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Title: Royal Change
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He was supposed to carry his bride across the threshold.  That’s how it worked in story books.  Cane stood alone in front of the small home he’d built on Perceval’s land and wondered where the fairy tale ending was.  There had been a wedding, yes.  Not even Ariel managed to derail the small gathering of friends and family in Kitting.  Enid’s bar had served as their venue and the King performed the ceremony.  God had to look on from a distance because the church thing really hadn’t worked out.

Cane shivered.  He didn’t want to think about churches now, and the odd occurrence two weeks ago.  He’d learned his lesson again, that he should have more faith in Desiree – but sometimes…he worried, that was all.  They’d managed to avoid whatever plot was planned and Kayla the gypsy even told Cane that his troubles were ‘over the horizon’.  The thick engraved gold band on his finger should be proof. He just hoped Kayla didn’t mean his troubles would also rise with the sun.

Indeed, there was trouble of a sort.  Desiree and Cane returned from their honeymoon only to find things in New Carthage in disarray.  The captain of the guard was required to meet with the king and set things in  order, so Cane took his horse and rode on alone.  She’d promised she’d come.  It was growing dark now.  He’d stayed outside the house for hours, not wanting to break tradition, but as the final minutes of twilight passed Cane felt that familiar flicker of loneliness.

Buck was in the barn.  The horse had been treated well in his absence but he often felt the animal was the only family he had.  His mother certainly didn’t claim the role.  Cane put his hands in his pockets and walked away from the cottage on towards the one grave stone on the property.  Perceval hadn’t been much of a father, denying his role in giving Cane life up until the end.  His death was one of those moments Cane wished he’d been conscious for, if only to prevent it and then give him a piece of his mind.

Another sigh as the wind pulled at the brown tunic he wore.  It ruffled his hair in a gesture that Cane might imagine affectionate.

“Well, old man,” Cane said to the gathering dark.  “Looks like it’s just you and me.”

He didn’t expect an answer.  Not all the dead stayed dead in New Carthage, but Perceval hadn’t reappeared since his murder.  The silence stretched and clung.  Cane sighed again, wondering what he’d really expected. 

He turned to go back to the house, but something shiny on the course earth caught his eyes.  He knelt down to see what it was, letting his hands run over the ground.  Loose pebbles ran through his fingers and pinged against the trio of rings on his hand. The flicker didn’t appear again, but the feel of the earth was different. 

Someone dug up the grave.
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Desiree was, needless to say, not pleased with her return to New Carthage. Reinhart had held down the fort well, but the expanded guard required him to know things that one year of experience simply didn’t give him. Adding to that was a small rebellion within Solast, tension between New Carthage and Tyree, and Eiji.

Eiji couldn’t be forgotten, and some in the guard were now bound and determined to make him out to be some mythical game master, to the eternal annoyance of both Desiree and Reinhart.

Oh, and the dragon. People were not exactly used to the idea that a dragon was around, nor the fact that dragons still existed across the sea.

Desiree had indeed promised to return to keep this short, to return to the land Cane owned, but it was evening before she knew it and she was still sorting through the information Aden and others had sent back from the Solast side of things, reporting on the assassination attempt against the noble set up there. “I told William we shouldn’t have a figurehead.”

“You’re not an advisor.” Desiree reminded, though she agreed with Reinhart. One noble should not have stood out amongst the rest. There should have been four appointments, not five. There would have been issues with that, of course. “It gives us someone to focus on. Makes our life easy.”

“Yes, because the case study of William has shown protecting one, targeted person is so easy.” Another attempt on his life, too. This assassin had not escaped like the one in Solast. Ariel saw to that. He also saw to the assassin’s death rather than his capture, to Desiree’s irritation.

“He’s still alive,” Desiree lifted her gaze from the papers. “I don’t think these are connected, Reinhart.” She couldn’t determine why she was certain of that. The rebel group in the new territory had been associated with attacks in New Carthage lands, but something was off with the attempted assassination of the king. It wasn’t half as well coordinated from what she gathered from Iulius, Ariel, and Reinhart.

