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Title: Fortiden [closed]
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It was the ninth week and the sixty-third night she had pretended to be asleep in the grass. Hands clasped the edges of her sleeves and pulled her arms in close to her curled up body, then balled into trembling fists. No longer could she smell the thick damp scent of the grass that covered these hills; nor could she smell the pungent bark of the trees lining the clearing they had made their camp. Even with her nose right up to the ground she could not smell the wet dirt beneath her still, cold body.

This was the longest she had gone without feeding.

Her throat burned in its rawness, metallic eyes alive in the darkness. She could smell nothing but the blood that ran through their immortal bodies; immortal blood which she craved from being close with it for weeks. They traveled best at night, when she could come out. During the day she was the weakest with only the Wizard’s spells to protect her pale skin from the deadly sunlight. They hadn’t seen much sun the entire nine weeks; rain loved this country but Juliette was most thankful for the thick dark thunderclouds.

She had never had these thoughts before. Not until the day she became this way. Never had she looked upon human blood with such a desirable urge. The first time she fed had been the start of an addiction. Before then, she did not behave monstrously, she didn’t imagine the way human flesh broke so easily from the pressure of her fangs. The woman she was before would have looked upon this new woman with disgust and terror.

That woman had been lovely and polite with a wit that had somehow managed to stick around even after her own tragedy. She had been the youngest of a wealthy family, the only girl after four boys. Somehow she remained soft and feminine, despite being smothered by brothers. Mother had said she was a gift to the Valerian family, and insisted that if she were to play with the boys, it would be inside. They were to be gentle with her, she had always been delicate and doll like, with wide amber eyes and rosy skin, sprinkled with freckles like sugar, just like all of the Valerians.

It was the over protectiveness of her parents and brothers that would lead to her fall. Juliette was rarely allowed out on her own. She desired to be with people, but would daily remain in her bedroom. A boy that sold her mother broth had smiled at her in the market, and the next time they went by, she had slipped him a letter. Juliette would have never known that the very temptation of sin would come from a boy so young and poor. Evil hid in the most unexpected places, deceiving those who fell easily for its tricks. She was twenty when she was bitten, and twenty when she lost any form of conscious control. Now frozen in her youth, she was a one-year-old vampire and very aware of her cravings. Based on the tales, it usually took decades for a newborn blood-sucker to ignore their thirst. And it had been nine weeks.

Air was swallowed and she ran her tongue over the points of each cursed molar in her mouth. If she could just have one taste, she would make it last for days. If there was some way the seven could have continued through to wood and into the farmlands she would have been silent and quick- done before anyone knew she had been missing…the vampire was all too content with keeping to herself.

The trees rustled with a light wind. Another shower would come soon. Juliette could almost taste the scent that bounced through the trees at her. Somewhere less than a mile off was a human and a horse. Juliette licked her lips, tucking her hands beneath the amethyst cloak, eyes darting through the dark spaces between the trees. She could easily sneak away. None of them would hear a thing; she was noiseless even in her clumsiest movements.

She lifted her head quietly, sitting up partially so that she could crane her neck at the others’ still sleeping bodies. She noticed the winged one, Amina, sitting off alone, awake with her back to the others. Without a sound, Juliette escaped from the clearing and disappeared into the trees.

It was easiest to travel by the branches. Her footsteps were light and didn’t shake the leaves. She was limber and athletic, built like a nocturnal predator. Her body flexibly crouched and climbed. The closer she found herself, the thirstier. Juliette’s vision soon became red, and it took only minutes for her to find the horseback traveler. He was alone, making that last stretch before he reached town. The sound of the wind in her cloak, and the shocked neigh of his steed would be the only thing he heard before she pounced from the shadows.
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Rain was no friend to the feathered companion of the resting group. Her feathers had grown too heavy to allow flight numerous times. The stillness of the night was a pleasant relief. She stood vigil with a calmer mind because of that simple fact.

Yet, she was always alert. She sat then, perched in one of the trees, quiet and still. She hadn’t moved in half an hour, and tended to take such shifts, moving only when necessary. Her senses were good, though one couldn’t deny her sight was best. Amina bat El was a creature of light, after all. What few realized was that did not mean she was simply ‘good’, not a mere ‘enlightener’. Light was her weapon, channeled into energy she could manipulate at a whim.

People who spoke of peaceful angels didn’t know them. When He wanted something done, He sent an angel. Though the delivery of messages was an act performed, just as often, He wanted something smote. That was the duty Amina was set to perform, the reason she was with this group. It baffled her, if she were honest with herself. That was becoming more and more common—time to think, to be introspective, allowed her too much time to wonder why He didn’t just send a few of His angels to get rid of this.

It’d be so easy, or that was what Amina told herself. ‘He has a plan.’

It was something she would not doubt. Somehow, that plan also involved a life-stealing fiend. That was the main reason the angel stood vigil so close, too. Her.

Not once did Amina look back as she caught the flicker of movement out of the corner of her eye. Her body had been positioned just to keep that one in her sights.

Not once did she look to confirm it, lest she give herself away to the creature who dwelled in darkness. ‘Fool.’ As if she hadn’t dealt with this kind before. As if she didn’t know this would, eventually, happen. Amina was only grateful the wretched creature knew better than to try to drink from her other companions.

Amina counted. When certain of her own ability to capture silence, she stood on the branch, and shot up into the sky. It would rain soon, but right now she’d use her flight to her advantage. She was quicker, unhindered by the trees. She could also move without being heard from high up, and her vision would help her keep track of the one moving in the trees. It was easy to tell what she was after, too; the lone traveler on his horse would, indeed, be an easy target. ‘Careful.’

Caution still had to be used. It would not be good to strike if she were wrong, though Amina did not think it so. Options flew through her head. She had a bow, could notch an arrow and snipe the vampire from on high. ‘No.’ It seemed wrong, somehow. Again, the thought of His plan came to mind. She might not understand it, might question it, but it involved this group…this…thing.

A part of Amina hoped that the vampire would not do as she feared. Of course, that hope was proven to be in vain as the sound of the horse’s neigh broke through the quiet night. She couldn't even feel disappointment. It was what she expected, after all.

Amina’s wings lifted, and her drop from the sky was quick. No point in hiding her presence. She was aglow, but most of that energy was channeled to her right hand which contained it in an orb as her feet touched the ground. “Let him go, now.” There would not be a second command.
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He was probably a husband, someone’s father, and someone’s son. Maybe he was a fisherman; they usually went to sea around this time. A provider of nourishment for his family; he was now the prey of the woman above him, and somehow he was perplexed by the rich moonlight against her porcelain skin, wild burgundy hair that fell long and tickled his lips and cheeks. She gazed erotically down at him and inhaled the fear and lust in the scent of his blood. Her eyes closed and she leaned closer. It would be over soon…

The lone traveler had been strong, but Juliette’s spell was stronger. She pinned the man to the wet ground, the pounding of his heart only echoed in her ears, pulsing veins tempting her even more. She could feel herself trembling, trying its hardest to resist, but her body would not oblige. Juliette was inches from his jugular, her hands gripping the man’s shoulders tightly. He was no longer able to fight against her. She looked down at his pleading eyes.

Gold eyes closed shut tight as the wordless pleads reached her. She couldn’t fight herself; she was too thirsty…”I’m so sorry.” She whispered as she ran a cool hand over his cheek, but before Juliette could bite, the bright glow of the angel covered her. It was startling, and she looked up at Amina in astonishment. Her hands shook and she released the man without hesitation, unable to look away from the celestial creature. Juliette swallowed dryly, but did not make any moves as the man slowly stood, perplexed by the angel’s glow.


Amina had not trusted the vampire from the moment they’d met. Juliette was used to hatred and fear, but this was different. Amina did not fear her. Why? She was dangerous, despicable. The entire group was wary of her, and she didn’t blame them, they should be afraid. Her eyes were wet, but the vampire narrowed her gold orbs towards Amina. She was a creature made for good, and Juliette was the evil. She was ashamed but defensive, furious that this winged and righteous creature had chased off her meal.

She looked down at her hands, unable to stop the shaking as she desperately turned and watched the man back away from her and mount his horse. Juliette felt her body collapse in defeat and she clenched her quivering fists, slamming them into the ground. There was a current of fury and shame overlapping within her. She wanted to fight back, but a part of her was relieved.

Juliette held back sobs as the gentle raindrops seemed to convey her sorrow. What a clever God. She slowly sat up, looking to the winged woman before her, unsure of what to say. She knew what the angel was thinking, surely the very same thing God would. Angels were obligated by command to do his works. Juliette would be an easily distinguished monster, weakened and alone as a creature of shadow versus a being of light. Good always did prevail, did it not?
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Amina did not move as the others did. Juliette heeded the command, something that the angel did not think would actually happen. It was ingrained in her to give warnings, to allow for a chance. She was pleased that it was, but her expression did not show it. The golden orbs hardened on her in a glare, but they were wet. Tears. That was not something Amina expected, and it washed away any pleasure she might have taken in chastising the vampire.

When Juliette turned, the glow briefly brightened. Fortunately, Juliette did not make a second attempt. Amina observed the man as he gathered his senses. She did not speak. He was smart enough to run on his own, getting to his horse and leaving at a gallop. What a story he would have to tell—he alone was picked out and protected by an angel.

The glow began to fade with the rain, allowing the darkness to fall around them. Her wings ruffled themselves in irritation at the first drops. There would be no flying again. 

Juliette was on the ground.

Amina could not leave her there.

