face away from the raining shards for the second it took for them to fall to the floor.

Had they broken all the mirrors yet?

Gods he wished he knew for certain what was going on here. It felt like they’d been at this damned thing for hours.  He turned his eyes back on the scene. He had a choice if the ghost was still around… silver bullet gun or his ever faithful dagger. And that was IF Morgan wasn’t capable of splicing the ghoul herself.
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The ghost wasn’t unaware, but thought timing was on her side. She pulled Morgan, strength unnatural, and pushed her towards the markings on the ground. That was when the mirror was it, as Morgan stumbled under it. She was quick to pull up her leather jacket so it covered her head, as well as hold her hands above her head. The leather was the real protection—the glass didn’t puncture it. Her hands and arms were cut up, but not too badly.

The shriek of the ghost made enduring that pain worth it, and when the fall ceased, Morgan looked up to see the ghost shattering like the glass. The corporeal form faded and she resumed the incorporeal one to die and shatter. She smirked and straightened up, hearing the weight of some of the glass pieces fall off her back to join their friends on the floor. “Patricia is not going to be happy,” Morgan commented as she rose.

Bloody hands did not drive a motorcycle well. “Don’t suppose you have a pair of gloves in that Volvo of yours, do ya? I might need them to get to a hospital.” She was absolutely not leaving the bike here, but she probably needed stitches.

Just another day in the life of a hunter.
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Apparently shooting the glass had been the right answer after all. Morgan hadn’t died, but the ghost-bitch had. He was sure he had been holding his breath when the corporal form became spectral again and then poofed, like the shards of glass, only, not ouchy ones.

He was glad to see that for the most part, Morgan was unharmed.

He let out the breath he’d been holding in a long exhale.

She asked him a question and he looked at her hands. “No gloves, but I’ve got a make shift first aid kit in the trunk.” He replied.

Make shift in hunter world tended to incorporate some sort of alcohol along with a pair of tweezers and some bandages if they were lucky. Rick didn't even know what was in that thing. Kenny had packed it a few years back and he'd never used it.

“We have two options here, you give me the keys and ride pillion, or we walk the bike to the car, cos I kinda ran out of gas about half a mile from here.” He chuckled lightly. “Shoulda filled up at the station instead of coming back to see if I could hear what Kenny was saying on the other end of the phone. I couldn’t by the way.” A genuine smile.

“So, what’s the plan?” He looked around. “And yeah, Trish is gonna be pissed, but you know what, think I’d rather deal with selling a house full of broken glass than a vengeful ghost.”
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Make-shift first aid kit would have to do. When Rik mentioned ‘riding pillion’, as he so nicely put it, Morgan smirked. No way, in a thousand years, would anyone else ever drive Vince. Morgan then shook her head as he expressed the problem, since his car had run out of gas.

“We’ll walk the car. No one else drives my bike,” Morgan made that clear and started to walk towards the stairs with their single broken step. “I might let you ride bitch sometime, though.” Pillion was just too nice of a word for the secondary rider. She’d always heard it referred to as ‘riding bitch’.

Besides her bike wasn’t really made for an extra rider. It would not be a comfortable ride, no matter how short it was.

No troubles plagued her on the way out. The door opened without hassle, and she walked over to Vince, kicked the kickstand and took the weight of the bike into her own hands as she gripped the handlebar to keep it up. Walking the bike wouldn’t be fun, either. The blood made her hands slick, and the ribbed handlebars were quite uncomfortable when pressing against open wounds.

Even so, she tried not to grimace. “Be good,” she told the bike, making a thousand mental promises to wash him later.
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They were both cut up pretty bad on their hands, and Rik would have offered to help her push the bike if she didn’t look so damned determined. Hell, he knew how she felt about the bike. He felt the same way about his car. No one drove her but him; though saying that, he’d never met anyone who had wanted to.  No one liked the Twi-hard vibe it gave off.  He had briefly chuckled at her response about riding bitch.

There were no problems on the way out of the house and the short journey to the car was committed in silence, but Rik didn’t mind and apparently neither did Morgan; if she did, she didn’t say anything anyway, apart from to tell the bike to be good. It seemed she was as comfortable with silence as he was.

They reached the car and he opened the boot as she dropped the kick stand on the car.

He dug out the ‘first aid kit’. In fairness, there wasn’t much good left in it. It needed topping up, but he had kept putting it off and putting it off; procrastinating on the task.  “I know it’s not much, but it’s all we got.” He offered with a small smile.

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Morgan pushed the bike on her own towards the car, not at all bothered by the fact that Rik didn’t assist her. It was, strangely enough, not uncomfortable. There was no need to fill the silence with nonsense chatter. In fact, the quiet seemed to assure Morgan that the chaos of the house was truly dealt with.

Victory was had.

Once at the car, Morgan set her bike to rest and walked over to the boot when it was opened. She looked down at the first aid kit, and shrugged. It was better than nothing, “Just need the wound cleansed and wrapped. I’ll get to a hospital to have the serious work done,” hopefully nothing serious would be needed. She disliked stitches almost as much as she disliked the bill.
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Ok, so apparently this was now officially his job. Rik would have admitted quite openly that he had never patched anyone else up before… he’d patched himself up a numerous amount of times, or he’d had Kenny help patch him up; since he hated hospitals, but he’d never fixed up anyone else. Never had a need to until now. He didn’t need to tell her all of this though. He kinda guess that she already knew. He did have a rep, after all.

“Alright.” He carefully opened the box. His hands were roughed up, but nowhere near as badly as hers were. Stupid glass.

He took out the remainder of the alcohol gel and wipes and a couple of misshapen wraps that looked like they were bandages once upon a time. There were some tweezers too. “Hand?” He’d have to do them one at a time, or, this was the opportunity for her to either offer to do it herself, or to give him the hand she’d have more trouble with doing herself so she could do the other one herself.

At some point, probably after she was long gone, he would have to call Kenny to tell him that ding dong, the ghost was dead. And then he’d probably find a hovel somewhere to rest until he got another of those phone calls; or even possibly just a text.