She stood. Though she was in her room, she did not intend to stay, wanted to leave then. The chaos had passed. Reinhart settled it well. “Tomorrow, we’ll go to see Aden, to make sure,” she shifted the papers together, opened her desk drawer and put them inside it. “Is there anything else that needs my attention?”

Reinhart smirked, “So eager to leave? We’ve hardly begun talking about the issues in New Carthage.”

“Nothing’s burning, so I assume it isn’t important except as a history lesson.” 
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And if they dug up the grave, it meant they might also have gone in the house.  Cane stood up, and brushed the earth from his hands.  From here the house appeared undisturbed.  Wrapped around the oak, and split level to take advantage of the tree as a dividing wall it was an unusual structure, rough around the edges but to him pleasant to look at.  The  wood blended in with the surrounding land.  Inside there was green and white to brighten the space and enough glass to let in both light and dark.

Up close it looked fine too. Not that I expected anything different.  No neighbors to drop in.  Nothing valuable...

Silently he cursed himself for standing around all afternoon.  Waiting wasn’t his strong suit.  Tradition wasn’t either.  As he walked into the house he shook his head.  The place had been searched.  Fortunately the dishes were intact and the damage was minor but someone or perhaps a few someones had very thoroughly riffled his things.

Cane stood in the open doorway and tried to calm his breathing.   The sense of violation was profound, and the anger a bit slower to follow. He pushed the air around him forward, but sensed no other person in the house.  This wasn’t the work of an animal.  Hope on that front died as he checked the pantry and found the dry goods intact.  The kitchen and living area was small and he could see how things had been rearranged.  He took his time moving the various objects and putting them back into place.

That was when he saw it – the feather on the ground.  Cane paused and picked it up, noting the soft goose down.  With a sigh of foreboding he turned towards the bedroom, and climbed the two stairs to the loft.  The mattress was slit open, some of the feathers evidence that hands had searched the interior of the mattress, but since he’d never hidden anything there they’d gone wanting.  Evidence of frustration was present as well.  The pictures on the walls were tossed on the ground, the bedding shredded.

Cane had to sit.  He let his back lean against the wall and slid down to the ground.  A few feathers blew towards him, and bounced against the boots.  This felt personal, but he couldn’t think who would come here and do this. 

Ariel wouldn’t have been this subtle.  Neila wouldn’t have bothered to search, she would have demanded.

For comfort he spoke aloud.  “It’s small.  Whatever it is. Chances are good it had something to do with Perceval since they went there first.”  He knew that to be true, thanks to the muddy boot print on the edge of the throw rug, and the dirt he smelled in the air. 

He should be thankful that no windows were broken, but he struggled to think of the bright side.

“What were you looking for?”

And did you find it?
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The history lesson was delivered on the way from the barracks. Little important, save a few tidbits about Eiji contacting some of the nobles here. Desiree couldn’t help the smirk on her lips as she realized those nobles instead turned to either Reinhart or Fallon first. It was strange how Fallon was developing a following in Solast, despite not being ‘noble’ any longer. The whole family fell with Eiji, yet still they were looked to as pillars.

Desiree was still not sure what to make of the shifter, something she had to deal with in her own time, much as she still had to deal with her issues against healing. Reinhart was the only Geminus she liked. Fallon, though he had helped, was still questionable.

Reinhart was concerned, though he would not state why, explicitly. “I’ll talk to Fallon tomorrow, as well. Send ahead to make sure he is in Nicea.” Desiree said as she walked Alexander out. “I will come here tomorrow. You don’t need to fetch me.”

Reinhart smirked, “Isn’t that your job anyway?”

Ah yes. Still the dog, wasn’t she? The trip away had made her forget all the fetching jokes. “Cute.” Slightly amused. “I want a list of everyone Eiji’s contacting, that you’ve heard from, or know. I do not care if he is contacting them through a medium or otherwise.” Her suspicions were the same as Reinhart, though not spoken aloud. There were two assassination attempts. Desiree would bet one of them tied back to Eiji. It was not what she wanted, if only for Reinhart’s sake, but she could not deny it was likely.