Juliette composed herself some, straightening to sit under the angel’s cold gaze. They were not met by a glare. The last of the light vanished, leaving them with only the lightning. Both of them, no doubt, had enhanced senses to see in the dark so the light was not as necessary as it would be for humans to see. Juliette was quiet. Amina made up her own reasons for why there were tears in the silence, remembering that vampires were cunning creatures. They had to be. Their prey was quite sentient. Intelligent. “Wipe away those crocodile tears,” Amina instructed, “They will not help your case, I care not how starved you are, you are not feeding from humans.” She wouldn’t be guilt-tripped into allowing it. If nothing else, the vampire should have understood that. Such emotions were foreign to the angel.
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The darkness overcame both women again as Amina’s glow faded. Juliette was met with a hard gaze from the angel. She touched her face, doing as she was told, but not without a word back to the cold instructions, "Is that a command from God?” She asked with a quiet bite, looking to the wet ground where her fists had left indentions. Juliette was unaware she had allowed her own tears to fall, now ashamed of herself even more. Her cold hand swiped her colorless face, removing the salted moisture from under her eyes to be replaced with cold raindrops.

She avoided Amina’s judging eyes, very aware of her insinuations before she even spoke of them. Crocodile tears shed to help her get what she wanted. She would rather be struck by one of her balls of light than beg for blood from an angel. Juliette lifted her chin, unable to shake the hurt she felt. She had so many questions for God, but He never seemed to hear them or answer her. Perhaps this angel would know.

“Do you think I am a monster?” She was not asking out of sarcasm, but desperation. If she were not allowed to, then why did she? Juliette looked upon Amina, a woman with a petite frame but a very large presence. Her cornsilk hair seemed perfect, painted with the light from Heaven. Juliette felt very dim and dull at her feet. “I did not want to hurt him.” She said quietly, looking away once more. She didn’t want to be what she was.

Still, no matter what she wanted the vampire was a servant to her thirst. This angel did not understand that. No one but Juliette could understand such a feeling. She licked her dry lips and pressed them together. “I never wanted to hurt anyone.” It was then, like many times after she fed, Juliette relived every sin she’d committed, and retreated into herself. How could an angel, free of sin, feel pity for her after what she'd done?

She was a monster.

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Amina didn’t so much as smirk at the comment about it being a commandment from God. Of course it wasn’t. It still bothered her that she’d think such a light command would come from On High. It was almost using the name in vain.


Amina was quiet as the woman wiped at her tears and stood. She was about to say that they should head back to the camp when a non-rhetorical question came. ‘Yes.’ No-brainer. Yes, Amina thought she was a monster, and it was only His command that kept her alive from the start. Even demons could be put to good use now and then, she supposed.

Her eyebrows lifted at the statement. Her lips formed a cruel twist. “No?” Her own question, her own disbelief at the statement. “Your actions say otherwise.” She was looking away, though.

Juliette added on to her initial statement. Though Amina could not see directly into her eyes now, she could read the body language. It was foreign to her, but it spoke. She had seen angels slouch, witnessed many of these patterns in those who were on the brink, on those who…questioned. That thought came to her, and for a brief moment she forgot this was not another angel when she stepped forward and touched the woman’s shoulder.

She remembered just as quickly, but did not withdraw the touch.

Pity was not what she felt. Pity was something she’d never felt, but there were now questions. “Why do you act in a way contrary to your feelings?” Angels didn’t hunger, and certainly, did not understand vampires. Vampires were not worthy of understanding beyond the fact that they preyed upon human life and were thus evil. All other creatures in His world knew better, and only the desperate would consider humans a meal. 
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The angel’s reply also surprised Juliette, and she looked up immediately. A small sign of faith, but not really as Amina seemed to argue against it. She felt her shoulders weighed down by the helplessness she felt. The vampire searched Amina’s eyes for some sort of emotion, any. Was an angel even allowed to feel anything?

Juliette agreed with Amina's statement. Her actions were sickening even to herself, but in a conscious mind when it was too late to feel guilt. She felt a sting in her eyes again, but she didn’t allow her tears to fall this time. The vampire looked off towards where the man and his horse had run off. He could now return to his children. Juliette had been a child once. She knew what it was like to have a father and a brother.

At Amina’s touch, Juliette looked back. Another person had never touched Juliette in this cursed form. Was it naïve of her to feel hope that this angel may now be trying to comfort her? The angel questioned her actions, something no one had ever done. Everyone knew what she was and why she did what she did to quench and sate her urges. They thought they knew.

“I don’t know.” She whispered to the angel before her. It would be impossible to explain something to an angel who had never questioned herself or her Master, but maybe she could try. Amina was made to obey God’s commands, and surely she believed God was just and she should. Juliette was made to obey the command of her thirst, but she had once been human, and she had once lost loved ones to death. If she had felt such things, then why would she purposefully murder so many people?  “Why do you obey your God?” She asked seriously.

Her wet eyes did not leave Amina’s form. “I have no choice.” She was not certain she would believe her, but she desperately wanted her to. It was how the cravings felt. Juliette was overcome by guilt. It sounded as excuses, surely. “I slayed my parents and my four brothers…” She pressed her cold palms to her cheeks, pushing her tears away. “I have no memory of it…I just remember blood on my clothes, on my hands. Their blood.” Why was she telling this to an angel? She would surely think less of her if at all possible now.

“Amina I…I loved them so much.” Her throat was raspy as she desperately called out the angel’s name. She would surely be confused or disgusted by her. Juliette wanted to give up but she could not stop herself, “I want them back more than anything.” She hated everything she had done, but she could never forgive herself for feeding from her own loved one's necks.
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It seemed the situation was as foreign to Amina as it was to the monster.

‘Who prays for Satan?’

An angel had asked her that, once. ‘Who prays for the one who needs it most?’ The angel had missed the Fallen One. He had not lasted long in Heaven, but Amina found herself now applying his question to this situation. Long ago, she had come to terms with the selfishness of humanity, understanding they were ignorant—children, compared to the angels. They prayed for their health, their wealth, and everything in between, but few spared a thought for those who did not impact their life.

None prayed for the damned.

Amina did not answer the question about serving God. There were a litany of reasons, and one different from Juliette. She had a choice to serve. ‘There are severe consequences for disobedience.’ True. ‘And there are severe consequences if she disobeys.’ Amina knew humans needed to eat. She was learning that hanging out with them, and how much they ate! It was truly astounding.

It might be true that vampires, too, needed to eat more than they wanted to eat. Amina always imagined that vampires enjoyed it the way humans did, relishing the blood as humans did wine.

Confession followed, and Amina felt awkward holding the role of priest. Was Juliette looking for forgiveness? Absolution? Amina didn’t know, but she keenly felt the woman’s sorrow.

That was what it was, wasn’t it? Not crocodile tears this time, but sorrow. ‘They are not in His plan.’ God provided for every creature in his plan, ‘And do they not all live through life?’ Yet it was wrong to live off humans, never mind that lions lived off antelopes, or wolves off sheep. There was a hierarchy.

God did not provide for vampires. They had no place in His world, and Amina had always thought it was because they were creatures which invited this fate. “Did you not know what would happen?” Amina found herself lost with the woman’s sorrow. Perhaps she should have been sympathetic, but she was perplexed. “Did you not invite this fate upon yourself, knowing what sort of monster you would become?” Despite the hard word choice, her hand squeezed Juliette’s shoulder in a strange effort to soften the word. Unconscious, really. 
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As Juliette looked desperately to Amina, she could finally realize that this angel had no experience as a human. It was not like children’s stories, when a human passed on and rose into heaven to gain their wings. She couldn’t feel Juliette’s feelings or know her thoughts. Juliette was no longer human after all; she was a vampire. Did this angel even know that the monster before her had not always been this way?

“What being…their death?” Juliette misunderstood Amina’s question at first as a consequence to her action of feeding. Of course she knew the results of draining a human being’s blood. But as the angel pried, Juliette understood, but still felt the blunt force of the word. She looked to the hand on her shoulder, then back to Amina’s face, her eyes searching for just a little understanding, desperately searching.

She was not able to hold back her emotions, and this angel seemed not to feel emotions. Juliette’s eyes squinted as they watered again, her hand not coming to brush them away this time. “Did I…want to be this way?” Juliette couldn’t imagine anyone would want to be the way she was. “Did I want to be a servant to my uncontrollable thirst for human blood?” She clutched the amethyst garment around her chest as emotional pain overwhelmed her, “Who would ever want to forcefully feed upon her own loving family?” This angel really did not understand anything, it was almost frustrating; but Juliette remembered that she was never human. “No I did not invite this fate upon myself.”

She had not done it on purpose. Juliette had been as human as anyone else when she fell for that boy in the market. How would she have known what he was? She had made a human mistake that turned her into something lower than human, lower than a beast. Juliette had fallen to the human temptation of lust, and she had been punished for it.
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Pain and anger and frustration, all of these were easy to recognize. Amina had been yelled at in the past for being unsympathetic to the troubles of humans. Of course, she didn’t understand it. Amina was only ever honest. The fact that honesty hurt was a frustrating truth—if humans didn’t lie so much, it’d be fine.

So, something she had said upset the vampire. Her question had upset Juliette. Her hand flinched away as Juliette let emotions rule her. “You did not want this?” It came as a question, but it was as much as a statement, as slow understanding began to dawn on Amina. “This was not a choice,” it had to be spoken aloud for it to compute.

Was it possible that this curse of vampirism fell on the unwilling?

‘Bad things happen to good people.’
Universal truth. Faith was tested through hardship. She knew that vampires spread vampirism to other humans, but for some reason she had always considered the human being infected wanted it. “I am sorry,” odd words, but she’d heard them used in situations akin to this, in trying to calm someone and gain information, “I do not understand,” Amina admitted, “How are you a vampire if you did not want to be one?”

What was an unwilling vampire supposed to do? Suicide was a sin, but there was no place for them in the plan. Amina’s mind grasped at straws, tried to hold resolutely to the thought that this vampire might be lying about her turn towards this monstrous fate.
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She swallowed as she watched in hope as Amina confirmed with herself what she had been told. Juliette wondered how an angel could look so much like a human and not understand the emotions they had. She could feel her breathing increase as her hand removed itself from her shoulder. Was she judging her still? Humans were flawed, yes, but vampires were damned. She always knew that it was impossible for her to be forgiven.

Juliette couldn’t understand if Amina was apologizing for her suffering or for her misunderstanding of how vampirism worked. She watched the angel eagerly. No one had ever asked her questions like this. No one had ever tried to understand why she was the way she was.