The question was which one, and Desiree couldn’t think like Eiji to know who he’d target, how he'd disguise it, and if he intended it to fail. “Understood.” Reinhart nodded. They were at the gate. Desiree mounted Alexander then. “I shall see you in the morning, Captain. Do not forget to tell Cane that he should come by,” certainly he ought to report in now that he had returned. Desiree was not the only one with a job in the capital, after all.

Desiree nodded, “I will.”

And so Reinhart let her leave, just as Ariel came forward. He glanced to the other man, feeling him before he ever saw. “Yes?”

“Nothing,” he said simply. He was smiling. “We’re gonna need a new captain soon.”

“Why?” It wasn’t a threat in Ariel’s voice.

His smile grew a bit, “Just how things go,” he answered, “Nathanael had to stop serving as active captain when he started living away from the barracks. It’s how things work.”

Reinhart sighed. He didn’t correct Ariel. The man still wanted to dream of being captain, so he’d let him keep his foolish dream and watch it be crushed. Desiree had proven to be atypical. Reinhart did not think that would change. ‘And if he’s right….’ Well, the one being groomed to be captain was not Ariel.

It was not Reinhart, either. Desiree’s sights seemed to have settled on either Cassius or Aden, the two who had positions of unofficial leadership in Solast. 
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As Cane sat the room grew darker.  He’d need to light a lantern.  Start a fire.  Make a meal.  His brain considered none of those things as he stared off into space.  He twisted one ring around his finger, the one meant for Perceval and crafted in Kitting.  The man had been the King’s magician, this ring a symbol of office he’d never worn.

So that can’t be it. and yet his gut told him there was little else someone might have gone to the grave for. It’s not like there was magic in his bones.  The item had to be something personal, or worn on his person.

Cane closed his eyes and tried to think.  The old man favored  robes.  He didn’t wear hats.  He wasn’t a master of magical amulets – in fact he wore no jewelry or stones.  Cane remembered him complaining about how such things interfered with the magic flow.  He’d figured that was more excuse than anything else.  Perceval was a minimalist.  He kept little.  Wanted little.

“There was a pipe,” Cane said aloud.  Taking a breath he could almost smell the tobacco now.  He shook his head in frustration.  “Nothing but vegetables in the garden.”  And they were easily harvested without disturbing the grave.

He sighed, and absently rubbed a hand along his cheek and jaw, unknowing smearing some dirt on his face in the process. “What were you looking for?”

The walls didn’t answer.  Cane heard a noise outside.  The barn door perhaps?  It was so quiet that most sound carried well.  He looked up at the darkened window, a spark of joy at the thought that Desiree might have arrived after all.  He stood and then realized he’d not tidied the room, or made any food.

“Shoot,” he muttered to himself, thinking he’d need to be quick, or come up with an excuse.  He didn’t want Desiree to see the bedroom, or worry about trouble.  He glanced out the window.  It could be his imagination, but he thought he saw a series of tiny flickering lights.  Instead of lighting the lantern, he went closer to the glass.  Sure enough near the garden there was a patch of floating lights, tiny, no larger than flies. 

Cane went outside and retraced his steps towards the grave.  Several of the lights seemed to flee as he approached, but a handful remained.  Closer now he could see these weren’t bugs at all.

“Pixies,” he said in wonder.  Perceval had talked about them a few times, but Cane hadn’t been privy to the fairy visits.  Truth told, he thought they were the Old Man’s excuse for why he was late or his hair was unkept.  “I don’t believe it.”

The three that hovered before him grew larger as he approached.  If he were to extend out a hand, one could comfortably stand on the palm.  They looked liked tiny dolls, fair of face, with long golden hair.  Cane wasn’t vain enough to think he could charm all women, but he smiled just the same.

They didn’t smile back.
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The ride back was taken at a more leisurely pace, if only because Desiree knew what was ahead for Alexander. “Why won’t you retire?” She asked the horse, as if it could answer. She’d been thinking of this more and more. It did bother her that the horse continued to come right to the stall door when she showed up, eager to go, never showing his age. “Do you like this, too?” Or perhaps he just didn’t think anyone else was good enough. He still seemed to have conflict with Iblis when the two were near each other. Iblis was now another guard’s. She and Ariel hadn’t found the time to locate another, younger horse for her.

Alexander did not respond but to make sure he held up his head and walked on without issue through the forest, through the path it knew to the house. Desiree let the silence spread. If she were honest, she’d confess to not liking it much. It was why she liked New Carthage; it was busy, it was alive. Out here, every sound caused her to look. Every odd light was something worth investigating.

So, when she saw the lights from afar, she recognized they were out of place. Either Cane had a lantern, or there was something wrong.

As Alexander came into the opening, she could tell that Cane was not holding a lantern. In fact, as she drew closer, she could tell they were bugs of a sort.

Pixies were still considered bugs in her eyes. She ought to be respectful, but the first words out of her mouth were not thought out, “Ah, pests.” Dominick never talked fondly of pixies, though Desiree didn’t think he ever had an encounter with them. Pixies were mischievous, evil creatures, according to him. They mucked with gardens, destroyed houses, and ruined lives with their tricks.
She rethought her words, though. She had never met pixies before, after all, and dragons had been rather surprising in how they were not all she expected. “Sorry, I don't mean that,” she spoke to the little things, not dismounting. Alexander’s tail swished in annoyance, as if he shared Dominick’s opinion of pixies. “Are they dinner guests?” She asked Cane. The idea wouldn’t be strange to Desiree at all.
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It was interesting how Desiree could approach and not make a sound when she wanted to.  Cane heard her first words and turned his head towards her.  Alexander looked rather proud of the surprised expression he offered.
“I try not to be too much of a pest.”  His smile was genuine and twinged with relief.  “Glad you made it.”

He was joking, but it became clearer that Desiree’s first remark was indeed for the fairies.  “We haven’t been properly introduced. And since I’ve never met one before I’m really not sure what dinner would be acceptable.” He was curious though.  Dinner with such guests might be interesting.

Cane turned slightly so that he could still see Desiree and include her in the conversation.  One of the fairies moved towards the red haired woman.  Her wings allowed her to float soundlessly, and hover like a humming bird.  She reached towards the scarlet strands as though fascinated herself.  “Magic.  Flames and finery.”  Her voice was soft like a soft breeze and with that she flew back to her companions.

Cane asked. “Can I ask why you are here.”

He wasn’t at all surprised that he didn’t get a name, and that the fairy simply got to the point. “Evil lurks in the forest.  A dark fog.”

Another swarmed forward nearly poking Cane in the face as she added.  “A wolf.”

The first fairy waved for her companion to be quiet. “We came to find Perceval.  He has helped us before with such things.”
The interrupter did so again, “Vanquished it.  Ten years we only had sun. Now the fog covers the moon.”
Coincidently a wolf howled.  The fairies didn’t react.  Cane wasn’t pleased with the atmosphere but he was left to assume that sound came from a normal wolf.

“Perceval died several months ago.” He said.  “This is his grave.”

The interrupter immediately responded.  “But ---“

The remaining silent fairy nearly tackled her trying to keep her quiet.  Cane would have liked to watch the tumbling pair, but the first fairy captured his attention.  “Unfortunate.  You will have to help instead.”

Cane glanced to Desiree.  He wasn’t about to accept a quest.  “I don’t know the first thing about hunting fog and wolves.   I’m not a very good magician.”  He held off the excuse that he was expected in New Carthage knowing that might contradict his denial.  “Where you looking for something?  Here and in the house?”

The fairy shook her head.  “No.  Others came first.  Your kind.  I saw them.”  She floated down to the ground.  One tiny hand touched the earth.  “They took a bone.”
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She returned Cane’s smile as he poked fun at himself, shook her head just a bit. He certainly wasn’t the pest. Quest-giving magical creatures in enchanted forests were. ‘When did I step into a fairy tale?’ Good question not to ask aloud. “So am I. Glad you’re all right.”