“I thought…” The woman hesitated. She was afraid to tell Amina the story, as if her human flaws would make her seem even more of a monster. “When I was human I loved this man.” Her tears stopped for now, and she held her right arm against her with her left hand. She remembered it like it was yesterday. “He did not look like a vampire, but he made me this way.” That was the short version of the story. “I didn’t know I was a part of a plan.” Juliette looked to Amina sadly, “I was being used, easily tempted by a handsome face.” She shook her head angrily, uncomfortable that she was the only one that could feel emotions out of the two of them. “He made me a part of his army of monsters to corrupt the kingdom I was from. I only did what he created me to do because as a vampire, I had no other choice but to feed.”

She had wished someone would kill her many times, but she was always stronger. Her thirst would always be her defense. Juliette had contemplated suicide many times. She had no one left to miss her, but she did believe in God and knew suicide to be a sin. As much as she sinned in this form, she could control that urge at least. Now she was determined to stop this by joining this group.

“I never wanted to be this way. I just wanted to be loved by that man.” Juliette pushed her rust colored hair out of her face, looking closer at Amina. “I know you don’t understand.” She said quietly, “I’m sorry I got angry at you.” Her eyes softened, “No one understands, or wants to.” Juliette unclenched her hand from her cloak and took in a deep breath, “My heart doesn’t beat anymore, but it still hurts, and it still loves. I still feel like a human feels.” She pressed her hand against her chest, still searching Amina’s eyes, “Do you…understand that?”
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All vampires had mortal existences prior to this. All mortals were flawed, and they were easily tempted. Greed, lust, pride—the list of sins went on. It would make sense for a mortal to be tempted to become a vampire, to desire it, but that was not the story Juliette told. Rather than some want of power, some desire to never die, she claimed to have fallen for a vampire. ‘Are they that hard to pick out?’ It was easy for Amina to recognize them.

The woman had been seduced and used. ‘They can be turned unwilling.’ Strange how that thought seemed to keep coming up as Juliette spoke. It put it in a new light. Certainly, He knew this. ‘I’ve never met one.’ All the ones she had met prior to Juliette were quite proud of themselves, of their state. If they hadn’t desired it, they had embraced it.

Juliette did not.

And Amina could not admit to understanding. Love, mortal love, was not something she knew or desired. The Presence was all she needed. Being in that, feeling it, seemed to make all other desires fade. What she could understand was that Juliette still felt human, even if Amina did not know what that felt like—Juliette did, and Juliette saw herself, her actions, as bad. “I understand that,” not what it was, but that Juliette did. “You must eat to survive. Like a lion will attack a human in desperation, so will you.” It was perhaps wrong to compare the once-human to a beast, but it was the first thing that came to mind. “It is instinct and need.”

Was it need? “Can you only feed upon humans?” Perhaps Juliette did not know. It did not sound like her sire had been concerned about teaching Juliette another way. That would have ruined his plans. ‘Note to self: find him and murder him.’ Later. When this was done. God would not mind such a detour. She would be getting rid of scum that stole from His flock.
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Juliette felt as if she were watching Amina’s realization in slow motion. She anxiously waited as the angel pieced things together, the only way that someone who had never experienced human feelings could. “Yes…!” She desperately nodded as the angel compared her thirst to the starvation of a lion. “Instict.” It still sounded horrible to Juliette, but at least it was all making sense now.

The angel’s next question was something she had never thought of instead. Juliette had always just acted in desperation on instinct. When she got to a certain point it was almost as if her body moved on it’s own,  “Only feed upon humans?” She had never fed upon animals in this form. But Juliette didn’t crave animals; she craved what she had first ever tasted after being cursed in this form. “I don’t…”

This was something she’d never considered, but if it was something that could help, so many people could have been spared! Her chest tightened at the thought, and she moved to sit upon a large rock near the trail. “I don’t know…” She shook her head, looking down at her trembling hands, “I never tried anything else. I always held off on feeding until I could no longer control my body. Then it acts on its own. It picks humans because that's what it craves.” Juliette looked back up at Amina, her eyes filled with guilt and hope. It would be wonderful news if animal blood sated her the same, but also too late for the ones she had killed.
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‘Never thought?!’ One of Amina’s hands balled into a fist. ‘Did you never eat animals?’ How this was not an obvious realization was baffling. Then again, hunger. Hunger, hunger, hunger. It was going to be a key word here, and Amina only understood it in theory.

Her fist relaxed. The rain was still sprinkling around them. Amina doubted it would come down any harder, but it would certainly keep many animals from leaving the safety of their shelters. “And humans crave wine, and other substances that are not good for them,” addiction was a horrible thing, falling under the sins of gluttony and lust.

Amina approached the rock, the vampiress, “Are you willing to try other blood or are you going to be a slave to your cravings?” The question was quite serious. Though it would be difficult to obtain a wild animal right now, Amina knew there was a town not far from here—well, at least, by her logic of ‘far’ which still based itself on flight. Livestock was human food. It could be food for vampires as well.   
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Juliette’s eyes shot to the angel’s fist as soon as she sensed its movement, and she immediately felt ashamed, looking back up to her. She could only imagine what Amina was thinking, but there was no way that she would ever understand how it felt to be starving, desperate for nourishment. Did an angel have hunger? It seemed not with the way that Amina seemed to mention a human's cravings as an idea and not from her own experience. An angel was baffling as well, but she was starting to make more sense to Juliette with the way she reasoned aloud.

She looked back down to her own hands as Amina approached her, clenching them tightly. “But as a human I never experienced such a carnal desire.” Her eyes met the angel’s again, “If an animal’s blood could do the same thing for my body as human blood, I would never drink from a human’s neck again.” She said, though she still seemed unsure. Her actions were not her own, they never seemed to be when she had not fed. If feeding from an animal could give her some control over herself, perhaps her power would return and she could be of more use to this group.

“I have to try.” She whispered, clenching her hands to her body, and then looking to Amina perhaps for help. Juliette’s ears listened closely for any sound of movement in the wild. It was late, but perhaps there were nocturnal beings scurrying out this time. She could start with a bird, and if that did not help, something larger…
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Whatever emotions were coursing through the vampiress were not understood well now. Clenched fists and a downward gaze. Determination, perhaps. Doubt. Having never experienced this desire before, it seemed Juliette did not think it would work. ‘And if it doesn’t?’ Amina felt her own tremor of doubt.

God had to provide these somehow. Did Juliette always have to kill when she fed? Did it always have to be on the unwilling? If innocents could be turned, God had to provide, Amina just wasn’t sure yet how this world operated to do so.

‘Do not think so far ahead. First, this.’
Juliette was willing to try. “Wait here,” Amina told her before adding quite a bit of distance between them. Quick as light, the wings unfurled, forcing the water off of them. Fluttering them threw more water away from her. Flight was the quickest way anywhere, and so the quickest way to address the situation. The rain was not coming down hard. A short flight would be manageable, but only just. The weight of the water would eventually overcome her. She’d have a greater vantage point from up high, as well. “I will be back, here.” Not the group, best Juliette stay away from them in this state.

Without further explanation, Amina launched herself up into the air.
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Juliette nodded as Amina told her to wait. She hoped the angel would hurry. She was not sure how much longer she could control her urges from turning onto the group. It was dangerous for her not to feed for this long. If this worked, perhaps she could eat weekly and not be tempted every time she passed one of the group members. The vampire ran her tongue over the smooth, protruding fangs and pulled her knees to her chest. Nine weeks was her limit; she remembered the times when she could barely go a few hours.

Her gold eyes peered through the gaps in the trees, anticipating any movement from nocturnal animals. She shrunk into herself as the rain soaked her cloak and dress underneath. Idly Juliette wondered if the others were plenty sheltered in this weather. They had about half a day’s travel tomorrow until the next town, if it were even a town in this spread out land.

Her throat ached from its rawness, how could anything be so dry in this damp weather? Juliette placed a hand over her neck and rubbed gently over her cold skin. Amina would be back soon. It was good that the angel was helping her. Juliette had not expected help especially from the one who seemed to trust her the least out of the group. There was compassion in the angel, just a different kind than humans had. She could have killed Juliette long ago.

Perhaps God still loved her. Juliette was afraid to ask Amina if it could even be possible for her to be forgiven. The answer was too simple, but her human emotions clouded her own judgement. For a long time she had cursed God for letting this happen to her. She had hated him for so long, hated herself. The vampire closed her eyes and did something she hadn’t done in a long time; she thanked God for the angel.

'Just stay here… don’t leave. Do what she said.'
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Amina had limited options. She did not carry money on her. She was not a thief, though. She would not simply steal an animal. ‘That leaves….’ Him. Of course. He who was dismounting from the horse besides a lit-up house, where a woman stood in the doorway, pregnant.

She could make out his voice but not the words, not at first. She let herself drop again from the sky, finding the landing a bit rougher this time. Yes, her wings really did not enjoy this. “Excuse me,” she spoke to interrupt.

The man recognized the voice and turned around. “You!” Bright eyes, happy. “You’re the one who saved me.”

Amina nodded, “I—”

“Oh please, you must come in, you look cold.”

She shook her head, “Do not worry about me, I am not so affected by temperature,” she informed him. “I do, however, need your horse. My wings are bothered by the rain.” The two had no relevance to each other, but she could make him think that. It was not a lie. ‘It is a horrible lie. Fix it.’ “There is someone who I need to reach quickly.” It wasn’t a lie.

It still didn’t feel right, but the human was not one to question, “Of course! Any friend of you—yes, whatever you need. Is the horse all you need?”

Amina would not take more from them. “No,” she would come back when her companions reached a town and she could acquire funds. She would pay them properly for this, so that a new horse could be procured, so that their livelihood and that of the unborn would not be hindered. “This is all. You shall be rewarded for this.”

“Thank you.” Strange, really. Amina accepted the reins of the horse and led it away from the home. As the man vanished inside and she found herself walking on the road, she shifted herself in the saddle. She didn’t much care for the saddle, but didn’t want to waste time removing it.

“I am sorry for this,” she told the horse, before urging it to a gallop once more. It heeded her, returning to the place where its master had fallen from it earlier, calm under Amina’s touch. Amina dismounted shortly after, and looked awkwardly between horse and vampire. “It is not…typical…but it seemed the best I could do on short notice. It is a healthy animal, well taken care of.” That should be good for the vampire. It wouldn’t be some questionable, feral thing. 
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Juliette was just as heartbroken when Amina came back with a horse. She pressed her lips together, reminding herself, ‘Beggars can’t be choosers…’ The angel had gone out of her way to help her, and she was grateful. It was better than a human. She stood hesitantly, still trembling. It was embarrassing to be watched like this. But she was so thirsty. The horse’s blood was pulsing from running here. It was such a large animal, she didn’t know if she could handle its struggle in her state.

The vampire turned to Amina as she approached, “Don’t watch…please.” She said to the angel, emphasizing once more if she hesitated, “Please.” And then she turned back to the horse, taking the reigns from Amina into her hand and wrapping them around once, tightly.

“I am so sorry…” Juliette whispered, just like she had to the man before. She placed a gentle hand on the horse’s neck, stroking the soft palomino color of its coat. When she bit into the flesh, the animal instinctively reared, but Juliette was strong, pulling against the reins, not permitting the horse to overpower her. Soon, the animal collapsed, and the vampire followed it, crouching over its now deceased form. It was not the taste of human blood, but as she drank she felt stronger, and was unable to pull away.

When she did finish, crimson stained the front of her cloak, her chin and her neck. Before, Juliette may not have looked a monster, but she certainly did now. The vampire’s eyes softened, looking down at the dead horse, her hand coming to caress its flank. “I’m finished.” She whispered to Amina, turning away from the angel to avoid what might be a look disgust upon her messy appearance. “Thank you." Her voice remained at a whisper as she pressed her sleeve to her mouth, wiping the stain from her face. Her thirst was gone.
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It was not a scene Amina wanted to watch. Though she hesitated, she did turn away to allow the vampire privacy in feasting. It didn’t stop her from hearing the horse’s agony. ‘This is the way of the world.’ Life needed life. Humans needed animals needed plants. The plants, too, required the life of the world around them to make them healthy. The sun alone could not sustain them.

It died, and Juliette feasted. Amina’s wings shifted, fluffing out some to make peripheral vision of the act impossible. Juliette did not leave the horse, but drank of it. ‘That is good.’ She could subsist this way. Amina bit the inside of her cheek as the thought of the addiction returned. How strong would the call of human blood be? Juliette would still need monitoring. An addiction was not defeated in a night.

Besides, animal blood might be ‘less nutritious’. Amina had no idea. The thoughts distracted her from the act until she heard the whisper. Amina nodded, but didn’t look back. She couldn’t. “You are welcome,” she said, and made a motion towards their camp, “We should return then.”  
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Juliette wished the angel would just leave her to herself, but surely she would be concerned for the others if she left a vampire unattended. It had become customary for her to prefer solitude, she couldn't hurt anyone when she was just alone. She stood as Amina mentioned returning, but not before she removed her cloak and draped it over the animal that had saved her. It was better to stay with the angel than be left alone. Amina wouldn't let her hurt anyone.

The two walked the short distance back to the camp. Juliette felt stronger as they neared the others. For now she wouldn't be tempted to feed from her companions. The rain cleaned her stained hands and face, leaving less of a trace of blood the longer they walked. Small traces remained on her chest, but soon vanished into the dark color of her dress. When they reached the camp Amina would return to her post, but would Juliette pretend to sleep?

She hesitated by her spot, and looked to the winged woman, who hadn't glanced back at her the whole walk back. Juliette then followed her to where she stayed guard. Sleep was pointless to her as to Juliette, and the vampire had some questions. "Amina...?" She folded her skirts under her as she took a seat beside the angel, making sure to leave space between them. "Why did you help me?"  
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Amina did try to avoid looking at her and the blood. Blood was nothing new to the angel, nor was spilling it, but her mind was stuck on the death. She had always understood the theory, life needs life, but there was a part of her that was arguing with it, a part that wouldn’t be quiet.

It seemed cruel, up close.

He had created beings that did not need such sustenance. She had never asked. She had never considered it a problem.

She walked easily back to the tree where she’d been before and looked up at the branch. ‘Nope.’ She was soaked through and through. It wasn’t worth it. Instead, she leaned against the bark.

She expected Juliette to return to the sheltered area where the others were laying, but instead she settled besides her. Amina looked down as she asked her question. “You needed help,” Amina answered. It was simple, but perhaps not. “You were willing to accept it. You were willing to turn away from the monstrous act of feeding on humans. You were unwillingly changed.” Though perhaps that should not be the defining point. Humans were allowed to repent when they turned to evil. Well, most evils. There was a line where forgiveness was withheld, but murder was forgiven. That was what the vampires did, more or less.
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Juliette leaned her head against the tree as she listened to Amina, who answered as if the situation were simple to her. She nodded, pulling her knees to her chest. The coldness of the weather didn’t bother her, and the rain was a nuisance easily ignored. For now she found comfort in the presence of an angel, something odd for her, the damned.

She looked up as the rain fell through the leaves onto her face, “No one has ever tried to help me.” She managed to smile some, despite the word ‘monstrous.’ Juliette had always imagined angels as small cherubs, at least as a child. Something innocent and sweet, “And I am very grateful for that.”  She noticed that Amina had a straightforward way of speaking. Juliette didn’t see a need to argue with her honesty, but she didn’t know how to ask an angel to be more polite. It wasn’t as if she deserved that. “Even..if you think I am monstrous."

Juliette propped her arms to rest against her folded knees, and leaned her head against them. The sun would be up soon and hidden behind the clouds, she could feel her posture and demeanor change drastically depending on how high it was in the sky. On gray days, it was easier to endure, and on other days, she had the Wizard's spells to aid her. "Sorry you had to go get that horse." She could still hear it's neighs and grunts, heavy breaths, "When I was human I always used to want to ride them but my mother was afraid I'd hurt myself." The vampire had to smile, even though sometimes it was painful to remember the past, it also reminded her that she was very loved before.
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There was a very good reason Amina did not have ‘messenger’ duty very often. She could sense the discomfort in Juliette, but was not exactly sure what it stemmed from. A million and one possibilities came up, and were discarded as ‘none of her business’. Mortals had private worlds in their heads, and even the vampire could be considered mortal by her standards. She had once been mortal. It seemed quite a bit of that didn’t change. She still felt. She still thought.

Amina shook her head at the words. “There is no need to apologize.” There was nothing wrong with performing an action for another, certainly nothing that needed to be apologized for. It was Amina’s choice to act how she did. She would have been in the wrong not to, she would have needed to apologize if she did not offer the aid. “Perhaps in the future you can learn to ride them, and feed on animals more accustomed to being used as food."  Though Amina did not understand why horses were not commonly used since they were easily tamed. It seemed to her both cow and horse could be used equally for riding and for food, if the cow were bred differently.

Well, this was not her world. Humans made it what it was, and they decided the fiends known as cats were to be domesticated and pampered, whilst the raccoon was to be killed. Amina was, needless to say, not a cat angel. Feathers. "You will have a very long life. There will be much you can do to impact this world.” It came as an afterthought, without much consideration for what Juliette could do. Set on a path to good and non-harm, perhaps she could do a lot with her life.
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She hadn’t come across many other vampires since her own transformation, but from the way she was treated by other people, she could judge herself based off of why they judged. If it hadn’t been for Amina, years later she may have become lost in her thirst and completely submitted to it. It was a shame that the harder she tried to abstain, the more lustful and vicious she became. There was a majority of vampires who did let go of their human need and feelings. They saw themselves as weak with them, and perhaps in a way, holding onto those human emotions was a weakness, but perhaps there was some way to change that.

Juliette looked to Amina as she replied. The vampire tilted her head and watched, as the sky in the distance behind the angel seemed to transform into a watercolor of red extend into purple near the horizon. “I suppose you are right, I am immortal now.” She could feel the cold dripping from her hair down her neck, and straightened her back against the tree so she wouldn’t feel it trickle down. Amina’s words echoed for a moment with the vampire. She could not make up for the pain she caused other people by simply feeling bad about it forever. That human part of her could go away.

“I think I will do that.” Juliette said, “At least I will try to.” She smiled some as she made that promise to herself, “Maybe after this journey, I can find a way.” It would be challenging, she had been sheltered her whole life before this, but that was nothing compared to the many years ahead. Instead of wanting to die, she needed to create something that she could live for. The vampire smiled at a thought she had and looked towards Amina, “And you can be my winged horse hunter.” A jest of course, but maybe angels didn’t joke much.

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Some angels joked. Amina did not, so the jest went over her head, “No,” she denied the possibility with a bemused expression, “I will return home,” that was the truth. When this was over, she’d leave this world again. There was the possibility her path and Juliette’s would cross again, but Amina did not truly see it happening.

This job would get done. Amina would return. Time would fly by, and she would come down to Earth for removal jobs again. The chances of her encountering Juliette in this vast world, when she came to do a job, were slim. “You will find someone else to aid you.” Or she could start up a farm. She would have to hire humans to work it during the daylight hours, but that wouldn’t be too hard, would it?

Perhaps for a while, she and one of the other companions could work together. “We must wake them now and continue on. I am sorry you did not get much rest.” Again, her ignorance. She imagined Juliette needed some amount of sleep, for she always acted as if she did.
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‘Well of course not.’ The blunt denial of Juliette’s false suggestion was almost amusing, but the vampire was just happy to have her thirst quenched. She ran a wet hand through her tangled hair and smirked. Amina wasn’t the most pleasant person, but there was something calming about her. It would be nice to have someone like that after the angel returned home. The future would worry about itself. Isn’t that what Matthew said?