Desiree straightened up further on the horse as the fairy flew up. She didn’t bat at it, but her expression showed the tension at having it come up so close. Personal space was still important, particularly with strange, magical creatures. A half smile came on her lips at the fairy’s words, but no response.

The fairy’s at least were quick to get to the point after the one examined her. Another strange creature in the forest, and this time she couldn’t blame it on Timmy. ‘I hope I can’t blame it on Timothy.’ Reinhart had mentioned a few golems that had gone berserk, associated with the deceased golem-crafter, that had been found and exterminated while she was away. Apparently, Timothy did have his spies. Fortunately, they hadn’t been powerful.

The wolf was really the least of her concerns. It would be dealt with. Desiree knew Cane’s luck with deals, but more than that, anything which was a threat in New Carthage was something she felt inclined to deal with. Job description. Somehow, that task sounded easier than the last thing the fairy’s brought up.

“How did these humans look who took the bone?” Perhaps that was the source of the problem? If only they could be so lucky. With luck, the description would fit someone she knew, and she could get them hunted down by the guard while she tended to the business in the Solast-half of the kingdom.
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Cane’s heart warmed and he smiled at Desiree.  It helped to know she was concerned for him.  No one ever worried about him.  Most couldn’t wait to be rid of the troublemaker.

The fairy standing on Cane’s hand look at Desiree as well.  It was clear she debated about the benefits of answering the question.  “There were two here.  A man and a woman.  Both with hair the color of dandelions.”

Cane frowned.  He supposed it could have been Neila, but theft wasn’t her forte, and her hair was a pale blond that he wouldn’t liken to the flower mentioned. “I can’t think of who that would be.”  His brow furrowed.  He shook his head, finding it difficult to concentrate.

He heard bells.

Not bells precisely.  He looked to the fairy as the tune played in his head, like ( a music box with a tiny chime.  He’d heard the melody before.  His mind struggled over the words that seemed to be on the edge of memory beyond his grasp.

“Do you hear that?” Cane said.  His voice was soft and reverent.  His vision blurred. He had the oddest urge to dance to the sing-songy tune.

Cane shook his head to clear it.

The fairy left his palm and floated close, not leaving his side.  “You need to come with us.”

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Warmth. Desiree had found she liked that quite a bit more than the cold barracks. Even so, she was starting to think it would have been better to stay. ‘Then Cane would have to deal with this.’ A mental sigh she didn’t dare vocalize expressed her irritation. A part of her wanted to do a complete survey of this forest, given all that had been found in here, but somehow she was certain that would lead to a fire.

It didn’t matter if she sent Ariel or not.

It wouldn’t end well. She’d decided she would just deal with the issues of the forest as they came up. Right now, that issue was faeries, a disturbed home, and people with bright yellow hair. ‘Not Matthew then, nor the Geminus.’ Their hair was all lighter shades of blond. Nor anyone she could think of. That was disappointing.

As she was thinking over who it might be, or who she could ask with such a short description, Cane asked something irrelevant.

Desiree, as usual, was not tuned into the magic of the world. “No, I don’t hear anything.”

The faerie gave an order. Desiree considered asking how long this would take, but instead said, “Will one of you take a message to New Carthage, then?” She would go, but she had to see that her affairs were in order in case this took longer than a night. Most of her adventures with Cane tended to do just that. “Cane do you want to get Buck?” She wasn’t leaving behind Alexander. It would give him time to grab anything else he might want, too. Desiree had everything with her already.
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The fairy that appeared to be in charge looked rather put out at the idea of being a messenger. Her cool gaze said as much.  But the more curious one seemed rather excited   she flew towards Desiree and hovered close clapping her hands. "The king!  A message to the king."    She spun around to express her joy doing a flip in midair.

Cane had to smile. "You speak to the king much?"

A moment’s hesitation which could have been a yes or a no. The fairy then went to Desiree. "What is the message?"

Cane could only imagine how William would react to three tiny women invading his room. Of course it might be good for him to have some women around, no matter how small. Lately the only ones he'd seen him with were Desiree and his new advisor from Solast. It was clear though that Cloe wasn't interest in the king's personal life. All business and a touch reluctant at that.
He still had mixed feelings about how closely Desiree worked with William, but those thoughts were best left unsaid.  Now it was Cane’s turn to look questioningly at Desiree.  "I guess we're going hunting. You have time?"   He wasn't about to lie and say he could handle it.  He didn't know what 'it ' was.   Taking Buck though seemed like the right thing.  The music drew him on.  Like a piper’s song he no longer thought to resist.  His toe tapped to the beat. 

He only had one regret. "I wanted to carry you over the threshold."

The fairies scattered: one to New Carthage, another into the dark forest.  The leader seemed to remain as a guide. "Why do you need a horse?" She asked as they walked to the stables. "Why don't you fly?"  Her look at Cane held more condemnation than curiosity. "You should honor your heritage."

Cane had no idea what she was talking about. But he humored her with a "Buck would feel left out if he couldn't come too.”

The fairy seemed to recognize the horse as they entered the stables.  She shrunk a bit in size, but moved to touch his ear. The horse whinnied at the attention and pawed the ground eager to be off.  If Cane found that odd he didn't say so aloud.

Buck was soon saddled and ready. Cane remembered belatedly that he hadn't locked the door. Maybe that didn't matter given recent circumstances.  The fairy continued to shrink in size until she was a floating dot of light.  Cane felt though that he didn’t need to keep his eyes on the guide.  The music seemed to be doing the leading as far as he was concerned.

Cane wanted to ride next to Desiree, but the path was narrow.  They didn't get far before things got complicated.   Buck lifted his head and stopped short.  Cane had to grapple with the reins to stay seated as Buck half reared and tried to turn back the way he’d come.

“Buck,” Cane managed to say, trying to calm the horse.

His hair on his neck stood on end.  The air charged with electricity – he could smell the static and it caused his heart to suddenly beat faster.  A millisecond later a bolt of lightning hit the ground.
This time Cane couldnn't control him.  Buck reared and Cane fell to the ground a moment before the horse bolted.
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“I didn’t say the king,” Desiree told the excited one. She meant the king, of course, but not only the king. There was another who would be quite annoyed with her if she didn’t send word. “I need a message given to William, and one to Reinhart Geminus.” He lived in the barracks now. Desiree wasn’t sure when he’d started to prefer it.

Now how did she go about divvying the messages up? “Tell His Majesty that issues within Huron forest may slow my return to the capitol tomorrow, but he should feel comfortable in allowing Reinhart to go into South with another guard, of his choosing if he likes.” Desiree tried not to refer to it as Solast anymore. It was New Carthage now. “Tell Reinhart someone broke into my home and they’re going to be dealt with. He should go ahead to deal with the South tomorrow, and I’ll catch up when I can. If either of them have questions, I would like you to answer them.” She wasn’t sure if the fairies would, or how honest she’d be.

Cane’s query earned a raised eyebrow. Did he want the truth? Of course she didn’t have time. “I’m making it.” Thus the message. Then his statement. Her expression softened. “You’ll still get to,” strange as it would be for her. Perhaps it wouldn’t be at the right time, but that was par for the course.

The fairies left, all but one, who began to shrink and ask questions. ‘Millicent or Perceval?’ While Desiree could more easily imagine Millicent as a fairy, her mind decided Perceval.

Desiree had decided flight was not her favorite thing, despite Dido. Dido still did as she pleased, but with Desiree and Cane away, she seemed to have taken a liking to staying at the barracks. Desiree would remember to start leading her up here in the future, perhaps let her hunt in the woods. ‘We wouldn’t have these issues then.’ Or perhaps let Ariel’s dragon hunt. ‘No.’ Best not to trust Ariel or any of his animals with hunting where Cane lived.

Buck was made ready, and they left. Desiree imagined the fairy as something of a guide, still not able to hear the music that led Cane on. There was a shift in the air. Alexander felt it, too. He, of course, was behaved.