Amina prompted Juliette to help her wake the rest of the group, and she apologized for her lack of sleep. The vampire’s small smile widened and she shook her head, “It’s alright. I don’t sleep.” She said, standing and stretching from being in a curled up position. She leaned down to tighten the laces on her boots, and then squeezed some of the water out of her skirts. “Not anymore at least.” The vampire was glad. There was no telling the nightmares she could have if she did sleep.

Juliette turned to go wake the others as the sun slowly began to peek from behind the horizon. She kneeled the Wizard and gently shook him. Juliette would need his help to endure the sun if it decided to stop raining.
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Travel had been quick, but they had not been able to make it to the next town. Again, they rested, and again, Amina took night shift. The fire flickered. It had stopped raining enough to make the creation of a fire possible, and it lasted. Amina watched it flicker, casting shadows, ever attentive.

The revelation that Juliette didn’t need to sleep shouldn’t have surprised her, but it did. No good with small talk, or even conversation, Amina still pretended that she was alone in the night. The nagging fact that she wasn’t did consume her mind now and then, as frustrating as the sounds of locust. ‘It shouldn’t be so bothersome.’ Every other night had been endured in peaceful silence.

Somehow, it was different. ‘Just be quiet. The others need to sleep.’ Though they did not seem easily disturbed. Or else they pretended that they were not. 
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The trees seemed taller every night, and Juliette shrunk with the rest of the earth. She could no longer lay awake pretending she was someone who slept like the rest. The moon was bright tonight anyway; the clouds had finally cleared out of the way, and the rain had let up for the night. Juliette lay on her back with her arms folded behind her head as she contemplated the night before. Today had been so much better travel-wise. She wasn’t holding back any sudden movements, nor snapping at the others when asked if she were all right. Today she was all right. She glanced to Amina, alight in the flicker of the fire. While the angel glowed in its embers, Juliette seemed to impersonate the shadows and gray wisps of smoke.

She thought about passing the time by trying her luck at hunting animals, but the horse had been more than enough to satisfy her for a number of days. There was no need to waste what could be food later. Amina was quiet, a steady guardian at her post with no attempt to busy herself. Juliette, in the meantime, raked her hand through her hair and began to plait it to the side in boredom.

The world was a different place with these new senses. It was a world she’d never been to and yet had known was there all along, one she had staggered into in sorrow and confusion and fear and now hope. A world she now thought would both make her into the woman she knew she could become and turn her back into the girl she had once been.

“Moon’s nice.” She mused, voice quiet. Amina was nearby, so speaking loudly wasn’t necessary. The quiet, unusual, was not as bearable as other nights. She tied the end of her braid with a loose piece of string from her dress. Juliette lifted her arm to point to the sky, “How long would it take you to fly to the nearest star?” She smiled a little to the angel, “Must be nice and convenient for you to fly. Guess we kind of slow you down.” Even if Amina didn’t feel like talking, Juliette was glad to be distracted by the stillness.
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Amina heard Juliette’s comment. ‘Oh dear.’ Small talk. Amina struggled with every day conversation. Speaking to fill the air with noise was a strange habit of humans, and anything that had once been human, perhaps.

Amina contemplated, not thinking of star in the same way as Juliette. The star that was closest was the only one not seen right then. “From this point,” Amina tried to estimate, “Assuming I merely flew,” she could shift between dimensions, a talent only available to her with wings. It was how she had shifted to Earth from Heaven, and how she would shift back when the job was done. “Perhaps half an hour, maybe a little longer.”

The star Proxima Centauri, one yet to be discovered and named, was the second-closest star. It would take Amina over two years to fly there, but even that she did not consider long. “It is true you slow me down, but I am required to be here,” she answered, “so I am moving at the proper speed.” If she were to be moving faster, she would be elsewhere. Everything was that simple.

Then, she asked, “What brought you to this venture?” For she did not understand that about Juliette, and had not understood it when they first met. 
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“Half an hour?” Juliette’s head turned towards the angel after she answered. The time surprised her, although she wasn’t sure if it was because that sounded like a long time or a short time. She let her hand, which was formed into a point; stretch out so that she could see the stars between the spaces of her fingers. They seemed so small, but something told her they were much larger than they appeared to her. Astronomy had never been something she studied much of, although she’d always had the time. Perhaps when this was over, she would spend more time studying new things.

Amina was very logical in the way that she spoke. Juliette almost found it amusing, and she let her hand fall and slid it under her head, propping cheek against her folded arm to roll and look the angel’s way. At the question, Juliette almost fell back into a form of her previous depression. She looked at the ground, tracing the tip of her finger over the blades of grass around her. “The reason I’m here is the same reason I am a vampire.” Juliette’s eyes absorbed the color of the flames, their reflection barely moving in them.

“I have faced this evil once before.” Her fingers stopped, hand flat in the grass now. Juliette was afraid to look away from the fire, afraid she would see his face once again in the darkness around them. “I know what it is capable of.” Truly it was stemmed from Hell. And that must have been why Amina had been included. It only settled in what Juliette already knew.
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Amina had to get better at picking things to ask. It seemed this subject touched on one close to home. “Ah,” the vampire issue. She did not ask for specifics, though she did wonder at how it was phrased.

Lust? Juliette was here because of lust? That made no sense. Perhaps the same man was involved, though. Well, that would make Amina’s later hunt easier. If he wanted to be an open supporter of this evil, he’d be cut down alongside it. Poor fool. “Why is it that your kind choose to behave as they do?” Amina couldn’t imagine that none of them had considered animals as a source of food. If it were as simple as that in cases, Amina might quit this world in depression.

No, the others she had encountered had always seemed malevolent or hungry—not blood hungry, but power hungry. They had always been intelligent, though. Certainly they could reason out the animal thing themselves. Perhaps Juliette had some insight into why this vampiric nature could cause that to happen in others. 
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Same reason. If not the same man, then the same evil that had infected him along with many others he had bitten- Juliette included. She still felt that evil intent within her. As a human she had been plenty flawed, sinned many times to the point that it had gotten her here as punishment, but never had she thought the things she did as a vampire. It disturbed her how cunning and violent her brain could be in this form. Juliette wondered what the true answer to Amina’s question was. She was quiet for a long moment, then replied,

“I can only speak for myself but…” She tried to find a way to explain it so that the angel would understand, “You know that humans sin with free will. God gave us -them- the choice over obligation to obey and love him…so…with human nature, it is hard not to put oneself first.” She paused, gathering her thoughts. It was difficult for her not to refer to herself as a human anymore. Her thoughts were flustered, and she felt as if she were being too obvious, “I guess what I am trying to explain is that in this form it is harder to feel guilt. Sinning freely seemed so effortless as a human, you make excuses, and say it is human nature…”

The vampire watched the angel through the flames, they flickered brightly over Amina’s face, “When I  know it is impossible to be forgiven for that sin,” The words came out sadly this time, as if she were finally realizing it were true, “I suppose it is just easier to be a monster, because that is how I have always survived in this form. I have never known another way until you showed me.” She wondered idly if any other vampires had discovered the method of feeding from animals. “If God no longer wanted anything to do with you, would you not feel as if you should just abide by your own true instinct?” It wouldn’t be a logical question for Amina; it was more hypothetical, rhetorical even. The angel didn’t feel human emotion, nor had she experienced temptation.

Juliette smiled sadly, “When I was reborn as a vampire, it was human blood I needed, like a baby needs its mother’s breast milk. I craved it because it was the only thing I know would satisfy. And the thirst was so untamable; I didn’t feel my body killing until I was satisfied. To change a craving takes control, probably years of feeding off other than humans.” She twirled the tail end of her long braid, “I suppose it is similar to why a baby feeds from a bottle with a nipple, it would not know how to feed if you handed it a mug and said drink.”
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Humans were selfish creatures. This, Amina knew too well. That did not mean they were inherently evil creatures, but it did make living a good life difficult for them. Thus the reward was all the sweeter for those who could manage it. The way Juliette put it did make sense, and yet it also did not.

From one perspective, Amina could see how one would sin and be hedonistic if there was no hope of forgiveness, but on the other hand, Amina couldn’t see how it was justified to cause harm to others. There seemed to be a greater reward in this life for doing good, and if this life was all one had to enjoy, if the afterlife was damnation, that seemed like the best route still. To do good. To be good.

The question posed was nonsense, if only because it would never happen. Amina’s only instinct was to follow His will. She would do as commanded to better this world. The examples and lengthy explanation at least helped her to understand, “I see,” she said at last and nodded. “Perhaps that is so. If punishment is all that awaits, then there is little reason to not engage in the acts that are condemning,” it still confused her, and that showed in the baffled smile that graced her lips as she shook her head. “I do not really understand.” Not in the way Juliette did, “But thank you.” 
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Juliette nodded, “I wish I knew a better way to explain.” She said, “It is hard to describe a feeling to someone who has  not experienced the same feeling.” The vampire admired the stars for a little longer, her mind stirring around everything she’d mentioned. It was not ever something she discussed, or was asked about. People feared what they did not know, so why bother to understand? Amina did not fear Juliette, however, and that was a comfortable change.

“I know it is terrible…” She said, thinking on it more, “If we were humans once before…then again I suppose it would never be justified no matter what you are. But I know for a while I felt as if God were punishing me.” Juliette didn’t argue with God. She thought she deserved the punishment, “If one were feeling undeserving of a punishment, they act out in anger- and as a newborn vampire, it is easy to do so.” Her eyes fell and she rolled to lie on her back again, sighing, “I don’t know. I just want to be good. I know how to, I just can’t make any more mistakes” It was hard to prevent the tears from welling up again, but Juliette blinked them away.

“Sorry for rambling.” She had never seen the angel sleep, and didn’t know if it were even possible. She just didn’t want to bore Amina. It was strange to imagine such a being that looked so human not having human tendencies, “I never get to talk to anyone about things like this…”
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Amina did let a smile cross her lips at Juliette’s words, “Do not worry. Most you will ever have to explain it to will have some sense of understanding,” she noted, “This is good practice.” Certainly there would come a time when Juliette would be more open with others, others who could understand and either hate her or sympathize with her.