Desiree’s armor reacted. It was still difficult to control it when danger was imminent. It moved over herself and Alexander just as the lightning struck. It slipped just as fluidly off her, though remained around Alexander as she dismounted. One hand held the reins, the other was offered down to help Cane up. ‘Not natural.’ There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It didn’t look like anyone was hurt, though the fairy was difficult to see, small as she was now.
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As fate would have it the King and Reinhart were together when the fairy arrived to deliver her message.  Not that they knew she was a fairy.  Drusila might have transported herself to New Carthage as a speck of dust, but when she approached the castle she looked rather normal.  Petite, no more than 5’2”.  Her wings were gone and her clothing was traditional.  Dark hair was piled into place and held with a jeweled clip.  She figured she looked presentable.

No guards stopped her as she walked towards the meeting room where the two men were playing a game of chess.  Truth was no guards saw her.  She’d flown in a window and transformed in the hall after verifying the exact location of who she sought.   Her hand reached up and knocked on the wooden door.  Only then did she glance down and notice she’d forgotten shoes.

The door opened before she could fix the issue.  Her shoulders straightened and her blue eyes were clear with purpose as she said, “I have a message from Captain …”  She paused and considered.  Cane had gotten married, but Cane didn’t have a last name, so she wasn’t entirely sure what Desiree’s rightful title would be.

William saved her from having to figure out the small detail.  The small furrow in her brow disappeared as he said, “Lady Drusila, what a pleasure to see you.”

He rose from the table and moved to stand by Reinhart.  “Come in, come in.”  Then he chuckled and said, “Forgot your shoes again?”

She tipped her head to the side and said, “I guess so.”  She’d met the King on three occasions.  Two now without footwear.  To save him from guessing why she didn’t need them, she simply said, “I was in a hurry.”

“Is the message urgent then?”  William moved closer, “Some trouble in the western forest?”

That was where Drusila said she came from the last time they spoke.  She nodded at the vague description.  “Yes.”  She proceeded to give the messages, using the words Desiree wished, and to share the quest to find the wolf which Cane had agreed to.  The last she hadn’t been authorized to say, but the room was warm and smelled like cinnamon.  A fire was burning in the hearth.  She didn’t often get to see natural fire.  When she did it was dangerous and best left alone.  Here it was very pretty and the light drew her closer.  Drusila extended her hands towards the flames, allowing the air to reshift the warmth towards her. 

She blinked, and seemed to remember herself.  “Oh, I’m so sorry.”  One hand gathered the long gold colored skirt in a motion to signal her departure.  “I should leave you now.  The hour grows late. My sisters will be expecting me.”

Cane took Desiree’s offered hand and stood.   “Thanks,” he said before putting his fingers to his lips to whistle for Buck.

The horse didn’t immediately return out of the darkness.  That worried him a little.

Desiree’s armor had reacted as well.   The lightening wasn’t his imagination. Fortunately she'd retracted the shield before touching him.  He still had issues when his skin collided with hers. “Warning shot?” he theorized.

He didn’t know the fairy’s name.  He had a suspicion that if he tried to guess he might be successful, but he wasn’t prepared to shout various names into the dark in the hopes of finding their guide.  The darkness around them seemed to deepen.  He could imagine it shifting like fog and taking on a life of its own.

“Maybe we should take the warning and go to New Carthage.  I seem to have better luck when trouble finds me, rather than going looking for it.”
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‘Two moves.’ Reinhart’s mind was distracted, though. He did not let the man win, as others might. He played Eiji too much and had a bad competitive streak. He had also missed playing chess since Eiji’s departure across the border, and his refusal to speak with Reinhart. It was always through Mael or another of the family.

So, Reinhart was quite familiar with the sight of glamor that shifters invoked. The magic distracted him before the fairy ever entered the room. Glamor always annoyed Reinhart, especially within his own family. This woman, Drusilla, was not family. Shifter stood out among the talents, but they were numerous. ‘Inhuman.’ The aura didn’t move about her in the way it did the humans with multiple, natural talents. She brought a message from Desiree. Two, really. Reinhart knew the phrasing meant for him and not the King’s ears, yet they were said anyway.

Reinhart asked no questions, for it was not his place if the King was not going to act suspicious. Instead, he continued to observe the flow of magic, and waited until the woman took the skirt in her hands and left them once more. His attention shifted back to the game. He made the move he’d been considering earlier, “Who is she?” He kept his voice curious, as if asking about a person and not some strange magical creature. William would answer as he saw fit, or as he knew.


Desiree smiled a little, nodded to his words of gratitude as he righted himself. His hand left hers as he called for Buck. Desiree, too, was unnerved by the fact that Buck didn’t return immediately. She shifted the armor back over herself with the break of contact. “Possibly,” it was her thought, “Or bad aim.” One or the other.

When Cane suggested they leave off, she shifted her weight, put a hand on her hip, “Did the fairy not say to go with her?” Given, only one seemed to have been acting as guide, and Desiree couldn’t spot the speck right now. “It’d be in poor tastes to leave her like this.” Desiree was not worried about the fairy being struck, though the thought occurred to her that perhaps that was what the bolt was aiming at. She’d only imagine Iulius able to hit such a small, moving target with a bolt.

Of course, Desiree still considered she had better luck when she found the trouble, whether or not that was true.
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Cane knew most of the forest well.  He’d lived in it for years.  Put marks on the trees to cut new shortcuts across the plane.  They weren’t heading towards town, but he couldn’t really tell where the Fairy was leading them.  Desiree didn’t seem to know either, and she seemed willing to stick it out.  He smiled.  Strangely he felt like she’d taken a side – his.

He brushed at his pants to get at some of the dirt and whistled again for Buck.  Perhaps he should have been on guard more, but he didn’t feel a malevolent presence.  The air no longer seemed supercharged with electricity. Although it felt more damp, and perhaps a touch colder.  The sounds around him were normal night forest sounds. 

If there was danger near, surely the cricket’s wouldn’t chirp?

Cane saw a flickering light up ahead.  He assumed it was the fairy.  With a point in the direction to draw Desiree’s attention to it, he motioned they should move on.  “Alexander, do you feel up to carrying two – at least until we find Buck?”

The horse seemed to agree, so Cane pulled himself on the horse, planning to sit beside Desiree.  The music started to play in his head again, although the sound was a bit different.  He couldn’t put his finger on what was different, but he still felt like he wanted to follow (  “I guess we continue on?”

It seemed to take William a moment to realize that Reinhart spoke.  He returned to the chess table and answered the question.  “I’ve seen her a few times before.  The first, when I was a child.  The second with Perceval only a few days before my father died.  She –“

William never got the chance to finish the sentence.  A crashing sound in the hallway interrupted his words and he was up and moving to the door.  It wasn’t his imagination that he’d seen a flash of light outside the window.  The sulfur like smell in the air smacked of static electricity.

In the hall, all that remained of the fairy was a charred outline, and a few scraps of gossamer wing.
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The light seemed to return, likely annoyed with their pause. Alexander wasn’t given a choice. Desiree let the magic fade from around her horse, and he stamped his foot. His opinion was clear. He didn’t think it was safe, but he, too, would trudge on, even without the magical armor.

“Yes, we do,” she agreed, and looked to the light, “Keep after the light, Alexander,” the horse was urged forward, and he walked on. Desiree intended to follow that small bead of light, though she’d shift the direction if Cane instructed her to do so. The light had gotten out of their sight before, after all. Cane had seemed to know what direction to go then.

‘The direction to the lightning bolt.’

Well, hopefully that wouldn’t be the case again.


Reinhart listened calmly. William must know she was something extraordinary, then, to have no comment on her lack of changing appearance for all those years. However, before he could put that so plainly, there was a sound.

Reinhart rose and followed William out, alert for further dangers immediately. He took a few steps out of the room, walked to the ashes and touched them to get a feel for the magic. ‘Certainly none of the electromancers on staff.’ Nor Iulius. Reinhart looked back to William. “Did you know her enemies, sire?” For Desiree and Cane were likely to be confronted by them rather soon.