Juliette tried to explain, but did not justify. Not truly. “Job,” was the one word answer Amina offered. Poor Job, who did nothing wrong, but was cast out of God’s favor because the then-angel Samael, now Lucifer or Satan, wanted to challenge God’s favoritism. Samael was, naturally, proven wrong.

‘Or was he?’

Even Amina could remember how Samael claimed God cheated. God went to Job, spoke to God. Had He remained silent longer, Samael contended, Job would have turned away. Samael was never satisfied, though. “You may ramble as you like,” Amina offered, “It is better than a night of silence,” oddly enough, she meant it. The world was rather boring at night. Rarely did anything interesting happen, and that was usually reserved for when they rested in towns. 
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It was the first time Juliette remembered seeing Amina smile at her; perhaps because before the angel had not thought of her like she did now. Juliette smiled back and slowly sat up, knees bending. She smoothed her dress over her knees and pulled them to her chest. “Yes, practice. That’s true.” She nodded in agreement.

“You are a good listener Amina,” Juliette offered, “Thank you.” It may not have seemed like much to the angel, but to Juliette, it meant more than it would to most. “I never had any sisters, but if I did I would imagine it like this.” Her smile broadened a tiny bit. “If you were to ever need someone to confide in,” The vampire’s metallic eyes moved from the fire, alight now, “You would just speak to God, yes?” She looked up to the sky, “I don’t know if he wants to hear me.” Juliette still had so many questions, but she was afraid to ask. God loved all his creatures, didn’t he? Even the ones who turned away from Him, He loved despite their actions.

She was afraid to ask if He still loved her.

Amina said her rambling was better than the silence, and Juliette wasn’t sure if she agreed. She enjoyed having someone to confide in, but she wondered if without silence, she would be able to hear the important. “Angels do not have siblings, do they?” Juliette wondered out loud, looking back to Amina, “I have always been curious about them, but everything I know is from stories that people told me. Of angels protecting them.” 
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“You’re welcome,” Amina answered. Listening was an easy skill, really, or perhaps angels just had more practice with it than most. She started to suggest something about family, and Amina noted the way she answered her own question.

‘Yes.’ Those who sought out the confidence of angels or others tended to be trying to hide from God. Not always, but most times. Even so, angels did share with each other, and among them there were niche groups, those with whom they were closer.

“I consider the Host my siblings. We are all His creations, and He is our Father,” Amina answered. There was no Mother, of course, God served both functions but ‘Father’ was the preferred term by the Host. “Many angels serve here to protect humanity. They are known as Grigori,” the Watchers. They were also the most susceptible to falling. Within this world, they were mostly invisible, or else they looked far more human than Amina, without wings and with normal features. Their forms were fluid—energy, which shifted to fit their needs. “They are the most numerous of the Host.” New ones were always crafted as the population grew.
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Amina was direct, and Juliette was starting to recognize this. She smiled as the angel spoke of the Host as her siblings. The vampire did not know much about Heaven, just that she had hoped to one day go there. She wasn’t so sure that was a part of her future anymore. She wasn’t sure if she would ever die now that she was in this form. Trapped into living forever. Still, it was interesting to hear Amina talk about such things.

Juliette thought of her own brothers, each of them by name. She smiled as their faces popped into her mind. She remembered them so well, each of their distinct freckles that she used to share in resemblance. Hers were now gone, faded into the pale porcelain of her skin. Hugh was the oldest brother, then Theodore, Luke, and Thomas, the youngest of the boys and three years older than Juliette. Out of five children, she had been the smallest, most delicate, most precious, and she had been the one to turn on them.

“My brothers were kind of like guardian angels.” She smiled, looking away from the stars to Amina, “They looked after me, and never let me have any fun.” The vampire chuckled. She missed them so much. “They were always worried I’d get myself into trouble. But the more they protected me, the more I wanted to be…unprotected.” Juliette shrugged, “What I wouldn’t give to have that again.”
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“Mortals,” as if this applied universally to all sorts, “always want what they do not have.” They were never pleased with what was available to them. They were so difficult to please for any substantial period of time. Amina did wonder at that.

It was made to show that Juliette was not unique in her desires. Her mistake was one many humans would and did make. “Tell me about them,” Amina made the offer open. “Tell me about your siblings and your family, before all of this.” She imagined the vampire reflected on it often in her lonesome, but did not have much opportunity to truly speak of what once was. No doubt, the guilt of killing them played into it.

‘Tell me what you had and what you miss.’

It would be impossible to restore things to how they once were, but the book of Job had a happy ending. Juliette’s story could end well, too.
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Juliette smiled at the angel’s comment, nodding in agreement, “Immortals, as well.” She said, thinking of the very vampire that’d turned her. She had seen the lust for power in his eyes. It had been paralyzing. It was very true how much she wanted her old life back. The vampire looked to Amina through the flames again as she mentioned her siblings again. Juliette really had not spoken of them since the incident. There was no one to talk to them about. It would hurt to speak their names, the vampire could already feel the lump in her throat.

“Well,” She said, swallowing it down, ’Don’t cry, remember them pleasantly,’ Juliette watched the flames now, instead of the angel,

“My mother was beautiful, even though she was quite older when I was born. My oldest brother was twelve at the time." The vampire cupped her cheek in her hand, “She coddled me,” Juliette’s voice was unpleasant, she even scoffed a little, though a smile still seemed to tug at her lips, “I took on illnesses easily, I was quite a delicate child, so I stayed inside most of the time. My brothers were only to play with me inside. But they liked to tell me stories and act them out.” A soft chuckle escaped her lips.“Hugh was the oldest, the best narrator, and Theodore and Luke would play the hero or villain, then little Thomas always got stuck playing the horse, or the damsel.” Her smile widened as the flames danced as the boys, acting out the parts of her favorite stories, “If I wasn’t ill, I would get to be the princess. A lot of times I just watched, though.”

She was silent for a few moments, and then continued, “Hugh really was a talented storyteller. He captivated me with his imagination, and I always envied his characters in his stories.” There had been many stories. Sometimes they had just been for her, when she would sit in his lap by their fireplace, the other boys would be off playing together. “Theodore and Luke were closest in age, they were a year and a half apart. They often teased Thomas; he was the youngest brother, only three years before me. Those two could be so mean sometimes. They were always in their own world and getting into trouble. My mother blamed my father for their mischief.” Another soft chuckle, “Papa was just like that when he was young.”

“We all had my mother’s freckles, and father’s hair.” Her eyes focused through the flames on the angel again, and she smiled, “I miss them.” She said quietly, “We all looked so much alike, when I see my reflection I see all of them at once instead of myself.” How could she have been so blinded by her thirst back then? It was hard to forget them even for a second now.

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‘Immortals too?’ Of course, Amina did not consider vampires or the fair folk to be as immortal as herself. However, as she considered it, it was true. Except, of course, she had Heaven and the Presence. Just not at this moment. She was only temporarily inconvenienced, but she knew where to go to feel at home again.

Amina listened in silence. It was the one thing she knew how to do—let others talk. She could listen for days. She had listened for days. Her mind memorized the names. She took in the details about them, the storyteller and the actors, the young and the old. How old had they been when she attacked? ‘Did they all still live together?’

Juliette was the princess though. Of course. The boys were like their father. They all looked alike. Human genetics were truly fascinating. The host had its variety in looks, no two angels looked alike, but there were some norms. Blond hair and ivory skin were typical, with the blond varying from silver to gold. There were those who stood out, but on the whole, He liked his bright angelic design.

As she felt the look through the fire, she stepped closer to Juliette. She took a seat besides her, “Tell me one of the stories.” Good memories. Memories that would keep Juliette missing them, but memories to bring about humanity, love, and longing for the good. Memories to keep her rooted. Imagination and story-telling were tools humans used to teach morals, to live vicariously through characters, such that they might not need to learn through experience.

Stories. Stories had power, and Amina wanted to hear what Juliette grew up with, what her brothers had tailored for her, so that she might remember what she had liked, and what she had dreamed.
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All she had ever been able to recall from her life before vampirism began to come up in passionate and colorful fairy tales that had once been told by older brothers. Even the ones from her earliest childhood memories were still so vivid in her mind. Juliette told the good, the bad and the ridiculous tales of her eldest brother’s imagination. In a way each story was something she could replace the horrid memories from each time she fed from humans.

“Hugh had a wild imagination, and the boys were so silly, I can still see Luke’s pathetic puppy dog impression because I begged him for a sidekick.” Juliette could hardly believe she had gone from a frail child to a disobedient maiden to a vicious monster in her entire lifetime. It was becoming clear to her the more she spoke to Amina.

The vampire smiled warmly at her, “I am glad you also don't sleep.” She said, wondering if Amina was even interested in these stories or if she just had nothing better to do. “Tell me about your siblings.” Juliette was curious about the angels, “Are you all so…honest?” A soft chuckle escaped her lips, and she quieted herself when she saw one of the others stir, cupping her hand over her mouth. “Oops.” She whispered, shrugging her shoulders with a guilty smile.
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Amina did listen. It wasn’t only that she had nothing better to do, though that did play a role. Storytelling interested her. There wasn’t much of it in Heaven. At least, nothing false. Honesty was an obstacle to imagination.

Hugh did have a fantastic imagination. It was confusing. Humans were given such capabilities to create such fantastic thoughts, and this was the world they lived in. She smiled at Juliette’s words about puppy dog eyes. It was returned to her, with a comment about sleep, and a request. Before Amina could speak, someone stirred. She looked up at the sky. Not quite dawn yet, but she would not have time to talk much, “Most of us are so honest,” Amina answered, “Lying is viewed as the worst of all sins.” From a lie came all the others. From a lie sprung all sin. “Those who lie usually only do so to the races of the earth or the fallen.” Not that it made it better in Amina’s opinion. “My siblings…well, they are too numerous to speak of, even with an eternity, but there are those I am closer to than others. Michael, Cheriour, Gabrielle, Amatiel, and Azrael to name them.”

She knew at least two of those names were generally familiar to humans. Michael and Gabrielle were not often given dirt duty, but when they were, they were remembered. Cheriour was one that was often wished to be forgotten—he was vicious. He was sent to hunt demons that dared make themselves physical on earth, and a better warrior than her. Michael might be his only rival in that regard. She spoke of them, then, their traits, of Michael’s curious empathy and love of mortals, particularly of his overprotective nature with children. Her tone held great reverence for him, for he was the only one capable of questioning Father's decisions.

She spoke of Cheriour and how he did lie, and how he did have a bit of a twisted imagination. Gabrielle and she believed it from his interactions with demons. Gabrielle was the coldest in heaven. She was a messenger, but also the Angel of Death. Needless to say, it was a thankless job. Azrael shared the burden with Gabrielle. Amatiel then was one of the great healers in Heaven, just under Raphael himself.

“And Azrael somehow managed to adopt a cat,” a bemused grin as she shook her head, recalling the strange creature with the split tails, “I still am not certain how he convinced Father to allow such a thing, but he has a cat.” Perhaps it wasn’t so strange. Gabrielle had a horse. Those of death seemed to want something living around them.
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(I must have been half asleep when I wrote and posted many problems ^^; all fixed now)

Juliette nodded as Amina reminded her of dishonesty as a sin. The worst of them, apparently. She had never known one sin to be the worst. If she were to rank them murder would certainly be over dishonesty. But then again, Juliette had only been mortal until a year ago, and even still she still didn’t understand things about Heaven or God. Angels certainly were an enigma. They used to be left up to her imagination. As a child, she pictured winged babies, cherubs with bare bottoms and bows and arrows. Amina lived up to what she had grown to picture an angel.

As she had gotten older she pictured incandescent bodies of purity, just like Amina. Beautiful as if made of light. Amina was even more beautiful when Juliette could finally see her smile back. She almost giggled at the mention of all of the angel’s heavenly siblings. Juliette had thought four brothers were plenty, but Amina seemed to have hundreds.

“What beautiful names.” She noted softly, leaning her head against her propped arm, eyes absorbing the gold light of the fire. She couldn’t help but burst into laughter when Amina mentioned the cat. She immediately hushed herself with her hand, covering her mouth, “I’m sorry, I have just never imagined such stories.” She grinned at Amina, she had never thought the angel could make her laugh yet here she was holding her hand over her mouth trying to quiet herself.  “But your Father loves His own creatures. Why would he not allow one to be a pet?” Juliette couldn’t hold back more giggles, but they were quieter.

After a few moments of the pair sharing stories, Juliette glanced in the direction of the horizon. The group was on the mountain now, and the view off the side of the ledge they rested on was quite beautiful. She would need to wake the Wizard soon. The beginning of light could just barely be seen peeking. If it got too high, she would burn.

She wondered what Heaven would be if she were allowed to go there. Juliette thought about asking Amina that question, but a part of her wanted it to be a mystery. The vampire smiled to herself and pulled her legs close. “I envy those who believe so surely…what a great way to live, without fear.” She turned to Amina. Now that her time on earth was permanent, she wasn’t sure how to even please herself, no less a God in Heaven. What would she do with herself after this? There was much she needed to figure out.

“What did Azrael decide to name his pet cat?” She said after a brief pause, her smile kind as she imagined an angelic white cat equipped with everything from a halo to small angel wings. Another soft chuckle escaped as she did, and immediately her hand covered her mouth again, "I'm going to wake everyone up."

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The cat story amused the vampire. Amina could agree with the sentiment. The cat was odd. It was not like the horse. It had no purpose. Her question was curious, but showed her lack of understanding. All in heaven found the cat. None here would think it so. “He does,” Amina said, “But He has a place for all. A cat is not a pet of an angel. They are of a different substances and are not capable of living as we do.”

How did she explain? Cats did go to heaven—all animals did, for they did not have the reasoning capabilities to sin. Azrael’s cat was alive, though, not soul but flesh and blood. “It had to have its very substance changed to be a pet of an angel, and it had to consent to it.” The cat did look different than how it had looked before. The split tails was the main thing, but its fur seemed more purple than black now, too.

“Azrael calls it by the name his mother gave it.” Angels, of course, were linguists. It was a ‘meow’ that escaped her when she named it, translated, “Loosely, ‘twin’ for its tail—its tail was split in two when Azrael found it. Something it was born with.”

Humans named their creatures other things, because they could not understand the language. Amina had come to accept that. She stood, nodded, to allow the vampire to begin waking the others. It was time for another day of travel.
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In the daylight hours of their journey the seven of them would remain a unit until a cluster of civilization was reached. Then, they would split up. Juliette tended to search for shelter; she had no errands to run for supplies. This stop was the first in a while for the group, and there was plenty the others needed in case the next trip was just as lengthy. Juliette had taken to Amina’s idea of hunting animals when her thirst revisited her.

Juliette studied the faces of people she passed, some downcast, some freckled and dirty, some twisted with old age. She felt gazes that weren’t there, paranoia that slowly took over during her withdrawals. Not yet had the vampire become accustomed to these side effects. She clutched her hands into fists and hurried through the streets to the inn she had reserved rooms at. The downstairs was lively, and the first thing she had seen was the crashing of a ceramic mug against a human skull.

Her eyes grew as she realized the drunken skirmish had waited for her to enter at that exact moment, and immediately her eyes were attracted to the oozing liquid that leaked from a gash behind the targeted man’s ear. The scent and color found her immediately. Juliette stood frozen while the bleeder threw misfired punches at his attacker. Action went on all around the vampire, but she could not help but to admire the rich color and luster that now spilled down the rowdy man’s neck.

The attacker now bled too, his teeth had been spat onto the floor, and Juliette’s eyes followed them like a playful feline’s followed it’s prey. Her thoughts resembled a toddler’s to a shiny object. Nothing could curb her desire to touch its liquid finery until…

Juliette was gently shoved as another fellow made his way out. Immediately, she let out a desperate whimper when she realized her state. She had to get away from here.

The scent put her in a lightweight trance, but not so that she was woozy or clumsy. No, when her molars grew like this, and her body responded to its instinct, its movements were planned by pure sense alone. Juliette used her remaining integrity to tear herself out of the inn. She ran into the first crook of shadows she could find, the woods surrounding the back of the building.

The vampire sat against a tree trunk and gripped the sides of her head, unable to shake away evil thoughts that passed through her mind. Flashes of the droplets on the floor, the nearly black color of clotting beneath a man’s nostril, stained lips from ragged punches thrown. It was like quiet noise. She couldn’t close her eyes because then it would become more vivid. Juliette had not realized how heavy her breathing had become. It was odd how human routines stayed with her body even after her transcendence into the undead.

“Now you will always be a parasite like me, existing off human blood. You will live out your days with an undying and ravenous thirst. No matter how much blood you manage to consume, you will never be satisfied. This, I promise to you, sweet Juliette.”

These words echoed in a sigh near her ear, and she could practically feel the wet, phantom sensation of her own blood meet her skin along with the icy hand that gripped her neck. The voice she had heard during the most excruciating moment of her death would forever tantalize her; the thirst triggering his devious whisper, which now haunted her.
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Amina liked civilization better than the wilderness for one reason, and one reason only: churches.

He had made them His home, and His dwelling. Of course, all was His, but Amina felt Him most obviously in those places where His believers met to worship. Of course, her group never seemed to arrive on days of worship, and they certainly never stayed. They had things to do, and things to do quickly.

Even so, Amina always tried to pay them a visit. The buildings solidified her.

It wasn’t often that someone was waiting for her, though.

“Mon Chere?” It rolled off the tongue with ease as she saw the armored angel standing in a beam of sunlight, eyes up. He shifted his posture, fiery hair catching and shining in the light. He tried to hide his own amusement.

“Oh, you’re starting that now? I thought that was only Azrael.”

Amina paused where she stood, as if his words had been an order. She reconsidered, and bowed her head. Cheriour was her direct superior, right under Michael. “My apologies, Cheriour, I meant no offense.”

He shakes his head and steps out of the light. “I know,” he answered coolly. “I wanted a progress report, but I suspect there is none.”

Amina shakes her head, keeping her eyes down. “No. We are still chasing it.”

“And the group?”

“It remains in tact and on course.”

Had Amina looked up, she might have noticed his disapproving frown. As it was, she didn’t. “I see.” His tone caused her to lift her gaze, a quizzical expression. He waved his hand dismissively. “You ought to return. I suspect there is quite a bit more your group needs to learn about its opponent.”

“And have you word? What does Father say?”

Cheriour smiled, a beatific thing that seemed to cause him to glow. “He sends His love, as always. I have no word, I merely thought to check in. I am worried. He is worried,” he confesses. “You have never spent so long a time among mortals. It changes some of us, Amina.”

“I will never stray, Cheriour.” She knows what he is referring to.

A cautious nod, “I hope that is so. He does have plans for you, once this is done.” Amina brightens, quite literally. Cheriour smirks, “Yes, exactly. Hurry up.” Wings extend. The angel vanishes from her presence, and she is left in the silent church, brimming with hope.

She turns, exits, thinks the news ought to be shared. Usually, it would be shared with another angel, but there is not one. She considers Juliette instead; the woman seemed to like hearing stories.

Of course, when she saw Juliette, the woman was bolting from an inn. There was the sound of violence. ‘You better not have.’

Amina regretted her first thought when she walked in and had a cup thrown in her face, a misfire. It broke, and she lifted her hand to where it touched as the room went still. It was quite obvious what she was from the wings and the glow that still remained around her. That glow faded though as she drew her hand away from her face to see. Nothing but the liquid within the cup. ‘It would take more than that to break the skin.’

“Everyone, sit down.”

Oh, authority.

People scrambled into seats. “You will all stay here, like this, until I return." She ordered. None moved. She took that to mean they would heed her as she turned on her heel and walked out to find where Juliette had run off to. She went towards the forest, and then began her search. 'Now I reek of alcohol.' It was not a good scent, either.
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Juliette felt her hands come up and touch her neck; the phantom grip was gone, now a figment that mocked her. She removed them and looked down to the open palms, half-expecting to see them covered in blood. They shook in fear, although the first time she had looked down and seen them stained ruby, her hands had trembled instead with longing. She could still smell it, the blood from the skirmish inside.

She curled into herself and clutched her head in her hands, as if the blood were a voice screaming in shrill tones. If she would just submit, drown into the temptation her molars craved. It was a hold that required no touch, but oh, was it dragging her.

The vampire did not look when Amina found her; she remained closed and ashamed. The body she lived in now was strong, but Juliette in this moment could not have been more fragile. Would she forever live on her knees like this? Her voice was barely audible within the cushion of her clothing.

“I didn’t feed.”

She could feel the angel there, and was unsure of Amina’s feelings for now. Juliette hadn’t even been wanting until she’d seen the blood. Her thirst had been slaked for quite some time since her most recent meal. There was something about the fragrance and taste of a human that made her wild. Juliette cautiously lifted her head to see the winged one there.

“I swear…”
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The vampiress was a wisp of a girl, a child, in that moment. Amina heard something muffled, but could not make it out. She walked forward and crouched down in front of the woman as she spoke two words with an uplifted head.


Amina gave meaning to the muffled words of earlier. “I know that.” Amina said. “I thought you had when I saw your blur,” she confessed it as she folded her arms over her knees, perched as she was. The feathers brushed the ground in this position, a feeling Amina had decided she would never get used to.

No boasting now. Perhaps that was good. Angels weren’t supposed to boast or be proud. To tell a mortal she would have more jobs from Him would be that, wouldn’t it?

She had to focus on the job now. “You ran because there was blood. Am I correct?” She was trying to understand this hunger. She had seen blood when she entered the bar, after the cup found its way to the floor after hitting her. Amina bit the inside of her cheek, then said, “It is difficult, from what I hear, to overcome addictions. The human, and so the vampire, form is weak to temptations.” That was the challenge of the mortal condition that angels did not share. Humans were weak when it came to such things. “It gets better.” Or so she’d heard.
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Part of Juliette was apprehensive to tell Amina what she felt. The angel had been absolute the first time she had caught her with the intention to feed. Although she had ended up aiding the vampire and showing her alternate ways, Amina did not feel the everlasting tug that Juliette could even at the sight of something as small as a human bruise. But Juliette also had no one else to confide in when it came to the addiction she suffered from.

The angel admitted that she had thought the worst. It was not unusual, and Juliette had little, if not less faith in her instincts than Amina may have that moment. Her head had been in such frenzy that somewhere outside of her right mind, she had expected to see and feel the blood coating her hands and neck.

But it wasn’t.

If she had fed, would the angel have eliminated her? Relief flooded through Juliette at that moment, when she looked up to the winged form that was squatting in front of her. The powerful creature she was, with weapons in her very anatomy, yet she felt so small and childlike before the angel.

Would it really get better?

The vampire couldn’t realize it now, with the tormenting voice of her sire in her head, but it already was gradually getting better. She nodded in response to the encouragement, the only form of hope she had.

An angel indeed, Amina seemed to have appeared in the right moment. Despite her lack of complete understanding, she had managed to comfort Juliette. Was this acceptable to God? That, Juliette did not know.

“I believe you.” She said, shoulders relaxing somewhat before she looked down at her still trembling, bare hands. “I have to.”
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Amina shook her head, “You do not have to.” No, free will. Juliette did not have to believe anything. She could even deny Amina’s deity if she saw fit, despite the proof that Amina brought of him by her mere existence.

She offered her hand out to Juliette, “Come with me, and do not let go of my hand.” She told her.

Exposure was one way that she’d heard people dealt with fears. Juliette couldn’t always run away from the sight of blood. “I have to deal with the mess of that fight.” She wasn’t sure what she planned to do, not even then, but she had implied that she would return to them. If nothing else, she would at least allow them to move freely once more. “And you will come with me and try to gather strength. Then, you shall feed.” They could easily acquire an animal here in town, or out in the wood—whatever was necessary, it would be found. “I won’t let go of your hand,” she added, a promise.

Juliette would be safe, even from herself.
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Juliette hesitated, but did take Amina’s hand. She did have to, if she didn’t she would just curl back up into herself. If she didn’t have hope, she’d become a demon again. She stood and nodded as the angel led them back to the inn. As they came closer, the vampire stopped.

“Amina...” Her golden eyes were concerned, brows knit in the center of her forehead. She didn’t trust herself the more potent the scent became. But the angel still was insistent; her words had been a command. Running from the blood would give it more control over her.

Her physical hesitation faded and she didn’t bother to explain why she’d stopped. They would go back inside and she would face the temptation. She reminded herself that Amina was beside her, the angel’s hand clasping her own. She hadn’t let go, just as she’d said.

But she remained unsure. Fear and temptation, did they go hand and hand? Was exposure to an addiction the same as exposure to a fear? The vampire remained in the angel’s shadow. It was not the blood that she was afraid of; it was her reaction to seeing it again.
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‘Trust me.’

Amina did not wish to convey that with words. She paused when her name was called and looked back at Juliette, awaiting more words. None came. Amina slowly turned her attention back to inn and led Juliette inside.

Her hand squeezed Juliette’s, even under the strange looks they received. Amina ignored them all, doing a mental tally to ensure all were here. She moved slow, her attention torn between the people in the bar and Juliette. There was still blood in the room. Her body was tense, her mind thinking this might have been a good idea. “What was the cause of this fight?” She demanded of those present.

It could be something as stupid as a drunken exchange, but it was those stupid, ignorant things that led so many to destruction. She would see that none here forgot that.
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Her hand clutched Amina’s as if it were dangling her over a pit of flames. Juliette could feel her body start to tremble when they entered the room again. The scent nearly knocked her down. She brought her free hand to her mouth, touching her lips subconsciously. Her fingers ran over where the sensation of blood usually lingered during her feeding.

“You’re already breaking.”

Juliette closed her eyes as she took in the lustrous aroma. It was stronger than even the smell of alcohol to her. Her molars ached to be drenched in the luxurious fluid. She swallowed dryly.

The angel, demanding to know what the cause of the fight was, broke the silence in the room. It didn’t seem anyone would own up right away, but someone spoke up,


A finger was pointed towards the men from earlier, one bleeding from behind the ear. Juliette’s eyes centered on the red streams that stained his neck; she could hear every heartbeat in the room, pulsing blood through their human veins. It was delightfully intoxicating. Each person was a goblet waiting to be drunk from.

No one explained what happened, they all seemed afraid, or perhaps in awe of the angel standing there. If they had known what Juliette was, they would surely be afraid. To them it was quiet, but Juliette was deafened by the screams of enticement. She pointed to the man with the blood, finger trembling.

“Someone hit him.” She said, looking to see the cup from earlier on the floor. The vampire couldn’t remember who else had been involved. She had been too thirsty.
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Silence could be unnerving. Amina knew this, and she waited with a cold stare on her face until there was an answer. Her hand remained clasped around Juliette’s, feeling the muscles there, feeling for reactions through the rest of her body without looking. She knew it had to be difficult, even if she did not know the experience itself.

Finally, someone spoke, and identified the fighters. Juliette added on, identifying one who was hit. Amina fixed her gaze on the one who struck the blow. “He insulted me!” Indignant.

“One of you struck me.”

A silence followed.

Hitting an angel wasn’t exactly a light crime.

“Didn’t mean to, you just…I wasn’t aiming for you,” the one who had been struck first spoke up.

“So, this fight was over a mere insult?” Amina inquired. Hesitation.

“Well no,” the insulted one spoke, “We’ve had our issues for a while now.”

“He still owes me money for the eggs I sold him.”
“His son killed my hunting dog.”

A litany of sins began to be listed, and Amina’s eye twitched. ‘Petty.’ But she allowed the complaints to swirl, to get heated. One of them finally rose, apparently ready to come to blows again.

“Is it worth dying for?” Amina asked the one who’s fist struck a table. He looked to her. Her question remained.


“Then let it go.”

A blink. “What?”

“If it is not worth dying for, nor killing for, then you do not need it.” Her logic was simple, if not human. That was always the problem, it was too inhuman to just let things go.
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Juliette observed as a spinout of complaints turned into an argument. Humans really could be ignorant and incredibly defensive. If only such a race did not posses such flaws. What could really be done? It didn’t take long for Amina to settle it with a simple question.

No, it was not worth dying over.

She wondered idly if the argument would have been worth it if she’d lost control, if she had torn towards the men instead of away from them. Would they have felt differently if she had sunk her teeth into one of their necks? Her hands still shook, and she wanted to leave.

Should she really be in the same area as the addiction?

It wouldn’t matter how far she traveled to get away from it, there would always be the hankering that came in the form of a voice, taunting her until she submitted. Juliette remained behind the angel, still unable to ignore her thirst enough to let go of her hand. She was afraid of what she may do.

Later she would confront the angel, “Would you stay with me? Talk with me tonight like those other nights?” Juliette knew that Amina could not babysit her forever. Soon she would have to learn to fight off the urge on her own. She would find out over the years that the scent of blood would never be easy to ignore, but her body would become eaier to control.

Unfortunately experience came with age.

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Amina talked through the end of the argument, the end of the issues, until it was all settled. Her hand never once released its hold on Juliette as she dealt with the human issue. If this were a job with payment, she’d consider that Gabrielle truly didn’t get paid enough money.

Alas, there was no payment but being in the presence, and nothing could ever compare to that.

As the situation settled, ended, Juliette turned to her and asked her about staying. Amina smiled, nodded, “Of course. It was not as if I were going to sleep.” She didn’t truly have plans for the night. She never did. She was simply a guard at night. “What is it you want to talk about?” she inquired, thinking the vampire must have had something in mind to ask Amina to stay.